Ineos Lose the Tour on Grand Colombier | Tour de France Stage 15 2020 | Lanterne Rouge

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2 måneder siden

Catch up with highlights from the Tour de France on ITV Hub:
Tadej Pogacar won stage 15 of the Tour de France to close the gap on race leader Primoz Roglic as Egan Bernal’s defence of his title was ended on the unforgiving slopes of the Grand Colombier.
Pogacar took victory and bonus seconds on the line ahead of fellow Slovenian Roglic, cutting his deficit to 40 seconds as the general classification received another shake up at the end of the 174.5km stage from Lyon.
Bernal began the day third, 59 seconds down, but cracked early on the 17km climb to the summit finish and slipped entirely out of contention.
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Dan B
Dan B 2 måneder siden
This guy is so cool!! 🤓😎
Arthur Siri
Arthur Siri 2 måneder siden
'' Anything could happen in the time trial'' he said
Ann Daly
Ann Daly 2 måneder siden
Thought that was one of your summer residences, not your actual house?
Gordon Bird
Gordon Bird 2 måneder siden
I,ve been a keen cyclist for 65 years! I cannot watch this! It makes me sick! ALL the spectators are wearing masks. Enen up in the high mountains! They are behaving like SHEEP! Even sheep baulk at the pen! These MORONS obey no Problem!..Did the Gandarmery TELL them to put on these idiotic face nappies?..This is MADNESS!...It is a Psyop!...Warton.LA5 9RA England
Leo Gardiner
Leo Gardiner 2 måneder siden
Your mullet looks sick. Bet you cycle faster with a fresh cut like that.
Conor Verbruggen
Conor Verbruggen 2 måneder siden
oscar l.
oscar l. 2 måneder siden
Also. I have not seen too many people commenting in the psychological aspect for Bernal and his terrible day. That could also be a factor, not only the physical aspect.
workshopninjathe1st 2 måneder siden
Nice lake house...
Jack Young
Jack Young 2 måneder siden
Next year, fly this man out to France 🇫🇷 and give this man a proper job in the TV commentary team or at least post analysis show. It’s amazing his commentary!
Gee Nee
Gee Nee 2 måneder siden
Best, most complete commentary - thank you so much
James 2 måneder siden
Best cycling commentator!
Marwin Bariring
Marwin Bariring 2 måneder siden
shame on bernal... before he was so greedy for the leadership vs Froome and Thomas, but now where is he down by 7 min, stupid boy 🤦‍♂️
William 2 måneder siden
Van Aert did 6w/kg funny that is roughly the same as some C graders on Zwift....hahahaha stupid Zwift cheats.
Rachel Gooden
Rachel Gooden 2 måneder siden
Great analysis and summary
santiagobenites 2 måneder siden
Patrick, your house by the lake is quite charming. It's very quaint, actually 😁
Zach 2 måneder siden
Jumbo visma basically a sky train 🤣🤣
StoryeTime 2 måneder siden
Okay, one criticism, you meant Colombié, don't pronounce the R in there... I know, French... great job otherwise!
StoryeTime 2 måneder siden
1:53 LMAO!! I urged my French people to dox you because of one more foreigner trying to steal our glory haaha. But more seriously, best commentary anywhere, hands down! Petty Sagan move there, thanks for showing that too... Merci/Thank you ITV for giving us Lanterne's commentary! Bravo!
Constant Van Wyk
Constant Van Wyk 2 måneder siden
I feel Bernal peaked early - his career is over. Give Kwiatkowski a go at GC. The guy is always there... at the front.
Fabien Léonard
Fabien Léonard 2 måneder siden
I came for the race analysis, I stayed for Lanterne Rouge's hypnotising haircut...
mayalman 2 måneder siden
Jumbo is looking absolutely monstrous. I think Tadej will suffer what many young riders suffer from in a three week tour. Weaker legs in week three. He will one day win a grand tour but Roglic is a mature athlete with “grown man strength”
eigo bike
eigo bike 2 måneder siden
Expect Sagan’s TdF end on the Col de Madeleine. He is better off quitting soon and preparing for Fall´s one day classics while Bora and all the other team´s continue to Paris and then Spain and Italy for Vuelta and Giro.
Jim Barron
Jim Barron 2 måneder siden
I can watch your analysis start to finish and enjoy every second of it.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 2 måneder siden
The Columbian loses this year in the Colombier. No one knew how people were going to respond because the odd year we're having.
