The Weeknd - Too Late (Official Music Video)

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Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Too Late"- 'After Hours" available everywhere now:

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Directed by: Cliqua // @cliquamundo
Starring: Ashley Smith, Kenzie Harr & Ken XY
Production Company: Florence //
Executive Producer: Alli Maxwell
Producer: Luke Arreguin, Huffman Creative // @huffmancreative
Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman // @isaacbauman
Gaffer: Josh Atkin
Key Grip: Marlow Nunez
1st AD: Bashir Taylor
Production Designer: Terry Watson
SFX: Russell FX
Stylist: Lisa Madonna
Makeup: Nicole Sanchez
Post Production: Ethos Studio // @ethos_studio
Executive Producer: James Drew
Head of Production: Brittany Carson, Head of Production
VFX Supervisor: Peter Timberlake
Editor: Chad Sarahina
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli


No-no, no-no, no-no-no
I let you down, I led you on
I never thought I'd be here without you
Don't let me drown inside your arms
Bad thoughts inside my mind
When the darkness comes, you're my light, baby
My light, baby, my light when it's dark, yeah
I'm too high, baby, too high, baby
'Cause I know right now, that I lost it (hey)
It's way too late to save our souls, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes, I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my
I can't trust (I can't trust) where I live (where I live)
Anymore (anymore, anymore, anymore)
Sources say that we're done, how would they know?
We're in hell, it's disguised as a paradise with flashing lights
I just wanna believe there's so much more (hey, woo, hey, woo, hey)
It's way too late to save our souls, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes, I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my
And, ooh, I tell myself I should get over you
I said ooh, I know I'd rather be all over you
I'm trying, trying, but I, I just want your body
Riding slow on top of me, girl, on top of me
I want you, babe, ooh-ooh
It's way too late (late) to save our souls
Baby (souls, baby, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes (mistakes), I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my

