Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 055: THE PLAN

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In this episode, we show Grian our decoy HQ, find out if False takes the bait, and then we get our prize for participating in the Shopping District Road Competition.
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Jamall Marshall
Jamall Marshall 2 dager siden
i knew the resilience was just Grian's way to revenge for not having mumbo as the mayor!
Info World
Info World 3 dager siden
Experience buddy!
The Hermithood
The Hermithood 5 dager siden
Don't know who's idea the sheep was but it was brilliant!
Sophia Applehill
Sophia Applehill 6 dager siden
Bdubs: game face for mycelium resistance. Bdubs: an actual member of HEP
justright47 6 dager siden
Adam Tsui
Adam Tsui 8 dager siden
the transition from anywhere to the base is so good
Trollkeeper123 8 dager siden
Is your refridgerater running? Ope, nope. LOL
April Flint
April Flint 12 dager siden
how does every hermit not realize they can just open the door
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano 13 dager siden
I like how resistance members keep getting surprised by the sheep even though it literally was them.
1240 14 dager siden
Why don't you guys do a locked map fill of mycelium and cover the mycelium block with it? Making it a FULL mycelium block?
Neomizo 16 dager siden
14:00 why is the sing German?
Aman Vaishnav
Aman Vaishnav 17 dager siden
Secret Tunnel!
ZistonianFanGirl 23 dager siden
please join HEP
ZistonianFanGirl 23 dager siden
stupid resistance
ZistonianFanGirl 23 dager siden
I hate the resistance! Scar put so much time and efford into removing all the mycelium and making the shopping district look nice und your are destroying it. It's not fun at all, it's stupid and mean towards scar.
Lakarius Litz
Lakarius Litz 25 dager siden
I hope Impluse names one of the Ravagers: "Totems for sale at Em and Em's Emporium"
Kalpana Chadha
Kalpana Chadha 27 dager siden
every coin he threw hurt me a little
Loren Willis
Loren Willis 28 dager siden
Riley Little
Riley Little 28 dager siden
Kawaii Waffles
Kawaii Waffles Måned siden
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams Måned siden
Santiago Facusse
Santiago Facusse Måned siden
i don't think the miselium resistance is in the shopping district because dackout is huge and ther is three miselium fake hq i think it is in a different place
M D Måned siden
Mambo started a campaign for mayor without knowing and now he started a resistance
Daryl Usher
Daryl Usher Måned siden
Grian: Oh they're definitely watching our videos. Impulse: shows the entire fake base in the video while talking about how it's fake also Impulse: they'll never know! :D
Mihovil Vukusic
Mihovil Vukusic Måned siden
Impulse must be the second devious, sneaky, pranking, and toxic hermit member and the first is Grian
Jam&Tea Måned siden
Wow those runs were intense!
Niku Reaper K-9
Niku Reaper K-9 Måned siden
I don’t really like the idea of overthrowing Scar because he has been making such cool things in the shopping district
alpahc Måned siden
Of course no one will fall for this bogus headquarter since everyone else is implicated in. They will know they are not a member of the resistance team themsevles, and thus, doubt the others are as well. Not smart, Impulse, not smart.
Brysonator18 Måned siden
Kiat Ho
Kiat Ho Måned siden
16 straight fails at the machine. wow
Nameless Person
Nameless Person Måned siden
that moment when your anxiety is so bad, its almost triggered through the ravagers semi-jumpscaring impulse at around 20:53 for anyone else who frightens easily and somewhat-very severely, take this as a friendly warning from someone who found themselves having to do breathing exercises after that.
flamingo11two the kid
flamingo11two the kid Måned siden
Red Dead1345
Red Dead1345 Måned siden
The black market is just a door it costs health to enter not money
Viktor Måned siden
SECRET TUNNEL! SECRET TUNNEL! THROUGH THE MOUTAIN! Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel!
Aditya Juliansyah
Aditya Juliansyah Måned siden
I think impulswsv will use mumbo spookyfication
Chuck Rides
Chuck Rides Måned siden
They should have used the other mushroom island to make an alternate shopping district kind of like the one for grumbot
Peyton Vazquez
Peyton Vazquez Måned siden
grian: secret tunnel, secret tunnel me and avatar the last air bender: 🎶
Joppan E
Joppan E Måned siden
Just open the door
Aaron Inman
Aaron Inman Måned siden
Why don't they use world edit instead of building stuff for like 6 hours. It would be a lot more convenient as a youtuber. I guessing that they actually do and just don't film it.
Roslyn Jolene
Roslyn Jolene Måned siden
William Allsep
William Allsep Måned siden
I want to point out that grian has been on hermitcraft for 2 seasons and has caused a war both seasons And those wars put impulse and tango against each other
Sayed Araya
Sayed Araya Måned siden
Brie C
Brie C Måned siden
#Mumbo for mayor #MyceliumResistance
Brie C
Brie C Måned siden
Impulse false has found your Mycelium farm and she replaced all the mycelium with grass
Omri Kanetsky
Omri Kanetsky Måned siden
cant wait for his next vid. he's a genuis. next vid he will probably have likea group of spies infiltriating the hep
NebulousAsp Måned siden
15:20 same to me in September Still waiting for fridge to show up...
