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Danys 2channel Osler
Danys 2channel Osler 22 timer siden
What was your first call of duty you had and what console was it on
Nicholas Dillon
Nicholas Dillon Dag siden
at 36:15 when he goes down to megaton he says its a bug no its not its just that you didnt do enough damage to it so therefore it didnt split.
Mira KrĂĄl
Mira KrĂĄl 2 dager siden
how to log in this mods ? :) i have only arcade and endless :( dont have normal map zombie
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann 4 dager siden
The military vulture evocatively walk because bench supply whistle above a hilarious environment. educated, wiggly greek
Jed1_wp 20 dager siden
HOW DO YOU GET THAT???????????????????????????????
Andrew Benson
Andrew Benson 25 dager siden
Every one is gonna be looking back at this
yeet yee campbell
yeet yee campbell 28 dager siden
yeet yee campbell
yeet yee campbell 28 dager siden
Cheat codes
Joseph Tilley
Joseph Tilley 29 dager siden
How did u get all those maps?
Carson Yepa
Carson Yepa MĂ„ned siden
Is this map real
MrTrashCan 17
MrTrashCan 17 MĂ„ned siden
We need a transit remastered
IRG_ivan 356
IRG_ivan 356 MĂ„ned siden
How do I put the knife and have a weapon when I start
Saigon Henry
Saigon Henry MĂ„ned siden
How you get Nuketown zombies ?
The Life Of Will
The Life Of Will MĂ„ned siden
None of your teammates give a F about the objective lol practically free for all
The Dark Angel Assassin Prince
The Dark Angel Assassin Prince MĂ„ned siden
I don’t get why Xbox didn’t get this as well cause PlayStation isn’t that special
Drippy 06
Drippy 06 MĂ„ned siden
I hope yk you just made me seem like a dickhead for playing snd
James Rea
James Rea MĂ„ned siden
Is onslaught the PS only dlc?
Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce MĂ„ned siden
Really killed me when he started playing onslaught and talked in game for a solid 10 mins
M T MĂ„ned siden
I unsubscribed because of your pineapple hatred
Eric Freeman
Eric Freeman MĂ„ned siden
I keep getting bugged out xp progression bar with random ticking russian
Eric Freeman
Eric Freeman MĂ„ned siden
why you always make chat member only. Dat sucks!
Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons MĂ„ned siden
Should of just been nuketown zombies from both with better graphics
john silvey
john silvey MĂ„ned siden
Ring of fire for this mode all day but I only played onslaught one time and I hate it so much it’s like so f bad
john silvey
john silvey MĂ„ned siden
NinjaWithAPistol MĂ„ned siden
Jesus... another Nuketown? Just let it die already!
Cortland Owen
Cortland Owen MĂ„ned siden
There’s a nuketown zombies map?
Carlos Winchester
Carlos Winchester MĂ„ned siden
Sony exklusive wich is bullshit
Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons MĂ„ned siden
No there's just nuketown 84 but you can shoot zombies. Nothing as good as bo2 nuketown zombies
Hey Braeden Aulicino
Hey Braeden Aulicino MĂ„ned siden
Wow that intro bro And the music man
Crazy_killer 1112
Crazy_killer 1112 MĂ„ned siden
Here's how they should fix they gamemode 1. Replace it with actual nuketown zombies
Kyle Pajarito
Kyle Pajarito MĂ„ned siden
Dude.. please don't play Domination or objective based Multiplayer modes if you're just going for kills. It's extremely frustrating for everyone actually trying to play the game. 46 Eliminations with only 1 Objective is honestly disgusting and most likely the reason you lost that round. Just play Team Death Match or Free for All if you only go for kills. Please..
Vlazurah MĂ„ned siden
PlayStation exclusive game mode? What a joke of a game lmao
RMTGAMER MĂ„ned siden
kind of sus that the nuketown zombies map is only a ps4/ps5 exclusive
BadGirl 1507
BadGirl 1507 MĂ„ned siden
Hey so I mentioned you in a tweet coz I’m actually wondering if it was you who joined my live stream earlier on today as it’s the exact name on ur channel and my livestream
Michael Worsley
Michael Worsley MĂ„ned siden
Noah I love you, but you are NOT playing with some of the best players online, I promise you that
Tippy Gaming 804
Tippy Gaming 804 MĂ„ned siden
Wassup bro that was me playing with you
Tyrone Wilson
Tyrone Wilson MĂ„ned siden
u trash asf u keep getting killed
Tanner Golden
Tanner Golden MĂ„ned siden
You make zero sense.. Let's not have console wars but have "which game is better" wars? Xbox Series X literally specs-wise is more powerful. Playstation this year is falling short on so many different aspects like Specs, Exclusives, etc. If you purchased a Playstation 5 you scammed yourself. I'd rather debate over which console is better since the games depend on the hardware of the consoles. I'd say the Xbox would last 2-3 more years than Playstation 5 possibly even longer. Who has more money to create more games and more powerful consoles? Microsoft. These are facts, not opinions.
dusty krow
dusty krow MĂ„ned siden
So what is taking them so long to release this on Xbox
dusty krow
dusty krow MĂ„ned siden
@Metalhead I get that but like regular nuke town is on Xbox already why would this game mode take a year to reach Xbox are they completely holding off just to be in playstations pocket like an exclusivity deal if the game mode is done I don’t understand waiting a year for a port
Metalhead MĂ„ned siden
PS gets on their knees for cod and they coddle them to damnation
TheCorne87 MĂ„ned siden
Greatest map of all time 😅 ?
