No Nonsense Guide to Tree Felling. How to cut down a tree safely. FarmCraft101

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A guide to cutting trees, with only pertinent info. I start by explaining the 3 critical parts of the stump that make up a tree felling system. I cut down several trees demonstrating what should happen, and I intentionally do some wrong to show the problems that creates. I move on to cutting some larger, dying ash trees, including a plunge cut for the back cut. The tree by my shop I have to use a power puller to pull it over in the direction I need it to fall. (Also called a come-along, pow-r pull) This is a tremendously powerful technique that any serious tree cutter needs to learn. Then I finish by demonstrating a barber chair, a common cause of serious tree accidents.
Whether you call it timbering, tree felling, falling a tree, cutting down trees, tree removal, or just tree cutting, this video shows the basic physics and procedure required to do it safely. You may not need to call that tree cutting service after all. Do it yourself and save that tree removal cost!
Regarding using a chainsaw without chaps, I consider that to be a personal choice. People seem to think wearing long pants is better than shorts. For a sharp chain, hardly. For maximum safety, you can certainly wear cut resistant clothing while operating a chainsaw. Depending on the situation, I sometimes do. When I'm in open areas such as in this video, I don't find it necessary. If I was in thick woods with lots of difficult footing, I would wear chaps. But in this video, I felt my safety shorts were perfectly suited!
Links to tools shown in video:
Rope puller and rope:
Throwing ball and cord:
Tip Jar:
TeeSpring store:
Full video of @Hektibones barber chair here:
Terrifying barber chair here. Watch from 1:10
Terrifying barber chair #2 here: Watch 0:34 - 0:42
Barber chair, from 1:06-1:12:
Another barber chair, watch 7:11-7:25 & 9:35-9:40
Good animation of barber chair: watch 1:58-2:05

Joel Soto
Joel Soto 16 timer siden
Really good video
Ishkatan Dag siden
Great job explaining the different aspects of the cuts and dangers. I've seen videos by "pros" but your is the first explanation of why over cuts are bad.
Luis H
Luis H Dag siden
Good job sir thanks for the info
jim ewok
jim ewok Dag siden
diy tree felling videos are a bit like auto racing
Kirill Dag siden
Why you did not just climb the tree and attach a roap? Then make the cut and pull the roap from a save distance?
Bryon Scheffel
Bryon Scheffel 2 dager siden
Good video about felling trees in wide open spaces. It gets a lot more complicated when you are close to or in between structures.
jerryw66 2 dager siden
make smaller wedge cuts, the hinge will be stronger if one only cuts 20 to 30% of the diameter as the wedge. The reason for this, is that the heart wood of a tree does not have the strength that the sapwood has. The smaller wedge cut utilizes more of the stronger sapwood for the hinge.. It will vary a bit from tree to tree, but going 1/2 way through is almost always way too much.
Rick Hartley
Rick Hartley 2 dager siden
Well done very good video I think you really nailed it with this video very good thank you so much for doing this I think you helped a lot of us out keep on doing your videos you're doing a great job thank you again
Stanley Keith
Stanley Keith 2 dager siden
You need a ax with a hammer face to use on the wedges. Be careful with those Barber chairs. Thanks for the info good video.
Peter Schulze
Peter Schulze 3 dager siden
I use a steel cable instead of a rope to secure the tree. I also attach a weight (about 50 pounds) in the middle of the cable. That way, the cable stays tense, when the tree starts falling, until the weight hits the ground. This helps you to control the direction more precise, even when the hinge breaks off too early. Otherwise, the tree could fall to the side, as soon as the tension is removed from the cable (by the wind for example).
Slayerman51 3 dager siden
I wish I found this a couple months ago I helps my dad cut down a tree in my backyard and when he went to get water for the both of us I kept working and the damn tree fell on me I was safe but damn did it hit my head hard
George C
George C 3 dager siden
Cringed watching this video!
Barney Bee Fife
Barney Bee Fife 3 dager siden
Bore cutting is the only safe way to cut a tree. Those back cuts will eventually get someone hurt.
Lance Reece
Lance Reece 3 dager siden
Really liked your video, thanks for sharing.
Catching Demons Daily
Catching Demons Daily 4 dager siden
Holding wood is the word your looking for
Just a guy
Just a guy 4 dager siden
Everytime you called a face cut a wedge a chain some place hit the dirt.
