I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

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pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single

Sun Slayer
Sun Slayer Minutt siden
you played among us with flamango
Collective Speedrunning
Collective Speedrunning 7 minutter siden
Dear god
Fast Boi
Fast Boi 10 minutter siden
"Speedruns" *Dream intensifies*
James Sydney Chua
James Sydney Chua 12 minutter siden
Jaiden pls make a sword and shield Pokémon gameplay pls 😁
Can Ari Get 10k subs?
Can Ari Get 10k subs? 13 minutter siden
Animations by nope
Animations by nope 15 minutter siden
I am nope
Chr- 3114
Chr- 3114 16 minutter siden
lol you are on last place now
Animations by nope
Animations by nope 16 minutter siden
It me nope
Mr. MIDdY 17 minutter siden
0:32 small and pog
SufferYouth 18 minutter siden
you should watch food wars on your tv. its also for kids.
Dragonsapian 20 minutter siden
There is legit 152 speed runs for burning the Apple Pie bc of this video and I love it.
Matthew Quinton
Matthew Quinton 20 minutter siden
I watch NOpost because I know I will never accomplish anything😂😭
Dax Diaz
Dax Diaz 20 minutter siden
little-k1ng: *im about to end this girl's whole career*
Tendo Pain from naruto
Tendo Pain from naruto 22 minutter siden
Do you say any bad words
omar kalaf
omar kalaf 23 minutter siden
jaiden i came from another video please PLEASE make among us vids
anthonymijin owo
anthonymijin owo 25 minutter siden
Jameden >:D
anthonymijin owo
anthonymijin owo 24 minutter siden
It's no 4ever :'c
Sunbeam Nightmare storm
Sunbeam Nightmare storm 26 minutter siden
why does this remind me of the anime food wars
Punchedcoma 8
Punchedcoma 8 26 minutter siden
Jaden do you remember that animal crossing character su e? Well I found her cousin Pancetti she says your enemy's name sooey!!!!
Sweet King78
Sweet King78 29 minutter siden
The most Impressive Speed Runs are the Demon Souls, Darks Souls, and Bloodborne Speed Runs. Those are INTENSE!!!
Justine Valdes-TheBerge
Justine Valdes-TheBerge 33 minutter siden
Ther is somebody named ari in elinor wonders why
LemmyMations 33 minutter siden
U went to newest first to find this comment
D3DR10N T4L60
D3DR10N T4L60 35 minutter siden
food wars is moar of foodgasm scenes
Cosmic 35 minutter siden
lol people actually beat you
GatoR Stephens
GatoR Stephens 36 minutter siden
make a vodio abuot me
GatoR Stephens
GatoR Stephens 37 minutter siden
i love you jaiden i am 8
ander oregi
ander oregi 38 minutter siden
8:46 among us PTSD
Sora 38 minutter siden
Don't show this to Jschlatt
Alex Tran
Alex Tran 42 minutter siden
there is a new cooking mama game
Cerberus 44 minutter siden
Jaiden you should animate an among us match you had with "le epic gamer squad" and give an introduction to all the players different tactics and psychology. It would rock really hard and be really funny.
AndréX 3000
AndréX 3000 45 minutter siden
Can you be my crush?
Gacha Pineapple Pizza
Gacha Pineapple Pizza 46 minutter siden
I just came from Albert’s video the second he said Jaiden Animations is playing *I screamed and ran here to tell you.*
MrFixa 47 minutter siden
9:23 roronoa Zoro be like
Yoandys Pelaez
Yoandys Pelaez 52 minutter siden
you know the fase reveal you did yea i got it from a different video on mr beasts chanel so yeee
ShadowOtter 22 minutter siden
You do know that she shows her face quite frequently now, right?
Cesar Bedon
Cesar Bedon 55 minutter siden
hola soy español :v. bye
Chaostwin810 56 minutter siden
I love these videos
It’s over anakin I have the High ground
It’s over anakin I have the High ground 57 minutter siden
Happy 100th vid
my kidz
my kidz 59 minutter siden
/e dance yes i mean no i mean yes WAIT NO
JojMoj Time siden
Schlatt is now upset
Teresa Tuley
Teresa Tuley Time siden
I'm surprised you collaborated with flamingo/albert
Hello Time siden
Ight can someone tell me why food wars is bad too watch bc my little sister who is nine said she was gonnna watch it
Justabigsofdee Time siden
Oi hi, if you somehow by luck see this, I'm tryin to make an animation channel, how do I go about it also congrats on your record.
Oly The Bat
Oly The Bat Time siden
If Jaiden made a live stream of her speedrunning this, I would've TOTALLY watched it >:D And I don't watch speedruns that often(I never do lol)!
Bradlee sciore
Bradlee sciore Time siden
And I love your content
fox7205 is cringey
fox7205 is cringey Time siden
“I Attempted A SPEEDRUN” Super Mario Odsessey SPEEDRUN: ;-;
Bradlee sciore
Bradlee sciore Time siden
I know you don't have a face reveal and don't want one but its been 3 years did you chang your mind?????
