Final Fantasy VII All Cutscenes - The Movie - Marathon Edition (1997 PS1 PC HD Remaster Mod)

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4 år siden

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This is an epic 13.5 hour Movie Version of the 1997 PS1 classic Final Fantasy VII, designed for those who want to just sit back and enjoy the story without having to watch a full length Walkthrough (30+ hours) or Commentary. If you want to refresh yourself before diving back into this game when the FFVII remake comes out, you've come to the right place.
Some things you should be aware of before starting:
1. What is in this video? - This is all of the story related cutscenes/dialogue and gameplay from FFVII. I have gone through the entire story and kept in all dialogue and cutscenes along with highly edited and condensed travel/Boss Battles. If you don't want to or can't play FFVII but want to check out/revisit the story this might be the video for you.
2. PC Mod? - When I first embarked on this project the PS4 remake wasn't a thing, but I wanted the best looking version of FFVII possible. I found this in the form of the "Tifa's Package" mod. You can google it to find out more and install it.
3. How did you deal with the text? - Obviously this game has no voice acting so the dialogue will have to be read like a manga/comic. This was the main reason I didn't want to make this, but I think this game has enough fans and enough of a story to make it watchable in this way. A lot of Final Fantasy fans don't have English as a first language, and test footage feedback told me that I needed to slow down the dialogue progression, so that's what I have done. It will be impossible to find a "perfect" pace, since we all have different reading speeds. I would rather have it a little slower so that the maximum number of people can read and understand what's going on, since that's the only way we can drive the story forward effectively.
These ones are for those who know the game/story, it's not very relevant to newcomers, you guys can go ahead and get started :)
4. Yuffie? - Yuffie is not in this movie version, and I'll explain why. There are 2 optional party members in the game, and although Vincent is on the main path of the story, Yuffie is not and requires you to go off the main track in order to get her. I believe it would have disrupted the flow of the story, and I guess if they are optional they are not exactly essential to the core story. Vincent is cool and has some dialogue when you first meet him, but aside from that he doesn't really contribute much to the story in my opinion. Perhaps if I was doing this again I may have found a way to include her, but I apologise to any Yuffie fans who might be disappointed by this.
5. What's up with the names? This is something that the Mod has done, and not me. It turns out that some of the names used here are not the generally accepted Western versions. Some examples being Reno is called Leno, Tseng is called Zeng, and a few others. Like I say, it's not something I was able to change!
I think that's about it, sorry for the long description but I always try to let people know what to expect before they dive into such a long video. I'm also honest about its shortcomings (e.g. Yuffie's absence). Regardless, I think it turned out ok, and although it is EXTREMELY long and requires a lot of reading, I don't think I could have really done it any other way in order to really make it a complete movie experience. I hope you guys enjoy it, thanks!
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dansg08 3 år siden
Latest FF Movie: FF8 - -- Also here's a 7.5 hour Marathon Edition of Final Fantasy XV. It is undoubtedly my best work yet. Please check it out!
homa taha
homa taha 7 måneder siden
I Love this game! my Fav game of all time! I love Crisis Core and Advent of children and everything that relates to ffvii!
Alecxis Thunnery
Alecxis Thunnery År siden
I always watch you final fantasies videos. I love it very much. ☺☺☺❤❤❤😘😘😘
M Mermaid
M Mermaid År siden
@Alecxis Thunnery yes it is.
Davide Ferrari
Davide Ferrari År siden
How is possible for a human to be the grandad of a tiger?!
7Fadi7 2 år siden
@Abyss Demon28 listen good to the story and the events of ff7 games by their time line theirs , ff7 (before crisis core) events of the Turks and shinra story an old game has no new good looking game, ff7 (original) events of zack fair arithe sephiroth genesis and angel also the beginning of cloud straif an old game that has another new good looking game ff7 (crisis core) ( the 3D one you know ) which is the same story same everything don't worry , ff7 (the one that we are watching right now ) events of cloud straif right after his best friend (zack fair's killed by shinra soldiers)also sephiroth is the main villain here in this version an old game that soon will have a new perfect looking game ff7 (remake) but it's a remake means some of the storyline lines will be changed or removed or added like cloud will use another new sword not like in the original one using the buster sword (zack's sword) , ff7 (advent children) that's a movie the rest are games this movie happens after the events of the ff7 remake a very good looking movie has no another better movie , ff7 (dirge of Cerberus) events of Vincent story including cloud and tifa and all the others in it (except zack fair sephiroth genesis and angel) a good looking game just like ff7 (crisis core) has no new perfect looking game , yeah that's all for now from square enix most of ff7 fans if not all of them wants a movie that brings zack fair back to life and called ff7 ( the return of a hero ) I am pretty sure it will be an epic game specially if it's what fans wants it to be like , I hope I have helped you even a little making ff7 more clear .