AwosAtis 4 dager siden
I've been wearing a hard hat ever since I shook a limb out while pruning and it landed on my head. I also have been wearing chaps ever since I slipped on a branch and brushed my pant leg with a spinning chain. Fortunately no blood!
zzzub mno
zzzub mno 4 dager siden
nice vid, but i always feel sad to see a tree get cut down.
rmcdaniel423 5 dager siden
6:20 For the demonstration of bad technique, he "chose a tree that's not very big" for stated good reason. However it was completely covered with GIANT MURDER THORNS!! What the hell kind of nightmare tree was that?!? LOL
FarmCraft101 5 dager siden
Lol. You aren't kidding. That's a honeylocust, and they come up like weeds on my farm. There's a reason the "Thornless Honeylocust" was developed!
Future King
Future King 5 dager siden
Well I learned something today, the baisc way how to properly cut a tree.
JS Warpaint
JS Warpaint 5 dager siden
Because this video may be viewed by the novice chainsaw user it should perhaps stress using or at least mentioning chaps.
Gert Are Hildrestrand
Gert Are Hildrestrand 6 dager siden
This is one I would like to give a lot of thumbs up on, not only one. I made a serius barberchair once (did not know that is called that). I was cleraing up a trail after a big storm and It tipped my hard hat off and went over me. Guess I'm very very lucky.
Mark Parkhurst
Mark Parkhurst 6 dager siden
I have been felling trees for 45 years. I am now wondering how I have survived. I have made all the mistakes.
Collin Pribula
Collin Pribula 6 dager siden
The whole video of cutting down trees is that when tree is falling down, he forgot to say “TIIIIIMMMMMBBBBEEERRR”!
Michael in Houston
Michael in Houston 6 dager siden
Thanks for showing the junk tree - that is what I need to cut down.
Keith Reindl
Keith Reindl 6 dager siden
Bro, the whole video was wondering why they called it barberchair. 😂😂😂
Keith Reindl
Keith Reindl 6 dager siden
Probably the best felling video on the web. Shows you the wrong ways so you truly understand the right way.
mr davis
mr davis 6 dager siden
Great video but be careful!! Slipknots, ropes, and cutting trees will make liberals go nuts nowadays!
Klaus Skotte
Klaus Skotte 7 dager siden
Where are your personal safety equipment ?
Steve Brusseau
Steve Brusseau 7 dager siden
Are those sawproof chainsaw shorts? LoL
FarmCraft101 6 dager siden
Yep. Certified safety shorts!
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 7 dager siden
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Tony Incretolli
Tony Incretolli 7 dager siden
Very good video, and very safe too. Thanks.
VinnyMartello 7 dager siden
Another thing you may have to do is just get some climbing spikes and just trim down a tree one piece at a time. When it’s a big tree right next to a house, it’s best just to remove 3 feet at a time.
VinnyMartello 7 dager siden
A refresher course is always good to have! And I’ll often use my “insurance policy” of climbing a good distance up the tree and attaching a tow rope, adding some extra tow rope and putting a good deal of tension on with a truck. That helps encourage it to fall in a certain direction.
Zach Tate
Zach Tate 7 dager siden
This was insanely helpful, thank you!
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 7 dager siden
This man literally proves the axiom "a cut above the rest". The rest being a wedge cut. Great job sir. I worked for a pro tree cutting service that specialized in cutting trees in dense residential areas. I did that for over one year. But that was forty years ago, so I came here for a refresher, now I've some to fell in my own yard. Great job!
Javier Montes
Javier Montes 7 dager siden
Your fucking hilarious!!! Awesome video... Thx bro
sirshammalot 8 dager siden
What's crazy is that this video popped up as I was thinking about looking up "how to properly cut trees." Not only did this video explain the how's and why's but it came with fking humor!! I love it!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Brandon68plus1 8 dager siden
Plunge cut can be dangerous in itself if you don't know how to properly handle the saw.
The Smoke Wagon
The Smoke Wagon 8 dager siden
Stones that take a dump truck to haul. Cannot believe you picked a locust tree to overcut the wedge early in the video. You did well choosing a smaller one. It tried hard to kickback at you as it was ... even under WELL controlled circumstances. Wicked thorns on that tree. I kept a set of thorns I found on one similar that measured a bit of 37 inches from base to tip.
Erik Ross
Erik Ross 9 dager siden
Ok if you are going to be explaining how to cut a tree . you should have proper knowledge on the process. You sir are going to get people killed
Hugo Maia
Hugo Maia 9 dager siden
Thanks from Brazil
Joe danero
Joe danero 9 dager siden
Here is a better video on this topic:
Mr Smith
Mr Smith 10 dager siden
Scotland skill felling......
