What do you get from 3 Guaranteed Base Icon Upgrade Packs?

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2 måneder siden

I Opened 3 Guaranteed Base Icon Upgrade Packs in FIFA 21!
Can I Pack Pele + R9 Ronaldo from 3 Guaranteed Base Icon Upgrade Packs?
Watch me Live - twitch.tv/MattHDGamer
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FIFA 21 Guaranteed Icon Pack
FIFA 21 Guaranteed Base Icon Pack
Guaranteed Base Icon Pack
My Guaranteed Icon Pack
FIFA 21 Base Icons
Business Email - matthdgamerenquiries@gmail.com
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TerpyBadger6 2 måneder siden
Matt thanks for all this content it always really help me improve my ultimate team in FIFA! 🔥🙏🔥
Wes Buck
Wes Buck 2 måneder siden
@Rafi Swagadon makes 0 sense
Rafi Swagadon
Rafi Swagadon 2 måneder siden
@Wes Buck so he knows what sbcs to do
DHRUV SUGATHAN 2 måneder siden
@Ben Buwa if he wasn't the best...u would have been playing in place of him..😂😂😂
Ben Buwa
Ben Buwa 2 måneder siden
@Mhmd Playz he’s shit my left toe could do a better job than that guy
Mhmd Playz
Mhmd Playz 2 måneder siden
@Ben Buwa wtf he’s the best lb in pl history
Mathias Martin
Mathias Martin 2 måneder siden
fifa 21 is a crap game, nothin g out off packs ever, nothing sells on transfer, fucking scripted game, its sad to see that EA dropped even more in the shame way
Andrew Cariola
Andrew Cariola 2 måneder siden
Especially on a hunter
Hussein Zreik
Hussein Zreik 2 måneder siden
Me: what do I get if I get a base icon pack Me: getting the worst icon ever Castro: PELE
Carlo Hodgson
Carlo Hodgson 2 måneder siden
Got garrincha
Mina Ahmed
Mina Ahmed 2 måneder siden
*Opens icon pack* “Walkout!” “Its an icon its an icon... its an icon...” *gets ashley cole* “oh” “ITS AN ICON, OH MY GOD AN ICON!”
Adam Chebaa
Adam Chebaa 2 måneder siden
How in the hell does he get 2000000 coins that fast?
Futbol HD
Futbol HD 2 måneder siden
Weekend before I got red pick kante and this time I decide to do base icon and get Micheal essien is it good?
Maxim Kropman
Maxim Kropman 2 måneder siden
I got eusebio i really cannot believe this shit
MurceZz 2 måneder siden
I’m completing it right now
Never Svi
Never Svi 2 måneder siden
I got lahm
J Lopez
J Lopez 2 måneder siden
I hope this ICON pack its an ICON wowww mind blowen 🤯🤯 wowwww i hope so too 😂😂😂
Henrik Ferstad
Henrik Ferstad 2 måneder siden
I got Kaka 87
Centurion bill
Centurion bill 2 måneder siden
I got Ronaldinho thought I had Pele or Ronaldo 😂
Medium rare Chicken
Medium rare Chicken 2 måneder siden
Im not saying there is a red list but there is a fucking red list
dhafin aziz
dhafin aziz 2 måneder siden
i got pele,check my youtube account 🤪👍🏿
Gentian Qerkini
Gentian Qerkini 2 måneder siden
Is Pele a Meta player in this game ? im asking cause i got him today
TJ football
TJ football 2 måneder siden
yes Ciron
Popadom 1
Popadom 1 2 måneder siden
Why when he packs Cole it says 10 owners and it is tradible
Queen rose on roblox
Queen rose on roblox 2 måneder siden
DRKZ Plays
DRKZ Plays 2 måneder siden
Antony Thompson
Antony Thompson 2 måneder siden
I did it, got nesta, only 300k surprisingly and lost money on the sbc
Boylo2492 2 måneder siden
Did it and got Eto'o. Chuffed.
