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The biggest Rocket League free for all ever! 8 pro players vs themselves in a 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1
Thanks to our pros:
Mist: mistiwnl
Atomic: At0micRL
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Phonethip Metropole
Phonethip Metropole 14 timer siden
Were is justin
elmsy10 18 timer siden
I wanted arsenal to win just coz english football wich is ofc were i live so yh
Nils Hillenbrand
Nils Hillenbrand 18 timer siden
Squishy open nets lol
haydoss 13
haydoss 13 Dag siden
Let’s goooooooooooo arsenal soooo expected
Holliq Ahumada
Holliq Ahumada Dag siden
The sassy throne neurologically punish because antelope logistically pop since a impartial onion. tense, axiomatic latency
Dalton Doree
Dalton Doree Dag siden
Anyone know a good Ariel sensitivity for a high gold-low plat
Funny Mike
Funny Mike Dag siden
I’m on 12:52 so far. If arsenal doesn’t win I won’t like the video.
Funny Mike
Funny Mike Dag siden
T. E
T. E 2 dager siden
Who else wanted Arsenal 2 win
ihsan tokak
ihsan tokak 3 dager siden
Ian Urquhart
Ian Urquhart 3 dager siden
what happens when you sit where the ball spawns
Andy Youtub
Andy Youtub 3 dager siden
its fun seeing pros go hard ball chasing mode
Xsyum YT
Xsyum YT 5 dager siden
So many Athena flicks wow
Tom Grigolin Leão
Tom Grigolin Leão 6 dager siden
where is jstn😳
NPG Switch
NPG Switch 7 dager siden
Gentry Garrett
Gentry Garrett 7 dager siden
I am a silver.
Among us Innit
Among us Innit 8 dager siden
Do another one of these it was so good
serum 8 dager siden
That One Random Dude
That One Random Dude 8 dager siden
Papi Kevo
Papi Kevo 8 dager siden
Mx. xu9
Grimreapernugget E
Grimreapernugget E 8 dager siden
Anyone else sub before 1mil?
Christopher chrisss
Christopher chrisss 9 dager siden
MUST they leave after they score?
Nico Bullet
Nico Bullet 9 dager siden
can you make jstn vs arsenal for $500
Amir Ismat
Amir Ismat 9 dager siden
arsenal is by far my favourite rocket league player, and one of my favourites to watch hes so funny :3
KhaoZ 9 dager siden
0:20 "Only one can come out on top" *cinematics of Arsenal* nice foreshadowing
Loxg_ Riptide
Loxg_ Riptide 11 dager siden
Noooooooooo squishy
xFroxt boy
xFroxt boy 11 dager siden
I wonder why Justin wasn't in the lobby
George Dennert
George Dennert 12 dager siden
Arsenal toxic lmaoo
LightedElite 13 dager siden
Do boomer 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1
CizzerCuts Gaming
CizzerCuts Gaming 14 dager siden
Ball chasing madness
Atif Mahipal
Atif Mahipal 15 dager siden
lmao this reminds of when people used to do knockout in football.
Billy 15 dager siden
Fake ppl
That One Random Dude
That One Random Dude 8 dager siden
Wowww. This is sad. They aren’t fake 😀
Dakota Shirk
Dakota Shirk 15 dager siden
Never bet against Arsenal
Omar Alkandari
Omar Alkandari 16 dager siden
Musty should be there.
Omar Alkandari
Omar Alkandari 16 dager siden
Albert Nilsson
Albert Nilsson 16 dager siden
Yess Arsenal won yayyyyy
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 16 dager siden
What is the outro song 14:08
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 2 dager siden
Found it New day- Nbhd Nick
My Name
My Name 17 dager siden
Its legit world cup on rocket league
Dr. Abs
Dr. Abs 17 dager siden
That guys has a Stephen Hawking voice.
Kronix Spirit
Kronix Spirit 18 dager siden
Rule 1 haha
Kronix Spirit
Kronix Spirit 18 dager siden
Imagine a 1v1
Connor Hutchins
Connor Hutchins 18 dager siden
I was rooting for Chicago
Simp Police
Simp Police 19 dager siden
So fun
Carmel Osefoh
Carmel Osefoh 19 dager siden
Ryan Resplandes
Ryan Resplandes 19 dager siden
nice job keep up the good work
Bambusgamer 19 dager siden
Hey! This Ballchaising is litterally duo in gold xD (I hope i am able to leave this rank)
willia m
willia m 19 dager siden
The colorful laborer definitely found because sunflower fascinatingly flow regarding a lewd ship. whole, handy net
Doge House
Doge House 19 dager siden
U should do one with content creators
The Minecraft Ocelot
The Minecraft Ocelot 20 dager siden
Imagine jstn was in it
Momo Monkey
Momo Monkey 20 dager siden
Mrbeast + Rocket league =sunleess
Eugene Epshtein
Eugene Epshtein 21 dag siden
I thought Arsenal was gonna reply "ejhsdjkfhjh"
Amber McMillion
Amber McMillion 22 dager siden
U should do a 1v1 tourney with these guys
Luke Menounos
Luke Menounos 22 dager siden
Hi She muffins and I also called the one we won we won we won we won we won we won the World Cup
Karlo Lulic
Karlo Lulic 22 dager siden
squishy just pulled an Athena
xNition 23 dager siden
why r my comment getting removed
xNition 23 dager siden
yo ur insane at the game i will give 10k rl creds to whoever likes this comment
xNition 23 dager siden
@Danny Aaron’s Korean uncle from India np g
Danny Aaron’s Korean uncle from India
Danny Aaron’s Korean uncle from India 23 dager siden
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there jacky 😋
Daemian 23 dager siden
Not often i see Arsenal go top 3
5k Barrage
5k Barrage 23 dager siden
U just that type of NOpostr that I take my oroes and watch you nice vids dude keep it up
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 23 dager siden
Jesus is king
It wasn't me
It wasn't me 23 dager siden
does anyone know sunless is 51
Angelic 24 dager siden
I’m rooting for Squishy or Mist (before I see)
isaiah 24 dager siden
Squishy I love uour vids
D JJCW 25 dager siden
Bruh North American teams and a person is named after an English football team
Edoz 25 dager siden
Where I Come From This Is Called World Cup Willy
cOsMiC slyy
cOsMiC slyy 25 dager siden
bro i literally said at the start arsenal would win and he literally won...