Connorbops 123
Connorbops 123 MĂ„ned siden
Wheres the pc map at? XD
I fIjI
I fIjI MĂ„ned siden
I think I found a new Easter egg on Newtown
Lyndon Cruz
Lyndon Cruz MĂ„ned siden
do u have too get a ps5 to play coldwar
Walker Frink
Walker Frink MĂ„ned siden
NAH, NUKE TOWN ZOMBIES DIED, A, LONG, TIME, AGO, like serious it is literally the least involved map, its lack of creativity to just keep on moving to the next game and the next and the next like, jesus, it is rediculous how long and how many times Nuketown has been added or revamped, LAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE
PolarBro Omega
PolarBro Omega MĂ„ned siden
Onslaught was 100% a sledgehammer games decision omegalul
Aidan James
Aidan James MĂ„ned siden
Noah: NUKETOWN ZOMBIES me(watches entire video sees not nuketown zombies gameplay just playing nuketown then zombies) Also me: Noah WHYYYYYHH
Roni Macaroni
Roni Macaroni MĂ„ned siden
No one is ever gonna like your comment. sry bud i know u tried
James Prentice
James Prentice MĂ„ned siden
he forgot the comma Nuketown, zombies 😒
Romanian Boy
Romanian Boy MĂ„ned siden
Evan Traiteler
Evan Traiteler MĂ„ned siden
How do u get these maps r they modded
Isaiah yeh
Isaiah yeh MĂ„ned siden
does anybody know the intro song
Munsey Supreme
Munsey Supreme MĂ„ned siden
😂 Pulled a Lex! Gets killed legit and yells glitch 😂 love you though Noah.
Asdfqwert 2 mÄneder siden
1:39:11 sbmm in a nutshell
Big Simp Tyrone
Big Simp Tyrone 2 mÄneder siden
Just bought it at gamestop, any tips for a noob?
Erik B
Erik B 2 mÄneder siden
RAINDROPS 2330 2 mÄneder siden
Bro cold war is fire the zombies have guns
G-Sxvage 2 mÄneder siden
MixTapMTF 2 mÄneder siden
@G-Sxvage *LOL* INDEED
G-Sxvage 2 mÄneder siden
MixTapMTF 2 mÄneder siden
Amar Rashed
Amar Rashed 2 mÄneder siden
uncharted7again black king
uncharted7again black king 2 mÄneder siden
If this is nuketown zombies is an embarrassment to bo2 zombies and what they did with that because this is trash in my opinion I'd rather just play their first map seriously
uncharted7again black king
uncharted7again black king 2 mÄneder siden
Ummmm is anyone else like ummm did he just say that but is playing 1:30 I mean I'm not dumb lol
Johnny Trotts
Johnny Trotts 2 mÄneder siden
Johnny Trotts
Johnny Trotts 2 mÄneder siden
Use a atom and a Semtex that will work out
im rezzurrecsion
im rezzurrecsion 2 mÄneder siden
Why can't I see the onslaught Playlist??
John Smith
John Smith 2 mÄneder siden
It’s PS4 exclusive which is stupid
Cole Buescher
Cole Buescher 2 mÄneder siden
is this real
Oliver Wheeler
Oliver Wheeler 2 mÄneder siden
How do you use the knife with the M16 equipped as your primary?!
lil bans
lil bans 2 mÄneder siden
Dude play the game an stop talking for money
USB_ Light
USB_ Light 2 mÄneder siden
Use the Gallo
Jays BoomWorx
Jays BoomWorx 2 mÄneder siden
Bad title for this content
qebx Fn
qebx Fn 2 mÄneder siden
You sound like courage jd
Gallardo's Goonz
Gallardo's Goonz 2 mÄneder siden
Carlos Hour
Carlos Hour 2 mÄneder siden
13:49 looks like you're shooting a scooby doo villain lol
bonnie the bonnie
bonnie the bonnie 2 mÄneder siden
Stay with zombie.... u sux at multiplayer...and u make it worse when u try convince chat ur good at aiming and u being match made with peeps who are pro... lol.... pathetic.. stay true to who uare and stop lie ur self.
Masked Nobody
Masked Nobody 2 mÄneder siden
Sekiro is better then dark soul hands down
Subby 2 mÄneder siden
Bit not better than Bloodborne IMO. It’s all opinions after all.