Joel Girard
Joel Girard 5 dager siden
Can someone give me a time stamp as to where remake part 1 ends in the original?
J 23 dager siden
Who’s here to find out why Cloud had the visions of Aerith’s death in the future?
Zeke 28 dager siden
remake ends around 3:03:43
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY 29 dager siden
fun fact: marlene is probably around 30yo today
Kavon Ross
Kavon Ross Måned siden
Can someone explain to me why the graphics here look better than in the original? Is this some kind of mod? Or a remaster I’ve never heard about
Weekend Calcium
Weekend Calcium Måned siden
Who else is here now that sephiroth is in smash
Crowe 16 dager siden
Was literally watching this instead of TGA when he was announced
EthanAnimates And stuff
EthanAnimates And stuff 18 dager siden
I’m only here bc I main Cloud
maxrbmc 19 dager siden
I mean I've been meaning to see what all the fuss is about for 24 years... but having constant Smash reminders helps
Kenneth Wiley
Kenneth Wiley Måned siden
so my question is how did cloud end up at a specific place if cloud was last seen here 9:18:44 but then this is the explain we are given 9:54:50 but the problem was were to look as cid said himself at 9:54:35 so my question is did the team of FF7 visit mideel previously to now i mean imagine not having a walkthrough or advise for where to go how much time must have been wasted one like myself may only be capable of imagining or basically how did Tifa know that cloud may be located in mideel unless there was something i missed 13:12:57 that cutscene was missing dude do you want to correct that a white screen is not got to admit this is a lot like a genuine speedrun of FF7 the problem is that you aren't using the best strats to complete the game in a specific amount of time and also you didn't use a Ps1 controller although a turbo controller is convenient the dialog i think may have been delayed but that's just speculation guesswork plus you ran the game on PC not PS1 console
Kenneth Wiley
Kenneth Wiley Måned siden
dansg08 dude this is gameplay not the cutscenes ? 13:25:00 this is the reason why we came
Oro Måned siden
8:05:19 sephiroth: the killing has been done, begin assertion of dominance
Oro 18 dager siden
@EthanAnimates And stuff yee
EthanAnimates And stuff
EthanAnimates And stuff 18 dager siden
Niko Måned siden
3:44:59 why would you replace that iconic music from this scene?
Patricio Måned siden
2:50:50 I'm writing a novel. So I need references and ideas to keep up. This will serve me right. Ty.
kouchan kami
kouchan kami 2 måneder siden
ya this is true Original FF7 story.
thecatlady 2 måneder siden
Wow! That took me 3 days to finish this. Thank you very much! I am almost done playing the remake and just want to review the original game! You really won't get tired with a classic! Still the best Final Fantasy game and best characters for me! Thank you so much for this! 🧡
Johanner Salgado
Johanner Salgado 2 måneder siden
in the remake cloud never got down the secret base at least i couldn't
IkarusKommt 3 måneder siden
Hour-long cutscenes, it's so ridiculous...
Phil Gaimz
Phil Gaimz 3 måneder siden
Considering how old this video is, this comment will probably fall on deaf ears. However, in case the creator of this ever wants to redo this video with Yuffie in it as well, here's a list of all the other stuff they missed putting in here for some odd reason: 1. How they got out of Corel Prison 2. Important lore/foreshadowing found in the basement of the Manor the first time visiting Nibelheim not in a flashback 3. The scene with Cid deciding to join the party 4. Finding out about the existence of the Keystone (and the mention of Ultimate Destruction Magic) 5. The entire first visit to Gongaga (which includes a run-in with the Turks and potentially Aerith's reaction to meeting Zack's parents) 6. Finding crystallized Lucrecia (I know this is optional but it's important and I mean come on what was the point of getting Vincent if you weren't going to show this scene) 7. The second visit to Nibelheim (which again is optional but it has SUPER important lore so maybe it's more like the devs' fault for making it optional in the first place?) I just want a video with ALL of the OG FFVII story to exist somewhere gosh dang it lol... (Edit: also skips over the existence of smaller characters that have been/probably will be given a larger spotlight in the Remake such as Johnny and Zangan)
Ò ʌ Ó
Ò ʌ Ó 3 måneder siden
Greatest game ever.
absolute egg addict
absolute egg addict 3 måneder siden
Why is Clouds hair so short?