Zakcasipe1771 YT
Zakcasipe1771 YT Måned siden
Scar's laugh is pretty plastic
Joy Abraham
Joy Abraham Måned siden
Sir. Can you give me a chance to play hermicraft season 8.
sarbjeet singh
sarbjeet singh Måned siden
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Måned siden
If you put it on 0.5 speed, it sounds like impulse is drunk
Zakcasipe1771 YT
Zakcasipe1771 YT Måned siden
Oh lol
Hawkfire Firehawk
Hawkfire Firehawk Måned siden
Impulse, thank you for showing your full runs of Decked Out. I really enjoy watching them! :)
Grumbothehermit Måned siden
Patti Lazalier
Patti Lazalier Måned siden
false sabotage your mycelium farm
EPIC AWESOME Måned siden
discord.gg/aAG5Cz7 I just wanna grow it and have a fun community to play with
Noelia Rust
Noelia Rust Måned siden
I guess faulse didn't see her name on the board
Ahmed Elsayed
Ahmed Elsayed Måned siden
Have any of you guys heard that song by josh dub and it’s like don’t resist me just kiss me baby gorl just tworl
Ahmed Elsayed
Ahmed Elsayed Måned siden
It’s so dopeadoodles
Ahmed Elsayed
Ahmed Elsayed Måned siden
It’s my fav song
Ahmed Elsayed
Ahmed Elsayed Måned siden
Oh I have too
Slothjon Måned siden
did impulse just reveal how to get into the base?
Itsmyfarmgoat Sharon
Itsmyfarmgoat Sharon Måned siden
Impulse just open the door!!!!
Wallace_Penguin_ Everything
Wallace_Penguin_ Everything Måned siden
Use mumbo new Machine called the spook of Acacian
Sharky 31
Sharky 31 Måned siden
Make a Tunnel to grumbot from the fake HQ
Daniel Grubb
Daniel Grubb Måned siden
Breed the Sheep in the fake base and Breed the Mooshroom Cows as well as Breed Llamas too.
Lukas Müürsepp
Lukas Müürsepp Måned siden
Please go back and play some of Iskall´s treasure island
R00tvideos Måned siden
Its so wholesome to see how much fun they’re having with this resistance/H.E.P. fight.
Keith King
Keith King Måned siden
Make a door in the fake base that requires four hermits to open, but then have it dispense TNT from the ceiling and floor instead. WARNING! INTRUDER DETECTED!
Puppy Dog
Puppy Dog Måned siden
Can't wait til next vid comes out. I watch NOpost so much that I often have no videos to watch because I am watching these hermit craft videos 24/7
Mr Spiffy
Mr Spiffy Måned siden
Lucious Blackflame
Lucious Blackflame Måned siden
You should have the "base" vault be "opened" by pushing a button that drops the spy into a pit with silenced evokers
Actually No
Actually No Måned siden
"They are watching our videos" then they will see you are trying to trick them and who the members are. Bruh
5:04 10000 IQ move **shows the plans to fake hep out**
Random Videos
Random Videos Måned siden
when do the plush ship out i ordered it a month ago?
Felicitous Opeaque
Felicitous Opeaque Måned siden
False destroyed your farm for mycelium :(
kevin chen
kevin chen Måned siden
You know the black market only costs a few hearts because of the wither roses and purple thing is a crimson door. Lol
Joshua Plays
Joshua Plays Måned siden
Lavengale The Author
Lavengale The Author Måned siden
Video: *Later in the week...* YT: plays ad for an anime style video game
SuperMarioBacon YT
SuperMarioBacon YT Måned siden
Mycillium throne I vault
formander Nattotha
formander Nattotha Måned siden
I subed for your fridge my guy, hope everything goes well
Sponuts Måned siden
Dang, among us has infected Impulse.
J Sherwood
J Sherwood Måned siden
false ruined the myceliam farm you built.
Jonah Mannes
Jonah Mannes Måned siden
it costs haelth
Ere Er
Ere Er Måned siden
the base is underneeth grains basr
Sunchild Måned siden
Alert alert danger danger false symmetry has got rid of the mycelium Farm and replaced it with grass we hate grass please check this in the next episode from a fellow resistance fan
zac the gamer
zac the gamer Måned siden
false found this in her vid
Michelle Kotze
Michelle Kotze Måned siden
This inspired me to make my own HERMITCRAFT world and it’s like this HERMITCRAFT world on this video currently
Parsa Salehi
Parsa Salehi Måned siden
14:29 nice maths impuls
Vecks Trickshots
Vecks Trickshots Måned siden
Make a nether roof gold farm with piglin bartering system mainly for soul sand for infinite beacons.
A B Måned siden
Your so unlucky with the games. I sit here really hoping you to win and you seem to get shafted in all the games and you keep such a great attitude. That last run went well tho.
Qhawe Hlatshwayo
Qhawe Hlatshwayo Måned siden
Open the dore
Qhawe Hlatshwayo
Qhawe Hlatshwayo Måned siden
Yoo can youse 5 cards
Natzi guy
Natzi guy Måned siden
On the left side of Mumbos self portrait there is a small hill go in it and you will find the grass gang
Sharon Johnstone
Sharon Johnstone Måned siden
Grian showed the exit next to the cynybuns store
Charles Jennings
Charles Jennings Måned siden
I thought stress was on the resistance
not david
not david Måned siden
Check your mycelium farm
Logan Isaacson
Logan Isaacson Måned siden
You should make a drop down wall and build something incriminating in the mycelium HQ
jager225 Måned siden
grian is a mastermind. grian- starts the mayoral race so that he can have a puppet government. plan fails. also grian- well that failed. time to start a revolution, and go to war
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much Måned siden
Can anyone tell me if Tango actually added more ravagers? They’re terrifying
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much Måned siden
22:06 omg that scared the life out of me TANGO WHY
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much Måned siden
“Dude, you’ve been playing too much Among Us” “I’m not the one who made the button” the SASS
Dylan does guitar
Dylan does guitar Måned siden
Impulse. If u wanna get more emeralds you could make a string farm and sell it to fletchers for a good amount of emeralds.
Shox32 Måned siden
Secret tunnels... through the mountain... SECRET SECRET SECRET TUNNELS!!!! Come on... I can't be the only one.
Max Polenz
Max Polenz Måned siden
Full tilt
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