New Rule: The Great Disappointment | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Real Time with Bill Maher

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In his final New Rule of 2020, Bill explores the striking similarities between Donald Trump and other infamous cult leaders.
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Soul Sister
Soul Sister 22 minutter siden
Ok, Bill WTF, compassion and understanding for Trump supporters 🙄? I wish you shared as much concerned about obese people, which you seem to have no problem with shitting on!@#!!!!
David Murphy
David Murphy Time siden
My mother pulled the biggest hoax in Arizona history. She let fly an article 1967 summer Prescott Courier. A rumor of a ufo landing lead to 5000 citizens disappearing ... to travel 33 miles north to a flagstone quarry... where every mothers son peered into blue sky.....and found... what
not myname
not myname Time siden
All for decrying cult leaders and mentality but at what point does anyone recognize that elections are no more than choosing the lesser of two evils? Promises are barely ever delivered and if they are, it's because there's a backroom deal involved. It's a common joke (reality) that politicians are liars, why then, give them so much? The party they represent is merely a formality and not necessarily anything to do with their true intentions.
EloquentTroll 2 timer siden
Not prepared to extend an olive branch to those dipshits. They can show remorse and seek Redemption, or they can piss off.
kresimir zex
kresimir zex 3 timer siden
Frog man strikes again
kresimir zex
kresimir zex 3 timer siden
juvs are the biggest cult ... people with out a state? thats the deffinition of cult
Bobby 3 timer siden
Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious... Oscar Wilde
Denton Fender
Denton Fender 4 timer siden
Great Comedian/Writer, Carl Reiner: the two thousand year old man.
Henry Patterson
Henry Patterson 4 timer siden
Well put, correct.
imshadi 4 timer siden
What an incredible message from Bill. Better than I could have expected. Let's hope we have the brains to do what he says.
K. Ryan
K. Ryan 4 timer siden
It’s wrong to compare a young kid in a small cult with a loving mother to a massive number of racists and dangerously gullible people in a nation-wide cult led by the most powerful person in the world. Does anyone believe people who are racist or so gullible they would believe in somebody eating babies and lizard people in disguise are somehow going to change if I offer them empathy and support? That they’ll somehow stop being racists or dangerously gullible cult fodder? No, they will just find another racist cult leader to fulfill their needs. I, on the other hand, will have communicated that I won’t reject them for their racism or dangerous gullibility. Nope. I won’t be around these people and I definitely won’t have my kids around them either.
Dani Laurin
Dani Laurin 4 timer siden
Kamala Harris is a reptoid.. she is now our Vice President. Live with it. Get over it.
Tuff G.
Tuff G. 4 timer siden
People said the media is going to miss Trump when he gets kicked out of the Whitehouse. I say Trump has left materials for horror and comedy for the next decade 🤣
al taylor
al taylor 4 timer siden
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 5 timer siden
Vanguard the great con artist. There is something in European DNA that just makes them vulnerable to grift and con.
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 5 timer siden
Yet people actually believe in that religion.
Natalia Medina
Natalia Medina 5 timer siden
Yup sleepy joe isn’t so sleepy
MS WHATUP 6 timer siden
When John Oliver is on VA I watch Bill Maher
Happy 7 timer siden
I can't believe that Trump is only 74 years old. And look at all he's accomplished in his short life. How many times can someone... ✌ 🤡
Gen M
Gen M 7 timer siden
Well the Koup Kult Klan has attacked America. Hurry back Bill. We need you. America needs you. Counting the seconds until IT is out of office.
Louie Cypher
Louie Cypher 10 timer siden
Don't forget the shit trump said about the same people who worship him merely 19 years ago when he was a hardcore Democrat. I heard him as well as millions on the Howard stern show, People mag, and good morning America. " I wouldn't run for office but if I did it would be as a Republican, they are the dumbest group of voters we have and they'll eat anything up on FOX news. I bet my numbers would be terrific."
ROVIANNE MATOVU 11 timer siden
Has Bill done since the rioting the Capitol? In 2021
sbijan666 11 timer siden
It takes guts for a man who can not read and thinks a stealth bomber is invisible to the naked eye to call himself a stable Genius . He got the first part right, he belongs in a stable .
Brad Engen
Brad Engen 18 timer siden
Have seen the pictures of trump wadaling on the golf course that is a lot ass to kiss there a lot room for the Republicans to kiss
Indrajeet Kamat
Indrajeet Kamat Dag siden
Large group of stupid people
David l Williams
David l Williams Dag siden
QAnon used to be nothing. Trump gave them the promise of Anarchy. Google : The America of Trump's Father.