Terrence Bullen
Terrence Bullen 10 dager siden
Must like sawdust in his boots. Otherwise great video.
Drakanoid25 11 dager siden
Thank goodness for chainsaws.
Gord Bull
Gord Bull 11 dager siden
Thanks for these excellent tips. I’ve been a Safety Professional for 25 years or so and the only criticism I have to offer is this; Although it’s great to see you with hard hat, hearing protection, & face screen I don’t think anyone should pick up a saw without wearing, Saw rated boots Saw rated pants Again, I’m not a forestry expert, although I’ve helped arborist companies with their safety systems. Great work with these FarmCraft videos. As a small farmer in the past this video may save someone from a serious injury or fatal incident. Maybe do a video on farm safety. I’d be happy to help if you like. Keep up the great work.
1 up 4 down
1 up 4 down 13 dager siden
Tree felling priorities; PPE...
K A 13 dager siden
Excellent video. Well explained. Thanks 👍👍
Brian Cripps
Brian Cripps 13 dager siden
Brilliant video, thank you
Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson 13 dager siden
Awesome job!! Learned some new stuff!!
RideArizona 14 dager siden
Great video. Thank you
Tisovcc 14 dager siden
oi i just wanna say that the general rule of thumb is that the width of the hinge should be 10% of the tree's total width.
John Nixon
John Nixon 15 dager siden
i have been in the tree removal business for over 30 years and i must say; you are saving lives my friend... excellent work
Darryl Thomas
Darryl Thomas 15 dager siden
Excellent video. Extremely informative and well presented. Thanks.
Peter Kinsey
Peter Kinsey 16 dager siden
Suro bledek
Suro bledek 16 dager siden
dantz34 16 dager siden
I loved the tree rewind shot its down no it's up again lol
Dương Hoàng
Dương Hoàng 17 dager siden
You always have enough equipments n' good technic so you always succeed !
Omar Salih
Omar Salih 17 dager siden
The low camera congruently terrify because earthquake thessaly kiss before a learned ping. healthy, spectacular mexican
Daniel Crossman
Daniel Crossman 17 dager siden
great no nonsense video... no hot air, no unnecessary chatter... you rock. thx
Silverback Samurai
Silverback Samurai 17 dager siden
FarmCraft101 13 dager siden
Those were huge! I've never tangled with trees that big. Well done.
Silverback Samurai
Silverback Samurai 17 dager siden
Silverback Samurai
Silverback Samurai 17 dager siden
You have a great functional understanding of the falling process. Get yourself a falling ax, that and a wedge are your best safety devices. And yes you can cut that hinge wood down to an inch or even less on a tree that size. But really a 4-5 pound ax would have drove it home even with 2 inches of hinge. I only leave 2 inches of hinge wood on trees that are 4-6ft. Great stuff keep it up👊🏾
james cassel
james cassel 17 dager siden
Straight trees with balanced weight distribution will balance on a thick hinge.
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
you asked about depth and angle of a notch you can make the tree jump off the stump farther or fall slower with your notch you may also use two notches one to lean the tree one to direct it, even more, that's right one above the other have fun
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
if you want to watch a complete idiot cut a tree and you live in Cincinnati call big johns tree service Jesus christ wow
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
nice notch talk about the spear cut tree is leaning into another tree reach up cut at an angle on top cut starts to close pull out cut from the bottom same angle the tree will deflect and drop down do it again and again until the tree falls wear a helmet great tool pay attention to shit above you
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
throw the rope puller away right now use a come-along knot or a pully and another tree only use a four-wheel-drive never a two-wheel drive and if debatable use two ropes secure the tree with one pull the other sometimes use three ropes redirect the tree
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
fuck wedges throw them away if your trying to fall a tree use them only when you stick your bar with the tree on its side
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
i am the treekiller
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
the bar is stuck in the tree unbolt the saw from the bar get another saw dont try to wiggle and pull it out you will destroy the roller tip
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
oh dont trap your saw in the notch when the weight shifts
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
you figure that out yet the tree drops your saw is still in the groove
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
oh don't forget if your back cut is too high the tree can take your saw with it kinda like using a crescent wrench to bend metal really unpleasant if your fifty feet up and your saw strap doesn't let it go
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
dead limbs can fall on you when the top hits something above you pay attention always pull the tree with a rope preventing the tree from going the wrong way
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
nothing is more important than whats happening with the back cut is it hollow
Rob Kelch
Rob Kelch 17 dager siden
more importantly, wait for the tree to catch up don't cut through the henge until the tree is definitely on its way you can steer the tree
LJT Love
LJT Love 18 dager siden
Great educational video! It may save a few lives!
