The boys prepare for Molde | Behind the scenes at Arsenal training

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Måned siden

Go behind the scenes as the boys prepare for our Europa League clash with Molde in Norway.
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Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Mesut Ozil, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.
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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886 and amassed 13 League titles, 14 FA Cups. Some of their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

The Football Debate
The Football Debate 20 dager siden
Molde are awful
Mubaarig Saleeban
Mubaarig Saleeban Måned siden
Welcome arsenal theks
Ridho art pardede
Ridho art pardede Måned siden
Saya bosan akan permainan arsenal terus menerus meraih kekalahan. Saya rasa arteta gagal dalam melakukan semua nya. Ada baik nya arsenal mengeluarkan arteta dari pada ozil dari tim arsenal. Coba berikan ozil bermain dalam tim arsenal. Padahal tim arsenal yang saya cintai banyak memiliki pemain tambahan yang bagus seperti partey, william. Tapi semua nya itu sia sia. Semoga tim arsenal dapat berubah.
Abdifataah Faarah
Abdifataah Faarah Måned siden
Compass Måned siden
PEPE === Arsenal pele.
bonsai all around us
bonsai all around us Måned siden
Azeez so handsome
bisnis mikro
bisnis mikro Måned siden
We need poin for premier league.change your tactic arteta
DuttyDoes Måned siden
Tierney doesn’t feel the cold loool always in a T-shirt
Lotte McNeary
Lotte McNeary Måned siden
Arthur A
Arthur A Måned siden
Hope Azeez IN today
Bryan El
Bryan El Måned siden
Prepare for what? To lose again?🤣🤣
Epic Elia
Epic Elia Måned siden
brian 6891
brian 6891 Måned siden
I want to see ESR so bad man
Lydia Onsongo
Lydia Onsongo Måned siden
please sign eriksen
Azman Azman
Azman Azman Måned siden
Tierney is my captain!!! 👍👍💪💪
Hmingsanga Pautu
Hmingsanga Pautu Måned siden
Why Arsenal players are so weak physically than Other team? Are they really fit 100%?😞😞😞
Zhan Jin Gavin Lee
Zhan Jin Gavin Lee Måned siden
Were ozil
D Reviewer
D Reviewer Måned siden
It's very nice to see some of the youngsters training
CosmicVerse Måned siden
James Måned siden
I’m tired of watching Thursday night football😩
Turbo One
Turbo One Måned siden
I dont know why mesut ozil is not in the field and he is the best player in arsenal can you tell me why
Paul Young
Paul Young Måned siden
World beaters in training, muppets in the real game. About 70% of our team needs to go before we can see change. Spineless, weak bunch.
Jam SF
Jam SF Måned siden
RIP Diego! 😔🙏🏾
Tomisin Osijonwo
Tomisin Osijonwo Måned siden
Tierney always looking different, man is in a pink Tshirt 😂😂
Swag Måned siden
shika- HUT
shika- HUT Måned siden
0:03 Messtafi
Toán Phan
Toán Phan Måned siden
We are seeing what MiKel does, a season that was not what we wanted, lack of stability, the game is boring, not accumulating enough points in top 4.
Tony Maguire
Tony Maguire Måned siden
You got to love Tierney all the lads in bottoms and gloves ....Tierney in shorts and tee shirt ❤
PARAS Måned siden
I see you're recording with NAV's microphone.
Dunu Obinna
Dunu Obinna Måned siden
I want to see Smith-Rowe play
Floating Peaks
Floating Peaks Måned siden
Mustafi for the ballon d'or this season.
Ipanjo ch
Ipanjo ch Måned siden
Before Now
Before Now Måned siden
I believe the young guns
Wan Roslan
Wan Roslan Måned siden
mustafi in training show his skill masterclass but in reality at pitch show how his funny clown and banter joking
Anuj Thakre
Anuj Thakre Måned siden
i dont understand why arteta tell players to have attacking mindset all time , none of them try to drive air ball "none" . every epl arsenal game is sloppy and very boring to watch
Abdy Nasiir
Abdy Nasiir Måned siden
Who else is waiting for the kids v wolves match ?
david brock
david brock Måned siden
Pity Mustafi can't defend as well as he does tricks. Good to see Emile there.
Networth 2
Networth 2 Måned siden
Here for Diego Maradona😘
Prince Shiza
Prince Shiza Måned siden
Mustafi looks sharper in training😂😂😂
Kanzu Syauqi
Kanzu Syauqi Måned siden
Prepare and prepare. So many unplayed players hope for minutes. I bet they wont be played until their contract end.
effayeyeayzed Måned siden
Azeez wearing a first team number!
Ugonna Chigbo
Ugonna Chigbo Måned siden
Hopefully some of the academy lads get some minutes.COYG🔴⚪🔴.
Emin Muha
Emin Muha Måned siden
Mulan Kassim
Mulan Kassim Måned siden
I hope they will not forget all this during the match..
charlie oshea
charlie oshea Måned siden
E.B.A.H Måned siden
Last thing we need is bellerin giving young players advice...he can hardly play his own position
Aniket Roy
Aniket Roy Måned siden
Mustafi trying to be oversmart in training while in real game we all know how unsmart he is😂😂
Deva Ryantara
Deva Ryantara Måned siden
training for ?
splashman23 Måned siden
Everyone talking about Balogun and ESR and ignoring Cottrell. He's a baller
splashman23 Måned siden
Someone please give Tierney a jacket😂
Shah Irfan
Shah Irfan Måned siden
Mustafi looks ready for the transfer to barca👀
Abo Gueye Arsenal
