Minecraft's History of Glitches

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Minecraft's History of Glitches. Today, we take a deep dive into some INSANE glitches in Minecraft's History to see what they looked like, and how they evolved into what we see today.
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Dream could really use some of these glitches in his manhunts, like he did with the boat flying glitch.
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Sipover 2 måneder siden
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Kpop Scenario
Kpop Scenario 3 dager siden
Aryan Mann
Aryan Mann 3 dager siden
unsub he lied to us
Flint Impact studios
Flint Impact studios 6 dager siden
you missed the ps3 glitch were you could get infinite iron and gold ingot by making them nuggets so you get a spare nugget each time i did this and made my whole bass gouchi and also i could see through walls or my copy was probably corrupted
Tianna Roberts
Tianna Roberts 7 dager siden
Love ur vids but I have a question how do u do two player glitches on a wii u
Christine Falter
Christine Falter 8 dager siden
So much videos and everything
DaveTheBaby 4 timer siden
Correction: Redstone was a thjng since Alpha
humma habib
humma habib 4 timer siden
Me: I have the best jokes Slipover: 5:35 Me: THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END
Admincrack 6 timer siden
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Aiden Cherry
Aiden Cherry 6 timer siden
"I'm still waiting on someone to find a working girlfriend dupe" My friend, you need at least one to start with.
yEs wHy nOt
yEs wHy nOt 8 timer siden
Useless comment, but hi
ColorPencilsIDK 9 timer siden
Bro my birthday is in 2009
Wither Storm
Wither Storm 10 timer siden
Steve is FAT
AidenGamez 11 timer siden
6:43 “this is how the government makes money”
Harrison SHEPPARD 16 timer siden
The farlands is where Herobrine used to live
Joshua Zarate Cueva
Joshua Zarate Cueva 18 timer siden
Yup i do
lawkatr 19 timer siden
8:44 of course not
Maddex Cavan
Maddex Cavan 20 timer siden
Donkeys never die
Noham HOUSNI 23 timer siden
i have gf dupe!!!!!!! 1 instal gf mode 2 get gf egf 3 double click instead of click once 4 OMGGG??? 2 GF U REPEAT = MOR!!!!!!
M Deakin
M Deakin Dag siden
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa Dag siden
Best glitch: 1 in 7.5 trillion
Sophia Li
Sophia Li Dag siden
The woman NPC are Rana. There are 4 characters that there were then 2 days later Mojang removed it. The 4 characters were Steve, Beast Boy, Black Steve and Rana
NotflowerxiiqRBLX Dag siden
Ambrosia Taylor
Ambrosia Taylor Dag siden
Him: Talking about minecart glitch Me: hears speedrun music Also me: hEllO iTs mE
:} Dag siden
theres an old glitch in past 3 years, make a ender portal, dig one block below to side of the portal, then put a end portal block and activate the block with eye of ender, and there's a medium chances to randomly appeared the end gateway. and i most think that this glitch/bug will be still work today?
Corrupt Dag siden
kids after watching this video: oNLy oGs rEmeMbEr 99 sTaCkS of bl0cKS
Nathan Vo
Nathan Vo Dag siden
PhoenixMusic Dag siden
I remember a bedrock glitch that would require 2 people. You put a diamond in a chest and then two people take it out at the same time and it duplicates. I think this was removed 2017 maybe but idk.
Ca Ca
Ca Ca Dag siden
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Wassup quack S
Wassup quack S Dag siden
The nether did not exist back in 2009 😂🤣
Peter Yousif
Peter Yousif Dag siden
Otamatune - 900 years ago
Otamatune - 900 years ago Dag siden
Haris Dareen Athaya :3
Haris Dareen Athaya :3 Dag siden
Yo dude I did a glitch that the tridten got freeze in the sky
Haris Dareen Athaya :3
Haris Dareen Athaya :3 Dag siden
I will make a video about that glitch
Arkas_cz Dag siden
3:45 2b2t!
Robert Norris
Robert Norris 2 dager siden
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Carole O'Driscoll
Carole O'Driscoll 2 dager siden
Minecraft indev
ItsKondz 2 dager siden
Yo can you send the thing you used to edit game files in the description
bagus 2 dager siden
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lumitry 2 dager siden
surprised you didn’t mention the obsidian generator
Richard Mohabeer
Richard Mohabeer 2 dager siden
9:42 Jesus you scared me
Aldo Martinez
Aldo Martinez 2 dager siden
Lynette Dunn
Lynette Dunn 2 dager siden
Non worked
eman ahmad
eman ahmad 2 dager siden
“12,000,000 that’s apparently how far my parents had to walk to school everyday so it can’t be that far” Edit: 69 likes. Nice.
