The Physics of Windmill Design

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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates, inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
This video is about how physics dictates the design of modern windmills - why they are so big, have so few blades, and have such skinny blades.
H. Glauert: Aerodynamic Theory, 1935 Division L (Airplane Propellers), Chapter XI: Windmills and Fans
Wind power extraction fundamentals
Betz's Law
Tip Speed Ratio
Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines Book
Penn State Wind Turbine Aerodynamics Lesson
Wind Power Physics youtube video
Why do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?
Wind Power Fundamentals
Wind Power Explained
Drag Coefficient
Reynolds Number and Drag
Reynolds Number
Viscosity of Air

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Created by Henry Reich

Jamieson Poirier
Jamieson Poirier 3 dager siden
Love this content!
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar 4 dager siden
May be thinner blades are cheaper to produce.
Kurt Nowak
Kurt Nowak 8 dager siden
I hate when people call them "Windmills". There is no "millin'" goin on, folks. They are making power, not flour...WIND TURBINES
Liam Roche
Liam Roche 9 dager siden
Brilliant video!
Frank Harr
Frank Harr 9 dager siden
Hm. Good.
Dawn Ripper
Dawn Ripper 9 dager siden
Michael Downing
Michael Downing 10 dager siden
*wind turbine
No One
No One 13 dager siden
0:52 Let the wind push the wind
Selwyn Rodda
Selwyn Rodda 14 dager siden
All good until ruined by Bill Gates, a dangerous capitalist who wants to profit from trying to save life on Earth. If he didn't see a buisness opportunity in climate change, he wouldn't be interested. He's a sociopath. While it's a good thing if billionaires fight climate change, as opposed to selling us more crap, if we don't pressure our governments to act rapidly, we will go extinct. Billionaires alone will not save us. Please NOpostr, use your intelligence to question liberal orthodoxies, which exist to support the extractive and destructive capitalist status quo.
Scooter Woodley
Scooter Woodley 15 dager siden
GREEN ENERGY Bet you didn't know, most of the parts for a wind turbine are built in Germany, it requires 60 gallons of oil to lubricant the turbine. ( where do you think that oil leaks when a seal busts - onto the ground or into the water). The blades are made of a toxic fiberglass combination and are buried in landfills in Wyoming. The turbine has to spin continually for 7 plus years just to replace the energy it took to manufacture the turbine... It has to run continually for 50 years just to pay for the cost to manufacture and install the turbine....which is approximately $2 million dollars per turbine. However, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the lifespan of wind turbines is only about 20 to 25 years. @ShroodNews 🇺🇸
Edoardo Cicirello
Edoardo Cicirello 19 dager siden
Small imprecision: the max you can extract from the wind is 89%. That's the max efficiency of a wind turbine, whereas the max power coefficient is 59% as the video says. You don't believe me? Go to 1:05 and look at the difference between A and A1. If you divide the extracted power by the power available on the area A you get 59%, if you use A1 which is smaller you get 89%.
pat_z_crafter 21 dag siden
missed that windmillls also tend to be oddly bladed this is so the windmill ends up easier to get going and stay going
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bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 23 dager siden
Also they take energy from the grid to get the blades turning so they are never generating as much energy as you might think.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 24 dager siden
This was a beautifully concise video. Well done.
Dan 25 dager siden
I wonder how/if this technology could be applied to more traditional windmills that do things like pump water rather than generate electricity.
Jeroen vdd
Jeroen vdd 25 dager siden
you want to stop climate change as fast as possible? go full nuclear and fix the waste issue later. the whole climate 'lobby' needs to focus on a priority. Is their goal a planet with the lowest amount of man made co2 and least amount of casualties per kwh? again go nuclear. At this point they are so focust on and no nuclear and green that they'll f it up in both ways.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 23 dager siden
don’t chill on windmills
Rock girl
Rock girl 25 dager siden
After watching this video, my fan became windmill.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 24 dager siden
Some windmills do use sails! Go to the Netherlands! The cloth sails can even be adjusted for different wind speeds.
Amberwood243 26 dager siden
Wind “pass.” Not “past.” You aren’t a very good narrator, and you don’t have a good narrating voice.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 27 dager siden
Anyone else annoyed that they called wind turbines “wind mills”?
GothicBump 29 dager siden
*Reduce the bass in your videos*
arpit parekh
arpit parekh Måned siden
After watching this video, my fan became windmill.
Rock girl
Rock girl 25 dager siden
Why do they use that specific windmill design though? Aren't there others that would work better?
