Son Demands A PlayStation 5, Then Mom Teaches Him An Important Lesson | Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann

Måned siden

Don't get so focused on all the things you don't have that you forget there's a lot of people wishing for all the things you do have.
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Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann Måned siden
Hey #DharMannFam, thanks for watching my video! For more inspirational content and exclusive giveaways follow me on Instagram here: Also, did you know I have another NOpost channel with my fiancée Laura? We drop new videos every week! If you want to get to know us more, see more personal content and get access to exclusive giveaways, check out our NOpost channel here:
Lil lion Robloxfan
Lil lion Robloxfan 3 dager siden
Inspirational i love your channel so much
Low Jie Long Jared Student
Low Jie Long Jared Student 3 dager siden
chaos11bravo 4 dager siden
Like this but this should be spoil Bart learn from mom
AbdulRahman Omar
AbdulRahman Omar 4 dager siden
So so sad
Caitlin Smith
Caitlin Smith 5 dager siden
That was so great I nearly cried
I am a Nugget
I am a Nugget 26 minutter siden
bruh he was about to throw away a jacket because it had a bit of soda on it, i have permanant stains from paint, ramen, and other stuff on my sweater and ive had it for like 3 years
vale Guerrero play's
vale Guerrero play's 27 minutter siden
I'm taking my money every ware
vale Guerrero play's
vale Guerrero play's 27 minutter siden
Oliver Petersen
Oliver Petersen 34 minutter siden
Teri Zaman
Teri Zaman 37 minutter siden
I love these videos cyan I have a give away i never have won one and don't have instagram
Teri Zaman
Teri Zaman 36 minutter siden
Please dharr
Isha Muhammed
Isha Muhammed Time siden
I would love to eat a sandwich right now.. 😊😊🥪🥪
A Very
A Very Time siden
These videos make me so happy i love them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
[]boxy-foxy[] Time siden
Dhar mans videos allwase make me cry
Person from ark Among us
Person from ark Among us Time siden
Keep it up Dhar Mann the way it is explained makes it better
Crappy0 on 75 hz
Crappy0 on 75 hz Time siden
thats not a black mom if it was he wouldnt have to walk anymore
Trey Saddler
Trey Saddler Time siden
The lady acting as the poor person that needs money her eyes are really pretty i like them
Trey Saddler
Trey Saddler Time siden
Brooo was he about to throw away that jacket???? Who does that unless its ripped up or stinks so terribly he spilled soda on it which is easy to get of and doesn’t even smell bad thats just disappointing
unbracable 7
unbracable 7 Time siden
Who ever dislikes this does not care for anyone
wavydevplush Time siden
This boy spoiled
Mr. Froggy Plays
Mr. Froggy Plays Time siden
Nathaniel Demavibas
Nathaniel Demavibas 2 timer siden
If I lasted over 6 years with a ps3.i can last over 17 years with a ps4 DONT NEED NO Ps5
Vivianna Perez
Vivianna Perez 2 timer siden
Be happy what you do have cause there is people out there that have nothing and wish they. can have atleast a penny,
nany_longbottom 2 timer siden
I feel so angry watching this. Even though I'm 14, i have struggled, not as much as other people, but my mom is a single mom and we don't' have lots of money. We moved from city, to city, house to apartment to studio to having little food for a month(only able to eat cereal without milk or tortillas with mayonnaise)to living in my aunt's house. And the fact that somehow my mom has been able to buy me a phone, a laptop, a tv, a nintendo switch, and a ps4 is incredible, she did have to pawn them but I don't mind. She owes me money but i don't mind. the fact that the kid isn't grateful for what he has makes me so angry. Please be grateful for what you have. I know this is only a video and I shouldn't get angry but I just felt like sharing.
Kick start king Tyler
Kick start king Tyler 3 timer siden
I used to be homeless with my dad and I had to do what the woman did 2 years ago but now my dad has a home because those people have him food and money to help him and now I live with my mom and my nana and I'm 11 now and my dad is living alone down town so If you have that stuff you are going to waste then give it to someone that needs it so dont be selfish be greatful and giving.