Nasreen Parak
Nasreen Parak 2 måneder siden
Varane or icon sbc opinion
Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh 2 måneder siden
RIP Maradona
s2 lavishh
s2 lavishh 2 måneder siden
Now he’s dead rip🙏🏾
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 2 måneder siden
Mumin Abusalama
Mumin Abusalama 2 måneder siden
R.I.p Maradona
Misha Kachmazov
Misha Kachmazov 2 måneder siden
I got CB Matthaus, but I have 88 Rio Ferdinand, so I’m unsure
Abxd 6969
Abxd 6969 2 måneder siden
RIP maradona u packed him aswell😭😭
Armandas zzz
Armandas zzz 2 måneder siden
Rip Maradona
jayden woode
jayden woode 2 måneder siden
Rip Diego Armando Maradona 😭😭😭
mester3ios 2
mester3ios 2 2 måneder siden
Maradona is dead
szymon wys
szymon wys 2 måneder siden
RIP Diego Maradona
MasriSkillz 2 måneder siden
Check out my latest vid. Best custom tactics on fifa
DirtyDolla 2 måneder siden
Got fucking Inzaghi robbing bastards FIFA
Ace Banner
Ace Banner 2 måneder siden
Hope this icon pack is an icon wtf
William Andersson
William Andersson 2 måneder siden
krychowiak is the icon wdym?
Alex Bonnington
Alex Bonnington 2 måneder siden
I wont be doing the sbc, no way I can afford it and don't have the players to do it
Alex Bonnington
Alex Bonnington 2 måneder siden
Essien is insane. I had him last fifa from the base icon pack and he was my best player by far and stayed in my team all year
Papercut Films
Papercut Films 2 måneder siden
Hey matt i have a myth for you no...... it’s not a myth fifa 21 is the worst fifa so far you can basically read the script it’s so scripted you can be winning 4-0 then lose 4-5 and miss every chance and a bronze team will destroy full icon team unbelivable........
Steven Paton
Steven Paton 2 måneder siden
Show people’s teams next time please
Kyicc 2 måneder siden
I did it cause I’m getting the ps5 and I’m on Xbox and I got nedved
Lucky08 YT
Lucky08 YT 2 måneder siden
THOMAS PARTEY 2 måneder siden
Played u last night! Thanks for replying on ps
Dingus Lollol69
Dingus Lollol69 2 måneder siden
I got Dalgish from mine
DylanClarkHD 2 måneder siden
Did it and got Larsson
iAm Robin05
iAm Robin05 2 måneder siden
"I hope i get a Icon out of this icon pack"! What a legend haha!
Cirons Clips
Cirons Clips 6 dager siden
thank you a lot
craigjohnson83 2 måneder siden
got guillet small w i guess
Phoenix Ferrari
Phoenix Ferrari 2 måneder siden
I got Desailly and my brother got Cruyff!
Rohan Khanna
Rohan Khanna 2 måneder siden
Me:it’s so overpriced I’m not doing Also: I cant wait to get home and do on! I saw NOpostrs see get amazing stuff! Reality:inzagi No joke tho I might do one
KAPFTAN 2 måneder siden
wallkooooouuuttt aykaaan aykkaaaan :DDDDDD
thomas6963ify 2 måneder siden
i got 91 maradona
Dominik Đurasek
Dominik Đurasek 2 måneder siden
I hope its Icon 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Pj Jjj
Pj Jjj 2 måneder siden
I got maldini + in packs Kane dybala and saint maximam so to me a good pulls + all players was untradable
Jaidon Smyth
Jaidon Smyth 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry but the cole one got me laughing 😂😂😂
Leonardo Ribeiro
Leonardo Ribeiro 2 måneder siden
zJMGx- Games
zJMGx- Games 2 måneder siden
is cannavaro good i got him
Thomas 2 måneder siden
Out of nowhere. Was in code
Yoan Ciugureanu
Yoan Ciugureanu 2 måneder siden
I got kaka, i’m happy with that
Ivan Mrkonja
Ivan Mrkonja 2 måneder siden
I got Del Piero💪 had to sell every single tradeable player in my club for this sbc🤣
Bradley Bellows
Bradley Bellows 2 måneder siden
I got sol Campbell
Mani Corex
Mani Corex 2 måneder siden
Buy fifa 21 for me😭
Ahmed 2 måneder siden
Guys if I made a TOTW pack and waited until the BEST TOTW will I get from it or from the one for today?