Tashawn Dancy
Tashawn Dancy 2 mÄneder siden
Yes it is out
Matt Horan
Matt Horan 2 mÄneder siden
Cant go down on me man I don’t much to get you up....... goes down a second later
Emeri Little Owl
Emeri Little Owl 2 mÄneder siden
I have no clue how to join in on live streams and chat but would rele love to get involved. Have lots of ideas.
Trevor 2 mÄneder siden
i miss the og nuketown zombies :(
Da homie Joe
Da homie Joe 2 mÄneder siden
I have the worst luck in the world i got banned the day nuketown came out
MrTheVOne 2 mÄneder siden
45 commercials... 45????? This is just unwatchable
Stephen G
Stephen G 2 mÄneder siden
Noah why do u even bother playing MP when all u do is complain about SBMM the entire time? I dont disagree with u but I also see the reason it was implemented. Its not really fun for other players if ur just clappin em the entire time and the only person really having fun is u because ur level 50 and they are all level 2 gamers but I also think its silly that once u rank u so high u have to literally mainline mountain dews and redbulls just to not die every 2 seconds in the game; there needs to be a middle ground. Either more customization on the user end, ie u can turn SBMM on and off or they make more game modes to choose from, ie full on 100% SBMM maps like u see now in COD or something like a "lite" SBMM or no SBMM maps like we used to basically get back in the MW2 days. Mix up the players so u get some bad, some mediocre and some poggers all together. This way if u just wanna have fun, u can choose those maps and if u want to get the sweatband out, u can choose those maps then as well. This would seem logical seeing as in the end, u can break down COD players to just two categories; the I just want to have fun ranking up/playing with the homies or I want to become the next Tfue.... I wish COD would cater to the former more because there are way more people wanting to just play and have fun than there are ones who wanna sweat it out 24/7 on the daily playing this game.
Ethan Babb
Ethan Babb 2 mÄneder siden
What game is the one with the sword and dragon from in noah's animations?
Ryan James
Ryan James 17 dager siden
CANAMSHREDDER 2 mÄneder siden
So where’s the nuke town zombies? Or did I misread it
David Dragoon
David Dragoon 2 mÄneder siden
This is a broken game I regretted buying it can't even do the Easter egg
sket123 flamez
sket123 flamez 2 mÄneder siden
are they the same zombies from cod mobile and pubg mobile
Retro RiDz
Retro RiDz 2 mÄneder siden
I haven't seen nuketown zombies on my selection of maps just DIE why is this can anyone help
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright 2 mÄneder siden
Its ps4/5 only mode
Aniceto Gonzales
Aniceto Gonzales 2 mÄneder siden
You fucekn restarted? Why name the video nuketown zombies gameplay when it’s not that at all? Like wtf
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 2 mÄneder siden
How to find onslaught nuke town Xbox one
Alexander Cano
Alexander Cano 2 mÄneder siden
Pineapple goes on pizza đŸ•đŸ€Ł
Sinister Surfer
Sinister Surfer 2 mÄneder siden
Have the power lines always moved so much from explosions?
REALityCHECK82 2 mÄneder siden
Console wars are necessary just like AND vs Nvidia, competition is healthy & pushes corporations to do better, even if some fans can be toxic
Bun 030
Bun 030 2 mÄneder siden
Bro a good Hawaii pizza is the best shit ever
Colton McCrackin
Colton McCrackin 2 mÄneder siden
I didn’t see nuke town zombies, I saw nuketown and then some zombies on a different map 😐
Shady for the win
Shady for the win 2 mÄneder siden
I got clickbaited and I’m not even mad
CastSlimShady 2 mÄneder siden
Wait is that a mod or is that made by treyarch
Anime Overlord
Anime Overlord 2 mÄneder siden
Downside dn
Downside dn 2 mÄneder siden
Seeing NoahJ talking in game to Onslaught players as he streams.
Fat Louie X
Fat Louie X 2 mÄneder siden
Onslaught needs packed weapons... and obviously a different boss. It just simply uninteresting to kill that same boss over and over.
Mysticpeanut_boi 74
Mysticpeanut_boi 74 2 mÄneder siden
The beginning made me pop laughing
Zenowitz22 2 mÄneder siden
Idk Noah expects to be competitive in close range with a sniper. Shouldnt even be the case
JUSTACODOLAYER gg 2 mÄneder siden
where can i buy merchandise please"?
Gl1TcH 2 mÄneder siden
As I was watching in the living room My sister said turn it off And to that I said No there my family..... the most WISE thing I’ve ever said
The Silent Gamer
The Silent Gamer 2 mÄneder siden
How many adverts Money grabbing ass
Money Plug
Money Plug 2 mÄneder siden
Who wants to make money tap in who hasn’t filed for unemployment 18+ and all banks hit instant 5k , unemployment is 15k next day LETS WORK
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