Donald Trump Town Hall With Voters | Election 2020 | NBC News

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NBC News hosts a live town hall with Republican presidential nominee President Donald Trump, moderated by Savannah Guthrie, a group of Florida voters on critical issues impacting their vote less than three weeks before Election Day.

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Live: Donald Trump 2020 Town Hall With Voters | NBC News NOW

b d
b d 22 dager siden
oh oh
Frank morrison
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arshan jamil
arshan jamil 24 dager siden
Dawn M
Dawn M 25 dager siden
WOW ....How scared are the people who have Tampered with Voting....How STUPID are they ???? They fell for it ,the very people who call everyone else Racist are the REAL RACISTS and they got YOU to do they're dirty work ,YOU even murdered ,destroyed your own cities because of them and now YOU belong to them like SLAVES because your gonna go to PRISION, Not the politicians!!!!! They're all starting to SNITCH on Each other: As one women screamed while she was being taken " I ain't going to jail for F* no one especially a POLITICIAN! ".... OH YES YOU ARE SWEETHEART IT"S A CRIME !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!
Ronnie B
Ronnie B Måned siden
Pearlie Ford
Pearlie Ford Måned siden
Trump will win!!
Sohail Ahmed
Sohail Ahmed Måned siden
Where are you from? "Russia and Poland" - VERY GOOD
john ninham
john ninham Måned siden
Trumps learnt the ropes ,done an honest job, if he didn't he wouldn't have been able to fix the place up!
D J Måned siden
So stupid
star morning
star morning Måned siden
Almighty and omnipresent God, I beg you to protect President Trump, and the campaign will go smoothly. I ask the Lord to support Trump. Because of his beloved name, he is a follower of Yours, who upholds the Bible and obeys your words, protects the United States, and prays in the name of the Lord Jesus ,Amen.
Rodolfo RB
Rodolfo RB Måned siden
did they mess with the audio on purpose?
Robert Humes
Robert Humes Måned siden
It was cold back in was winter and it was so cold..back in Scranton..and it would get so nipples would stand up..back in Scranton..and...and Joe Biden would come by..I mean not Joe Biden..I mean..c'mon man.. I mean Barack Obama..would come by and he'd clamp..he'd clamp clothes pins on my nipples..and I'd say..c'mon man..and that's when I knew I was Joe Biden... Yay see ?? Joe Biden knows he's Joe Biden.and that's why I'm voting for Joe Biden for U.S Senate 2020...i mean President..c'mon man..and not that George Bush...c'mon know what I mean
Miguel Aranega
Miguel Aranega Måned siden
Trump for ever !
Noah Makujina
Noah Makujina Måned siden
She deserves to be fired.........this moderator is a joke.
Noah Makujina
Noah Makujina Måned siden
Welcome To the First Presidential Debate between Donald J. Trump and the modera............oh had me fooled for a second.
SK Måned siden
My Husband and I are going out Thursday to Vote In Person. We are voting for Trump and straight Republican. We don't like Biden's CORRUPTION! We don't like Biden putting MILLIONS of people out of work! We don't like over haul of Supreme Court. We don't like Pelosi and Schumer holding up Stimulus Money because they want to Hurt Trump! We don't want to bail out Poorly Run Dem States (They should vote their Democrats Out of Office). We don't want to be a Socialist Country. We feel Trump is doing a good job with COVID. The Economy was GREAT before COVID and feel it still can be once a vaccine is here. Obama/Biden Admin used all the Stock Pile Supplies when H1N1 hit and never re-stocked! Why should I give Biden/Harris a chance to do that again. Biden just isn't up to the Job of being President and we Don't Want Harris as President! We need someone STRONG like Trump to handle China and Iran and N. Korea.
Camboy 750
Camboy 750 Måned siden
Whats wrong with the audio?
Camboy 750
Camboy 750 Måned siden
This lady asking question is so biased lmao.
Robert Humes
Robert Humes Måned siden
CONGRATULATIONS Savannah Guthrie you've managed to wipe away all remaining traces of credibility
Judy Lin
Judy Lin Måned siden
Poor Trump. This girl is so rude and hostile like a witch... A great video for the voters to watch!
El Chupacabra
El Chupacabra Måned siden
This is the best interview I have ever seen with Donald Trump ever!!! She handled him the way most people should. Anyone who supports Trump, at this point in time, deserves to have this virus (COVID 19) 🦠 reside in their bodies!!!