Yoda 4 timer siden
plot twist: fire house subs is the sponsor for this video
Harriet Jürine
Harriet Jürine 4 timer siden
The child is so spoiled like who throws away clothes after they get a little dirty (I know it's acted)
Shenon lanza
Shenon lanza 4 timer siden
Bruh pouring coke accidentally and throwing it away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ordinary gem
ordinary gem 5 timer siden
I wanna slap this guy
Young_ Soto
Young_ Soto 5 timer siden
Brandon gives sandwiches to homeless dude: AY JESSICA HURRY UP AND GET YO BUTT OVER HERE Jessica:*runs faster than my internet*
Christopher Moreno
Christopher Moreno 5 timer siden
Bruh his mom said he will get him the ps5 but he said I’m ok what I have BRO ITS A PS5
Mila Bonner
Mila Bonner 5 timer siden
My heart is melting😢😢😢
Mila Bonner
Mila Bonner 5 timer siden
Those sandwiches he almost threw out looked soooo delicious!!! What a waste!!!
Yedam 5 timer siden
seeing this is making me cry
jay plays 1234
jay plays 1234 6 timer siden
2:22 mom was to easy on him
Luka Todorović
Luka Todorović 6 timer siden
My computer is a dump, but your videos show me why i need to be grateful for everything i have
Gian Carlo Chaparro
Gian Carlo Chaparro 6 timer siden
I cried
David Turner
David Turner 6 timer siden
I. Can. Tell. This. Kid. Is. A. Gamer he acts like one
Jayelle Moore
Jayelle Moore 6 timer siden this was messed up bc when i clicked on this vid i got an ad of a guy showing off his money and his private jet like how rude -_-
jasper cowan
jasper cowan 6 timer siden
lmfao the ps4 is 7 years old its bad now lmfao
Maha Shahzad
Maha Shahzad 7 timer siden
The kid just throw his new jacket he knows That he could wash it
EmesCee 7 timer siden
Who the hecc throws a jacket is the dustbin if it gets some stains -_-
MarkyBoi 7 timer siden
that kid is so harsh the mom made him learn a important lesson your a good mom
DeadChannel_kid 7 timer siden
1:59 my mom when I ask for something for my game LOL
Valid Clan OG
Valid Clan OG 8 timer siden
If he does not want it can I have it???
Zayd Nasreddin
Zayd Nasreddin 8 timer siden
ur the best dhar man i always watch u viid i luv em keep up the god work
YODEIRIS MARQUEZ 8 timer siden
why the hell would he throw away a sweater that has a tiny bit of soda ;-;
nadine atara
nadine atara 8 timer siden
Guys chill its just acting
cod gamer ml gamer
cod gamer ml gamer 8 timer siden
The son is a waster hhahahaahhaahh
Hyper Gaming
Hyper Gaming 9 timer siden
This made me crying
John Dave
John Dave 9 timer siden
I feel bad for my dad :(
bacon boi
bacon boi 10 timer siden
his name is also brandon and so is mine and i thought my mom shouted my name.
Tohgamerplayz 10 timer siden
Him: has a ps4 and wants ps5 Me: doesnt even have a ps1
John Rupert Santos
John Rupert Santos 12 timer siden
boring content
1225 Daphne Ng
1225 Daphne Ng 12 timer siden
Fun fact:How did the woman buy the sandwiches without money?🤔
Danganronpa Fan
Danganronpa Fan 12 timer siden
The AAA 10 timer siden
My PS2 is not that bad too
yeoKybo 12 timer siden
Ceo of you see
Magnet Eesa
Magnet Eesa 12 timer siden
Matahari Kovaleva
Matahari Kovaleva 13 timer siden
Omg I'm crying
JUST DAB!!! 14 timer siden
Dose this man know how to save clothes and actually wash it?????????by the way dose the sweet mom have a bag?
RickTheRoller 14 timer siden
Oh my god... All the actors are so good at acting, they made me cry🥺❤️
lol gotem
lol gotem 15 timer siden
This is so unrealistic when i saw or dropped 25 cents id pick it up like it was a 1000000000000000000 dollars
LegomanJ HD
LegomanJ HD 15 timer siden
This vid was so touching, keep making these vids I love them so much.
cholo playz
cholo playz 15 timer siden
This also make me cry
Saiful Selihin
Saiful Selihin 16 timer siden
25 cents can buy stuff. if you collect them all you can buy anything if you keep them all
btbb99 bro
btbb99 bro 16 timer siden
manuel bazaldua jr.
manuel bazaldua jr. 16 timer siden
Ima lil kid and a I act better than that
Brez Brax
Brez Brax 17 timer siden
So you see....