Dove Grey
Dove Grey Dag siden
Not funny didn’t laugh
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Dag siden
Welcome to the Swamp????????????????
Anton Moller
Anton Moller 2 dager siden
Do you know who else reminds me a lot of Trump? Michael Scott of Dunder Miflin 😝
Cheryl DiVitale
Cheryl DiVitale 2 dager siden
The far-flung experience centrally bake because timpani technologically hum through a whimsical carbon. doubtful, domineering mirror
Greywind30 2 dager siden
The only thing that could be more idiotic then cult of Trump is cult of Biden. What is he about? Continuation of Obama? War in Libya? War in Syria? Play to lose with Iran and Brotherhood in Egypt? Lying in face about Bengazy? Bail out insurance so they can pay millions in bonuses? BTW on news of Biden victory insurance stocks jump 10%. All this companies who profit from China trade are jumping in joy and you know what ... they are smart they have reason to celebrate but what about people who make living from actual work?
Jonathan Harrison
Jonathan Harrison 2 dager siden
what a stupid jerk Jesus will return
Prairie Elevatorman
Prairie Elevatorman 3 dager siden
Jesus Christ Bill. You’re not funny anymore.
keasterthegreat 3 dager siden
You should call out someone like Colion Noir to discuss what's going on right now.
Geoff Altrocchi
Geoff Altrocchi 3 dager siden
Belial Frellon
Belial Frellon 4 dager siden
Have they considered that the world is in chaos simply from exposure across the information gap due to computers? Is it possible that Nazism was provoked by the dawn of radio? Is it all the sudden like math SATs everyday and the other people passed? They began to notice the difference and success in others and now they see cracks in the difference because they are now empowered by information. Nk
LHG 1111
LHG 1111 4 dager siden
Who can’t wait for Bill’s return and him saying, “I told you so”?!
Emilce Diaz
Emilce Diaz 3 dager siden
I really want to know what he will say.
SquidCaps 4 dager siden
The off spring of millerites had another great disappointment in 1975. They lost about 1/3rd of members but quickly gained the numbers back. In that case, the tactic was: "it was never an official doctrine, who told you that?" and re-writing history as fast as you could to distance yourself from a failed prophecy from coming to fruition. At least now they have moved the date to "maybe 200 years from now, maybe tomorrow, who knows".
Freyja Plays Games
Freyja Plays Games 5 dager siden
How do we remind these people of who they used to be when they've always been like this? Since 2008 & the tea party. These people have always been this way. There is no saving them.
Mark S
Mark S 5 dager siden
Replace Trump with Obama. Same thing.
Mary Anderson Dearing
Mary Anderson Dearing 5 dager siden
You're right Bill. And even after 1/7/2021 with their actions costing them 4 lives and who knows how many careers and prosecutions, you are still right. The investigations and prosecutions have to happen. We cannot allow this kind of thing to happen without personal consequence to the deluded any more than we can to the deluder. But we need to heal the nation, and only compassion can do that. If there is a difference between left and right, it is not that policy on the left side is better, or that its politicians are smarter. It is that it is, at it's best times, motivated by compassion for all of the nation's citizens. But compassion isn't stupid, weak or unthinking. Consequences must follow illegal actions. To include consequences for the crowd that surrounded and beat Ms. Berlinda Nibo on her walk home from work in LA on 1/7/2021.
Gaston Neal
Gaston Neal 5 dager siden
Well the year is not starting so good for the citizens of the u.s. 1/10/21
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 5 dager siden
Redheads can cast spells
Johnny Atoms
Johnny Atoms 6 dager siden
Spreadsheet User
Spreadsheet User 6 dager siden
Maher’s been itching to slam SDA’s, the attempted joke at their expense in OK City was met with room silence. He moved on to slam Mormons.
Sergio Romero
Sergio Romero 6 dager siden
Now this is worth a serious rewatch
Alfredo Andrade
Alfredo Andrade 6 dager siden
Maher showed a fairly reasonable way to treat this people who believe Trump was their only and true leader, and the most liked comment of this video is mocking one of his greatest enablers.
Sandy Sutherland
Sandy Sutherland 7 dager siden
Who is watching this on Jan 9/2021?
bootleggerbar05 7 dager siden
Just like in the show V!!
Dana D
Dana D 7 dager siden that they violently attempted to poverthrown the givernment, should we still "love them to sanity" You're just as brainwashed as they are.