Virgin Lose
Virgin Lose 4 måneder siden
Jessie was a girl the entire time
Mitchell Howard
Mitchell Howard 4 måneder siden
How did u get characters looking so good from originals i mean everything else is same but more high def
XG Nik
XG Nik 5 måneder siden
8:04:24 7 seconds till the end. Time enough for you, perhaps. But what will you do with it? Let's find out.
adilene rivera
adilene rivera 5 måneder siden
iconic 3:45:00
Weedboy Weedboy
Weedboy Weedboy 5 måneder siden
I remember being like 8 years old watching my older brother play this game and both of us crying when Aeries died..... I'm now 25 and watched the scene where she dies and I swear it just filled me with so much emotion. Nostalgia, memories from my childhood, the pain of Cloud, the unlimited positivity of Aeries, the love for the game, the love for stories, appreciation of the developers, the bonding time with my bro, the time that flew by..... when that materia dropped and the piano played those notes..... I cried like a baby. This will forever be apart of my life... and I'm thankful for it. Thank u for uploading!
Marc Parco
Marc Parco 5 måneder siden
So in original Tifa was chosen by Don Corneo
Zach W.
Zach W. 5 måneder siden
He chose Aerith in my playthrough. Think Corneo chooses one of them if Cloud’s outfit isn’t good enough, which depends on how many items you get around Wall Market.
Thatchbro 5 måneder siden
Thank you for this and I have now seen it all ! Speed on dialogue were perfect . Now on to crisis core . Im here because of ff7 remake
Frank Lefebvre
Frank Lefebvre 5 måneder siden
Great upload. History!
Gabriel Emordi
Gabriel Emordi 6 måneder siden
No Yuffie?
Jay B
Jay B 6 måneder siden
Wrong. It's just wrong.
LORDOFPAWGTOWN 6 måneder siden
disc 1 ELMYRA: bring Aerith back home safely to me disc 2 CLOUD: Uh....... LMFAO
Arguyle20 6 måneder siden
Great video! Btw why some character names are different?
HeliosVenomMage64 7 måneder siden
3:03:28 Right here is exactly where the timeline alternates.
swedishghf vddoka
swedishghf vddoka 7 måneder siden
my save file fucking died a good 40 hours into my game so im here now
yiyiyao 7 måneder siden
i never played FF7 but watched the remake movie first, then I watched Crisis Core, and then this so I was super confused about Cloud's story LOL. But i like him more after seeing his weak side. The dialogue is funny even without voice acting. Makes me excited for the rest of the remake series! =)
Lamc B.
Lamc B. 7 måneder siden
So did Hojo like pay those girls to tend to him while he was just chilling on the beach? Either that or he has some raw animal magnetism going on
Kratos Amadeus
Kratos Amadeus 7 måneder siden
Where's sacks death?
Diavol 7 måneder siden
Just curious, at which timestamp does Disc 1 end? I'd really appreciate an answer
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed 7 måneder siden
@white n black I have the original for ps1. Yes Disc 1 ends at around 8:13:20, right after Aeris dies and you beat Jenova. You are talking about the Remake
white n black
white n black 7 måneder siden
@Nabeel Ahmed Aerith dies in 8:04:30
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed 7 måneder siden
right after Aeris dies
white n black
white n black 7 måneder siden
3:04:25 I think?
hardly 7 måneder siden
came back the part where tifa and scarlet were on that ledge and thought my headphones were broken until i heard a loud ass "SMACK" lmfao
megasean 3000
megasean 3000 8 måneder siden
FF7 with FF9’s engine.
