Food Theory: Did Burger King JUST Break The Law?

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Burger King just made a major move in the Twitch space - a potentially ILLEGAL move! Loyal Theorists, were you one of the lucky viewers to see Burger King hop onto your favorite Twitch stream and use the text to speech message to advertise their food? Well, they DID and many of those Twitch streamers are NOT happy! You see, Burger King used them as cheap advertising rather than actually sponsoring them, which potentially cheats them out of money. So, was this sneaky tactic a genius move by Burger King to sell their Whopper or did they just break the law?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Beowulf Peppers
Beowulf Peppers 15 timer siden
lol while he was talking about sponsorships and commercials I got a commercial lol
Zach Williams
Zach Williams 16 timer siden
Okay this is driving me nuts. At timestamp 1:17 what is the coin sound effect from? I know it but I can’t place it.
General Codsworth
General Codsworth 17 timer siden
Companies as massive as BK should be held to a legal standard relating to the TOS of smaller platforms they choose to utilize for advertising. Such blatant flouting of the TOS of Twitch AND Streamlabs should come with legal consequences because advertising is a business that handles millions if not billions of dollars and should be treated as such a high stakes operation in all its endeavors. The utilization of such tools should require consent from the content creator as well as the platform(s) used to spread the advertisement and if consent is not properly collected, then it should come with SIGNIFICANT fines. While the platform controlled midroll ads are still scummy, they are being done by the platform who has the legal control. Twitch is allowed to change the way they do things because the streamer is the one utilizing Twitch's platform and streamers are allowed to (and have that they will) leave the platform if they think a different one will be better. What BK did violates Twitch's TOS and breaks the rules that are meant to protect the streamer. TL;DR, Multibillion dollar companies should recieve legal punishment for blatant misuse of other comanies' stuff
banana gamer
banana gamer 19 timer siden
is it just me who thinks the burger king mascot is creepy
Ptenarian 2 dager siden
You realize that it was an apple that fell on his head, which is also a food, so you did not have to replace it with a coffee cup.
DrewTamashi 2 dager siden
gawd damnit i liked BK food....
Wahooot 2 dager siden
This is pretty scummy from BK
Wahooot 2 dager siden
Rey'D, shadow legends XD
Wahooot 2 dager siden
I think this is fine, but they should have a option to cancel the donation message with a keybind or a button for mobile to cancel it, and another to stop it and ban that account simultaneously. That would be so funny to just 'cut off' the tts, like not today BurgerKing!
KittenChopper 3 dager siden
But isnt internet also somewhat by satellite? If this is true this is definitely illegal since this is somewhat of a loophole.
Yellow Vanimations
Yellow Vanimations 4 dager siden
Aye Mat, I got a suggestion for a theory, one about the Big Jack (A knock off Big Mac) , I feel like Hungry Jacks (Burger King) is breaking copyright or trademark laws or something.
George Tanasa
George Tanasa 4 dager siden
so twitch streamers are calling others "scummy"... can't actually claim a moral high ground when you're one of the internet's biggest shitstains
Bigus Pingus
Bigus Pingus 4 dager siden
16:25 As a Canadian, I can confirm, it is extremely difficult
My parents are 40 and have Hotmail accounts.
Renee Perkins
Renee Perkins 4 dager siden
burger king: Is this a legal matter? food theory: yes and it illegal you see burger king: what do you need food theory: you broke the stream terms you see
TwistedUp Music
TwistedUp Music 4 dager siden
15:56 The stupendium is that you? lol
Amelia Foster
Amelia Foster 4 dager siden
But like can we talk about how in that last image before the end of the vid Burger King basically asked Wendy's to "prom"? Like huh? I mean...good job for asking her? I don't-
Joshua Mckenzie
Joshua Mckenzie 4 dager siden
i think that i like food theory more than game theory or film theory plz make more
I Am Aidan Smith
I Am Aidan Smith 4 dager siden
I would take that money and buy a McRib and a McDonald’s sweet tea
PIG OVERLORD 4 dager siden
“They expected old twitch to just sigh and say: ok guys you win. What he really said was: you're about to get a roundhouse to the face” -oversimplified probably
Jr Helios
Jr Helios 5 dager siden
You yell at puppies?! Im unsubscribing!!
