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‘블핑하우스 (BLACKPINK HOUSE)’ EP.1ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ
[Online release & On-air]
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J Acac
J Acac 35 minutter siden
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas Time siden
What game is jisoo playing pls tell me 😁
Khaled Benterki
Khaled Benterki Time siden
Leslie Lourdes Diaz Bautista
Leslie Lourdes Diaz Bautista 2 timer siden
Jennye lisa😄😝😙😂
Iosip Cristian
Iosip Cristian 2 timer siden
Lisa is so funny 😋
angie Lopez
angie Lopez 3 timer siden
Not at me rewatching while hopefully waiting for a Season 2 of Blackpink House
Flávia Carneiro
Flávia Carneiro 3 timer siden
this honestly feels like it was such an invasion of their privacy.....
QUEN LİSA 4 timer siden
Nishka Shah
Nishka Shah 5 timer siden
Guys in 1st episode 2:58 is Lisa having COOKY head rest?
IRA NANDAN 5 timer siden
all day in pink
علاء كاظم
علاء كاظم 6 timer siden
Akshatha Raj
Akshatha Raj 6 timer siden
Very funny 🤣Jisoo, Lisa, Rose, Jennie
Park_Chae_Young Offical
Park_Chae_Young Offical 8 timer siden
Bsus ssl
زهراء علاء كاظم قاعه ٥
زهراء علاء كاظم قاعه ٥ 8 timer siden
Love ❤😘
K- Kpop
K- Kpop 11 timer siden
Blinks check my channel
Ece Erciyas
Ece Erciyas 12 timer siden
KANISHKA .S 13 timer siden
what did I just see Jennie's dog flying at 4:07😂😂
Lia friez
Lia friez 13 timer siden
Twicepink!!! Onceblinks?
Joylin Liang
Joylin Liang 14 timer siden
Lisa so funny
vaishnavi sales
vaishnavi sales 15 timer siden
그레이트 하우스 블랙 핑크 제 이름은 Vaishnavi입니다. 저는 인도인이지만 코렌으로 쓰는 법을 알고 있습니다.
Setapi Lah
Setapi Lah 16 timer siden
I really like the how rosé is so vibey
Glennford Buño
Glennford Buño 16 timer siden
We misss you LACKINK see you at the show
BLACKPINK LOVIE 17 timer siden
nice house nice members but they forget me TAKE MEEEE as your younger sister
Nica Orbita
Nica Orbita 17 timer siden
I love blackpink 🥰🥰
Văn Đức Tạ
Văn Đức Tạ 17 timer siden
I am like blackpink . So cute , beautifut
fatima vazquez
fatima vazquez 18 timer siden
why does the first minute look like the netflix baking contests.
dhruv chawla
dhruv chawla 18 timer siden
They can’t even fart in their own house...
I E u p h o r i a I
I E u p h o r i a I 18 timer siden
Aaaaaaa can I live here!?!?💖💖💖💖
Kevin Angeles
Kevin Angeles 22 timer siden
just finished everything in 3 days and re watching it again!!!!
Djamalia Ali
Djamalia Ali 23 timer siden
Viviane Guimarães
Viviane Guimarães Dag siden
Blak pinkkkkkkkkk. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Rodrigo Fernandes
Rodrigo Fernandes Dag siden
Tiya's world
Tiya's world Dag siden
The amount of clothes will never equal to the amount of clothes I have in my lifetime There is so many!!!!
Mirai Dag siden
You found this comment because you are bored and decided to rewatch bp house
Rubu Ampa
Rubu Ampa Dag siden
췡 ʟɪʟᴀ ʀᴏsᴇ ツ췡
췡 ʟɪʟᴀ ʀᴏsᴇ ツ췡 Dag siden
Owwwww! 넌 너무 달콤 해 보고있는 동안 죽어 가고 있어요 :)
Rubu Ampa
Rubu Ampa Dag siden
Niceeeeee gooddddddddddddddddd💕💕💕💕💕💕
Zalinah Johari
Zalinah Johari Dag siden
ROSE dances to the song TWICE😄😄
Cielo Monte de ramos
Cielo Monte de ramos Dag siden
suhani verma
suhani verma Dag siden
to blackpink : plssssss 방문 인도 im a super blink (pls give answer in English UwU) = ^ • ^ =
grayson k pop
grayson k pop Dag siden
Who is one their 10th round of watching blackpink house 😭 I miss this so much
LISNA 1107
LISNA 1107 Dag siden
Jenny Ongayo
Jenny Ongayo Dag siden
9:53 Lisa with bunny🥰
Sneha Gupta
Sneha Gupta Dag siden
It's a whole Disney movie O.o
rokiah ahmad
rokiah ahmad Dag siden
blackpink is the best
Ali Raza
Ali Raza Dag siden
I love you Lisa
Shanen cadauan
Shanen cadauan Dag siden
Nice house
wan mohammad Amir
wan mohammad Amir Dag siden
Blackpink pleas dont go
Amanda Official
Amanda Official 2 dager siden
Omg,I missing you T_T
Mi Nn
Mi Nn 2 dager siden
2021 anyone!??