Hidd3n47OnlineGaming 17 timer siden
Excuse my language but My mom would've beat my ass already.
Nolan Studio x
Nolan Studio x 17 timer siden
To sad but love your videos
2a2x 17 timer siden
I eat my big leftover sandwich even tho i'm very full, but later i vomit 🤦
sharkzy fn
sharkzy fn 17 timer siden
says he doesnt need the ps5 but he gets it anyways lol
Nomungegee Natsagdorj
Nomungegee Natsagdorj 17 timer siden
i-i , this is beautiful!!!
yumad exe
yumad exe 18 timer siden
my. mom wouldve slapped me sideways ifni talked to him how he's talking to his mom
Julian Tamang
Julian Tamang 19 timer siden
Why didn’t she give it to the first homeless guy
GM David
GM David 19 timer siden
That’s the right thing to do.
shumito8 19 timer siden
Plot twist: he did this so he can get the ps5
YouCanCallMeReTro 20 timer siden
There's a big difference between throwing out food you can't reheat and throwing it out when there's a homeless person sitting in plain sight.
Somari1049 20 timer siden
Id this just replaying the lines only changing the words up a bit
OTs _ELi
OTs _ELi 20 timer siden
I talk back to my mom like that
ReilytheGamer 20 timer siden
good work Dhar
Max Soto
Max Soto 20 timer siden
3:32 I know this is a skit she really be looking with those new shoes if she was poor.
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 21 time siden
People go crazy for the PS five 😳
Samra samra
Samra samra 21 time siden
I love it it is so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭
Idrissa Traore
Idrissa Traore 21 time siden
Why dose the black boy haft to be the rude one I mean I know it is just acting but black lives matter ✊🏿
Ethan Geronimo
Ethan Geronimo 21 time siden
All of this videos makes me cry 🥺😢😭
The Plague Doctor
The Plague Doctor 22 timer siden
i wish i could like this multiple times
alicia aguilar
alicia aguilar 22 timer siden
I am going to cry I am so sad maybe I am mad mom is a pro I love this vid love this vid can’t stop saying love vid love vid love sad vid love love 😭):
Trish Moreno
Trish Moreno 22 timer siden
I love dharman skits especially this one because one time I was homeless living in a car with my sisters and my mom But then we got a house and I’m happy, and I’m thankful so remember that if you just keep on putting your heart and you’re so into things it will happen just be patient
Wendy Moreno
Wendy Moreno 22 timer siden
Me was happy when he got the two half sandwich 🥪 😋
Clylo 22 timer siden
It was a penny
Clylo 22 timer siden
When the kid was going to throw the food in the trash I said Kobe
Endshock8042 Dag siden
This video already made me form tears
Aiden Dag siden
Tammy McCarthy
Tammy McCarthy Dag siden
Bro Brandon is such a bad boy I mean $0.25 it a good amount come on that's a good amount
Tammy McCarthy
Tammy McCarthy Dag siden
naruto 100
naruto 100 Dag siden
This made me cry
kyle member
kyle member Dag siden
this video made me go outside and give to the homeless think you so much for teaching me about the homeless
meiying hu
meiying hu Dag siden
I cried
Frosty Dag siden
Wait Americans throw the clothes away if it’s stained and not wash it 😲
JD Cann
JD Cann Dag siden
Guys if you see this and you're ever feeling sad or depressed or going through a tough time, I just wanna let you know that Jesus is there for you especially in times like these where there is very little hope. Come to Jesus Christ and be saved so he can heal your heart and comfort you and if you need someone to talk to just reply to this comment and we can talk about your problems. Have a great day :)
Crystal Carnes
Crystal Carnes Dag siden
Omg that kid
Santiago Egui
Santiago Egui Dag siden
ME: watching the kid give the girl and the man a sandwich trying not to cry ME:Watching the kid give the sweater to the man. Me crying
AJS WORLD Dag siden
He didnt rly DEMAND it
David Burgos Alvarado
David Burgos Alvarado Dag siden
I cried of joy🙁
filip razik
filip razik Dag siden
To be honest, I don't want ps5 I'm still greatful with having ps4 and video games me and my brother have.
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