What Memories
What Memories 25 dager siden
Splatomotopia 24 dager siden
Trev clips
Trev clips 26 dager siden
If you see this you should do this with youtubers istead of pro's
No Am
No Am 26 dager siden
Look at the cars spawning when he said « ball spawn play »!3:04
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid 26 dager siden
Good job arsenal
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid 26 dager siden
Sorry squishy
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid 26 dager siden
Unlucky spuishy
Apocalypse King
Apocalypse King 26 dager siden
That was super cool I really liked this video and also Arsenal congrats on the win
Apocalypse King
Apocalypse King 26 dager siden
Sunless you are just the most go to the NOpost or ever thank you so much for being out here grinding me making these golden videos just thank you so much for making my 2021 and hopefully everybody’s who is subscribe to this channel 2021 one better you are the best thank you
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 26 dager siden
I played with arsenql
Christopher Almeida
Christopher Almeida 26 dager siden
The pastoral tv philly harass because permission subjectively signal lest a knowing language. economic, bloody stream
Christopher Almeida
Christopher Almeida 26 dager siden
The pastoral tv philly harass because permission subjectively signal lest a knowing language. economic, bloody stream
CreepingMetallica91 26 dager siden
This feels like the All Star Game for RL
Breezi. 26 dager siden
Also know as king of the hill
Selam Tewolde
Selam Tewolde 26 dager siden
I feel bad any one else
Exo1 AG
Exo1 AG 27 dager siden
Good lesson sir
Exo1 AG
Exo1 AG 27 dager siden
Da bearz
Da bearz 27 dager siden
Tell me about it
Vàze Śky
Vàze Śky 27 dager siden
they all look like the don't know what mist means...
Pandatrack 27 dager siden
I have a new respect for announcers. They have to know the game better then everyone. Super fun to watch
Bill Egan
Bill Egan 27 dager siden
U must of seen my comment
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 27 dager siden
Dirt in your eye ?
Martin Veldman
Martin Veldman 27 dager siden
Rocket league world cup then eh?
Crimson Clan
Crimson Clan 28 dager siden
For any English people it’s called World Cup
RXS_Bando 28 dager siden
where is mustyyyyyy
Roman Robinson
Roman Robinson 28 dager siden
Wembley singles
Austin 921
Austin 921 28 dager siden
You gotta do this with silvers and bronze
Elliot 28 dager siden
Happy 4th Birthday
William 29 dager siden
let’s go arsenalll I was rooting for him since round 1 💪🏼 such an underrated, hilarious, and good player/content creator
I Dont Get Jokes
I Dont Get Jokes 18 dager siden
Since when was 300k underrated 😐
SoloHay 2Generos
SoloHay 2Generos 29 dager siden
Squishy mastered Athena Flick 😱😱
Hadlee Moffitt
Hadlee Moffitt 29 dager siden
I like you’re videos
KMH_ Sweaty
KMH_ Sweaty 29 dager siden
0:08 this is ROCKET LEAGUE 😂 😂 😂 😂
Marvin Granados
Marvin Granados 29 dager siden
Breyden E
Breyden E 29 dager siden
God I love Arsenal
Kj conry
Kj conry 29 dager siden
The game in real soccer is called world cup of you didn't know
Kevin Salcido
Kevin Salcido 29 dager siden
So basically world cup
Derp Y
Derp Y 29 dager siden
You should do this but with lower rank players like maybe golds
Dr Miguel
Dr Miguel 29 dager siden
Sunless: its so hard to understand what happens. Me: *watching with 144p quality
Jesse Lankheet
Jesse Lankheet 29 dager siden
Fun fact: around 1billion people got Rick rolled
TPGx GoldyLox
TPGx GoldyLox 28 dager siden
includeing youtube
Emiel Tielemans
Emiel Tielemans Måned siden
Get justin next time
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