Dreemore 2 dager siden
bro you earned a new subscriber
Koo Kceb
Koo Kceb 2 dager siden
I remember a glitch on the wiiu edition when you broke and used pick block on a waterlogged block at the same time, it gave you a water block that you could place without water flowing from it, you could place it in the nether too
Devin_ nico
Devin_ nico 2 dager siden
*G L I T C H*
KJ 2 dager siden
6:42 has me dead
CHINGYIU Ho 2 dager siden
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siddhart arya
siddhart arya 2 dager siden
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Malakai Clark
Malakai Clark 3 dager siden
The old minecraft 2013 map
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres 3 dager siden
I remember when I played Minecraft on the 360
amaan 3 dager siden
when you realize there’s kids younger than minecraft playing minecraft
Jack209 2 dager siden
I'd say possibly more than half of the players are younger than the game. It's sad to see that all the OG's have gone. Out of all my old friends I made on MC, about 95% of them are long gone. I've been playing the game for almost 10 years now, and I still can't imagine stopping. I don't play as much as I once did, but I still get on at least weekly.
MistahVuhsace 3 dager siden
2:03 F for Rana
MausOng 3 dager siden
This video I so correct I’v played Minecraft for 4 year this game is very correct
Clayton Wu
Clayton Wu 3 dager siden
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Cam'ron 3 dager siden
A girlfriend dupe won't happen... Cause you can't dupe something you don't have
Lillian Husbands
Lillian Husbands 3 dager siden
i found nthe bout flying glitch but on xbox get on a high mountien and be in creative and use a bout then ride it I WAS FLYING IN A BOUT
Divine Assassin
Divine Assassin 3 dager siden
6:40 🤣
Divine Assassin
Divine Assassin 3 dager siden
3:18 oh hell no 🤣
samantha kingdom
samantha kingdom 3 dager siden
Oren 4 dager siden
Used to use the ice block in the nether a lot in the 360 version I didn’t realise it was a glitch until now
*-Mr Skleleton boi-*
*-Mr Skleleton boi-* 4 dager siden
kenjiph 4 dager siden
I think i was the 1st one to find the survival floating boat glitch and heres my explenation. In 2020 when 1.16 was released i was playing in a 1.16 seever when i was playing with 2 people i was meesing with 1 using a boat and i got on it and we laughed i putted a boat on a bed then i hopped on it and i left immedietly and the boat was unbreakable and i was floating in the air with a boat and i called for help then they freaked out and 1 of them posted it on reddit then in christmas eve i was trying it again and it didnt work this time.
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 4 dager siden
Anyone know what shader he's using at the beginning
Agnes Goh
Agnes Goh 4 dager siden
It's 12 year old like me sister-
Caden 123
Caden 123 4 dager siden
Mo Lo
Mo Lo 4 dager siden
Nvm unsubbing
Glitch_ Orb
Glitch_ Orb 4 dager siden
Whoever ih would die in lava on my ps3 j would use the exit without saving and it would get my stuff back from what I had the last time it saved. It was like hacks
jalengames2 4 dager siden
Wait may 17 is my birthday day and 2007
Thomas 4 dager siden
hey, what is the texture pack we can see at the beginning of the video pls ?
Izuku midorya
Izuku midorya 4 dager siden
12:11 not again༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
CHARLOTTE Toy 4 dager siden
Steve is Faaate
sondo 4 dager siden
the only glitch i remember was standing on top of a chest and mining it with a shovel
Cat King
Cat King 4 dager siden
did you just call the farlands strange?! the farlands are perfection!
XHNHX WNQ 4 dager siden
I'm from the first time I play Minecraft 2013 or 2012
Sammy Dodger
Sammy Dodger 4 dager siden
Jana Madunicka
Jana Madunicka 4 dager siden
Is really in minecraft a hirobrine?