Hi !
Hi ! 5 dager siden
This is why we prefer wendys we Stan wendys
Mr Tiny
Mr Tiny 5 dager siden
now what if a troll pretend to be burger king doing it again.
jeremiah justice
jeremiah justice 5 dager siden
Meow meow pow pow
Soul Writer
Soul Writer 5 dager siden
If this happened on my twitch stream I would be livid. They abused a feature for fans and used it for marketing that cost almost dirt. It’s cheating the streamers themselves out of money they could’ve had since their audience was marketed to. It’s basically free marketing to a potential big and diverse audience without consent or any kind of agreement. Yeah they paid $5 for the text to speech feature but it’s not supposed to be used for marketing it’s designed to be used for fan messages Edit: oh yeah AND twitch streamers can get into a whole lot of trouble for undisclosed ads when it’s burger king’s fault for dropping the ad in their stream in the first place
HOUSTONTEZ 5 dager siden
Vulnresati 6 dager siden
I'm just popping in this comment section to tell you you can buy a whopper for 5 dollars
Unknown12 6 dager siden
Oh boy here they come
Zachary Gargano
Zachary Gargano 6 dager siden
If that isn't The Stupendium at 15:55 then I don't know what it
Christopher Merati
Christopher Merati 6 dager siden
matpat should be a lawer
Julie 6 dager siden
i just saw kevin dropping the chilly in the intro. cant believe i missed that before
Wesley Brock
Wesley Brock 6 dager siden
So the guy who used a licensed device to interrupt a feed gets ruled against using a law that clearly doesn't apply via the text of said law because we all know it SHOULD be illegal but the billion dollar company won't get ruled against even though we know it should because the text of a law doesn't specify this particular thing. That ladies and gentlemen is corporate privilege. Burger King deserves to be fined. We all know they do. Just like the guy who hijacked the feed of HBO.
Donyae Godbout
Donyae Godbout 6 dager siden
Maddie Moo
Maddie Moo 7 dager siden
Comment for team marketing Like for team streamer
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 7 dager siden
Go mat pat
Madison Cahill
Madison Cahill 7 dager siden
food theory: why does my water taste better when i put ice cubes in it
Upbeatsans 7 dager siden
Twitch streamers also have a lot of people, which means they could make a bill to fix this, at least if they are in murica.
Than Studios
Than Studios 7 dager siden
Linus tech tips!! Pog
Walter Vinci
Walter Vinci 7 dager siden
if youre on twitch the idea is to make money from subs and such, that makes it a commercial enterprise no?
X RAW 7 dager siden
Not a fan of the whole into thing..
Eri Hitsuki
Eri Hitsuki 8 dager siden
Didn't Burger King have an ad campaign where the King STALKS people trying to get them to get a whooper?
Ira Mercer
Ira Mercer 8 dager siden
Roses are red, Violets are blue, You're on "newest first", and I am too.
Budder Maniacz
Budder Maniacz 8 dager siden
Wait wait wait, Burger King can not say they didn’t violate the terms of service with knowledge of it being against the rules because everyone has to click they agree to those terms... lmao
Maria Fidel
Maria Fidel 8 dager siden
Mary Schmoll
Mary Schmoll 9 dager siden
burgur king iws :(
tristaffy gamer
tristaffy gamer 9 dager siden
Noah the Werewolf
Noah the Werewolf 9 dager siden
You hear that guys? Stop promoting your youtube channels in reply sections
ScheisseMeineEierKleben! 9 dager siden
Genious move from BK! Don´t know wheres the Problem? Was it illegal? :D
Papa Carson
Papa Carson 9 dager siden
Oh so when Mr Beast promotes himself it’s fine but when BK does it it’s bad, just because he spent a couple hundred thousand dollars
Sky Render
Sky Render 9 dager siden
Goddamn it, Ross, you really are awesome. Also, what happened to your voice? I don't remember it being so deep... But yeah, that whole campaign just reeked of bad-faith advertising practices. "Clever", sure. "Ethical", nope.
