The ASMR Bee Movie

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Well well well. We did it. I won't type a lot here because I say most of it in the intro... (sorry that's so long)
Skip to 10:28 for the countdown!
The countdown and the timestamps in the bottom left once the movie starts are synced to American Netflix version of the Bee Movie, but hopefully it will work for all versions of it! (it starts with the dreamworks title). I highly recommend you play the official Bee Movie on another window or screen while you watch this ASMR version, as it's designed to match 1:1!!!!!
Thank you so much for 3 million subscribers. Thank you sO much for watching, and enabling me... ahahah. Thank you a million times to the incredible friends who helped me create this.
Please check out everyone's channel!! They all worked so hard and are wonderful, wonderful people to support. Credits at the end as well :) Creators, feel free to sound off in the comments which part you played too!!
Credits in alphabetical order:
ALB in whisperland ASMR - Adam Flayman
Amy Kay ASMR - Group Bee, Keychain Bee
Angelica - Layton T Montgomery, Hector
April’s ASMR - Custodian, Group Human
Articulate Design ASMR - Bob Bumble, Group Bee
ASMattR ASMR - Pollen Jock #4, Voice of Radio
ASMR Azlin - Cow
ASMR BlueKatie - Anna (Woman in Vanessa’s apartment)
ASMR Darling - Martin Benson
ASMR Glow - Artie
ASMR Shanny - Lou Lo Duca
ASMR Sharm - Bud Ditchwater
ASMR Sound Waves - Ladybug
ASMRKitten - Control Tower Operator
ASMRMagic - Security Guard, TSA Agent
ASMRplanet - Waterbug
Atlas ASMR - Pollen Jock #3
Batala’s ASMR - Judge Bumbleton
Busy B ASMR - Boy in Park, Mosquito
Caroline ASMR - Bee News Reporter #2
Chynaunique ASMR - Announcer
Creative Calm ASMR - Girl Bee #2
Danny Docile ASMR - Sting
Darker4Serenity ASMR - Dean Buzzwell, Mooseblood
DizzyKitten ASMR - Human News Reporter #2
Dong ASMR - Bee Camera Man, Group Human
Fabled Fawn ASMR - Pollen Jock Announcer, Group Bee
Fairy Char ASMR - Bee Protestor, Group Human
fastASMR - Jeanette Chung
FredsVoice ASMR - Truck Drivers
FrivolousFox ASMR - Uncle Carl
Gibi ASMR - Barry B Benson, Vanessa Bloome, Janet Benson
Goodnight Moon - Pilot Scott
Jama ASMR - Group Human
Jingle Jangle ASMR - Group Human
Jocie B ASMR - Mosquito, Bee Protestor
Jojo’s ASMR - Bear, Mosquito
Julieta ASMR - Group Human
Karuna Satori ASMR - Ray Liotta
KAYsmr - Baby in Car
KimmyKASMR - Bee in Apartment
LatreceASMR - Human Passerby
LauraLemurex ASMR - Bee in Front of Line
Lily Whispers ASMR - Human News Reporter #1
Little Bird ASMR - Court Announcer
Lynn Cinnamon ASMR - Sniper
Madi ASMR - Group Human
Marno ASMR - Co-Pilot Hal
Matty Tingles - Andy
Oceans ASMR - Child in Car
Peace and Saraity ASMR - Klauss, Grandma in Car
Phoenician Sailor - Worker #2
PierreG ASMR - Grasshopper
PoggleDrop ASMR - Bicyclist
Prim ASMR - Supermarket Employee
RaffyTaphyASMR - Bee Larry King
Rapunzel ASMR - Girl Bee #1
Ruby True ASMR - Worker #1
Sarah Lavender ASMR - Traffic Police
Scottish Murmurs ASMR - Pollen Jock #2
Slight Sounds ASMR - Princess on Float
Smidjen ASMR - Bee with Clipboard
Soft ASMR - Newspaper Bee
SophieMichelle ASMR - Bee News Narrator
SouthernASMR Sounds - Mom in Car
The ASMR Ryan - Pollen Jock #1
The White Rabbit ASMR - Lawyer
Tingting ASMR - Bee News Crew #1
Tiptoe Tingles ASMR - Car Driver
VisualSounds1 ASMR - Tour Guide
Non-ASMRtist Friends Who Also Slayed It
Shawn Saris / The Vestman - Beekeeper #1 /@MrTheVestman