Jognism 2 måneder siden
This was the best commentator they could find?
Jojo Harper
Jojo Harper 2 måneder siden
In some ways it's a victory for cycling that the wealthiest team couldn't "buy" their success in this tour.
Sterling Quinn
Sterling Quinn 2 måneder siden
Can't wait to see my boy Michal unleash his adorably large ears on the way to his first TDF stage win.
Michael Porter
Michael Porter 2 måneder siden
Checkout Porte vs Roglic vs Pogacar at 11:30. Look at Pogacar who just looks freakish on that bike! So much swinging and power it's ugly to watch. How does he do that at the end of a mountain stage?
Diogo Ozolin
Diogo Ozolin 2 måneder siden
Best @1:56
Jahir 2 måneder siden
First joke about the tour starting hit the best
Louis Pegon
Louis Pegon 2 måneder siden
What gear ratios did they (top pro riders) use for this steep mountain stage? The first climb ("montée de la Selle de Fromentel") has impressive gradients: 11,1 km total at 8,1 % average with 1 km at 14,5 % and a maximum of 22 % (that's a "wall"!). Wout van Aert took the KOM on Strava in 34 minutes and 40 seconds at the average speed of 18,8 km/h and the average cadence of 87 rpm. The steepest segment of the climb ("l'épingle infernale") is 2 km long at 14 % where he averaged 13,9 km/h and 80 rpm: he was certainly using a 39 x 28 for this part.
Gerome Manicia
Gerome Manicia 2 måneder siden
bruh. He changed his intro. I was expecting "Welcome to the Lantern Rouge youtube channel"
Alex R
Alex R 2 måneder siden
Thanks for calling out Sagan. Everyone is a fanboy and such an apologist for the guy. I get he's frustrated about the green jersey but no reason to bash into another rider as an intimidation tactic. It shows that he's not a good sport and as soon as things don't go his way he turns sour. This year's tour has really changed my opinion of the guy.
Zac 2 måneder siden
Bernal has COVID
ironman tooltime
ironman tooltime 2 måneder siden
Kwiakovsky (sp) must be so pissed being the only form rider in the team. What a monumental fuck up. Seen it so many times with quintana as team leader. Maybe it's a columbian thing??
matlock51 2 måneder siden
Big training / management / motivational failure at Ineos over lockdown. Will they even get a stage win this TDF?
im Inc
im Inc 2 måneder siden
1:40 ‘Bit of a dodgy move’ .... trying to hop on to Morvok’ wheel? You cycling journalists these days are worse than the police 😂
Simon Gläsner
Simon Gläsner 2 måneder siden
I was pretty amazed by Van Aert, as the first 7 k of the climb are the hardest with an average of over 9% I would say. I think with him making pace the tempo was fairly moderate, as some domestiques were present afterwards. Yates had really a small chance of success with his attack, as the last 6 k are undulating. So it wasn't surprising that nobody was dropped there, but pacemaking of Dumoulin led to a really insane time of the whole climb (I think 2 minutes faster than Pinot in Tour de L'Ain 2019).
Christopher Franklin
Christopher Franklin 2 måneder siden
Brilliant summary as always and great to see Porte at the sharp end.
Carlyn Watson-Ben
Carlyn Watson-Ben 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who is wondering if Bernal was doping last year?
seacactus 13
seacactus 13 2 måneder siden
I don't think so but Pogacar and WVA are for sure
Pieter Van Der Vyver
Pieter Van Der Vyver 2 måneder siden
Thank you Here is a Question? At 3:05 the helpers handing out bottles stand on the inside of the road while on the outside there is no-one It that a strategy to upset your fellow competitors? Surely it's more dangerious on the inside than the left hand side where it's an open road? Can someone please enlighten us here? P:)
mental9mikey 2 måneder siden
ITV cribs ft LR... 👌 🏰
Paul Francis Jenkins
Paul Francis Jenkins 2 måneder siden
Great working... more jokes please.
Andy Newsom
Andy Newsom 2 måneder siden
TJV and Pogacar look juiced. Just saying.
seacactus 13
seacactus 13 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah absolutely new "diets" out there better get caught soon
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma 2 måneder siden
Maybe due to coronavirus logistics problems, certain packages that INEOS' old Team doctor was caught having ordered didn't reach in time for bernal
Fabian Garavito
Fabian Garavito 2 måneder siden
What are the podium chances for your homeboy? Richie is looking strong. Uran is a good time trialist....