Castor Folium
Castor Folium 9 dager siden
Can Twitch, or rather, the streaming tool used to supply the service for text to speech donations set up a 2nd subservice, which can be enabled or disabled by the streamer, specifically FOR commercial use? Then a streamer could theoretically put in an amount that they'd be fine with receiving for an ad, whether that's $100 or $3000, to act as either a 2nd source of income, for those who want it, or as a deterrent to those who would want to use the function for commercial purposes? If they did something like this, could they claim that using the service for which commercial use is not authorized caused them to not receive a specific amount of money, and sue the company for that amount (Not that they would be likely to actually follow through on such a suit, what with big companies like Burger King paying absurd sums for extremely good and litigious legal teams)? As an aside, I don't know anything about how binding terms of service agreements are, so I would like to actually know if such a system is possible.
ja nick!
ja nick! 9 dager siden
You know what McDonalds did to promote themselves on Twitch? They payed an unknown artist to create a banner. The artist did and then they payed Twitch streamer to use it. It is not only adorable, but also a much better way to get money out of Twitch.
Istnet 10 dager siden
Honestly I dont like BK's burgers. All you taste is ketchup, mustard, pickles in some bites, and a mild burnt taste. If your chicken is better than your beef then you are doing something horribly wrong
_YnnatheguardianChannel_ 10 dager siden
what if one of the streamers said "now let's take a small look at twitch etiquette"
Scarg Media
Scarg Media 10 dager siden
Surely the big difference between mid-stream ads produced via Twitch’s advertising system and the “ads” from Burger King is that the streamers have agreed to the Twitch ads in a contract, whereas Burger King is forcibly inserting promotions into an ad space with no agreement? Would that not have legal implications?
DahDaniel Dude HQ
DahDaniel Dude HQ 10 dager siden
The intro is just so sick and AWESOME
Pandawizard 333
Pandawizard 333 10 dager siden
Zion Biddle
Zion Biddle 11 dager siden
FUN FACT: Burger king in Australia is called Hungry jacks
Minebloxer2009 11 dager siden
Did matpat just read the terms and service...
Eh Fizzy
Eh Fizzy 11 dager siden
I love Binging With Babish
PILLZHERE 233 11 dager siden
Good to hear you won't talk inappropriate about our loud vocals for puppers.
manny light
manny light 11 dager siden
Twitch/Streamlabs may have to add a button for streamers/mods to stop TTS for such messages.
Fury 11 dager siden
Burger Kings Burgers tastes like it came from the floor
stephanie kievaughan
stephanie kievaughan 11 dager siden
You should do a documentary Covering Russia's Copy of Burger King dubbed The Burger Tzar
Temmie 11 dager siden
Burger King: *donates 5 bucks to tell people to buy whoppers* Me: wait that’s illegal
o.o Dreamaplier.
o.o Dreamaplier. 11 dager siden
Lol your no longer welcome at burger king XD
Rosule Khoda
Rosule Khoda 11 dager siden
burger king: Is this a legal matter? food theory: yes and it illegal you see burger king: what do you need food theory: you broke the stream terms you see
Duke00x 12 dager siden
Personally I don't have a problem with them donation $5 and having read out an ad. But I do have a problem with them compiling them and the reactions into a video later.
luc luc
luc luc 12 dager siden
srry ay
Valter Stenbro
Valter Stenbro 12 dager siden
14:57 that's a Soyuz (союз), not a tv satellite.