Nguyễn Trường Quân
Nguyễn Trường Quân Måned siden
Thanks to Anh Cuc Cuc, I know this channel. Indeed very good. Thanks.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 26 dager siden
Nuclear Power >
schmidt403 Måned siden
Last semester I had a month-long freshman engineering project where we investigated all kinds of aspects of windmill design. My team struggled to understand some of the results of our measurements, and this video was a major epiphany moment for me. For instance, we found that power generation didn't necessarily scale with blade count - a medium number of blades generated the most power, and also allowed for a faster windspeed through them. We figured this had something to do with turbulence, but this video really put it all together for me. I wish I had seen this last semester!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 27 dager siden
Nuclear Power >
Jay Paans
Jay Paans Måned siden
A couple of years ago I read about a new desing: open ring turbines. Suppusedly even more effecient. What ever happend to those??
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 26 dager siden
I watched this to find out why an windmill with sails would even make sense. Still didn’t make sense of why sails sounds good.
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy Måned siden
Normal NOpostrs: partner with skill share brilliant nebula curiosity stream etc. Legend NOpostrs: _
selsickr Måned siden
Nice video. With what we now know what would have been the best way to construct the old windmills? Ie we would have to use the materials that existed 50 and 200 years ago to pump water and grind wheat. What would they look like?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
Bass riff is in 5/4 and this is the first time I’ve seen someone talk about in the comments. Interesting
Philologus Opin47us
Philologus Opin47us Måned siden
That leaves the question, why are three wind blades better than two or four? It's because of stability and to reduce oscillation of the rotor. For example if a rotor has two blades one blade will be above and one below. Now the higher one will experience a higher wind pressure because the wind up there is stronger. Also the lower one will experience less wind pressure because its lower and because the supporting tower is in the way of the wind. This leads to strong pulsating forces on the tip of the tower. If you have three blades instead, everytime one blade points straight upwards, there will be two pointing downwards (as kind of counterweight), decreasing stress on the wind turbine.
No Name
No Name Måned siden
Bill Gates is garbage, he does absolutely nothing useful. Long live Elon Musk!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
They are such a mood
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
optimized not for peak power, but low speed wind operation and better torque. Source: Graduate Level Wind power design course at the Technion in Haifa, Israel.
Ben Digiorgio
Ben Digiorgio Måned siden
...So I read the thumbnail as “Why don’t windmills have *snails* and spent the majority of this video wondering when the preamble would be over and he would get to why snails don’t chill on windmills
Guy M
Guy M Måned siden
Some windmills do use sails! Go to the Netherlands! The cloth sails can even be adjusted for different wind speeds.
Eric Laska
Eric Laska Måned siden
A modern windmill solely mills. A wind turbine generates electricity.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
Thanks for sharing! ??????
Animated Stats
Animated Stats Måned siden
As always on top 🔥 Are there sports fans here?)))
Nick Swain
Nick Swain Måned siden
Why do they use that specific windmill design though? Aren't there others that would work better?
James A
James A Måned siden
I watched this to find out why an windmill with sails would even make sense. Still didn’t make sense of why sails sounds good.
Chris Couch
Chris Couch Måned siden
Nuclear Power >
Seth Iddings
Seth Iddings Måned siden
I'm assuming because it wouldn't work
Nafrost Måned siden
2:20 conservation of energy doesn't say that, because conservation of energy only cares about the magnitude and not the direction of the velocities of the block and the ball. It's conservation of momentum that says that the ball ans block need to go in opposite directions.
Tryphon, un ZOUAVE ??!
Tryphon, un ZOUAVE ??! Måned siden
"This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates" isn't something you hear every day.
