Megan Thee Stallion - Body [AMA Performance 2020]

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Megan Thee Stallion

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The official performance for Megan Thee Stallion's “Body” from the 2020 AMA Awards!
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Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
Look how I bodied that ate it up and gave it back
Yeah you look good but they still wanna know where Megan at
Saucy like a barbecue but you won’t get yo baby back
Seen me in that dress and he felt like he almost tasted that
Nom nom nom nom eat up 4-play okay 3 2 1
You know I’m the hottest you ain’t never gotta heat me up
I’m present when I’m absent speaking when I’m not there
All them b****es scary cats I call’em Carole Baskins
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
Ima hot ebony they gone click it if it’s me
All my pictures been getting these n***as through the quarantine
B***h I’m very well on my s**t as you can tell
Any h*e got beef from years ago if beefing by herself
If we took a trip on a real creep tip
B***h rule number 1 is don’t repeat that s**t
Rule number 2 if they all came with you
Better know exactly what the f**k they came to do
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
The category is body look at the way it’s sitting
That ratio so outta control that waist that a** them t***ies
If I wasn’t me I would’ve seen myself I would have bought me a drink
Took me home and did me long ate it with the panties on
I could build a house with all the brick I got
B****es spend a life time tryna get this hot
And if her head too big I can make that pop
I’m not the one to play with like a touch me not
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
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TheCandyMan01 16 minutter siden
Lip syncing......
HENRY’S EPIC VIDEOS 16 minutter siden
Luna pam
Luna pam 17 minutter siden
They all dance amazing but megan dancing just hits different.🔥
Brooklyn Jones
Brooklyn Jones 17 minutter siden
She got that confidence
Ash Peoples
Ash Peoples 19 minutter siden
And people ask why I’m a lesbian
sachin isanka
sachin isanka 22 minutter siden
unlocked 22 minutter siden
*Watch 'Treme Tudo' by Lexa 👇*
unlocked 22 minutter siden
*Watch 'Treme Tudo' by Lexa 👇*
unlocked 22 minutter siden
*Watch 'Treme Tudo' by Lexa 👇*
Maya Girish
Maya Girish 26 minutter siden
Ok but she isn't singing.
aums 26 minutter siden
Maya 31 minutt siden
This is so stupid 😂
Shayla Woods
Shayla Woods 31 minutt siden
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Megan Durham
Megan Durham 32 minutter siden
Just a word of advice for anyone who is not white or wealthy living in a white neighborhood prepare to be looked at like you’re an alien living on planet earth a few ways to resolve it is one give them the middle finger two the forearm jerk and three simply confront them 🤷🏼‍♂️
gift from Virgo
gift from Virgo 19 minutter siden
Shut up.
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 33 minutter siden
Now that is how you lip sing !!!!
Cee Cee
Cee Cee 34 minutter siden
Megan outshined the dancers and even twerked to rock and roll! She has fine tuned her entertainment skills. That performance was 🔥.
AuthenticallyAaron 41 minutt siden
geavoniesocool 43 minutter siden
Why. JUST WHYYY🤦🏽‍♂️ this world is not the same... you Supposed to lead the girls to do better but now IDK WHAT THE F IS BOUT TO HAPPEN😭 *MY OPINION*
CouldBeNothing 46 minutter siden
I would be more impressed if she wasn’t lip syncing
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson 48 minutter siden
Nothing to see here but a big old drag-on male horse with butt implants leaving drag marks all over the stage.
lakes 50 minutter siden
I'm starting to believe anybody can b famous bruh
QUEEN BEE 50 minutter siden
Period Megan Always lit every song that Come out from her 🤍
Matt 51 minutt siden
It’s amazing someone with little singing talent can be famous. I’ve seen strippers that shake it better.