Denis J - Beekeeper #2 /@_DenisJ
Bill Hillsman - Tea Granny, Bee Sucking Honey /@UncleBilvo
Ben - Ken /@BenDKnee53
Satine - Dog in Car
RivvsOfficial - Group Bee, Bee Scientist #1 /@RivvsOfficial
James - Group Bee, Guy in Flowered Shirt, Bee Scientist #2 /@JamesHime2
Artbynips - Dad in car /@artbynips
Ace - Narrator :) (and mastermind of this whole project)

AceMR Måned siden
Day 415: Gibi is finally uploading Bee Movie ASMR... It has been a long journey, but it was a team effort. Anyone who ever up voted a comment you are the reason this happened. Thanks for the crazy ride, you are all legends! It's been a wild ride, signing off for now...
HalfCold HalfHot
HalfCold HalfHot 3 timer siden
It finally happened my guy, all the effort wasn't for nothing Congrats
KAZO SASO Dag siden
Riley 188
Riley 188 2 dager siden
Elijah Valle
Elijah Valle 2 dager siden
o7 A true soldier who fought for his fellow ASMRicans, a Legend no doubt, he shall go down in history.
chickendabest boi
chickendabest boi 3 dager siden
Emilio Santiago
Emilio Santiago 2 timer siden
You are amazing gibi I think I spelled your name wrong any ways you are great for making this
Cody Phillips
Cody Phillips 4 timer siden
ill probalty stumble across a cringe comp of this
Moon Riser
Moon Riser 4 timer siden
XDDDDDDD wow this is a lot of work
[]something[] uwu
[]something[] uwu 5 timer siden
at 14:49 there was a pepper pig car :0
Aaron Hull
Aaron Hull 5 timer siden
Tank Man
Tank Man 6 timer siden
Me: mom can we get the bee movie? Mom: we have it at home The bee movie at home:
Agustin Magne
Agustin Magne 8 timer siden
I love it when people get together and do stuff like this. Not that I have ever seen anything like this. But you get my point.
Directioner Forever
Directioner Forever 11 timer siden
Ok I know I shouldn’t be laughing but like no hate I live her vids but this is so good
Michelle Carmona-Villegas
Michelle Carmona-Villegas 12 timer siden
I live how this whole thing is long time of ASMR and it's so relaxing, but funny too. And I love how other ASMRists
VoidSilk 13 timer siden
What in the fuck did i just watch
Logan710 19 timer siden
Day one of requesting Shrek Asmr movie
Ro blockamerPro33
Ro blockamerPro33 20 timer siden
As a person who never watched the bee movie, I have no idea wtf is going on
Jayleen Barragan
Jayleen Barragan 21 time siden
I like how she has to use the peppa pig car🙄
Analysis 22 timer siden
Straight Facts
Straight Facts 22 timer siden
This is fuckin fantastic. I can't believe this actually happened.
Lil Ray
Lil Ray 23 timer siden
Y’a like jazz 😏🐝
Animeweeber Dag siden
🤡= people who disliked
Gina Ross
Gina Ross Dag siden Le conclusioni preliminari sono deludenti: l'introduzione di metodi moderni richiede la definizione e il chiarimento dei requisiti di massima priorita. Ma la moderna metodologia di sviluppo non lascia scampo alla fattibilita economica delle decisioni prese.💕 Alias, alguns aspectos da politica interna sao chamados a prestar contas. Alem disso, compreender a essencia das tecnologias de economia de recursos contribui para a preparacao e implementacao de formas de influencia.As tecnologias modernas atingiram um nivel tal que o desenvolvimento posterior de varias formas de atividade e um experimento interessante para verificar a conclusao oportuna da supertarefa. No conjunto, e claro, o caminho inovador que escolhemos revela a necessidade urgente das tarefas que a sociedade impoe.