RainPlusCoffee 8 måneder siden
Thank you for this! ♥️♥️♥️ I have played the original but could hardly remember some of the scenes. I also have just played the remake and I’d like to recall how it was in the original.
etaerno ً
etaerno ً 8 måneder siden
lucas alves
lucas alves 8 måneder siden
Do you guys think that Aerith's expression when she is praying and talking with the lifestream/planet in the begining is different from the end? In the beging it looks like she is kinda sad/serious, and in the ending she looks happy. I think that it has to do that she discovered that she had to die in the begining, and in the end she is happy cause her sacrifice helped to save the planet.
Mark S.
Mark S. 8 måneder siden
this is awesome. I played and completed the og game when I was 10 years old and it really was a coming of age story for me, it taught me a lot about growing up as weird as that sounds. This game means so much to me, sadly I have attempted to playthrough this game numerous times since then however never been able to. I guess you could say my life style doesnt really allow me the patience to play thru 40+ hrs of gaming. But I so enjoyed watching this in parts over about a few weeks to just relive the story that I cherish. Thank you for taking the time in making this. I am 30 now and watching this brings back so much nostalgia
soniccinos 8 måneder siden
Oh noooo, no Zack's secret cutscene, and no "Ortopedic Underwear" from visiting Tifa's house 😂
Umbra 00
Umbra 00 8 måneder siden
I appreciate your effort but imo nothing beats the original polygon figures
Rick Kids
Rick Kids 8 måneder siden
Sorry but I don’t see cloud and tifa jump out the train together in this video ?? Perhaps just have in remake ??
Dacan kiin
Dacan kiin 8 måneder siden
3:01:04 Midgal????
SoulBlazer08 8 måneder siden
I know you posted this over four years ago, but thanks for doing this. I've been playing the remake and wanted to remind myself on how the original game went vs what happened in the remake, as it's been a long time since I played original FF7.
TimeStampz 8 måneder siden
1:19:47 Tifa's Reaction to Cloud Dress👗
gonzalo mercado
gonzalo mercado 8 måneder siden
I can’t take this seriously without getting yuffie in your party...
Yak The Kuza
Yak The Kuza Måned siden
Raifu _ bitch took my materia
Car Car
Car Car Måned siden
@Raifu _ tits....
Raifu _
Raifu _ 3 måneder siden
tell me one thing she added to the story.
Gabriel Emordi
Gabriel Emordi 6 måneder siden
Same here. How is that possible?
Katherine Markowitz
Katherine Markowitz 8 måneder siden
having my issues with that too, and out of the way? you gotta get your materia back dontcha? She comes after you, after basically, if you go 6 paces to the left or something.
Clinton Boucheix
Clinton Boucheix 8 måneder siden
What version is this one? There are some distinct differences to the playstation version I played back in the day. The save point icons are different, Reno is Leno and I swear that the character models are different somehow. Can't put my finger on it though.
JessaLin 8 måneder siden
Clinton Boucheix the is a modded version of the original using a PC copy of the game.
Ernesto Pizarro
Ernesto Pizarro 8 måneder siden
Thanks for this! Even though I've replayed the original multiple times it's still so much to remember. There's stuff I thought had been added to the remake that I just forgot was in the original. also It's actually bit weird for me seeing the game with those character models, lol but still this is awesome
ACE MARK 9 måneder siden
The continue scene of FF7 Remake can be see at 3:04:27
Alejandro Münter
Alejandro Münter 8 måneder siden
If funny that I watched a 10:30 hour version of the remake,without side quests and is 3 hours here. Hahaha.
nͫiͤcͫeͤ 8 måneder siden
Matt M
Matt M 9 måneder siden
This is great. Looking so hard for a version on here with Yuffie though.
CoolCat Lynx
CoolCat Lynx 9 måneder siden
Ty for making this, I've been playing the remake and it is boring af. Came to experience the true story
Kratos Amadeus
Kratos Amadeus 8 måneder siden
@Umbra 00 Don't let nostalgia give you a blind eye. Game is great sure. If the renake had come out 1997 and original in 2020 you'd be saying the same shit.
nͫiͤcͫeͤ 8 måneder siden
@Umbra 00 because they wanna make something new out of it
Umbra 00
Umbra 00 8 måneder siden
Glad I'm not the only who feels the remake is stretched and has too many fillers
Day Day
Day Day 9 måneder siden
watching this after playing the remake.. simply blown away by how much details they added while keeping it the same. Crazy
Erick Edison
Erick Edison 9 måneder siden
Thanks this brings back memories
Dustin Weber
Dustin Weber 9 måneder siden
"Leno" ???