Cynthia Culbreath
Cynthia Culbreath Måned siden
VOTE FOR BIDEN/HARRIS!! Under Trump/Pence/McConnell/Graham/Barrett here are some of many sufferings we will encounter under their watch - Think about your financial security - your hard earned savings depleting, dipping in to your 401K to survive financially to rob peter to pay paul; think about how you're going to pay your mortgage, your rent, your bills, think about your social security, if you are - think about unemployment and if you'll ever get a job, think about the continuing existence of COVID-19 and if we may continue to wear a mask for another 4 years because he has no plan to stop this ongoing pandemic and does not believe in wearing masks, think about your kids college education funding and paying back your student loans, and most importantly - think about your medical insurance and pre-existing conditions if you and love ones have one from cancer to serious heart conditions. Trump has NO MEDICAL INSURANCE PLAN? How can he appoint Amy Barrett to go against the ACA when they have nothing to compare against the current Affordable Care Act? Right now Trump is in court suing to remove protections for AMERICANS with pre-existing conditions. This video speaks volumes especially starting from 0:58 and 2:28
Cynthia Culbreath
Cynthia Culbreath Måned siden
This year unemployment went way up back to 17% right in Florida and Trump hasn't had an answer for it. The only people truly better off than they were 4 years ago are the billionaires who got Trump's tax cuts; and meanwhile Trump won't extend relief to the millions of families who can't pay their rent/mortgages and put food on their tables. It's not like its his money?!! He barely pay his income taxes. He had no problem paying a ton of money in taxes to China from his Secret Chinese bank account. He only paid $750 in federal income taxes - and Trumpsters want to vote for this LOSER AND FAILURE??!!!!!!!! Do you really want to vote another 4 years for this sucker who will impact yours and your families livelihood?
Shay carpenter- Fiedrich
Shay carpenter- Fiedrich Måned siden
It will be nothing but lies Trump is not even worth listening to
Susan C.
Susan C. Måned siden
Savannah Sucks!
Susan C.
Susan C. Måned siden
We love TRUMP!! 2020! turn the USA REEEEDDD!!!!
Thomas d'Aquino
Thomas d'Aquino Måned siden
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him" (John 3 vers 16-17). Ensure you receive God's gift of eternal life today!
Willow S
Willow S Måned siden
White people stole goods and spices from other lands but never spice their food? Weirdos.
YB Y Måned siden
I personally enjoyed Joe Biden Townhall meeting with George. I heard from the audience and it was respectful and civil. 13 min into this debate and I want the interviewer removed. SMH
Zachary Måned siden
This is one of the worst, most biased interviewers I've ever seen in my life. THIS is why I'm voting Trump.
polly walker
polly walker Måned siden
Voting trump And Pence. Praying for you Mr President. God give you great wisdom in these time
sean kelly
sean kelly Måned siden
He hasn’t answered ANY of these peoples questions. 😂
sean kelly
sean kelly Måned siden
Under levered?? Think you mean under leveraged. 🤦‍♂️
Katie Girl
Katie Girl Måned siden
I don't belive a single lucid person has or is voting for Biden!
Briana Vanisi
Briana Vanisi Måned siden
Trump: I denounce white supremacy, I have for years Guthrie: this is a dodge Trump: I denounce white supremacy Guthrie:I feel like you hesitated Trump: here we go again I DENOUNCE WHITE SUPREMACY Guthrie thinking (but that’s what you said 3 seconds ago do you denounce it now?) This is every interview with him ever. And yet they maintain he hasn’t condemned it. Idiots
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson Måned siden
6:27 lol she GOT HIM HERE
Jose Lopez Garcia
Jose Lopez Garcia Måned siden
Biden 2020
grw Måned siden
Please. Your team has researchers that others have no access to. Please answer this question for me and use your advanced research and connections to answer this question, Did I ask?
grw Måned siden
@Anthony Allen what are you on about
dokTrin Måned siden
Welcome to the I'm-a-whiny-baby-so-I-ducked-out-of-a-real-Presidential-Debate Trumpian Wet Dream. No direct answers. Biden? Mostly direct answers, ideas, and policy. Trump: talk, talk, talk, talk..blah, blah blah....Biden? God forbid he have a brief conversation with each voter, posing questions.... The comparison is striking.