李辉林 Måned siden
我的这篇为主的文章上网评论仅仅十几个小时,就统一被封杀了。(Subscribe for regular science videos: ​@t for DAILY videos: @t 18个量子比特纠缠是什么?量子计算机为何如此强大?李永乐老师讲量子的纠缠态与叠加态 738,479次观看•2018年7月6日 (量子力学被推翻了?并没有!量子跃迁需要时间吗? 89,161次观看•2019年6月17日) (耶鲁科学家验证量子跃迁确属连续过程,并成功开发量子跃迁 ...@t › ... Translate this page Jun 15, 2019 - 在研究中,研究人员通过特制的高速监测系统,成功捕捉到了量子跃迁将要发生的起始时间,并以此在量子跃迁进行到一半的时候人为逆转量子态 ...)李辉林注:这是我的论文“动力学基础理论的提出及应用原理示意”发表9年后;“宇宙物质结构动力学”网络公开(国内7年、国外5年)后,看到的第一篇国际论证“物质非能量转化”地足以推翻杨振宁“量子伪科学”为封建专制服务,及抢劫、剽窃“宇宙客观真理”否定欧美文明地权威佐证报道。 李辉林评论:总书记高呼“要发展量子科学”。就像《水浒传》开篇将所有的封建文化狗奴和伪科学骗子、牛鬼蛇神、妖魔鬼怪全都放出。几年前被我驳斥藏匿无影无踪的陈词滥调又都删除我的客观科学评论后重新放于网上。上Google网上去查看原文,却只有标题没有内容了。看来都是被那些科学巨骗们忽悠的(大陆伪科学的癞蛤蟆们一叫,台湾的伪科学癞蛤蟆们也都跟着一起叫。当然首要的不是为了某个政治人物。而是只有维护文化精神领袖,才能巩固不劳而获靠嘴巴成就生存“真理”的伪科学、文化、知识垃圾精英的荣誉、地位、利益。)!想用“电子光”物理作用,人为地设计一个“量子”伪物理概念替代 [本来想用“电子跃迁存在不连续的突变”来解释存在“物质与能量交换的量子过度现象”。被耶鲁大学的科学实验证明“电子跃迁是连续的”而破碎:薛定谔的“猫”从来就是鲜活的“电子”,是被人类所谓的科学精英们自己始终坚持近百年装死制造出地幻觉“量子”彻底死了。就想干脆用“量子跃迁”混淆、取代占有“电子跃迁”回避掉其“物质变能量地不连续性”。]。设计出“量子”的原始定义是“物质与能量地相互转化”。那么它不论作为物质还是作为能量都应该是可以实际收集储存(存在)的。可它与“光”一样只是在电子的“得”或“失”时地物质结构力地一种反应现象,电子平衡时“光”就没有了踪影(此时的元素没有电子成对地一入一出,而“量子兔成对出现就纠缠无踪影”了?),所以是不可收集储存与直接使用的臆造物质与盗窃物理现象,仅仅只是将“控制储存的基本物质电子运动,引起物质结构能量反应出的光现象及利用其物理特性,进行比特(状态)再分解(光的路径、偏振、角速度还可以做若干地分劈)获取更多的计算机运算、存储的开关单元。但是最终必须还是要还原成电子物质才能进行有效的存放。”。如“有光”(1)与“无光”(0)的计算机存储,只能靠电子的“得电”(1)与“失电”(0)来实现的。其讲解中除了将“量子”当做佛祖的名号供奉于神坛,就没有介绍出任何其具体有地实际作为。所以其“量子”没有任何实际意义,只是盗取、占有了“电子与光的物质结构与能量变化反应”的关系地“伪科学概念”。如果没有电子运动,“光”就不可能存在,“量子”更完全是垃圾科学家们脑袋里多余的“狗屎”。以你们的这种“科学理论思维”:高锟先生的“光纤技术理论”,还有“光碟信息技术理论”就都应该脱离“以电子为基础技术理论”而归依你们臆造的“正统”,作为“量子计算机的辅助材料理论”叫“量子科学技术理论体系”了?如果再对计算机追根寻源,其人类发明的第一台计算机就是使用“电子管”靠其发光运行计算、存储的,不就已经是你们这种欺骗逻辑的“量子计算机”了吗?逻辑理论上就是“挂伪真理的狗头,卖科学的羊肉。”,盗用一些成功的实用科学手段,去“证明伪真理”主观意志。将自然科学主观复杂诡异化,成为被主观封建专治说教控制地典型教义。(国内外都统一地封杀我的个人网页上的科学论文、评论、《证据》,只允许我做些时事评论,不允许做揭露伪科学的评论与论述。预示着“人类社会的专制与“民主”都从意识形态上正在接受、效仿伪基础科学欺骗性地思想认识方法,用主观搞乱客观而趋于统一去专制、奴役人类!”