Among Us But No One Suspects Me

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2 måneder siden

Worst and best imposter ever. Also I will have discord overlay enabled next time.
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An Account
An Account 11 dager siden
I can't believe Jordan got the dub that last game. His defense was no u with nothing added.
PC Principal -
PC Principal - 16 dager siden
Wow that one girl talking like Lucy Doll is kind of annoying.
erionna taylor
erionna taylor 21 dag siden
I thought he had a jacket on the whole time lol I didn’t know till they called him thong man lol
kyoecliipxe 22 dager siden
It just CAN'T be the captain!
Matthew Partlow
Matthew Partlow 28 dager siden
Luke Knowles
Luke Knowles Måned siden
Spoopy Beta
Spoopy Beta Måned siden
Plz tell me that’s a voice changer 🙃🙃
KaneYT Måned siden
3:42 - “The absolute CEO of card swiping.” (fails immediately)
ninja x
ninja x Måned siden
We all most address captain sparkles as the captain
Gastor Games
Gastor Games Måned siden
FUN AMONG US FACT: nav is more dangerous than elec because of how secluded it is
Abigail August
Abigail August Måned siden
When Jordan lies he blinks a lot lol 14:18
Max B
Max B Måned siden
Chillin Måned siden
I love groups like this who dont scream at eachother
TerpleDerp Måned siden
“Very much improbable” to get 2 times in a row. And then there’s the two separate times I got imposter four times in a row. Yes, on 2 imposter mode.
CaptainEmerald Måned siden
I have played among us a lot and have never gotten imposter
Gpaderx Måned siden
congrats Cap! You now have 11M Subscribers
Talon Greenlee
Talon Greenlee Måned siden
Gumi is like the character in anime that’s like 5 years old and also a serial killer
Bee Måned siden
Anytime a youtuber makes an among us video: STONKS
Justin .Y
Justin .Y Måned siden
*What is the word in which when the amount of letters it has is multiplied by 10, the answer is the definition of the word itself?* Reply ur answer. Good luck, see u around 😏
Arnab Biswas
Arnab Biswas 2 måneder siden
the bgm is too chill
Malte Almroth
Malte Almroth 2 måneder siden
2:01 that can not be the voice of a real person... like no way thats her actual voice. hearing it is like stabbing my ear with a very thin long needle i hate it, i hate it, i hate it please whoever that is shut up for the rest of your life or speak in the deepest voice you can produce and you might sound like a human.
RenchesAndSords 2 måneder siden
12:28 this exact thing happened to me. In the O2, and I even had a beautiful setup with multiple people ready to vouch for me
Matthew Calton
Matthew Calton 2 måneder siden
You put this in a video? Please tell me that wasn't your best attempt as imposter
Ghost Zero
Ghost Zero 2 måneder siden
"I am the absolute CEO of card swiping" Fantastic mydude
Влад Коршиков
Влад Коршиков 2 måneder siden
1:58 Wolfychu in the house!
Cat Ahlersmeyer
Cat Ahlersmeyer 2 måneder siden
Idk why but I find your voice so calming☺️. Thank you for providing calmness and a sense of serenity in my whirlwind of a life. ☮️
Maximus Prime Levato
Maximus Prime Levato 2 måneder siden
Bro Jordan looks buff as shit
Disciple of Jesus Christ
Disciple of Jesus Christ 2 måneder siden
it's literały every game
Michal Kate C.
Michal Kate C. 2 måneder siden
I can’t stop laughing about the one person with the really high voice
BoxTurtlePlays 2 måneder siden
I know what you mean 1:30
samtherat6 2 måneder siden
I'm sure she's a wonderful person, but my god I can't stand Gumi's voice. Is that her actual voice? It sounds like she's speaking in falsetto! If it is, what would it sound like if she actually spoke in falsetto? Good gods!
devlin9871 2 måneder siden
You should watch the game theory video on the best methods for playing the game. It’s actually best the hang out with your imposter friend.
Tyler Racero
Tyler Racero 2 måneder siden
20:02 Mason: “I was literally just doing asteroids and I was on 19/20 and all of a sudden I see *Thong Man*-“
Zach 2 måneder siden
I couldn’t stop thinking about the vocaloid GUMI
Wavey Salisbury
Wavey Salisbury 2 måneder siden
Ok but when are you gonna do mine craft murder mystery again
Owen Dragonheart
Owen Dragonheart 2 måneder siden
I quite like this, entirely up to you in the end of course, but i believe if you deem it worthy, it should go up (edited of course) on the main channel.