Susan Flavin
Susan Flavin 12 dager siden
Loved this viode
UltiimateBanana 13 dager siden
Wot is burger king we got hungry jacks
***Midnight__ Alpha***
***Midnight__ Alpha*** 13 dager siden
When i clicked on a new food theory vid after this one, it showed a BK ad. Thats some ironic stuff there.
Murge Gaming
Murge Gaming 13 dager siden
lol did anyone see Binging with Babish when he was talking about mid rolls 😂
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 13 dager siden
I find it ironic I got a BK add
AJ Vasava
AJ Vasava 14 dager siden
Shame on you Burger King
XxTheCrazyYetixX ,
XxTheCrazyYetixX , 14 dager siden
I just donated 5$ to tell you, you can spend 5$ and get a whopper
Sharen Davis
Sharen Davis 14 dager siden
Everyone is being such a baby
Purplegal 98
Purplegal 98 14 dager siden
streamlabs: lets advertise mc Donalds instead
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 14 dager siden
*kurger bing.*
Batuhan Dere
Batuhan Dere 14 dager siden
Why is glados saying buy our burgs so funny to me Like glados just tested you in dangerous af chambers and then says "buy our burgs for only 5 dollars"
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap 14 dager siden
And while we have a break I just want to thank my spon- NO
toddhollen 14 dager siden
Wait. The NOpostrs get to decide where the ads are? Why are they always in such terrible places then?!? I assumed NOpost just stuck them in wherever and that's why they were so shitty.
BMoney8600 14 dager siden
I recently joined Twitch and I have never used text to speech
Nighat Farooq
Nighat Farooq 15 dager siden
Intro(Flo Rida) Verse 1(Flo Rida) Pre Chorus(Flo Rida) Chorus(T Pain) Verse 2(T Pain) Pre Chorus (Flo Rida) Chorus(T Pain) Bridge(T Pain & Flo Rida) Synth Solo Pre Chorus(Flo Rida) Chorus(T Pain) Sax Solo
Autumn 15 dager siden
Maybe there's some kind of fair pay legislation. In other words, having comparable funding for similar advertising. Is there a market standard?
Swanlet From Cake Team
Swanlet From Cake Team 15 dager siden
Hey I never get donations i'll accept 5$ for a whopper advertisement it would be funny
Swanlet From Cake Team
Swanlet From Cake Team 15 dager siden
0:03 BOTW ancient one sound effect
Beagle N Ben
Beagle N Ben 15 dager siden
I got a BK add during the video. ._.
Kimberly Brouwers
Kimberly Brouwers 15 dager siden
My issue with it is that ads shown on NOpost and twitch are approved and monitored by the platforms. Abusing TTS would allow any scummy company to advertise their shitty product without platform regulation
Munch Munch Crunch Crunch
Munch Munch Crunch Crunch 15 dager siden
so it is against the law but it's not
Munch Munch Crunch Crunch
Munch Munch Crunch Crunch 15 dager siden
so what they didn't break the law they were just trying to get customers they just want to sell burgers
Pie 15 dager siden
The discord mods who both like Burger King and pokimane 👀uhhhhhhh
WickedKnightAlbel 16 dager siden
Forget godammit Ross. More like "Ya done good, Ross"
xyzzy 16 dager siden
unpopular opinion, but I like what burger king did here. it was an interesting and smart play and they pulled it off well. I do think that they should have given more money to the creators though since they are such a large company that totally has the funds to do that.
Purple crewmate
Purple crewmate 16 dager siden
Matpat: so McDonald why you have finger in someone burger?
Miles Troll
Miles Troll 16 dager siden
Wow, Burger King executives are smart
Jordan hates you
Jordan hates you 16 dager siden
Okay but dont all businesses do this in a way or another
alboimatri 17 dager siden
Unsocial Burrito
Unsocial Burrito 17 dager siden
Was korok a David Wong reference?
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