Carl Baravelli
Carl Baravelli 2 måneder siden
I am really enjoying your analysis. Very impressed with the objective viewpoints. Keep up the great work :)
rockhopper01 2 måneder siden
On his podcast Chris Horner felt it was overtraining, as it seems the whole team has been a bit off, and that Bernal did have spikes of looking pretty good during the Tour.
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 2 måneder siden
As a Colombian, hats off to Pogacar and Roglic
Tony Crabtree
Tony Crabtree 2 måneder siden
If that was dodgy by Sagan then Jungels of DQS was deadly. Be consistent.
petef15 2 måneder siden
kwiat should be leading ineos
His Dad James!
His Dad James! 2 måneder siden
Honestly, LR, you must be on EPO. (livestream commentary, deeply analytical podcast, itv videos, specific incident videos, tyrreno recap, Giro Rosa insight🥵)Anyway, keep it up and that house in the lake will indeed be yours. 🏆
AJ Cananua
AJ Cananua 2 måneder siden
Possible that doping is back in TDF.
seacactus 13
seacactus 13 2 måneder siden
Almost certain. Van Aert and Pogacar just raise so many flags maybe even Roglic too
francisco rodriguez
francisco rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Why don´t you get a real respected cyclist to comment on this instead of a self proclaimed cycling prophet? You should listen to Johan Bruyneel´s podcast to get your facts correctly.
Ryan 2 måneder siden
Ineos lost the tour when the left behind Froome and Thomas
Blog4Justice 2 måneder siden
1:54 "French TV doxxed me by showing my house on the lake." 😂😂😂😂
Big Time
Big Time 2 måneder siden
Bernal is mentally weak. Roglič has beaten Bernal several times in direct matches. He was afraid of confronting Roglič, who was playing with him on Ain and Dauphine, and apparently crawled into his head.
Cypriano 2 måneder siden
omg wheres thomas! wheres froome
John Nicholson
John Nicholson 2 måneder siden
Just stumbled on this channel. Wonderful commentary, thanks.
George ELIAS
George ELIAS 2 måneder siden
The future may prove me wrong, but i think this is a very pivotal moment in modern cycling: in that the former powerhouse of team Sky/Ineos is fading, with the dominance moving to next generation teams, specifically Jumbo (Yes I know they didn’t actually win the stage but that’s not my point)
TTate 2 måneder siden
Ineos/Sky were famous for not going for stage wins and still winning. Roglic not getting the win doesn't matter
Jacob Kujawa
Jacob Kujawa 2 måneder siden
Marcus Flynn
Marcus Flynn 2 måneder siden
“ Some say it started on stage 15, I’d say it started on stage 1” I subbed over this😂
Steve Peters
Steve Peters 2 måneder siden
Thanks for tempering the anti-Ineos/anti-Bernal rhetoric. Bernal's been nothing but a class act in the pro peleton. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. #diversityincycling
jackchickenwing 2 måneder siden
commenting to boost algorithm
Tom & Rachelles First Dance
Tom & Rachelles First Dance 2 måneder siden
Thank you hackerman excellent analysis as usual
M S 2 måneder siden
You reckon Bernal bonked hard?
Marcel Ginter
Marcel Ginter 2 måneder siden
"My house on the lake" : you deserve it!
Pitt Viper
Pitt Viper 2 måneder siden
These riders are riding as fast going up the mountains as my average speeds on the flats!! Unbelievably good!!
im Inc
im Inc 2 måneder siden
Porte on his highest level ever..... give over
TJ Van housen
TJ Van housen 2 måneder siden
I wanted to know how time bonus works . Pogacar beat Roglic in Stage 15 by probably a second , but he got 4 seconds over him .He got that for finishing first right? And if so, do all stages have time bonuses or only specific ones ? It's my first time watching any cycling event really.
TJ Van housen
TJ Van housen 2 måneder siden
@Gabithewarrior Oh! Thanks👍
Gabithewarrior 2 måneder siden
every stage, 10, 6 and 4 secs for 1st to 3rd
Alex Hazard
Alex Hazard 2 måneder siden
Amador has been disappointing this Tour. He fell first stage, wonder if it affected him a lot or if his form is just bad
Gabithewarrior 2 måneder siden
he fell in another stage as well
roadracer1584 2 måneder siden
Hint. Those of us who watched the stage don't need additional commentary what we saw. You like to listen to yourself babble, right?