Abo Gueye Arsenal Måned siden
Özil Özil Özil Özil
KAYONGO hamat Måned siden
Cottrell should be given a chance, he maybe small but he is capable of playing with the big boys
Kgosietsile Mogome
Kgosietsile Mogome Måned siden
T N Måned siden
Just sack this loon before we battle relegation
Holly Joy
Holly Joy Måned siden
Mikel needs to bed the younger players more and totally fringe mustafi lacazette
Tumbikani Mp
Tumbikani Mp Måned siden
Alexia B.
Alexia B. Måned siden
Tierney is just built different at this point
Lizli Elvizter Liwie
Lizli Elvizter Liwie Måned siden
I can't still trust smith
Rafi Figo
Rafi Figo Måned siden
Web Creatives
Web Creatives Måned siden
Play smith Rowe
Varun D
Varun D Måned siden
0:04 Mesut Mustafi
WestAfrica Tv
WestAfrica Tv Måned siden
Look at them !!! Soft boys not even men !!!! Get all these rubbish players out !!!!
BDG[BEDI GAMER] Måned siden
Who Thinks we will WIN With These Young Stars!
El-Messa Guzman
El-Messa Guzman Måned siden
Time for Balogun to start.
Bruno Koech
Bruno Koech Måned siden
Same old training zero results
win is good
win is good Måned siden
No Sound
Razr Sliq
Razr Sliq Måned siden
Mustafi showing us his world cup Winning skills
Allan Kimonge
Allan Kimonge Måned siden
Tierney is a beast😅🔥. My leftback👊🏽🔥
Donna Majiedt
Donna Majiedt Måned siden
RIP diego maradona, was a huge arsenal fan and you live in the heart of all arsenal fans❤️
Heru Justin
Heru Justin Måned siden
MaarengeNai Måned siden
Mustafi loves to have fun on training , explains his shitiness on the pitch
Jonno Hicks
Jonno Hicks Måned siden
Emile better shine tomorrow
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright Måned siden
OMG! Mustaffi appears! Ouch! Why is he still around?
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra Måned siden
Arteta's recruitment and team selection in EPL seem based on the players' tactical awareness and experience. He should've tried young players who are good in one-on-one situations, like Moller, Nelson, Maitland-Niles and Saka
Шохрух Олимов
Шохрух Олимов Måned siden
Kisyur Naidu
Kisyur Naidu Måned siden
I wish Arteta start Martinelli ahead of Lacazette when he returns because Martinelli has clinical finish
Dominic Kaunda
Dominic Kaunda Måned siden
We really miss martiniel hope to see him soon
MOJO jojo6
MOJO jojo6 Måned siden
Belleein probably saying to other teammate how not to pass ball to pepe
Kumar Sharma
Kumar Sharma Måned siden
@0:18 Mustafi practising to give a hand ball penalty.
S.P. Libin
S.P. Libin Måned siden
This comment deserve atleast 10k likes
Dan iel
Dan iel Måned siden
I really miss ozil tho
Agung Saputra
Agung Saputra Måned siden
So this is our levels now💪 arteta masterclass😂
Harry Saroy
Harry Saroy Måned siden
Wish them the best
emmanuel Forson
emmanuel Forson Måned siden
Lol mustafi doing around the world, please don’t let him anywhere starting tomo
VN TECHY Måned siden
Pray for my telegram friend Lkb to come back online in telegram
VN TECHY Måned siden
Pray for me to become any European Professional football club footballer
David Agustin
David Agustin Måned siden
Mustafi explaining handball rule @ 0:18
És lo Major del Brazil
És lo Major del Brazil Måned siden
Easy training. 👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😒😒😒😒😒😒.
Ditto Bagus Pradana
Ditto Bagus Pradana Måned siden
Who is the boy with a dreadlock ?
JTV73 Måned siden
1:23 Couldnt wait could you Dani
Khalil Hashi
Khalil Hashi Måned siden
Boring arsenal 😔😔
parinam kc
parinam kc Måned siden
happy for all the young guys getting to travel with the first team but miss W. Saliba. Man played number one league in France and still can't play for Europe doesn't sound right. but COYG. RIP maradona
kalid kader
kalid kader Måned siden
Bellerin should be practicing throw ins..
brian kaaya
brian kaaya Måned siden
Anxious all of a sudden
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar Måned siden
I dont know why it is getting boring to watch arsenal. Doesnt give the same feeling. Feel like missing wenger eventhough being thrash but it is fun to watch us. If just wenger got the defence
11590red Måned siden
why do we train first touch attacking football in training then proceeded with no direction wing spam wannabe system in the real match..
Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka Måned siden
I love Tierney. It actually shows how strong he is. Rocking shorts and t shirt in the water. 🔥🔥💯💯
sp c
sp c Måned siden
cos he is scottish, AKA braveheart
Prince Ebenezer
Prince Ebenezer Måned siden
Pneumonia is real
Davin Dawa
Davin Dawa Måned siden
RMP. !Attacker fake
RMP. !Attacker fake Måned siden
We dont need extra midfielders. We've already had Azeez and Smith-Rowe.
Toothlesst hemega
Toothlesst hemega Måned siden
Yeah but think about it: We can't buy a creative midfielder cos the t.window is closed and meagre transfer funds when its open Arteta won't play Ozil even if we're at the brink of relegation Arteta won't play academy products cos he doesn't have faith( he'd rather play em duds) In short--- we're fu**ed big time
TeenAnime 31
TeenAnime 31 Måned siden
Wow Mustafi can juggle also lol
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