Lilly Morteus
Lilly Morteus Dag siden
Kelli O'Donnell
Kelli O'Donnell Dag siden
Mr. Unknown
Mr. Unknown Dag siden
I cant believe i just watched an off brand bee movie 🤣🤣
Nigel Hards
Nigel Hards Dag siden
Ya like jazz
Clare Young
Clare Young Dag siden
This collaboration, Asmr and choice of film is just 🤗
Leki Dag siden
OH TING TING 😭 I'm so happy she was in this I love her
m i d n i g h t
m i d n i g h t Dag siden
CassieBiscuits Dag siden
Lol i like the part where a stuffed bee just stares at the honey website
Rxby Mxher
Rxby Mxher Dag siden
The car bit is me when I’m meant to be silent as the head teacher is talking about bullying
Petrine Priče
Petrine Priče Dag siden
Hi I watched this when it was live. I loved it. Fun AND tingly. You are so inspiring and I watch your videos every day and night to fall asleep or just relax. It would mean the World to me if you responded. Okay bye:)
CoolDudeAnimations Dag siden
33:45 ya like jazz😏
Itz_Lily lol
Itz_Lily lol Dag siden
11:29 it actually starts
JudasPriest714 Dag siden
What was that at 1:11:39???
brokenxxx Dag siden
You like jazz?
Little Lion
Little Lion Dag siden
thats one way to get a sponsor
Miss-Mochi Dag siden
MRpepeplayz 009
MRpepeplayz 009 Dag siden
I think u had so much fund doing this lol
Mary Ghattas
Mary Ghattas Dag siden
Miss-Mochi Dag siden
This was amazing
kuroo's sugar baby
kuroo's sugar baby Dag siden
i cant believe that this is the first time im experiencing the bee movie
Colin McLeod
Colin McLeod Dag siden
The good ending.
Felix’s Right Pinkie Toe Cuticle
Felix’s Right Pinkie Toe Cuticle Dag siden
can I have some coins plz from campers
can I have some coins plz from campers Dag siden
24:33 literally me
CerealBox MC
CerealBox MC Dag siden
starts at 10:28
mushroom Dag siden
omg she actually did it
ashtheblunt 2 dager siden
I will come back to this video every night until I get through the whole thing this is so iconic ✨
Leticia Lamize
Leticia Lamize 2 dager siden
That girl it's just the best ❤❤❤💚🇧🇷💛
Ph4ntom clan
Ph4ntom clan 2 dager siden
Bruh got a peppa pig car
the random show
the random show 2 dager siden
Blake Stephenson
Blake Stephenson 2 dager siden
Why am I here watching this.. it’s 10:07pm and I’m tired YEET
MutatedDucky 2 dager siden
My favorite parts are when one person is trying to scream while whispering
EpicDudeWithBrim 2 dager siden
dam she actully made the bee movie
LittleDeanUwUz 2 dager siden
It's the peppa pig bus for me lol I love it u-u
Shiloh Baker
Shiloh Baker 2 dager siden
Yo,the tour guide be lookin like uraka from my hero academia
Lilly Morteus
Lilly Morteus 2 dager siden
Kendopey 2 dager siden
“yellow black yellow black ooo black a d yellow!”
Alexander Lira
Alexander Lira 2 dager siden
33:49 this is for me u can ignore this
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah Rodriguez 2 dager siden
C Findlay
C Findlay 2 dager siden
BIGSEANDAWG 1 2 dager siden
Drippier 2 dager siden
I was watching twilight pitch meetings wtf
Eli Wilkinson
Eli Wilkinson 2 dager siden
Quite update like if you are watching this at 3:22am
steve Jones
steve Jones 2 dager siden
Unknown ??