#TheWeeknd #TooLate #AfterHours

lIMZEY 18 minutter siden
Wow this was intense and fucking glorious
Holly Mahe
Holly Mahe Time siden
2:58. best part
Luna Vondeling
Luna Vondeling 2 timer siden
i was actually watching ? maybe someone should give me some wisdom
Charles M. Calflooking Jr
Charles M. Calflooking Jr 2 timer siden
Sasquatch Banging Vibes
Українська принцеса-воїн
Українська принцеса-воїн 4 timer siden
WAP wut?
Miguel Vasquez
Miguel Vasquez 5 timer siden
Woah wierdest but goodest song ive heard
Minh Nguyễn
Minh Nguyễn 6 timer siden
still feeling weird everytime
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 6 timer siden
I keep coming back to this masterpiece.
Osiris OG
Osiris OG 8 timer siden
Head hunter
Ngalan A
Ngalan A 8 timer siden
Que asco !!!!! 😂
cricket69 9 timer siden
get rid of the red coat and square 60s style glasses. videos dont need to have blood in them. good singer but videos and outfits suck
David Pereira
David Pereira 10 timer siden
caralho so musica top ... SALVE THE WEEKND
SERIK 12 timer siden
Как раз только что смотрел серию сериала Brassic, там где они голову одного чувака пришили к телу другого🤣🤣🤣 Совпадение?
Watchu doin Brad
Watchu doin Brad 13 timer siden
Four words AYO WTF
Juan David Velasquez
Juan David Velasquez 14 timer siden
You never know what happen in the hood
Angélica Del Valle
Angélica Del Valle 14 timer siden
anyone hearing craig david vibes????? lol
Understanding Tokyo
Understanding Tokyo 15 timer siden
this man always one ups himself
Nirel Sheriff
Nirel Sheriff 15 timer siden
that....... was...... so....... 𝔽𝕌ℂ𝕂𝔼𝔻........ 𝕌ℙ!! ❤️Bᴜᴛ ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴅ ɪᴛ❤️
Samir Palacios Padilla
Samir Palacios Padilla 15 timer siden
Este artista es genial
Säde Official
Säde Official 16 timer siden
How is no one talking about the "How rude!" part at the beginning? Gives me Full House vibes XD and it fits the whole 80s theme!
Tashanti Golden
Tashanti Golden 16 timer siden
Im Back After 5 Days, I Completely Love This Video.
Basi He
Basi He 17 timer siden
Hownis this not age resericted
Motherland Tribe Records
Motherland Tribe Records 17 timer siden
Imagine Michael Jackson is The Weekend
T H E M A U R O 17 timer siden
Ya enserio que wea
T H E M A U R O 17 timer siden
Siiiiii necrofila wuuuuyXD
ICECREAM MUGz Yt 18 timer siden
Uhhh kids watching dis u kno😅
Crab_ Abble
Crab_ Abble 18 timer siden
Okay but the man they killed was fine ✋😩
Aiman Salon
Aiman Salon 18 timer siden
Astaghfirullah aladzim.
sunsalia 19 timer siden
Oh, I get goosebumps from the ending of the song!...
Olena Semenova
Olena Semenova 20 timer siden
sick minded.
Jesse Walters
Jesse Walters 21 time siden
He's constantly ripping on Bella Hadid? Correct? Her "it girl" ways??
Ali Karol
Ali Karol 21 time siden
The snake/reptilian patterned clothes in the first shot.......
Elona Koxhaj
Elona Koxhaj Dag siden
Δ Φ β Φ Δ
Δ Φ β Φ Δ Dag siden
When a music video tells more story than a Netflix movie
ReaperKing 1220
ReaperKing 1220 Dag siden
Wtf did I just watch
Glenn Mckay
Glenn Mckay Dag siden
Disturbingly bad.
Kusum Dag siden
Who else is addicted to this song😩 I just cant stop listening to it
aygo Dag siden
So not many in this comment section got the meaning or any meaning at all and just focused on, “that’s creepy” or “that’s weird”. As if he has ever been a plain-vanilla-on-the-nose artist? Maybe go back to the beginning and watch and listen your way up his records instead of trying to start here.
Extreme Beast Reaction
Extreme Beast Reaction Dag siden
Is his face different in the ‘save your tears’ video because his head came off?
Extreme Beast Reaction
Extreme Beast Reaction Dag siden
Forgot this was even a music video
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Dag siden
Gautami Deshpande
Gautami Deshpande Dag siden
In your eyes the weekend gets body cut off where here he gets rejoined thats great
plastere bare
plastere bare Dag siden
Is that raincoat? yes it is!!
X X Dag siden
I want to be famous just so i can tell stories like this
The Jetset Mike
The Jetset Mike Dag siden
At the beginning of the video: they got head At the end of the video: they got head
Carmen Del Rey
Carmen Del Rey Dag siden
Anywaysss listen to Chemtrails Over The Country Club by Lana Del Rey! Similar video experience but from a woman's perspective.
Alexandria Braxton
Alexandria Braxton Dag siden
Hi guys, wondering can you help me out..I’m looking 3 years for the song I posted on my NOpost channel..can anyone please identify the song it’s so annoying..Shazam does recognise it✨
Shadoa 815
Shadoa 815 Dag siden
Even though I don't like this because I grew up on a different style of music, I understand why the current generation loves it. It's cyclical. Ya'll lovin' this are gonna hate whatever comes out 20 years from now too, etc etc etc... and its all good! Whatever vibes with ya now is a good thing. I'll be listening to my jams :)
Viviane Matos
Viviane Matos Dag siden
Clip diabólico horrível 😕
artsychiara Dag siden