American Soil
American Soil Måned siden
Vote trump
R Kadster
R Kadster Måned siden
13:54 This is important!!! I personally know people who bought into this Qanon- blood drinking cabal that runs the world conspiracy theory, I mean this is seriously scary that the president claims that he knows nothing about this, He desperately needs to end these unproven, false, stories! He admitted to knowing that pedophilia is part of this conspiracy theory then he knows the rest of it, and yet he refused to denounce this? I mean the lies are not only egregious but they are dangerous to those who buy into this non-sense!
the host was a bit rude but President Trump handled it so well, I didnt notice her
alex johnson
alex johnson Måned siden
The most CORRUPT, lying Democrat Guthrie debated the President for the first 20 minutes, THIS WASN'T a Town Hall, This was Another Democrat MEDIA "HITJOB", The media is SO DAM CORRUPT in our country, YOU CAN'T listen to any of them, IGNORING ALL THE EVIDENCE of Joe selling OUT OUR COUNTRY TO MAKE HIS FAMILY RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bsw367 Måned siden
They don’t cover any important issues and just try to make him look bad
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Måned siden
*'I Should Have Worn A Mask,' Chris Christie Writes In Op-ed -*
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Måned siden
Barack Obama delivers scathing takedown of Donald Trump -* _A contender for the best 2020 campaign speech ;)._ _Which pitch is Trump's best contender?_ _Just sayin', 'cause it ain't obvious which pitch y'all think represents Trump best effort ;)_
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Måned siden
So don't be surprised if all forms of media are being used for misinformation and conspiracy theories: email, Twitter, Facebook, NOpost ...
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Måned siden
*FBI investigates ‘Proud Boys’ emails that hint at voter intimidation campaign* _The emails, which appear to target Democratic voters, have raised suspicion of potential foreign involvement and local authorities have sought assistance from federal law enforcement._
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Måned siden
*Leadership and Responsibility -* _Poignant_
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Måned siden
I don't want someone's crazy uncle to show up at the final debate tonight ;)
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Måned siden
*Putin rejects Trump's criticism of Hunter Biden's business* _The Russian president took the time to knock down what he made clear he regarded as false allegations from Trump about the Bidens_
Grumbly One
Grumbly One Måned siden
Town hall? Funny. That was an attempted lynching! Go T-rump!
Jenesha Mill. zoey Ray show
Jenesha Mill. zoey Ray show Måned siden
vote for trump sweethearts
M R Måned siden
Very bad audio, Very bad moderator.Even Influencer kids can do a better TV show. NBC shame on you!
Aaron Weiser
Aaron Weiser Måned siden
Samantha Guthrie is just a Snob Trying to make a name for herself!!
Rob H
Rob H Måned siden
She's cutter 🗑 who the crap is she a nobody 99 percent false positive the test aren't accurate TRUMP made America great the best president ever she need to get her nasty teeth fixed looks like she has crack mouth They need to do a drug test on her she looks like a pill popper Why would anybody listen to her her voice is annoying So disrespectful this sit there and the raise your voice at our president who made America great again Trumps rights I never asked any questions about antifa to the Biden If he gets elected he will never be my president Wants to take your 2nd amendment a way that will never happen He wants to take all our rights away as American citizens so all That vote for hi Callm you guys are losers And should move out of the country Cause a people like you guys are the ones that make americae crapy Go Trump
Ballislife99 Måned siden
Honestly props to Trump for holding his ground against this Karen
donald bmtn
donald bmtn Måned siden
Help pls they are killing innocent bloods.
donald bmtn
donald bmtn Måned siden
Nigeria is on fire now
A Lau
A Lau Måned siden
I do not ever want to see that woman again. She was vicious, the audio is horrible. This woman kept talking about the masks for hours. Get over it. Fake news at its best
R. Schwab
R. Schwab Måned siden
This gal has a voice that shatters glass, the personality of a nazi trained pit bull and an agenda of Socialism.
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson Måned siden
Does not surprise me that ABC News has their comments turned off for Biden.
Brendan Richardson
Brendan Richardson Måned siden
it’s not president trumps fault many americans didn’t respect the early lockdowns/phase 1 and they still aren’t taking it seriously you can’t blame the president for the citizens stupidity
Brendan Richardson
Brendan Richardson Måned siden
of course we have a higher death per capita we’re the third most populated country in the world
Undead Skill
Undead Skill Måned siden
This lady is annoying
Noell Alexander
Noell Alexander Måned siden
Susan thirdofseven
Susan thirdofseven Måned siden
She's talking over the President of the United States!
Sebastian Posada
Sebastian Posada Måned siden
She’s being really rude
Susan thirdofseven
Susan thirdofseven Måned siden
Savannah Guthrie needs to go back to whatever hick town she came from. Questions not badgering! What are these commercials?