Dana D
Dana D 7 dager siden
OH my gos, these people are too far gone. Never going to happen
Lesley McShane Mitchell
Lesley McShane Mitchell 7 dager siden
come back bill and report the 6th now
Paul Abbott
Paul Abbott 7 dager siden
Lots of that going around Mr Maher. Will it be disappointing to see me go? What is your thoughts Mr Maher on 911 truthers so positioning themselves amongst your tv studio audience? Nuisance?
Rosa Maria Alonso Lozada
Rosa Maria Alonso Lozada 8 dager siden
Where are you Bill? Members of Trump cult invaded the Capitol january 6/21.
Karl Karlos
Karl Karlos 8 dager siden
Good day, for are rewatch.
Kita P
Kita P 9 dager siden
Bill YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I always said you were right those freaking terrorist did it !!! Can’t wait til your show comes back
Courtney Liddell
Courtney Liddell 9 dager siden
Worth a rewatch today
Jamie Stainer
Jamie Stainer 9 dager siden
Bill: *breathes* Audience: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Jeser Suarez
Jeser Suarez 10 dager siden
I like the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
D W 11 dager siden
I accept the wisdom of what Oxenberg said, but I'm *sick to fucking death* of having to make nice to the hateful loons whose refusal to read / watch real news means they elect pols who took my job + killed my profession (via the Great Recession), took my health insurance, destroyed my health -- and now have made recovery for me unlikely bc of their pandemic recession. Fuck them all.
L :
L : 12 dager siden
Trump actually won tho...
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 13 dager siden
What now ? Get a lobotomy.
Nonchalanto 13 dager siden
Donald Trump's very, very laaarge.... uh-brain!
paul1x1 13 dager siden
No bill asks the impossible besides these people are too stupid to even ask questions the will still be kissing trump ass till they die
Karen Benitez
Karen Benitez 13 dager siden
Me a seventh day Adventist: 👁👄👁
Barry Lichtenstein
Barry Lichtenstein 13 dager siden
Antifa? BLM- what a hateful, violent, unchecked scam. Biden/Harris = hope? There are cultists for Trump but a minority. I usually enjoy your honesty and integrity but its all screwed. Trump is out the rest is left
Keith Dupree
Keith Dupree 12 dager siden
Amen,,,, only Hannibal Lechter would see murderous BLM and Antifa and Beijing Biden and hairy face Harris as Hope ,,,, they are the faces of evil truly
Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison 14 dager siden
Whens the first coming going to.happen?
Jerald Mautner
Jerald Mautner 14 dager siden
I didn’t know love of country, freedom, free enterprise, belief in less government, and individual responsibility was considered being part of a cult? Your comparison is absurd, and this country’s best president in years has had the election stolen from him. The truth will set you free!
Akosua Boahemaa
Akosua Boahemaa 15 dager siden
Its somehow the duty of those falsely accused to make friends with their accuser...enable much?
Baramisio 15 dager siden
Trumps businesses went bankrupt after he bailed on them sure but he just opened up more lucrative properties elsewhere he didn't personally go bankrupt. He makes most of his money on Golf courses then his resorts, breaks even mostly on hotels. I mean the man is out of office can we cease with the half truths and orange man bad nonsense? Forbes has the man at 2.5 Billion this year net worth, thats including his losses. Likely now out of office he will probably make that back and more with his loyal following in some way, probably his own media outlet in some form. And Bill I hope you can get back to thinking straight again your mind has been in the shitter the last few years.
dfy goh
dfy goh 15 dager siden
the Democrats say nobody should be rich in this country ,,,,, but how many of them live in million dollar homes
Nonchalanto 13 dager siden
Yes. Yes they're all pieces of crap. Bill maher is a die hard democrat. He's just as naive as a trump supporter Edit: after watching bill maher again, I've noticed he can criticize Democrats (something I never saw him do before in the past). So actually no, he's not as naive as trump supporters.
Keith Dyer
Keith Dyer 17 dager siden
Actually, most of William Miller’s followers abandoned him after the Great Disappointment, rejoining their old churches or abandoning religion altogether. They did say “Well, I guess that was a bunch of bullshit!”, if not in those exact words.
Ty Pate
Ty Pate 17 dager siden
Isn’t it funny how someone who says his joke and then waits for the applause sign to come on and the crowd to cheer for him can talk shit about the need to be surrounded by people praising him and giving him approval?!? Hahaha fucking twit
Baramisio 15 dager siden
Bills "act" is only doable on stage north of Vermont and east of Vermont and Canada.
james zelazny sr
james zelazny sr 18 dager siden
I believe the majority of American people just can't stand hearing the truth because what all this guy does is tells the straight-out truth I never hear anyone mention him in public . It's hard for someone to BS their way out when the truth is told.