Younes El Hassani
Younes El Hassani 2 dager siden
I'love bombayah
อันดานิชา เเชแนล
อันดานิชา เเชแนล 2 dager siden
Event planning and development
Isyraf Hafiz
Isyraf Hafiz 2 dager siden
Rocel Alcasid
Rocel Alcasid 2 dager siden
Nihal Bettoya
Nihal Bettoya 2 dager siden
Blackpink in your area
Nihal Bettoya
Nihal Bettoya 2 dager siden
I love pink al day pink and blackpink house i love it’s
Fatima Zahra Mraida
Fatima Zahra Mraida 2 dager siden
So cooooooooool
Ela Ergün
Ela Ergün 2 dager siden
나는 그 애니메이션 애니메이션을 좋아한다 ;3
Fathima Zareen
Fathima Zareen 2 dager siden
Wow I really want a house like balckpink they’re millionaires
allan maneja
allan maneja 2 dager siden
3:33 Rose Dancing Bigbang Fxxit YG FAMILY
thuy hang nguyen
thuy hang nguyen 2 dager siden
Blackpinh i Love You
Pvrple_Cloudzz123 2 dager siden
Wow im happy now
Nakeysha Ara
Nakeysha Ara 2 dager siden
I like stitch
Sparks Life
Sparks Life 2 dager siden
Just binge watching blackpink house cause I miss it anyone else?
Nicole 2 dager siden
Las amo tanto 💗
I’ll Teach You
I’ll Teach You 2 dager siden
Rosé dancing Cheer up by Twice. They support twice but I haven’t seen twice singing or dancing Blackpink’s song.
I’ll Teach You
I’ll Teach You 2 dager siden
@Tzusamo Yes. I support BP and twice. Thank you for the information.
Tzusamo 2 dager siden
Twice also support Blackpink, Dahyun played the piano while chaeyoung nayeon and momo are singing Playing with fire, and also when they had their vlive, how you like that suddenly played and nayeon sana and tzuyu danced their shoulders to it, haha let just appreciate each group and support both queens!!
I’ll Teach You
I’ll Teach You 3 dager siden
Blackpink house season 2 please
katayoun rahimi
katayoun rahimi 3 dager siden
Who's watching in 2021?
Pilar Carro
Pilar Carro 3 dager siden
Las adoro y las amo son mi grupo pop favorito ❤❤❤❤
Anjayon Mimi
Anjayon Mimi 3 dager siden
And I am 10 years old
Anjayon Mimi
Anjayon Mimi 3 dager siden
I am from India. And I want to be a k-pop star like Blackpink ❤️🥰
Anjayon Mimi
Anjayon Mimi 3 dager siden
I love Blackpink
AC Luwis
AC Luwis 3 dager siden
rewatching this rn cuz i miss them
Romeo Albario
Romeo Albario 3 dager siden
Hi. Rose. And. Jisoo,,
ليلى الحمود
ليلى الحمود 3 dager siden
في عرب؟؟
that one slytherin girl
that one slytherin girl 3 dager siden
6:35 *wait that's illegal-*
that one slytherin girl
that one slytherin girl 3 dager siden
for those who didn't understand, jennie is taking a picture with an iphone
that one slytherin girl
that one slytherin girl 3 dager siden
it sounds like a baking competition series intro lmao
K elle Moraes
K elle Moraes 3 dager siden
Blackpink eu amo muito vocês de coração eu amo vocês muito mesmo eu tava ouvindo suas músicas agora eu amo muito vocês
Kids Webster
Kids Webster 3 dager siden
that house is sooooooooo beautiful
Tươi Nguyễn
Tươi Nguyễn 3 dager siden
flower milk
flower milk 3 dager siden
blinkforv .bp.
blinkforv .bp. 3 dager siden
2021- I'm just rewatching their episodes coz I lowkey miss blackpink house,,, still hoping for blackpink house season 2
Baby Zitong
Baby Zitong 2 dager siden
Natalie Leyte
Natalie Leyte 3 dager siden
I miss blackpink house
Guljan Tasmaganbetova
Guljan Tasmaganbetova 3 dager siden
Guljan Tasmaganbetova
Guljan Tasmaganbetova 3 dager siden
Rosette 3 dager siden
Playing games is the best
Supar Amin
Supar Amin 3 dager siden
Gada Alqurashi
Gada Alqurashi 3 dager siden
Black Pink Love🥰😍🥺💖🖤💗💓💞💕💝💘💖
Meera Hari
Meera Hari 3 dager siden
i just noticed where rose was packing at 11:50 it shows the books she reads and one of them is called THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F***K. just pointing out
BINK BINK 3 dager siden
Who still here?
JustMe 3 dager siden
Tamara Escobar
Tamara Escobar 3 dager siden
3:03 Oh my god Lisa 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Wayan Silviadewi
Wayan Silviadewi 3 dager siden
Shanyze Lavigña
Shanyze Lavigña 3 dager siden
11:19 her cuteness kill me😖👍
Phiv Khampeng
Phiv Khampeng 3 dager siden
Tony Byrne
Tony Byrne 3 dager siden
I love you blackpink
Ruth de Vegas
Ruth de Vegas 3 dager siden
I absolutely love how am a mix of them all Lisa- is sporty so am I Jisoo- likes playing games day and night so do I Rosè- likes singing and dancing and so do I Jennie - likes a lot of plushies and the same type of bed I do and I literally they all have activities and things I like
Jade Tabitha
Jade Tabitha 3 dager siden
what is Jisoo game name?
Witch Edit
Witch Edit 4 dager siden
hala izliyorum eskimedi çok özledim o zamanları :(
علا علي
علا علي 4 dager siden
I love you, Lisa, and every member of Black Pink.
erni andriani
erni andriani 4 dager siden
ahh I just realized that Rose sings twice!
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