K Do
K Do Måned siden
Lester Holt would have probably been more professional.
Bryn L
Bryn L Måned siden
She is a horrible human bean to treat our president that way. Very disrespectful.
Whittney Måned siden
Phm Hernandez
Phm Hernandez Måned siden
Obama said dealing with Covid for any president is a hard thing but the best thing we can do is wear a mask
Kaylee L Jones
Kaylee L Jones Måned siden
It’s the fact that he had COVID, got cured but there not sending the cure out. Instead there going to let it get worse this winter like what sense does that make?? Like honestly. The only explanation is that he didn’t have it
Good Video
Good Video Måned siden
The biggest liar ,you have never seen before
Good Video
Good Video Måned siden
What a scam 'Townhall debate"! Disgruntled, disgusting and and disgraceful president ever.
Kathy Yang楊夏伊
Kathy Yang楊夏伊 Måned siden
Should have Laster Holt to be a host for President Trump’s town hall on NBC. He is a gentleman!
Raymond Pittman
Raymond Pittman Måned siden
Whoever this host is, is disgusting. Please, don't let me know what her name is. I don't care.
Shelly Love
Shelly Love Måned siden
It's amazing how much energy Trump has.
Ian Poague
Ian Poague Måned siden
And I thought Chris Wallace was bad.....
Adrienne Gallotta
Adrienne Gallotta Måned siden
Love The Comforter The Word of God
Adrienne Gallotta
Adrienne Gallotta Måned siden
Let them have all the fun under the sun because when this day comes I am going to annihilate them
Confusing Zark
Confusing Zark Måned siden
I get Trump didn't directly answer the mother and daughters question, but interrupting trump while he is trying answer a question and arguing with him was out of line.
Shamo Måned siden
Did he just say Osman bin laden death was staged 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Trump is the president of United States. He should have that intelligence information... 🤣😂😂😂😂
keyman keys
keyman keys Måned siden
I wore a mask , stayed home except work , used disinfectant on my hands and have covid
Michelle Robles
Michelle Robles Måned siden
ok cool, whats your point?
kamiri george
kamiri george Måned siden
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Adrienne Gallotta
Adrienne Gallotta Måned siden
There will be no election they will use Nancy pelosi as a puppet the temple will go up in Jerusalem or open the end
Adrienne Gallotta
Adrienne Gallotta Måned siden
@Anthony Allen do you think your Kings will save you Love The Comforter
Adrienne Gallotta
Adrienne Gallotta Måned siden
@Anthony Allen hey so that's prophecy not my opinion. They are all liars and Nancy and Donald are friends just fine . She will be used as a puppet. God is the ultimate authority not church the creator of all that ever was and ever will be . It doesn't matter who anyone likes the Word of God will be fulfilled . We can be good people or we are done globally personally. All thoughts words deeds have been recorded in the heavens or planets and all will be rewarded according to their own ways . That's all I was conveying
Adrienne Gallotta
Adrienne Gallotta Måned siden
this is the biggest scandal in the history of time when the man sneaks up on Isreal when the woman that will do his bidding takes up a position of power when the church based on politics is set up there are a hundred and forty four thousand worth saving end of days harvest Time
Adrienne Gallotta
Adrienne Gallotta Måned siden
In 14 days there will be no election
Emily Palmieri
Emily Palmieri Måned siden
Saying we have the strongest economy in the world is such a bold faced lie ????