。2020年12月7日) 牛顿第二定律,当加速度等于0时,物体要保持原来的运动不变,就必须要克服其物体继续运动的阻力反加速度,平衡这个反加速度的一个相等的加速度存在。爱因斯坦的“能量”也只是抄袭了工程力学缺失了阻力能量、极不准确的:“E(能量)等于m(质量)乘以c(速度)的平方”地物体做功公式,以为这个物体运动公式产生出的不等E=M²C²式(速度越高质量越小),是因为“能量与质量存在互相转化”!所以就假设其中间存在一个转化媒介“量子”使其能够“被平衡”?完整的能量公式应该是“E等于M平方乘以C平方”。质量可以影响速度,速度影响不到质量。能量“消耗”的只是物质地结构(如分子结构、原子结构),没有消耗任何基本物质(电子、质子、中子,“能量”只是在改变这三种基本物质的排列组合时地“结构动态反应”动力现象。)。自然中不存在量子,宇宙不是产生于大爆炸。这不是质疑大师们的数学能力,而是其眼界和思想广度与深度的客观逻辑性地积累没有达到能够包罗宇宙所有事物。 F=ma 0=m0 ? (加速度等于零时,物体运动不需要动力?) F=mv=-a'm=F' (物体做匀速运动时,加速度等于阻力加速度。) E=M²C² (校正爱因斯坦缺失了阻力的“能量公式”,E=M²C² 为正确的能量等于质量的平方乘上速度的平方。) 我在国内(包括网络上)如此讲了十多年,又在国际网络上讲了五年。没有一个专业科技人员肯公开出来讨论,甚至辩论。其一些被我点名的中国国家权威们面对他们的虚伪、欺骗、抢劫,也全都始终选择保持静默?而不是被诽谤?名誉受到攻击?却只能动用权势,在国际网络上对我提出的“国家伪统治体制事实”进行全面封杀!认为我在此种情况下(得罪了东西方文明,遭国内外共同封杀。)不敢回国去。可是我还是于2019年9月至12月回国呆了3个月,有惊无险地回来了。因为我说的是纯粹的自然科学与客观经历、无党无派独往独来,他们不敢轻举妄动并不会是害怕李辉林,而是害怕其潜规则强盗科学与真理在全世界曝光?或者在欧美的态度与其一致的情况下,他们仍然还不坦然地害怕? 【爱因斯坦晚年信精神,怀疑物质!】那是因为爱因斯坦只知道宇宙中的所有物质都是在“相对性”地不断变化,由存在到“消失”的。却不知道他们全都是由“绝对性、客观真理似的”不可被消灭或创造的基本物质:电子、质子、中子地相互关系(只存在万有引力与万有斥力地物质结构能量关系,。)与排列组合(能量只是改变物质分子结构或者原子结构所产生出的,并没有消耗任何基本物质。)而成的。以至于整个宇宙地不断变化却又永存地存在。如果爱因斯坦还健在,他看了我的“论证”,他还能如此为自己提出的“能量与物质相互转化!(并引起人类基础科学界半个多世纪虚假地猜想、臆造、欺骗。)”而迷茫吗?或者也会像整个中国的科学、文化、知识分子们及那几位华人诺贝尔物理学奖获得者那样地不敢面对,却又觊觎将其中拆零分散而获得一个个“重大科学突破”立可见成效的客观事实? 上帝从来不现身于人类,只是为人类创造了一个“三基本物质”组成的客观世界,出了一道“客观宇宙”题,如果人类还不能正确认识、解释这道客观题的结构与运算,怎么有文化、资格谈论与见到上帝?靠什么去描绘、解读上帝?难道上帝也是个希望见到什么都不会表达,只会编造花言巧语吹捧他,表示愿意为他做奴才的那种人类?人类有史以来只是我首先提出了“宇宙客观真理及关系”,就是基本物质电子、质子、中子地性质、结构、运动、变化关系组成了整个宇宙。宇宙中所有的事物,包括人类自身的物质结构与运动变化,及思想、意识、行为都是这种基本物质地运动变化所产生的。在这宇宙整体客观真理面前,人类所有的先知先觉、文化圣人们,所有所谓的科学、文化、知识都只能算是其中主观臆造或者片面客观的认识;人类所有科技、文化、知识累积到现在,都连面对、探讨这个客观真理的知识能力,甚至态度都还基本不具备。