I feel like if I were a kid stumbling across this video I wouldnt be able to sleep for months.
ana Moise
ana Moise Dag siden
Firts head transplant in the world?!
•lovley dovely•
•lovley dovely• Dag siden
Why is this so dirty but such a great music vido
Morphiuz Dag siden
I love how there is a connected story in the videos.
doug tuduff
doug tuduff Dag siden
Bizarre 🙀
Alma Alma
Alma Alma Dag siden
This is mine blowing how is this possible to put on a screen an artist showing a murder of Mr.’s murder how dare you how dare you you piece of shit how do you do you the music industry allowed to do this this is mine blowing a murder on a screen what is it represent telling the world are you go ahead and show your freak and it’s OK to kill what is this represent I’m calling the fucking universe of the president to explain this to me what is this fucking mean rest presenting
Carolina Sullca Pinto
Carolina Sullca Pinto Dag siden
Jon Munday
Jon Munday Dag siden
OMFG the beat from 4:37 til the end is absolutely fcking INSANE!! The Weekend is such a genius, his music hits waaaay different than everybody else's
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs TV Series
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs TV Series Dag siden
3:17 - 3:32 Cut the Neck 😱😱😱
Abel z abrha
Abel z abrha Dag siden
Next episode
Ольга Оллыкайнен
Ольга Оллыкайнен Dag siden
karla Gray
karla Gray Dag siden
My favourite song on the album ! The greatest album ever made absolutely love it !
Iury Borges
Iury Borges Dag siden
Dream Marshall
Dream Marshall 2 dager siden
wellcome to the hell brother.
1chatterhead 2 dager siden
yeh not satanic at all right peeps
Charlie Uwu
Charlie Uwu 2 dager siden
5:08 GAYLE???!!!
Charlie Uwu
Charlie Uwu 2 dager siden
i am so in love with this video and song... it's absolutely unhinged. the entire thing is so cathartic in a weird way. where do i sign up to have two plastic ladies turn me into a sexy frankenstein?
t Lombo
t Lombo 2 dager siden
After seeing this video I can never listen to this song again
Charlie Uwu
Charlie Uwu 2 dager siden
their plastic surgeons watching this: DON'T GET THE DRESSINGS WET! OH MY F*CKING GOD!
Monica Checa
Monica Checa 2 dager siden
Yennefer Vengerberg
Yennefer Vengerberg 2 dager siden
Hadid sisters are exposed now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carolyn Keller
Carolyn Keller 2 dager siden
Shack D
Shack D 2 dager siden
Omg 😳 wen man viel hat
hanin Ali
hanin Ali 2 dager siden
Silent hill nurses
yoscelyn silva peña
yoscelyn silva peña 2 dager siden
Klesk Quake
Klesk Quake 2 dager siden
Fanatici esibizionisti.. ieri o tirato giù una bestia bella grande.. Vallo a dire hai genitori.. 👽 ciao senatrice...
Alex Alexander
Alex Alexander 2 dager siden
Reminds me of one of his old songs
konkul 2 dager siden
Addicted to the song
Ariella S.
Ariella S. 2 dager siden
Visualmente impactante....amei
Jada 2 dager siden
the fact that they’re playing his song as a ad
Jada 2 dager siden
he never disappoints
יהוה 2 dager siden
I can see You cliqua, You aren't the eye, i'm the one, i'm the only eye.
saad 2 dager siden
is he throwing shade on gigi & bella hadid?
Faded Sophomore
Faded Sophomore 2 dager siden
Are these the Vanderbilt twins from white chicks?
Rapafella urban poetry
Rapafella urban poetry 2 dager siden
this nigga shooting up heroin.....TF is this?
Jhong Duran
Jhong Duran 2 dager siden
4:18 😮😮😮🤭🤭🤭🤤🤤🤤
Ro Ca
Ro Ca 2 dager siden
No mames estas locooooo
marichan nya
marichan nya 2 dager siden
Half Pink
Half Pink 2 dager siden
Eu Kaique
Eu Kaique 2 dager siden
plot twist: the plastic sisters are kim kardashian and kylie jenner
Geovanna Borges
Geovanna Borges 2 dager siden
Essas top
Neewen Niroula
Neewen Niroula 2 dager siden
Where The F Is My Head ?
ROMAN MILES 2 dager siden
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 2 dager siden
*thanks to spy_tools09 on Instagram for cloning my phone with no stress*
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 2 dager siden
*thanks to spy_tools09 on Instagram for cloning my phone with no stress*
Hidan Kirito
Hidan Kirito 2 dager siden
"I feel tighter" 🙂
Gabrielle Kendall
Gabrielle Kendall 3 dager siden
That shit needs to be deleted. Absolutely disgusting and wrong Fucking sick
Aakash Kuttu
Aakash Kuttu 3 dager siden
That plastic surgery scene was the clue for what's coming in save your tears
4 God
4 God 3 dager siden
This really fit my life since i sold my soul and lost my wife
Cyber Gee
Cyber Gee 3 dager siden
joe kole
joe kole 3 dager siden
Here is my favourite songs of the year: Blinding Light/ Save your tears/Heartless/ In Your eyes and Too Late. But The Weekend nothing is too late for you and I wish all the best for your life, but do not forget to give your life to God because he still love and need you more everything. and again do not forget the music industry is satanic because you are controlled by the secret society, but I’ll pray for you and God will make you a grace to change your life. Just Good luck
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