We360 2 måneder siden
Operator: 911, what is your emergency? Jardon: Oh, Frick halp, there is an unalived man here. This situation is very Not Swick Operator: ...
Kook House
Kook House 2 måneder siden
CREEPAH awww mannn
Dark Storm
Dark Storm 2 måneder siden
I enjoyed this, Captain
Tyler Parisi
Tyler Parisi 2 måneder siden
Jordan......I bought the game Sunday night, had a 40 crewmate streak before I was imposter once
WillowWispFlame 2 måneder siden
This is great! More Among us content is welcome here!
Meaningless Commenter
Meaningless Commenter 2 måneder siden
omg his voice gets higher when he lies
Cabooey 2 måneder siden
i miss the times u use to post party games like prop hunt and shit, but even way back when in ultra modded survival or before revenge, this shit is still a banger, I hope you only get better
Alice Sweeney
Alice Sweeney 2 måneder siden
why is cap wearing a thong?
JAC The Ripper
JAC The Ripper 2 måneder siden
I understand how you feel. I literally played 13 games in a row and never once got impostor.
Cedrick Sean Intay
Cedrick Sean Intay 2 måneder siden
The game is so good 👍👍😃😃
Theresa Godshall
Theresa Godshall 2 måneder siden
Gumi vented and you didn’t see
Brady Miller
Brady Miller 2 måneder siden
I love playing among us!!
Madison Poe
Madison Poe 2 måneder siden
I know this pain of being pointed at when I’m innocent every time
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin 2 måneder siden
I think that a good mixture of both would be good because sometimes I don't have enough time to watch a full 2-hour VOD and it makes it really convenient to have then edited for a quick 20 - 30-minute video. i think i can speak for other people here too.
Josh Sheppard
Josh Sheppard 2 måneder siden
Yes cp. Would love more of this
THEFIRE360 2 måneder siden
Amoon Us is awesome, too bad I have no friends 😂💀
Dr. Gaz Matic
Dr. Gaz Matic 2 måneder siden
Play online with strangers
Ethan Murphy
Ethan Murphy 2 måneder siden
Sparklez always blinks when’s he’s lying
Maggie the Chatty Hound
Maggie the Chatty Hound 2 måneder siden
Imagine having 10.9 million subs and not getting a million views per video. Not even getting 500K views ler video. You NEED to understand how the algorithm works, Jordan. Right now you’re finding out what happens when you follow the pack and not LEAD THE PACK.
Arth Patel
Arth Patel 2 måneder siden
Well I got imposter every game literally
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace 2 måneder siden
I’d love more of this!
Mahdhi 2 måneder siden
well there's hours of it on his second channel
Godlike Fish
Godlike Fish 2 måneder siden
That was pretty frickin swickin
Cade 2 måneder siden
Wish I knew who was talking
SirPerfectful 2 måneder siden
Holy shit that voice...imagine *forcing* your voice to sound like that.
LewisMorgg 2 måneder siden
God that one woman's voice
Robert M.
Robert M. 2 måneder siden
Jordan upon seeing the red headphones: "This is the greatest hat"
Daniel Greatness
Daniel Greatness 2 måneder siden
Who is that gumi girl?
Beth Harms
Beth Harms 2 måneder siden
Yeah this one's fun to watch
James Davis Gaming
James Davis Gaming 2 måneder siden
I literally played for 6 hours and got imposter 3 times
haileyxmariee 2 måneder siden
those two unalives at the beginning of the last round was swick
Sebastian Aleksandriytzin
Sebastian Aleksandriytzin 2 måneder siden
I just realised: his second round as an impostor, no Kara, no Gumi so of course, he's let off the hook!
Shawn Crabtree
Shawn Crabtree 2 måneder siden
This isn't CS2? For people that want to see more of this and don't watch CS2, do that, there are hours of gameplay over there.