Anthony LaRocco
Anthony LaRocco Måned siden
You know what’s not going to happen, this division in the country, This horrible economy with This enormous unemployment rate and the world laughing at us will finally cease because we will not have a 75-year-old morbidly obese bald narcissistic jerk trying to do something that he has never done in his life and has zero clue on what he is doing. If he did there would not be over 220 thousand Americans dead because this jerk will not listen to Science. Biden 2020 I am finally thinking clearly after supporting Donald before, Biden 2020🇺🇸
James Rice
James Rice Måned siden
No bone caccaan
Joseph J
Joseph J Måned siden
Wow, Trump cannot remember if he took a test on the day of the debate then he lies about people wearing masks getting sick? Absolute full of sh1t! He’s president? 🙄
Monica Chen
Monica Chen Måned siden
This is another DEBATE, to me, instead of a TOWN HALL. I am pround of my President's wise answer to every set-up hypercritical question. I definitely want Trump to be my president 4 more years to MAGA. God bless America not turning to socialist/comminist country! 🙏🏻👍🙏🏻👍
Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson Måned siden
Vote2020 and stop COVID 19
Alex Purshaga
Alex Purshaga Måned siden
Best quote of the night: "Democrats are a Satanic pedophile ring"
Info from Hank Noname
Info from Hank Noname Måned siden
I am "surprised" by how many people are angry at the moderator. We don't care if it's townhall or not, elections are in 2 weeks, questions need to be answered. About her questions, yes, they are oriented, biased, but she can't give misleading information by asking a question! Only his answers will make him look good or bad. So she is not making him look bad, he does it by himself. He uses confusion (hence the repeated questions) or misdirection all the time. A few examples? - about his testing on debate day - confusion: His answers are "I don't remember", "proabably", "possibly maybe I did, maybe I didn't". We're talking about someone shoving stuff in your nose (or spitting 5ml of saliva), but he forgot. Funny for someone who's attacking his opponent's cognitive abilities. - about masks- confusion, contradictions - 6:05 "I'm good with masks, I tell people wear masks" 25:46 "about masks there are 2 stories, you have the story where they want and the story where they don't, and I'm all for it" 26:40 "Dr. Fauci said don't wear a mask" He doesn't know where to stand. He's just like us. We wear it some days, it annoys us though, so sometimes we take it off. And sometimes we think it's not that useful. He's just like anyone, I guess that's why people love him. It's a shame he has a little bit more responsibility than us... - about a potential herd immunity strategy? - misdirection - "We saved a lot of life, it could have been worse. All that because of China!"(paraphrasing). When does that answer the question? - on white supremacy - classic misdirection Yes, he was asked that question AGAIN, because on the debate he did not answer. As she mentions, he answered on a different show apparently (I personally have not seen it). But don't be surprised that he's asked such a question again, while he DID NOT answer such an easy question at the national debate! So, this time he did answer, but hurried to misdirect to the other extreme. What's the point, except trying to oppose people? - on him retweeting a false information- misdirection - He retweeted that info, because apparently he needs to use social media because all other media are fake (so apparently it's useful that he spreads fake news too?). And then he transition with "we're going to win a lot of states" etc... But nothing about the fact that he's spreading an info saying Democrats faked Bin Laden's death. - how will he make healthcare more affordable?: 31:49 "The problem with Obamacare: it's not good." ... "we want a much less expensive and better healthcare"..."also we've also brought down the price down of Obamacare. The problem with Obamacare, it's never going to be great. And I want to give great healthcare" "a much better healthcare, at a better price" "What I wanna do? Get rid of the terrible Obamacare". Is that a plan seriously? Listen to his whole answer again from 31:49. Now I'm going to say: The problem with Trump's mandate, it was not good. I'm going to make a much better economy and better country. The problem with Trump's politics is it's never going to be great. I want to give great politics and great economy. Much less taxes, better employment. What I wanna do? Get rid of terrible Trump's politics. I guess I could be candidate for presidency with such a detailed plan! (I could keep going on his taxes, supreme court, minorities...)
Info from Hank Noname
Info from Hank Noname Måned siden
@Anthony Allen Great answer, very mature and constructive.
Anthony LaRocco
Anthony LaRocco Måned siden
Sorry but maybe because you said you would grab WOMEN by their private parts, that could be the reason ALL WOMEN DISLIKE You CRAZY DONALD! PERVERT.
General Vee
General Vee Måned siden
What is Trump's net worth? $8 billion or $2 billion? At $2 billion, a loan of $400 million is 20% of his net worth. At $8 billion, it is 5%. Either way, very under leveraged. Too an illiterate question coming from supposedly educated lefts.
Anthony LaRocco
Anthony LaRocco Måned siden
Everyone in the country wants to know who you are in debt to. Donald J Trump is severely in debt To China and Russia. It is not difficult to put that one together. He has been trying to build a crap building in Moscow begging Putin like a little dog for a doggie 🐶 treat. Have fun in Prison Donald lol 😂.
Dan Bogdan
Dan Bogdan Måned siden
Mr. President - Thank you for everything that you do do Make America Great Again - May God Bless You (and your family) with everything people cannot ...
772-FISHIN&REACTIONZ Måned siden
How does he not remember if he took the test before the debate?
Iam sebastian
Iam sebastian Måned siden
MUST WATCH BEFORE IT GETS DELETED ON YOU TUBE!!. Joe Biden's son emailed shop owner about hard drive to get it back!!
President Vents His Election Grievances In Conspiracy Theory Fueled Facebook Rant
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