Nick Harris
Nick Harris 2 måneder siden
@roadracer1584 Don't watch it then. No sympathy.
roadracer1584 2 måneder siden
@Lanterne Rouge How about 100,000 pounds of bull? To quote Dirty Harry. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.
Lanterne Rouge
Lanterne Rouge 2 måneder siden
No, but ITV pay me 100,000 pounds per 10 minute episode so I have to make these, sorry
Thib 2 måneder siden
He could have picked up corona? They have been travelling through red zones and maybe they are cautious but the people from the teams deff see a lot of ppl during the day. Lets hope not ofc
John DeF
John DeF 2 måneder siden
Watching Ineos wear themselves out earlier in the stage I kind of expected what happened.
Oscar Sandy Anus
Oscar Sandy Anus 2 måneder siden
That’s my house biatch!
Todd Sanko
Todd Sanko 2 måneder siden
Brilliant! I am curious what you think of Phil Liggett and Bob Roll commentary?
Beverley Lumb
Beverley Lumb 2 måneder siden
I think inneos were wrong in the first place for not taking froome or G and it seems they are now paying for that decision
Beverley Lumb
Beverley Lumb 2 måneder siden
@Flakey101 how much more under performance can they be than benal
Flakey101 2 måneder siden
Maybe Froome if you could get him as a helper and not as team lead, but G was seriously under prepared. Besides the Giro looks almost built to give Thomas a great chance to win.
Dan Mc
Dan Mc 2 måneder siden
When you first see the Ineos domestiques being dropped, then Bernal later on, I think something is missing for the whole team, possibly with the exception of Kwiatkowski. What happened to the old Sky Train? Brailsford and the Team need to do some soul searching. WVA could win a Grand Tour, but only one set up to suit him.
okantichrist 2 måneder siden
Nicolas Portal 😢
Dan Mc
Dan Mc 2 måneder siden
@Phantom _Nuke Maybe. They have lost pieces, but they also seemed to have little issue replacing pieces. They lost Porte a few years ago, but they took that without missing a step. They have young talent the team have been raving about, like Sivakov. I do not see Bernal as a real team leader, because I have yet to see him work for the team. Froome worked for Wiggins, then became a leader. G was a workhorse for Froome, then took a shot in 2018. Maybe Bernal has to learn something. But, most of the team just seems not ready for the Tour. I don't think they lack the talent, so it has to be fitness, illness, nutrition or exhaustion, that last seems unlikely.
Phantom _Nuke
Phantom _Nuke 2 måneder siden
Sky/Ineos have been losing pieces of their train over the years. They've also lost their usual leaders who would normally be at the tour in Thomas and Froome, leaving an inexperienced Bernal and a Carapaz who's relatively inexperienced in, from his words, an actual team. And then they've been put against a team that is arguably stronger than some of the Sky Trains.
Bill Beebe
Bill Beebe 2 måneder siden
Winning a single stage or the Tour it self could be a once in a life time achievement. What is it going to hurt if you remove the stupid mask for a couple minutes on the podium during the picture taking. Your 65 years old, showing your Grandkids the Historical moment and or pictures or video and you can't even see your face. Stupid people making stupid rules.
MELAVIN KING 2 måneder siden
@Bill Beebe I agree with you.
Bill Beebe
Bill Beebe 2 måneder siden
@MELAVIN KING Just a small moment with the masks off for pictures and video. Many years ago I did a small amount of amateur racing and was lucky enough to get a couple firsts. Now as an old man I look back on the pictures and I can't imagine having something on my face. A single stage could be it for your whole career and that moment and those pictures are your legacy.
MELAVIN KING 2 måneder siden
Actually agree. They could form a barrier so you can walk in there alone. They could also have another mask ready after you walk off the stage. I beloveds it's only being done to remind the fans that COVID-19 is still a threat not for the safety of the winner.
seacactus 13
seacactus 13 2 måneder siden
Isn't it? They aren't even near anyone on the podium it's so stupid
Marcin P.
Marcin P. 2 måneder siden
Egan will be back
Hubert Beck
Hubert Beck 2 måneder siden
WvA could win both the green and the yellow jersey if the team rides for him. The way he rides this year, he is the strongest rider I have ever seen in cycling.
seacactus 13
seacactus 13 2 måneder siden
Yep pretty suspicious isn't it
#AkoSi- Bong
#AkoSi- Bong 2 måneder siden
being a former ski jumper, roglic's vo2max is naturally higher than other riders who are just into cycling.
