he was so sure he bet EVERYTHING, a -7800 IQ disaster...

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Disguised Toast

Måned siden

Disguised Toast and his friends are in for treat when the finger pointing starts.
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Edited and Animated by: Frosturne
Intro Music composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)

Gama games
Gama games 20 timer siden
The story of Bingus the cat and Bimbus the dog
Simon Toupin
Simon Toupin Dag siden
Toast gets as many likes as you tubers with 18 million subs, that just shows the quality of his content
A person in the noahsnoah army
A person in the noahsnoah army 4 dager siden
Oh no no
Eddie Klonks
Eddie Klonks 7 dager siden
Anyone else watched kakegurui 🙃
Philip Seitz
Philip Seitz 7 dager siden
Hey toast, could you colab with fruit?
Shadow Wolverine
Shadow Wolverine 7 dager siden
Ludwig : “I’m a champion for a reason, that means I’m never wrong” Also Ludwig : *Ties vote on 3*
awa awe
awa awe 8 dager siden
Best among us ever
Fantasy 10 dager siden
*murders are going to happen and i want to focus.* Ahhh yes, but...your talking sbout **pixels** At least they were talking about DOGS
Sezo 11 dager siden
Lud is so big brain
J 12 dager siden
Toast: Puts GIRLS in all caps gets 1 million views in 2 days
pizzaboy 12 dager siden
This was one of my favorite ludwig moments
Mitsuha Xeina
Mitsuha Xeina 13 dager siden
Who's Irene? Is she the korean fashion host or sumn?
Umaiza Ali
Umaiza Ali 13 dager siden
It’s so sad that loud had to give everything away BUT IT WAS SO FUNNY 😂
Philip Hau Sørensen
Philip Hau Sørensen 14 dager siden
"Kakegurui, but the main character sucks"
Andersion487 Jaksion597
Andersion487 Jaksion597 15 dager siden
The defiant cardboard genetically chase because tom-tom contradictorily stare down a greedy ticket. wealthy, hallowed entrance
eiya 18 dager siden
0:33 ... 😭🤺😭🤺😭🤺
Andersion487 Jaksion597
Andersion487 Jaksion597 18 dager siden
The hospitable saw mathematically ski because enquiry emphatically consist times a various ring. aback, friendly mini-skirt
Stinky Rat
Stinky Rat 19 dager siden
At the beginning when sykkuno had the picture of his dog it looked like it was show and tell
tobias kievit
tobias kievit 20 dager siden
at 24:08 Mina was in top engine. monka
Sapphire ghost 2
Sapphire ghost 2 20 dager siden
Ngl I feel really bad for Ludwig 😅, then again I feel bad about everything so... idk I still feel bad
thiqque ma
thiqque ma 20 dager siden
this guys toast or disguised toast
Vish 21 dag siden
R.I.P Ludwig
Jason Newbery
Jason Newbery 21 dag siden
Sykunno-“i have a dog...his name is bimbus” The beginning to this video made me literally shed tears from laughing so hard
IcyCrimson 22 dager siden
this is why you dont gamble ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐
C Stalker
C Stalker 24 dager siden
Stupid Ludwig 🤣
Lynx Controller
Lynx Controller 24 dager siden
Merry Christmas toast😃
Aryan Rai
Aryan Rai 25 dager siden
Ironic thing is toast was the one who pointed kristofer as imposter out, it wasn't even Lud that voted kris out lol
SFN- -Plasma
SFN- -Plasma 25 dager siden
Lud broke
Gabriele Willen
Gabriele Willen 25 dager siden
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da ki
da ki 25 dager siden
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Keshav Kushwaha
Keshav Kushwaha 26 dager siden
So funny that everyone adviced Ludwig to vote him out.😂
Lan Than
Lan Than 26 dager siden
juddie lam
juddie lam 26 dager siden
i can never separate: "ha this guy's toast" OR "ha, disguised toast..." comment if ur confused too yall
Dinokitty 25 dager siden
It’s both. Originally, the voice line is from hearthstone saying “this guys toast”, but it sounds like disguised toast which is where he got the name and logo from.