Maya 29 minutter siden
But shes rapping not singing
Frankie 52 minutter siden
Eat this Tory. Who’s the star and a winner at the 2020 AMA’s ??? Not u son.
john wayne
john wayne 54 minutter siden
Savdo sotiq
Savdo sotiq 55 minutter siden
*That for sucks He even himself not understand thet sings he has not enough modesty Ah As sh**** if he was modest as something beautifully turned out.*
Haviq FC
Haviq FC 56 minutter siden
BE HONEST WHO’S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME? “¡ᴍ 🅶ɪғϯɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏoиᴇ ₩ʜᴏ 𝚂ᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🌞
M-PERIAL ENTERTAINMENT D 57 minutter siden
Americans Music Awards are notorious for show casing bad lip syncing from all their performances. All the way back to 1995 I have witnessed bad lip syncing.
nalani j
nalani j 58 minutter siden
They cut out the moan 🤣
Valentina martinez
Valentina martinez 59 minutter siden
City King
City King Time siden
Dancing was great but I wish would’ve did a live performance & rap without the vocals in the song
Zebuan Armond
Zebuan Armond Time siden
“Women aren’t objects”
Olivia Hart
Olivia Hart Time siden
Just because a woman wears something showy or twerks doesn't mean shes an object
Niña Gonzalez
Niña Gonzalez Time siden
Steve Jordan
Steve Jordan Time siden
So talentless lol
Bakhtiyar Guseinov
Bakhtiyar Guseinov Time siden
No cap
Rachel Francis
Rachel Francis Time siden
She's got the energy in one performance that I couldn't muster in my whole life
Perry Hill
Perry Hill Time siden
No singing talent
RagDollFromHell Time siden
She is truly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life
Bakhtiyar Guseinov
Bakhtiyar Guseinov Time siden
Damn, I feel bad for you
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker Time siden
Janaab Pakal
Janaab Pakal Time siden
i wish i can go to sleep and wake up in like 200 years maybe then music will be music again.
Pineapple Club
Pineapple Club Time siden
When you have 1/2 Nicki Minaj and 1/2 Beyonce. Periodttt
Blessing Wilkins
Blessing Wilkins Time siden
the beast raper got put it on tik tok you the main raper
Mo Sabri
Mo Sabri Time siden
I think Megan just ended racism
peachy crossing
peachy crossing Time siden
this song: exists my insomnia brain at 3 am: bodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyody
JpAlejandro Hernandez
JpAlejandro Hernandez Time siden
Songs annoying asf
kola bear
kola bear Time siden
Disgusting performance.. Like... throw up disgusting...
kola bear
kola bear 39 minutter siden
@Halloweella Here yes i am
Halloweella Here
Halloweella Here 58 minutter siden
Are you a guy?
Rebel Mslater
Rebel Mslater Time siden
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Bmorewitch Time siden
Every genders body should be not called out or anything
Nicole Kocher
Nicole Kocher Time siden
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Lizz L
Lizz L Time siden
The message she sends to the audience is great and empowering but just sucks it had to be lip synced
Maya 27 minutter siden
How is it empowering to flash everyone her private parts please tell me I'm a female and I dont understand it
thatsso princess
thatsso princess Time siden
This is why Megan is forever my favorite!! One of the realist artist out here!!🗣 I love me some her🥰
MR.FLYGUY TV Time siden
I luv her mood and her positivity 😇
Cynthia Greway
Cynthia Greway 2 timer siden
Michael Mastro
Michael Mastro 2 timer siden
Hella lip synced
Handsome Shrek
Handsome Shrek 2 timer siden
The eyes, the hair. The outfits, the makeup and her singing and dancing is 100% perfect
bloo 💜
bloo 💜 2 timer siden
this quality clearer than my eyesight 😍
Tulip W
Tulip W 2 timer siden
I cant relate to this song at all. 😭😬
Arman Sandhu
Arman Sandhu 2 timer siden
I honestly don’t get how she won rapper of the year
Hannah Evitts
Hannah Evitts 2 timer siden
I like the way this one be sounding
Fun Roblox Gaming with ya nigga
Fun Roblox Gaming with ya nigga 2 timer siden
Imagine how many degrees higher the temp of this fire would be with lizzo
Amnon Benari
Amnon Benari 2 timer siden
Nice work
I'm The Best
I'm The Best 2 timer siden
The stallion? It's a guy
a o
a o 2 timer siden
They call this music, what worthless sh........t!💩💩💩💩
Sara Ewalt
Sara Ewalt 2 timer siden
Amnon Benari
Amnon Benari 2 timer siden
And insane
Amnon Benari
Amnon Benari 2 timer siden
I loved it amazing
stalepork _
stalepork _ 2 timer siden
why is this on trending, but people who don’t even swear are suppressed by the youtube algorithm?