A-laboratory 9 måneder siden
He had affection points with Tifa lower than 50, so he didn't make it with Tifa before last fight.
zaberfang 9 måneder siden
Who's rewatching this after playing the remake?
thecatlady 2 måneder siden
Yeah! Kind of reviewed how it was in the original 'cause I need more ffvii content! I love how they did the Remake and am excited for the next installation!
Jaysonツ 3 måneder siden
Well i played the Crisis core (probably like 7th time now) the original (few days ago by the time now) and the remake in april so thats why im here.
Thatchbro 5 måneder siden
Same here
Luke Garner
Luke Garner 7 måneder siden
Didn't play the original that's why I'm here
ipschedipsche 7 måneder siden
Yes I want to know how it goes on! Didn't think that the remake was just 15% of the real game :D
DeathSledge 9 måneder siden
Man, if someone voice acted over this... wow
DeathSledge 9 måneder siden
Thank you!!!
Roger Smith
Roger Smith 9 måneder siden
I've been told I need to know what happens in the original in order to finish playing through the remake (because that makes total fucking sense), so here we go, guess I'll get settled in
Michelle Plautz
Michelle Plautz 9 måneder siden
You might want to watch Crisis Core after this one too.
Roger Smith
Roger Smith 9 måneder siden
@TENNSUMITSUMA Nothing's physically stopping me. I'd just rather not be totally lost and confused by the ending. I've seen what I need to see now though, so hopefully I'm good to go.
TENNSUMITSUMA 9 måneder siden
I don't see how you not knowing what happes in the original, physically stops you from playing through the remake.
Hamad Al-Tulyan
Hamad Al-Tulyan 9 måneder siden
so the remake only covered the first 3 hours?
nͫiͤcͫeͤ 8 måneder siden
Kane Brucal
Kane Brucal 9 måneder siden
Been waiting for Yuffie but I'm already at 11th hour of the vid and still got nothing. So I just checked the comments and saw you didn't get her. lol
LuLuAndTheJerks 9 måneder siden
Is the Shinra Manor Cloud Zack flashback not in here?
Zach W.
Zach W. 5 måneder siden
Yeah, it’s a secret cutscene. You only get it if you go back to Cloud’s village after Tifa reconstructs his memories. The guy playing this must not have found it.
skalator O
skalator O 9 måneder siden
Thank You
skalator O
skalator O 9 måneder siden
piccolo113 9 måneder siden
I'm glad this video exists, for my sanity if nothing else. I wanted a refresher on the original before playing the remake, but didn't want to take the 50+ hours I would to get through it. Side note: Why would you use that ungodly retranslation patch? I mean, the dialog cleanup is fine, but the name changes are absolutely brainlessly dumb. Most of them were changed from the names we got to what they phonetically sound like when spoken by a Japanese person. There is zero logic to that.
Arenjee 9 måneder siden
33:57 just saving my time
Matthew Conrad
Matthew Conrad 9 måneder siden
I know this video is a few years old but I still wanted to say that I’m enjoying it. I’ll be checking out your other videos once I finish it. Thanks for all of the effort I’m sure this took to edit.
Gattsu 9 måneder siden
Wow amazing job... I have to get this mod... Giving all the feels again 😭. I will watch all of this, thanks for the upload ^_^.
The Good Stalin
The Good Stalin 9 måneder siden
J u i c e
J u i c e 9 måneder siden
Say what u want, the snowboarding mini game was hard af
Badabadafrolehes2 9 måneder siden
Its just not the same with this new dialouge format i find it unpleasant
SplitERin2 9 måneder siden
Damn, this should have been the way the mobile version looked... Instead of the boo boo shit they put out for it.
Kosteri x
Kosteri x 9 måneder siden
The mandatroy cross-dressing part for the circus made me give up this game. Best game? no.
Kosteri x
Kosteri x 9 måneder siden
felt tedious, drawn out and just filler. Compare to Radiant historia where you actually have to dress up in order to pass the border patrol guards..
. 9 måneder siden
Kosteri x How come?