Magic Girl
Magic Girl 2 måneder siden
It can’t be the captain
Aidan Cochran
Aidan Cochran 2 måneder siden
So when he is streaming Imposter never happens and when he is just local recording Imposter always happens!! lol
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl 2 måneder siden
The enemies have united
Nenyasha Majoboro
Nenyasha Majoboro 2 måneder siden
since when did the code have more than 4 letters
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl 2 måneder siden
2:07 wow that is some voice! who is she?
Natansh Rajgor
Natansh Rajgor 2 måneder siden
Its really unbelieveable CAPTAIn sparlez s this video has ONLY 90 HATERS with 13000 Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Davis Hines
Davis Hines 2 måneder siden
We_ Panda
We_ Panda 2 måneder siden
GUMI's voice is the worst thing I have ever heard I can't stand it. it makes it hard to watch the videos with her in it
Selman Reyhan
Selman Reyhan 2 måneder siden
I like the videos more than the streams cus it focuses more on the game instead of looking away every couple seconds to look at chat or read out notifications. It has gotten you in trouble in the past like that one time someone got killed right in front of you but you didnt see it happen as you were going through the subs
Max B
Max B 2 måneder siden
Nice I love amouuuung us
Anaxilius 2 måneder siden
I realized that Jardon actually has pretty good posture when he's sitting in a chair at his desk... Damn I need to improve. Also I heard Kara's laugh and it gave me Akagi Azur Lane PTSD. Note: When Milapede reported the body and said she saw Jordan Jardon should've said something like "That's funny because I left that room completely and suddenly you report a body in the middle of electrical. Considering that you have a guaranteed 2 votes, you only have the persuade 1 of the 2 people."
Anaxilius 2 måneder siden
@Jack Nguyen It reaches far and wide LOL
Jack Nguyen
Jack Nguyen 2 måneder siden
LMFAO Akagi AL PTSD is not something I expected to see down here
Spencer Davis
Spencer Davis 2 måneder siden
That was a satisfying last round.
Jonathan Wood
Jonathan Wood 2 måneder siden
Prefer the vods just because they aren’t cut....
TheRealKeppa 2 måneder siden
He drew the thumbnail himself
Malachi Woolfolk
Malachi Woolfolk 2 måneder siden
Me and my friends made up a strat called "Cancel Culture", you click the emergency button, say "aight, hear me out its[name here]" , and you all gotta vote that person. It doesn't sound fun but it's crazy fun. A great way to play for laughs.
SaysMason 2 måneder siden
wow, that SaysMason guy is so hot
Killin ii x
Killin ii x 2 måneder siden
I’ve played for 20 hours straight and never got imposter then a day later I got it 3 in a row skipped one then got it 4 times in a row
Chantelle Kingston
Chantelle Kingston 2 måneder siden
you should say that someone you suspect has been unmuted and everyone was quiet
Chantelle Kingston
Chantelle Kingston 2 måneder siden
You called the creator out, so they have changed it pls tell me you have read my comment
Chantelle Kingston
Chantelle Kingston 2 måneder siden
Did he change his name?
daniela 2 måneder siden
i love this video am i watched it 5 times \
Tekianna Raymond
Tekianna Raymond 2 måneder siden
Ive never laughed so hard when he became imposter for the second time in a row. Then killing 2 peopls😂😂😂😂
NGC 7635
NGC 7635 2 måneder siden
Who is the girl who sounds like she’s 11 years old?
Andrew Liang
Andrew Liang 2 måneder siden
There is an among us video among us
Libby Grace
Libby Grace 2 måneder siden
What time is the next MCC?
Chris Let
Chris Let 2 måneder siden
I was going to watch this but whoever started talking at 2 minutes omg wtf is that voice
Colton Kimbell
Colton Kimbell 2 måneder siden
Captain: I am the CEO of card swips. (card swipe declined) Me: *dies laughing*
Rune 2 måneder siden
That girls high pitched voice is annoying as hell
Steven R. Rodriguez
Steven R. Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Whenever I watch a NOpost play among us for the first time on the channel I wonder why they don’t just describe it as a ‘who done it’
Allen Park
Allen Park 2 måneder siden
Wait... there's mic in Among Us?
Johnathan R
Johnathan R 2 måneder siden
I’m glad he is starting to put among us content in the main channel
Eater of Essence
Eater of Essence 2 måneder siden
Why is this video so short? I’m used to 2 hours on gameplay.
Eater of Essence
Eater of Essence 2 måneder siden
Everyone here is from your second channel
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