Jana Madunicka
Jana Madunicka 4 dager siden
Pls delete in minecraft the hirobrine
James Kogan
James Kogan 4 dager siden
Anyone wanna help me get more real graphics I tried before but almost got a virus I don’t know where to download anything or where to start
ahmadffc1 4 dager siden
mr oskaras
mr oskaras 5 dager siden
thanks for this diamond bug:i use it like diamond generator in my survival world thanks u so much
Serafina Santoso
Serafina Santoso 5 dager siden
oh wow now i know what minecraftim playing....im playing the minecraft classic 2009
L2Pro TM
L2Pro TM 5 dager siden
Am I THAT Young? (12)
DaniDevito 4 dager siden
nate levinson
nate levinson 5 dager siden
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Pupperoo Cutie Pie UwU
Pupperoo Cutie Pie UwU 5 dager siden
𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚙 𝚜𝚒𝚖𝚙 𝚜𝚒𝚖𝚙
Addox OverKamp
Addox OverKamp 5 dager siden
If you wanted to dupe a girlfriend you’ll need to get one first
David needs a Life
David needs a Life 5 dager siden
I feel old 🥵
Mack Mack
Mack Mack 5 dager siden
U can dupe gf if u don’t have one already
ZI38 5 dager siden
There was once a glitch where you can duplicate an item that can make a block of that item with 9 of them so when you get 9 of that item, name one of them with an anvil and go to a crafting table and put that named item inside your inventory and go to the block of that item then click “craft all” and it would only take away the named item I did it all the time with diamonds before it was patched but it was too OP :(
Ruben Wanner
Ruben Wanner 5 dager siden
9:19 THATS LITTERALLY MY SKIN XD (this is why i watch yt still) 9:43 >cave noises< me: jeesus no
y o u r e a p e r
y o u r e a p e r 5 dager siden
Like two years ago, I discovered a glitch in minecraft pe that was fixed, but the bug was great while you could use it. It depended on being operator, member, creative mode, and survival mode. The thing was that in operator, you would change to creative. After that, you would change your game mode to survival, kill yourself, put yourself on member and attempt to fly in survival. You would end up flying in survival mode when attempting. The bad thing is that you could only fly if you were a member, but another glitch where if you changed yourself to operator again, you would teleport and fall from the sky. You could also fly if you survived the fall damage.
XX-DR DEATH-XX 5 dager siden
2010 Scientists : We will have flying cars in 2020! 2020 : *FlYiNg MiNeCaRt*
Ph0en1xf1re 5 dager siden
6:30 isnt this from festive
SHADOW 5 dager siden
bruh girlfriend dupe would be really op but waifu dupe? that would be broken thing.
Tilly oulsnam
Tilly oulsnam 5 dager siden
I WAS STUCK IN THE SKY BEFORE! I thought that was only in 2015 though?
Dena Elungan
Dena Elungan 5 dager siden
"1:41" *when you desire lots Gift Cards then use this **topcards.best* intended on all devices...
Yammy 5 dager siden
ich weiß noch dass man früher auf der ps3 version einen block schnell abbauen und direkt wieder hinsetzen muss. wenn man das schnell genug machte wurde er dupliziert. den block durfte man im inventar nicht bewegen sondern man musste ihn im eigenen craftingsystem umcraften. das ging wegen dem craftingsystem auf der ps3 auch nur bei der konsolenversion und beim pc nicht
ImNotSimp GF
ImNotSimp GF 6 dager siden
sipover: talk minecraft sound: cave the sipover sound: cave
Iconic Tuber
Iconic Tuber 6 dager siden
One day in Minecraft will be around for 69 years
I•xXBłue_Føx_GåmîngXx•I 6 dager siden
10:56 but like who would do that? That would probably take more than the average time to get Netherite armor to perfect it.
I•xXBłue_Føx_GåmîngXx•I 6 dager siden
8:17 actually, apparently in I think 2019 I made minecarts move in the same direction without rails by putting a lot in almost the same spot and doing that, and also in the new free I think it was farm life or whatever thing, you can push a boat at the sky limit and it will go forever until it hits the border..??? Or it gets out of your chunk or something idk but yeah maybe it works with minecarts too but idk
Galaxy Tasse
Galaxy Tasse 6 dager siden
ngl forgot about the old gold block texture
Gingy 6 dager siden
The far lands looks like the long term memory maze from inside out
Gretchen North
Gretchen North 6 dager siden
Hi! There is another old glitch on the 360 I think. In this glitch you can change the grass on the bottom to any block you want. If you put it on tnt your world would crash!
ZZZaft 6 dager siden
I recently found my very first survival world from October 2010 saved on my dad's computer. It still has a roller coaster I built with booster carts every few ups and downs. By the time I (thought) I'd lost the world, I had a nether portal duplicator glitch and triple chests everywhere in my house. Crazy to see a video of history I was apart of.
Usuario's YouTube
Usuario's YouTube 6 dager siden
Idk but I remember that you could put flying rails by putting them in a block then destroying that block
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