tom 19 dager siden
Good video with useful instructions. Thank you. BUT, I wouldn't use rope to prevent a big tree from falling on to a beautiful shed, or my neighbour's house. Maybe ok to prevent a non-leaning medium-sized tree from falling towards your shed but not enough to pull a big one the other way. Rope also stretches a lot and gives you less control after you made the cut. Also rope deteriorates very fast because of UV in sunlight. A polypropylene rope of 12 mm has a breaking strength of 2000 kg and goes down significantly after some years of usage. I use a standard 8 mm steel cable (4000 kg breaking strength) with a 30 m steel-cable trough-puller, costs about 100 euros and is worth the investment. You can never trust a hinge a 100%, so I always put in some extra time and use this 8 mm steel cable system when there are buildings around.
Chris Fails
Chris Fails 19 dager siden
Narrow your wedge cut , no need for a plunge cut.
Ralph Mejia
Ralph Mejia 19 dager siden
very informative thank you
Ali T
Ali T 19 dager siden
I don’t have a tree or need to know how to cut one ... but still loved this 🙌
Jay Hall
Jay Hall 20 dager siden
If your using a pro grade saw you can just grab the handel on the upper left corner to get your angle right for the wedge their weighted to hit 70°
FarmCraft101 19 dager siden
I didn't know that. Good tip!
mark copenhaver
mark copenhaver 20 dager siden
Way too many ads in way too short of time who could follow u
Richard B
Richard B 21 dag siden
Daniel Fraser
Daniel Fraser 21 dag siden
Looking like they need a ppe class
Mark Conor
Mark Conor 21 dag siden
I can say now I understand the principles of cutting a tree down even though my tree is only 4 inches wide safety first.
Mitch Farley
Mitch Farley 21 dag siden
JANGO129 22 dager siden
Where do these guys come from. I'm going on 67 been logging since we used horses in the woods. Around 5 years old. Now I cut a tree a foot above the ground with a wedge. I'm clearing out 40 trees at losing a foot a tree. That's 40 foot of log. I could send you a price sheet but if its prime maple. I've lost roughly 4 grand. If you can't drive a corvette over a loggers stump he ain't a logger. If a tree falling where you don't want it step around to the other side. You run you die. Think about simply step around to where it's not falling.
spelunkerd 23 dager siden
This is really well explained, and somehow you have dodged the mountain of jackass comments seen on most felling videos. I like the way you clearly think through the forces involved. Regarding control lines, I try to keep my control line at right angles to the intended fall, so as the tree comes down, the line maintains the same tension and control all the way down.
rolebo1 23 dager siden
Very educational video. Well done, I learned a lot.
Moritz Profitlich
Moritz Profitlich 24 dager siden
The first video that makes me feel confident to fell a tree. Thank you!
hacker 24 dager siden
Thanks for your instructions as i always wanted to know how to cut down trees correctly (I must confess I recognised some wrong moves but didn’t know why....) . I’ve learned that I should be more fussy and take more time checking and it should be good. Cheers from Scotland
Warren Dourond
Warren Dourond 24 dager siden
Thank you so much for this video! I am a country boy falling trees with daddy since I was a kid. Doing it the way we saw others do, without really understanding why you do it that way. Every year someone gets killed, in the local area. Now I understand I was doing it wrong. You may have saved a life!
Jeff Goddard
Jeff Goddard 24 dager siden
Excellent set of examples. You have a great ability to explain the process to the weekend firewood logger.
John Valle
John Valle 25 dager siden
You have to consider the trees center of gravity and the influence of wind with and without leaves. Until the center of gravity has past over the hinge it won’t fall unless pushed or pulled. What I as saying is your one third rule applies only in a balanced tree. You adjust the wedge depth to center of gravity up to a point. You have physics with your desired direction or somewhere near.
Safetymanzero 25 dager siden
I can't stress enough to your audience to always wear the all of the recommended PPE whenever operating a chainsaw, including protective leg chaps.
Emary Drilling
Emary Drilling 26 dager siden
Our prime Minister Justin trudope needs to watch this,
MrRichie 26 dager siden
thanks for flipping me off.
tpotts4 26 dager siden
Love the humor. Never enough of it this crazy world 😄
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