Udinese Calcio
Udinese Calcio 2 måneder siden
Why would it be higher though? Skijumpers don't need high vo2max....
Stu Suchit
Stu Suchit 2 måneder siden
Egan Bernal's VO2 max is 90-91. Not sure what Roglic number
Chewee K
Chewee K 2 måneder siden
"heres the gc standings" ... covered by adverts for ITV and a video recommendation lol
John Malloy
John Malloy 2 måneder siden
This has been an amazing Tour so far. The next three days are going to be wild.
George Vargas
George Vargas 2 måneder siden
Haha ... doxed 😂
One Issue Voter
One Issue Voter 2 måneder siden
5. the other riders are on better drugs than him.
Miha Sedej
Miha Sedej 2 måneder siden
nice house
SharpFitnessLook 2 måneder siden
I think it’s good now that other teams are winning it 2021 will be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Paul 197
Paul 197 2 måneder siden
they team doc got something wrong with the "special treatment" that day :D
Living PlantBase
Living PlantBase 2 måneder siden
why are you talking so fast?
notorio 2 måneder siden
To keep up with the video.
Ané van Dyk
Ané van Dyk 2 måneder siden
I’m a Chris Froome fan, so automatically for Team Sky/Ineos. Gutted that Froome is not part of the TDF team- supporting good team efforts this year.
John Malloy
John Malloy 2 måneder siden
1:40 Typical Sagan move. Can't ride faster so he uses his size to try to knock his opponents over.
Stephen Rhoden
Stephen Rhoden 2 måneder siden
Getting the LR to do videos is a game changer for ye ITV!! Gimme more!! ❤️
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 2 måneder siden
Watching this really reminded me the 2012 Planche stage (there's a quality LR video on it), just with Jumbo coming of age
Eli Friedman
Eli Friedman 2 måneder siden
Viva le tour
japphan 2 måneder siden
My theory for Bernal's bad day: Not enough salt. The amount of water the riders have to drink every day does make osmotic balance a concern. And sure, the nutrition scientists in the team yada yada, but I don't think they have _individually_ measured the sodium content of their riders' sweat, which can differ quite a bit. In my experience of lack of salt, the symtoms are similar to what Bernal described. Lethargic muscles and mind. You might even be feeling like you have a fever.
japphan 2 måneder siden
@simon Simon Thanks for the info, I believe you are correct.
simon Simon
simon Simon 2 måneder siden
@japphan yes thats what i meant they test it with sweat packs which they put on their skin
japphan 2 måneder siden
@simon Simon Sweat rate, sure. What about sodium (and other) content in their sweat?
simon Simon
simon Simon 2 måneder siden
Idk but in triathlon almodt every pro athlete not even the good ones are measuring their sweat rate etc i'd be suprised if ineos didnt do that
Pedro Prego
Pedro Prego 2 måneder siden
Bennet was not supposed to go to the TdF. But the crash at Dauphine gave him the ticket. Of course, as a team it would be a downgrade. Enough to win the tour though. If I've learned something in the huge amount of hours i've been watching your analysis videos is that Jumbo's strategy was the best possible. Kuss always try to give a poker face. He said it himself already. Kuss being in roglic's wheel creates an immediate 1.5m separation when roglic attacks. I think that when you see roglic following a mate's wheel with another mate protecting is rear wheel means just one thing: he will attack. The attack doesn't have the expected sucess, then kuss does a huge effort not just to go back to the wheel (he obviously did not respond to the leader attack) but overcomes everyone. Unfortunately for Kuss, when he gets to the front of roglic he's cooked. 15 seconds later kuss open his wings and says "man, I'm no more!". Roglic is cooked so he waits for someone to attack and hopes he can respond. So everything was done properly, as possible. But sometimes the other guys just have the better legs.
Bring on the Pain
Bring on the Pain 2 måneder siden
At Ineos, it is true that no one rider is greater than the team. It is also true however .. that no one manager is greater than the team. Heads at Ineos need to roll after this fiasco
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 2 måneder siden
I think WVA could win a GT, I don't think he ever will though
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 2 måneder siden
Nairoman Dairoman Spiroman Biroman (CEO of Bic) Brandt Shapiroman Cairoman Gyroman TyreO'Man Pie-Roman
okantichrist 2 måneder siden
Adam Dickinson When I grow up I want to be a fireoman 😂
Sam Holder
Sam Holder 2 måneder siden
'doxxed me' LOL never change LR