Big Feet
Big Feet 2 timer siden Shine light on my music. Enjoy!! #TexasWhiteBoi #SweatingBullets #BadBilly #BigFeet
Rahiem Thomas
Rahiem Thomas 2 timer siden
*3 Look not upon a woman that hath a mind for many: lest thou fall into her snares.* *4 Use not much the company of her that is a dancer (and singer), and hearken not to her, lest thou perish by the force of her charms.* *5 Gaze not upon a maiden, lest her beauty be a stumblingblock to thee.* *Sirach 9:3-5* *(Sirach, and also known as the Book of Ecclesiasticus or Ben Sira, is a Jewish work originally in Hebrew of ethical teachings Followed by: Isaiah The Prophet)*
LM S 2 timer siden
I hate He hers and he him be normal
I hate He hers and he him be normal 2 timer siden
She is still a lier and wanna be thug lmao stop lien on Tory
MR BEAST 2 timer siden
roses are red violets are blue i liked my own comment cus no one wanted to
We Got Issues
We Got Issues 2 timer siden
Oh Xmas tree
I Said What I Said
I Said What I Said 2 timer siden
Isabelle Ivask
Isabelle Ivask 2 timer siden
No offense, but idk why NOpost banned Belle Delphine when there's hot garbage like this without any Parental Advisory at all on the trending page. ._.
JugsOnMySack 2 timer siden
I challenge every one who sees this to input the wrong password in your phone until you are locked out for 24 hours. No balls
*':RickK* *RocKStar:'*
*':RickK* *RocKStar:'* 2 timer siden
ehh. seen better...
AnnieKenz 2 timer siden
love the body you are in, love the message
Me name here
Me name here 2 timer siden
Fantastic dancing, music was terrible though.
Lapattila Lewis
Lapattila Lewis 2 timer siden
This is complete and utter GARBAGE. All of y’all are hella brainwashed
Noid Para
Noid Para 2 timer siden
애는 뭐 가슴에 메론을 달고 다니냐 엉덩이엔 수박을 달고 다니네..
Scary_scat 392
Scary_scat 392 2 timer siden
This is music ?
xd Upsetz
xd Upsetz 2 timer siden
This music is garbage
BadWeedHabits 3 timer siden
I think Megan is a big dude if you agree like the post
Marcus Billups
Marcus Billups 3 timer siden
Simon_ _Gomez
Simon_ _Gomez 3 timer siden
Sam T
Sam T 3 timer siden
such culture.
fireraider98 3 timer siden
Yep what all girls aspire to be.
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus 3 timer siden
So how does this exactly support girls' confidence? She literally talking about objectifying their bodies and sex.....
Gina luxurioux
Gina luxurioux 2 timer siden
lol women can feel empowered different ways shes talking about how she loves her body u must like if u here lol
Rajat Roy
Rajat Roy 3 timer siden
Dej Bii
Dej Bii 3 timer siden
More like FAT
SelfLove - A Community
SelfLove - A Community 3 timer siden
Why do they look stiff to me and going too slow. I guess growing in the 90's girls would've ate this up! Like move a little faster. IDK. Just saying.
Morgan Lindsay
Morgan Lindsay 3 timer siden
your confidence is so contagious- i’m so proud to have you as my role model. you have taught me to appreciate the skin i’m in. i love you so much
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus 3 timer siden u believe in wat she say in sing WAP?
brie galvez
brie galvez 3 timer siden
OK, I don't really listen to Megan Thee Stallion but I love how she reminds everyone that ALL bodies are beautiful🖤 * edit: I love her eyeshadow and eyeliner 😍
James Geren
James Geren 3 timer siden
Classroom Warfare 14
Classroom Warfare 14 3 timer siden
who actually listens to megan thee stalion honesty shes not even a role model she just raps about twerking and taking money from men. She also looks like a dude
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus 3 timer siden
The whorification of young girls and destruction of morals is examplified by this harlot.....
anna 3 timer siden
damn my confidence really said 📈📈📈
bockpock 3 timer siden
Megan talks about where she got stallion (male horse) name from interview ---->
A Casual Guy
A Casual Guy 3 timer siden
Zone Prod.
Zone Prod. 3 timer siden
Lil baby and Dababy are better than you
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