Luciamaria Time siden
I can just picture Jaiden raging about the mango pudding 😂
Austin Sween
Austin Sween Time siden
I love your videos so much and look up to you a lot I have been watching your videos for like 3 years now your content is amazing
Chai Tay Chin
Chai Tay Chin Time siden
I will try to brake your records
Andreas Bam
Andreas Bam Time siden
Lets get jaiden animations to 10 million subscribers
AbdulGaming Pro
AbdulGaming Pro Time siden
I love cooking Mama but the 4th one
Lovely Time siden
i like the part where she plays cooking mama
DudeShoe Time siden
Jaiden: *post her speedrun video" IMMEDIATLY SMASHED
LD Brothers
LD Brothers Time siden
Nice game
Work and Stuff
Work and Stuff Time siden
You did great. Congratulations!
Prickly The Pear
Prickly The Pear Time siden
f o o d w a r s
Xxcookie._loverxX Time siden
She does a speed run and gets a record then everyone does it
i just checked cooking mama 2 dinner with friends and jaiden is 5th now
Renee D
Renee D Time siden
Burnt apple pie percent is a thing now.
Cormac Gartner
Cormac Gartner Time siden
Jaiden doesn’t remember she did a Mario Oddessey speed run with James and Adam.
An AmateurGuitarPlayer
An AmateurGuitarPlayer Time siden
BloxerEgg7 Time siden
ShadowOtter 19 minutter siden
She didn't really give Ari a cookie, it's just a visual joke
Trøñ Ułtrã
Trøñ Ułtrã Time siden
10:02 jaiden bizzare
slytherin draco
slytherin draco Time siden
I like food wars tooooooo omg :0 :)
1k Subscribers before 2021 I guess
1k Subscribers before 2021 I guess Time siden
I love your vids!
Human Humanness
Human Humanness Time siden
This channel is becoming an animated gaming channel and I'm perfectly fine with that.
Sky Shae
Sky Shae Time siden
Touch the bidoof + crack the egg = touch the egg
Cyan !
Cyan ! Time siden
Jaiden… there is a WR for a burnt pie
Manchester Mike
Manchester Mike Time siden
This is disturbing
Enriko Pints
Enriko Pints Time siden
Asher Goldwing Studios
Asher Goldwing Studios Time siden
Now that you did this the challenge is on for others
No One
No One Time siden
Just came from watching dreams newest manhunt lol
Baked Bagel
Baked Bagel Time siden
man i miss playing cooking mama
Belle 2 timer siden
My first video of yours, so far so good!
Mat 14
Mat 14 2 timer siden
Good job on speed run i saw you at creater game mr beast you lost but good job
Marco Guzman
Marco Guzman 2 timer siden
now can you do cooking mama one
Brenda Desjarlais
Brenda Desjarlais 2 timer siden
Do more please
Grace Sundermann
Grace Sundermann 2 timer siden
Jaiden if you look up the record your name pops up
XxgamermarkxX 2 timer siden
Lol thx for playin with my fav flamingo C:
UGANDA KNUCKLES 2 timer siden
mcuPisces610 2 timer siden
Jaiden: "we're in the endgame now" Me: **avengers infinity war ptsd**
Joaquín Emiliano Valdes Larios
Joaquín Emiliano Valdes Larios 2 timer siden
Mhhh I would prefer a sonic speedrun OH did you cook TACOS? Im mexican so im curious of you cook sum tacos
Keandre Dennis
Keandre Dennis 2 timer siden
Wow Jaiden I just found your Channel because people reacted to your Nuzlocke and you're already becoming one of my favorite youtubers
Marco Guzman
Marco Guzman 2 timer siden
the only other people who speedrun this game were after you did
tinykoos 2 timer siden
loolll not food wars
BrainPurple2 2 timer siden
I wanted to speedrun in Minecraft and failed :(
Pedro Rodríguez García
Pedro Rodríguez García 2 timer siden
Jaidens speedrun was superated by Little-K1ng with 4h 29min 37sec F in the chat for Jaiden xd
Santiago Vinces 51
Santiago Vinces 51 2 timer siden
Por que no pones subtítulos en español
Dominic Limonez
Dominic Limonez 2 timer siden
I had to turn my volume all the way up to hear you blow
Gabriel 666
Gabriel 666 2 timer siden
ya me ven como pendejo tratando de seleccionar los subtitulos al español, tendre que verlos sin subtitulos y tratar de adivinar lo que dicen
Nate the Skate
Nate the Skate 2 timer siden
Abigail Metcalf
Abigail Metcalf 2 timer siden
I love coming mamma
Cole Contreras
Cole Contreras 2 timer siden
Who thinks Jaiden should speedrun fossil fighters?
Epic Time
Epic Time 2 timer siden
Jaiden: * doing Speed run * Mango Pudding: Im about to end this Girl whole career
TaranAlvein 2 timer siden
2:17 - I don't know why, but the coincidence of instant noodles and goldfish happening to be what I was planning to have for lunch today cracked me up.
The Crewmate
The Crewmate 2 timer siden
1:18 *C O O K I N G M A M A 2 D I N N E R W I T H F R I E N D S*
my vans hase free WiFi and food
my vans hase free WiFi and food 2 timer siden
Food wars is class session 2 came out 3 weeks out even tho it was made 5 years ago
Göksenin Yurdagül
Göksenin Yurdagül 2 timer siden
You have no longer world record...
Tuna 2 timer siden
Jaiden you were the record holder now you aren’t OOF
Impressiv 2 timer siden
When shes 5th now
Jeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer 2 timer siden
With what aplication you make animation like this?
Animal Crossing used to be so much darker...
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