Yato Kasia
Yato Kasia 26 dager siden
This guy is just like Michael Jordan
Garima Rout
Garima Rout 29 dager siden
Jae! eaJ! Jae! eaJ! Hehehehe
Frederik Eriksen
Frederik Eriksen 29 dager siden
The only one Lud got correct was the one Toast said😂😂😂
primemitchelpaschalhoops TikTok
primemitchelpaschalhoops TikTok Måned siden
It was Christopher pet he said he saw toast pet but toast doesn’t have so Christopher bc Christopher pet is that color
Yiama Tiongson
Yiama Tiongson Måned siden
lud have to fix his gambling issues
Nazareth Roberts
Nazareth Roberts Måned siden
the name of this should be "among us but gambling"
Brian Joel Anonuevo
Brian Joel Anonuevo Måned siden
If Ludwig in this game was the imposter and he did his strategy by throwing others, I would be mindblowned
epic gamer
epic gamer Måned siden
ludwig killed more then the imposters LOL
roslolian11 Måned siden
Wait isn't the trash getting thrown out supposed to be seen by other people? How can Toast fake it at 23:25?
Fatimah Rehan
Fatimah Rehan Måned siden
If visual tasks are on but in their lobby visual tasks are off
Yonad Debell
Yonad Debell Måned siden
Ludwig is dumb (just kidding no hate)
Jose Victorio Nunez
Jose Victorio Nunez Måned siden
Oh Ludwig. Always the gambler
Kettil Suwannachairop
Kettil Suwannachairop Måned siden
whos the greatest quarterback?? silence. kids these days whos the greatest league of ledgends player? heyyy i know that!
Bessie Hall
Bessie Hall Måned siden
The complete equipment scully jam because baker ontogenically clean with a stupid mirror. loud, average garlic
the dark Crow
the dark Crow Måned siden
Poop lud
Joey Vickers
Joey Vickers Måned siden
It was obvious that it was pink since their pet was teal the original color discription.
Arjun Buckley
Arjun Buckley Måned siden
The learned blowgun radiographically count because cymbal occasionally beam beside a sparkling comparison. evanescent, loutish play
Mighra Cant play games
Mighra Cant play games Måned siden
Anyone else start to think it was kris after they realised it wasn’t Tina because kris has a light blue pet?
SpAcE bOsS
SpAcE bOsS Måned siden
The funny thing is everything is a misunderstanding
TYPatchy NotaYT
TYPatchy NotaYT Måned siden
I just realized his intro says “disgusted toast” I always thought it said “heh this guys toast”
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee Måned siden
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Jan elle
Jan elle Måned siden
That alarm faked me out, thought it was time for work XD
Matt Raymond
Matt Raymond Måned siden
Toast got away with a two location lie at 19:45. Said earlier he was in electrical, and then said he was hiding in comms to protect Irene. Clever, big risk if caught but got away with it. It may have been that he was a little non commital first time
SumTingFishy Måned siden
I mean, he got 1 out of 7 But then the only one he got correct was the one which toast said
It's a family show orrr Is iiittt
It's a family show orrr Is iiittt Måned siden
Noone gonna say about how sykkuno thought lud asked about real pets 😭😭😭
Max Antony Ramos Montoya
Max Antony Ramos Montoya Måned siden
ew get rid if ur facecam
Train wreck Hufflepuff
Train wreck Hufflepuff Måned siden
The part with little sykkono pulling the pic of his dog to him and hugging it one of the cutest thing ever
lesbian baby witch
lesbian baby witch Måned siden
Is that the real mxmtoon who created the song "feelings are fatal"
Uhmarcel Måned siden
lmao wtf 😂
iyah Måned siden
The little Sykkuno 😍
Ice Wallow Come
Ice Wallow Come Måned siden
"I kinda wanna kill it but its so high up" Bro cap Thats mega sus its toast toast is the impostor
woob Måned siden
Cass Chris
Cass Chris Måned siden
The phobic sale neuroanatomically moan because mail intralysosomally flow midst a special cowbell. hard, enormous vinyl
シCrazy_Potato Måned siden
Poor lud
Kylie Wynn
Kylie Wynn Måned siden
Ludwig: “I saw a pet, I thought it was teal but Toast doesn’t have a pet so it has to be Tina!” Me staring at Kris’s teal dog: 👁👄👁
Jay Meep
Jay Meep Måned siden
This needs to happen again with lud and he should be dressed in a maid outfit
Deku ravity
Deku ravity Måned siden
Summary: Toast Killed 1 person (Kristofer(Impostor)) Toast, Sykkuno, Ryan Higa almost killed Ludwig(Crewmate) Ryan Higa killed 2 people (Sykkuno Kimi(Both Crewmates)) Sykkuno almost killed Ryan Higa(Impostor) Kimi almost killed Ryan Higa(Impostor) Lud killed 5 people (Tina Edison Wendy Abe Toast(All Crewmates)) and almost killed 1 person(Kimi(Crewmate))
99NEPtune99 ™
99NEPtune99 ™ Måned siden
wait was toast and jae the only guys in the second game?? LMAO
mackenzie Måned siden
Crims0nShad0 Måned siden
I like how Ryan played more as a crewmate when he was an imposter during that game more than ludwig
Passel Måned siden
the beep boop noises toast makes when faking tasks are so great, I'm gonna start doing it too
Eythan Rodriguez
Eythan Rodriguez Måned siden
anyone else gets the “do it for”reference in the back in 0:28?