1mespud 18 dager siden
@ 6:00. Jeffrey Epstein had Ghislaine Maxwell..
gcarrace 20 dager siden
this shit's getting old
Parm Lehal
Parm Lehal 20 dager siden
What if Qanon people are descendants of cultist from 1844? Is there any cure for that?
Bill Beck
Bill Beck 21 dag siden
Once again, Bill takes a leap of fake, and lands in the middle of the train to hell. Mocking Jesus, ignoring DEM defeat, at hands performing under MARTIAL LAW.
Daniel alves
Daniel alves 22 dager siden
I tell this story of the adventists all the time, few peole believe it his true. Thank you, Bill, for gettting this absurd fact to the public. Again, you're TDS strikes a lot, has you don't recognize that for almost 3 years, the DP, and you, tryed to push the russian angle on the election, and they, and you, refuse to accept Trump's election. Still, good peice.
George M
George M 22 dager siden
My friends, Bill's remarks remind me of when my father was trying to get us both membership in a screwy religious denomination, which was - and still is - known as the Church of God of the Union Assembly; this bunch of religious wack jobs are rather screwy in that these yutzes don't believe in using medicine or going to the doctor. I tried to explain this to my father, but he refused to listen to me. Thankfully, he failed in his mission - for he passed away in 1993, after 18 months of believing them.
mathew buckley
mathew buckley 22 dager siden
The far left is the cult.
Vigirlio blanco
Vigirlio blanco 22 dager siden
It actually did happen!! Only that in 1844 it was the "Precursor", as in the "John the Baptist of old. Only the "Truth Seekers" will be interested.
SuperSnaketooth 22 dager siden
I’d do anything for Trump
Ken 23 dager siden
We'll so who the joke is on next year...maybe you
Frankish Empire
Frankish Empire 24 dager siden
"Screw the rules" Hey, that's the motto of the democratic party!
M. G.
M. G. 24 dager siden
Its Time to call M.I.B. period.
breathnstop 25 dager siden
Pure gold as always.
Justin dehaan
Justin dehaan 25 dager siden
Bill talking bout religion or climate change 😂😂😂
Joy Smith
Joy Smith 25 dager siden
He must be a Pit bull they have a large brain
The Wiperglove On YouTube Wiperdiaper On YouTube
The Wiperglove On YouTube Wiperdiaper On YouTube 25 dager siden
Great advice and information for all.
P Raulin
P Raulin 26 dager siden
Herr Trump has Epstein's plane to take he and his nazis to Argentina to set up the Fourth Reich.
zale hammren
zale hammren 26 dager siden
Sad but were do I sign up with you!!!!!
BANITSA BOY 26 dager siden
Bill Maher is a legend!bill Maher for president!
Eliza Smith
Eliza Smith 26 dager siden
I think that my dad used to watch Bill Maher..... I like him, too.. he's pretty funny.
Belial Frellon
Belial Frellon 26 dager siden
How to Foil Hackers or Stop Surveillance: Basically, it's an easy system to foil hackers. You can take this method as far as you want. What you need are two computers and a phone. One computer does all your work and stays disconnected and the other is used along with your phone for just communication. If you send half a message on your phone and the other half in an e-mail, or two emails, or one telegraph one phone call, etc. only you can see the results. The other computer is never even hooked up. It does all your figuring and tasks and holds all your files. If your connected computer gets a virus or is attempted by hackers there is nothing on there anyway. You just reboot it. What's really fun is getting a whole message on varying dates and times. Be sure to delete the evidence ! I don't see why you couldn't cut and paste simple software between two mails, no.
Dane Markert
Dane Markert 26 dager siden
Everyone don’t subscribe him he says bad cussing words in real life!!!!?????????????????????????????????
b-m 27 dager siden
so Bill suddenly not accepting the results of a presidential election is strange/something to laugh about. LOL how short your memory is . Altzheimers is setting in. maybe we can still trigger your memory, "hillary".
Michael Birkett
Michael Birkett 27 dager siden
All I want for Christmas is a White House without a Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
George Vass
George Vass 27 dager siden
I love you, Bill. You have helped me make it through these last 4 nightmarish years! I will never understand how anyone cannot see what a despicable excuse of a “man” this president has morphed into. I hope you keep doing what you do, it is, in my humble opinion, brilliant!
Keith Dupree
Keith Dupree 12 dager siden
Biden is the nightmare,,, can not even remember what state he is standing in,,, he is like a car that has its engine running but no one is behind the wheel,,, and Bill supports him just to prove the small pea size brain of Bill Maher
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor 28 dager siden
Causality , Bill . What has to happen and to who to get to the endgame , and how
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