Unknown ?? 2 dager siden
Uhm what was this- I need more of this. I need it now 37:24
__________________________________________________ 2 dager siden
why is everyone yelling in lowercase wait it’s asmr
Natalia White
Natalia White 2 dager siden
the wii patel is “chefs kiss” 😗🤌
MR. Wolf
MR. Wolf 2 dager siden
I have not seen a ASMR Bee movie but I liked it lot about 100000 out of 100000 great job 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😊🎊🎉🎊🎉
rosdraca 24
rosdraca 24 2 dager siden
Blake Ragin
Blake Ragin 3 dager siden
Anyone else watch the real bee movie while listening to this sound with headphones
emily artsy lover
emily artsy lover 3 dager siden
33:48 You're welcome
Goosey Ann
Goosey Ann 3 dager siden
Ya like jazz?
GeckoPlays 3 dager siden
I don't even understand
Coby Wells
Coby Wells 3 dager siden
asmr ryan
Coby Wells
Coby Wells 3 dager siden
the girls doing better than the boys
Dreamy _Sans
Dreamy _Sans 3 dager siden
*WHISPER* ya like jazz?
Ethan Ledesma
Ethan Ledesma 3 dager siden
Dad: you wanna watch the bee movie. me: hell also dad : puts this on . me: what the fu******************
T̸͍̄ǫ̶̱̆t̸͈̺͒o̶͙̙͐r̵̰̽o̷̻̽̅ 3 dager siden
“Gays are the reason why foreign countries laugh at America” Meanwhile bee and human relationships 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emilio Santana
Emilio Santana 3 dager siden
God damn thats how you made 3 million people just smilling 1:35 hours by the same time love u gibi
Wh0s_R6 3 dager siden
33:48 I guess y’all came for this
Annie leonhart
Annie leonhart 3 dager siden
I'm scared
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson 3 dager siden
ASMR Ratatouille would be cool
Elena Enroth
Elena Enroth 3 dager siden
Unicorn panda
Unicorn panda 3 dager siden
11:00 is when the movie starts by the way
PoppinTingz TM
PoppinTingz TM 3 dager siden
Bee movie (asmr) ft. peppa pig
Caden 18
Caden 18 3 dager siden
33:49 yah like jazz 🥴
adamaris v.
adamaris v. 3 dager siden
i need a blooper reel
Young Ace
Young Ace 3 dager siden
I love when you ramble Gibi
Cesar Leal
Cesar Leal 3 dager siden
Landmark in Human History
Theo Haegele
Theo Haegele 3 dager siden
1:11:33 I still can't believe this was a real line in a DreamWorks children's cartoon.
King Bj
King Bj 3 dager siden
🔥🔥🔥 hard work 🫂
Lu Luna
Lu Luna 3 dager siden
I love it here ✨❤️
Alexis Aurellano
Alexis Aurellano 3 dager siden
My recommendations is full of Bee movie memes.
Martin show
Martin show 3 dager siden
"Ah drapes" is the best line in mine opinion
Mourgan 3 dager siden
I watch this more then the actual movie lol
Jason Mac
Jason Mac 3 dager siden
Jérémy Goudreau
Jérémy Goudreau 4 dager siden
Does honey work on mobile or it’s only on pc
Caleb Harvey
Caleb Harvey 4 dager siden
I need more ASMR movies this was amazing and hilarious 😂
B JokJ
B JokJ 4 dager siden
Gigi Kelley
Gigi Kelley 4 dager siden
Where are the time stamps?? I don’t see them
Fried Beans
Fried Beans 4 dager siden
11:00 when the movie starts
Gummy Grenade
Gummy Grenade 4 dager siden
I can’t believe that my first experience with the bee movie was an asmr video synced up to the actual movie on Netflix with the sound off. Thanks, Gibi!
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