Chris Crawford
Chris Crawford Måned siden
I don't know much about Lud, but I think he might have a gambling addiction XD
Catia Pestana
Catia Pestana Måned siden
I knew it was Kris cos he legit had the light blue dog pet
Too Tall
Too Tall Måned siden
The animations are so great
Ocean 180
Ocean 180 Måned siden
Imposters do be smiling though 😂
Dr.Plague Måned siden
This video teaches you not to gamble
VincentKoh LUMCFan
VincentKoh LUMCFan Måned siden
wew why arent we talking abt Toast and Irene won!
croissant Måned siden
spoilers alert: he bets his soul and life
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Måned siden
This is the closet toast will ever get to a public lobbie
LooneyCloudflier Måned siden
Hang that emote up on your wall alongside Ninja's left nut.
Cristal Medina
Cristal Medina Måned siden
I lost brain cells watching lud vote literally everyone and then throw in an easy vote
Matei Vitalaru-Moruz
Matei Vitalaru-Moruz Måned siden
The cynical rhinoceros analogously reflect because estimate shortly overflow than a damaged mirror. special, hot huge twig
best channel
best channel Måned siden
that was a clean impostor game, really the door close on this map is a blessing for impostors.
Kasem Salim
Kasem Salim Måned siden
Ludwig was so incredibly bad and it was hikarious
Khris XD
Khris XD Måned siden
Rip Tina who got nothing from all of this
PowerfulWarbird Måned siden
That is the HARDEST, most THROBBING, BLOODFILLED third imposter I've ever seen
Blue _ Spoøder
Blue _ Spoøder Måned siden
B-ball player
B-ball player Måned siden
Who else thinks Ludwig should wear a maid suit on his stream?
Beautiful jones
Beautiful jones Måned siden
The gifted wax family park because chef reassuringly breathe underneath a pale period. needy, gaudy child
Sherosaku4786 Måned siden
Dark Unit42
Dark Unit42 Måned siden
It’s no longer I lost in marbles it’s I lost in among us
Jaeus A
Jaeus A Måned siden
They don't call him "1 in 6 Lud" for nothin! "Dice Roll Lud!" To his credit, he was right about seeing the cyan pet it seems.
Irmina Angeline Alombro
Irmina Angeline Alombro Måned siden
“Who’s the greatest quarterback of all time” The answer is obviously Ludwig for his amazing throwing capability
Carly O
Carly O Måned siden
Don't copy comments, just like it and come up with your own
AnyraMusik Måned siden
okay but the animations for sykkuno gets me everytime 🥺💕
Czar Alejandro
Czar Alejandro Måned siden
I can’t get over Tiny Sykkuno he’s so cute
Marc Meyer
Marc Meyer Måned siden
This is sad. This seems like someone dealing with some issues. This is like a gambler trying to win it all back, but risking way more than they can afford to lose.
dream Måned siden
Ludwigs finally big enough to be used for clickbait ✨✨
the BUTTON, SHOOT, REPEAT strat, our 7700 IQ PLOY...
he tried to protect me with a 7900 IQ sacrifice...
Markiplier Is Real
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Among Us but I'm a 8400 IQ DOUBLE AGENT...?
Ganger 3,6 mill
becoming a 4600 IQ solo impostor horror ASSASSIN...
pulling off the 2800 IQ KEY MASTER brain play...
eliminating ALL SUS by voting myself with 6400 IQ...
trying my new 7500 IQ REVERSE marination strat...
Markiplier Is Real
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Am I Quitting Youtube?
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