Flynn Edwards
Flynn Edwards 2 måneder siden
Why he look like he don’t sleep
Lx 10
Lx 10 2 måneder siden
I got Zidane :)
Piyush Attri
Piyush Attri 2 måneder siden
I would love to get top 200 in squad battles someday soon and feature in your video 😊
Kieran Wheeler
Kieran Wheeler 2 måneder siden
Essen should have a catalyst because he’s a cm and his passing isn’t great.also he could do with a bit more pace
Josh Spencer
Josh Spencer 2 måneder siden
Let’s be real no one would play him in cm
adam park
adam park 2 måneder siden
That last guy was like your mate your mam always wants to give a cuddle and tell him no to worry
LtYe 05
LtYe 05 2 måneder siden
This guy waffles so much
MattHDGamer 2 måneder siden
Donald Shovlin
Donald Shovlin 2 måneder siden
I got essien
MattHDGamer 2 måneder siden
Mohammed 2 måneder siden
Shadow for Essen
Pokefirefour 1
Pokefirefour 1 2 måneder siden
Comment=you are gonna do it Like= are not gonna do it
Romeo Dickson
Romeo Dickson 2 måneder siden
You look from the side ligts
Kernatex 2 måneder siden
My mate packed Pele
Black Mask
Black Mask 2 måneder siden
Kenneth Møller
Kenneth Møller 2 måneder siden
No i Will not doing This sbc. My pack Luck is so bad i wont Even try
Mr Baffoono
Mr Baffoono 2 måneder siden
LmaO wtf the way he screamed
Jeff McJeff Face
Jeff McJeff Face 2 måneder siden
Essien is perfect with a basic chem style
MattHDGamer 2 måneder siden
Mr Baffoono
Mr Baffoono 2 måneder siden
I got Zidane from Base Icon Sbc
Mr Baffoono
Mr Baffoono 2 måneder siden
I went crazy when I saw it lol thank you
MattHDGamer 2 måneder siden
Man that’s crazy
Amartya Chatterjee
Amartya Chatterjee 2 måneder siden
The last guy was beyond legendary and Matt's response was even priceless
SSR_Goku 2 måneder siden
he got pele you’re welcome
Kieran Bjork
Kieran Bjork 2 måneder siden
I got baby gullit, is it a dub?
Jamie Brookbank
Jamie Brookbank 2 måneder siden
i got baresi
awaaljowder 2 måneder siden
I got George Best 🙌
Brandon Sullivan
Brandon Sullivan 2 måneder siden
I sold my kante to do this and I got drogba is that any good?
Mochamad Reza
Mochamad Reza 2 måneder siden
i just got mo salah from two rare player pack
JohnH3nr1k :
JohnH3nr1k : 2 måneder siden
Matt I’m sorry to say, but this video is 10 minutes, and ONLY 3 icon packs... you could easily fit 7-9 icon packs within that amount of time...
Mo Shahril
Mo Shahril 2 måneder siden
Lol that last guy..it's a icon!!! Lmao make me laugh
Caolain Oconnell
Caolain Oconnell 2 måneder siden
great player in game
Tomas Galan
Tomas Galan 2 måneder siden
2:23 I have never seen a FIFA NOpost spend so much time on an 81 rated player lol
L IE 2 måneder siden
I packed cruyff 😅😅
Selim Hafez
Selim Hafez 2 måneder siden
Conor Hayes
Conor Hayes 2 måneder siden
Fifa myth: every time u get a board in a 7.5k pack u get a non rare in the next one
Josh Spencer
Josh Spencer 2 måneder siden
That’s not how packs work buddy
Alvany Veschonanda
Alvany Veschonanda 2 måneder siden
where's essien rn?
a man george
a man george 2 måneder siden
Are u in Love with Juventus
A13 Playz
A13 Playz 2 måneder siden
I need tips to get like 1mil coins cause I’m trash and I only have 10k
DT 09
DT 09 2 måneder siden
I accidentally opened a totw pack I was saving by mistake and got mane I then opened my icon pack and got cantona
Will 2 måneder siden
“Really happy for you matt 👍” from Me 00:57 36% Battery
Sérgio Almeida
Sérgio Almeida 2 måneder siden
Ganger 4,7 mill
1 time med Among Us...
Ganger 13 k
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