Sherwin Alka
Sherwin Alka 10 måneder siden
7th heaven mod 2.0 made it so easy to play this now
Gami Cross
Gami Cross 10 måneder siden
Hrm... FF7 Remake about to come out... Sure wish there was a way to recap the whole story again without playing through all of it... OH, HELLO THERE!
0pTicaL 10 måneder siden
3:02:24 Who the fuck translated this??? That word in Chinese/Japanese DOES NOT mean "curse", it means vicious, fearful, fierce. Sigh, reminds me of white people getting Chinese/Japanese tattoos having no fucking clue what they mean…
Matteo Galli
Matteo Galli 10 måneder siden
Finished! Thanks again for this treat. Twenty and more years have passed, but it felt like the first time. The greatest game of all time!
Lyeron 10 måneder siden
Think I prefer the game without the mod. Just me? 🤔
inkursion 58
inkursion 58 9 måneder siden
Lyeron upscaled cutscenes and cinematics are amazing though
Asbel Nox
Asbel Nox 9 måneder siden
Me too
Matteo Galli
Matteo Galli 11 måneder siden
The first 20 minutes alone are enough to give me the goosebumps. Watching the whole story back again is simply hypnotysing...
William Harrington
William Harrington 11 måneder siden
Y no yuffie ??????????
Grand Masta B
Grand Masta B 11 måneder siden
Ah this game is my childhood
DaRobster 11 måneder siden
Will you be doing a game movie for FFVII Remake as well?
Matteo Galli
Matteo Galli 11 måneder siden
Thank you very much. This game still means so much to me!
Miss Oli
Miss Oli 11 måneder siden
1:50:51, when the lady picks up the man is so cute. This game had quite a few little tidbits like that in it. It seems that style of humour wasnt around as much in the later games. Subtle little comic relief that wasnt too obvious.
Miss Oli
Miss Oli 11 måneder siden
Wow I didnt know this remaster existed. The characters look great I think.
Kate Lin
Kate Lin 11 måneder siden
I wish we would have seen more of the side quests... Yuffie :'l
Kate Lin
Kate Lin 11 måneder siden
The only problem I have with this is that sometimes it just skips to points where you wonder why. Like, they suddenly drive in a tank (how did they get it?!), or Cait Sith is suddenly back in the team. How tho?
Zach W.
Zach W. 5 måneder siden
Aki Nara 7:46:17 - A second Cait Sith robot comes in at the top left corner of the screen, and announces itself. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment.
Matt H
Matt H År siden
Anyone else watching this just to get ready for Final Fantasy 7 Remake?
Christian Dülligen
Christian Dülligen År siden
Everything until 03:06:00 is what we will get with the Ps4 Remake! I´m so hyped about it!
Adolf Shrekler
Adolf Shrekler År siden
When I heard the announcement of the remake I wanted to try this game out but because of the graphics, I really didn't want to play it. But thanks to the mod, I can actually sit through all of it and so far I like it.
Mr35diamonds 9 måneder siden
You have to play it, turns out FF7 remake plot is so vastly different, might be for the better.
SkullyXXGamer År siden
13:45:33 that music it’s so beautiful 😍 😭
Joel Luna
Joel Luna År siden
8:04:22 Your welcome
SGD14_GUILLEMA, Romerjen B.
SGD14_GUILLEMA, Romerjen B. År siden
This is so nostalgic! I can't wait for the remake.
carl secreto
carl secreto 7 måneder siden
remake already uploaded
Unfriendly Dude
Unfriendly Dude 8 måneder siden
Now gotta wait for Part 2 lol
Mcqualay Bautista
Mcqualay Bautista 8 måneder siden
It's already here
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 9 måneder siden
@SGD14_GUILLEMA, Romerjen B. Same here
SGD14_GUILLEMA, Romerjen B.
SGD14_GUILLEMA, Romerjen B. 9 måneder siden
@Unknown Unknown yeah, I actually cried when she died. I was 10 years old when i played this game.
jaina the lich
jaina the lich År siden
13:27:50 wtf??????????? 12:20:20 13:27:20
Marty G
Marty G År siden
I went to sleep while this is on lol I look at the party members and realized that Yuffie isn't there :(
ghawk Mancuso
ghawk Mancuso År siden
This is not the whole walkthrough you forgot yuffi and to get Knight's of round
Adolf Shrekler
Adolf Shrekler År siden
Read the description for the yufi explanation
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