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据报道:【科学家发现最遥远的星系,在宇宙中旅行了134亿年的星球被科学界捕获。】 评论:此报道带给人类的真的是惊喜?还是更多更大地疑惑? 首先、说宇宙是无中生有、由“能量变物质”大爆炸地产生了138亿年,人类已经看到了134亿年前的情况。这么说、人类就应该能够看到的是134亿年以来宇宙地连续不断地变化情况?除非宇宙发展是片段、而非连续的,起码应该能够拿出局部连续变化的宇宙时空证据吧? 其次、说宇宙从大爆炸以来都是呈膨胀发展的,这符合爆炸的现象。但是一个大爆炸持续膨胀了138亿年,其所产生的物质就算是有先后,总不会都是瞬间由能量变物质、又由物质还原成什么都找不着的能量地吧?起码人类所生存的地球就不是瞬间那样变化的。那么宇宙中所有物质的运动变化轨迹,就应该是呈放射性的,不管是线性的、还是非线性地几何变化规律,人类看到的就都应该是一条条数以亿万年呈放射性、连续地星光,所有的光线都应该统一地指向宇宙爆炸的核心。 再次、人们所看到天空中的繁星点点,既然是若干亿年地连续暴光,这就说明:那些星球的光体是实体地若干倍,而且那些星球从来都只是在那个光体中运动、变化的。宇宙的真实时空并不是人们靠一种常人无法看到的超级“仪器”、才能“看到”认为的那个样子,没有宇宙大爆炸的痕迹、是被人类膨胀的。更不可能是由那些“智慧人类”自创一个“量子”将:能量与物质相互转化,“无中生有、有中生无”地魔术出一个宇宙! 仅此三条评论,足以提供人类对宇宙观地重新思考。 近半个世纪,一个全身残疾,却头脑绝顶聪明的人,让全人类四支健全的科学家们一个个都头脑残缺(面对我对“光速飞行器”及“宇宙大爆炸”地科学反证,他能够承认他的主观猜想不科学,并宣布自己的生命结束。那些靠猜想获得了一切的精英们却仍然还是念念不舍。)?我用电子·中子·质子永恒地存在普遍性,特性,运动,相互关系解释了所组成地原子直至整个宇宙。你伟大科学家丁肇中认为这只是些过时的“基本物质”概念?取而代之的是“量子”“夸克”和“胶子”(据说是半个多世纪来,已经又创造、发现了两百来个更基本的“粒子”。要永远地用若干个猜想去“证明”那个提出的原始猜想!)。那么你能够将其消灭或创造出吗?用来解释其在宇宙中的普遍存在及共同作用组成了宇宙地物理关系吗?就像劳动者用一些基本材料组织修建成了紫禁城,你们中国文化传人却一口咬定:那只是没有文化的人地低级作为。你们自己在紫禁城里随手弄来一些粉尘,就有文化地宣布:这才是组成紫禁城最基本的东西!想将人类对客观世界的认识引向中国式的炼丹术?想再让全人类比你们更脑残?有没有“量子”“夸克”和“胶子”都已经能够解释客观大自然(靠分子、原子都不能解释整个大自然的存在,只有组成他们的基本物质与结构原理才能解释宇宙的存在地共同法则。),有了只是更进一步深入了解,并不是要颠覆·推翻。中国文人的存在意识,都是皇权强盗意识。所以中国的统治历史文化才是颠覆轮回地周期律。 知青大叔二 +李辉林 对科技东西。我真是看不懂 李辉林 +知青大叔二 其实最科学的就是最客观普遍存在的。 1、汽车运动理论,是在固定动力能量范围内,靠调整其驱动力与驱动速度地相互转换关系、来适应客观环境条件地行驶。可中国伪动力科学理论却是:靠增加动力(如同更换不同的发动机)的能量大小(倍量差),去完成实现比别人高百分之几的“国际领先”地速度。 2、不要被“宇宙物质结构动力能量学”(演变论)的无穷大理论给搞蒙了,宇宙中所有的物质都是由正(质子、中子)负(电子)物质及能量、结构、运动、变化所组成的(就像电子计算机仅仅只是地球人依靠利用了自然界中,最微小一部分的电子地得失:“1”与“0”这宇宙最简单普遍的物质关系及变化规律,就可以计算、记录、模仿、设计出最为复杂的事物与客观自然世界现象。)。现实科学理论认为:物质具有“万有引力”,所以电子围绕质子中子转、月亮围绕地球转、地球围绕太阳转动、、、、、、!那么物质如果只存在万有引力,电子就会被原子核吸引在一起、月亮就会被地球吸引在引起、地球当然也要被太阳吸引在一起,整个宇宙中所有的物质不都会被吸引成一个没有任何空间运动的奇点?所以这个“万有引力理论”是不客观完善的,必须存在一个与之抗衡、互补、共存的“万有斥力”,才会将宇宙物质激活、运动、展开成现实的样子。 我的创新动力学理论就是这样从发现、现实的应用动力学理论的“力不平衡”现象中,发现了人类基础物理理论的不足之处,而提出了可以包罗整个宇宙更为客观、普遍、可证地理论基础。是不论有无所谓专业科学知识的都能了解认识的,就像当年人们了解认识牛顿提出的“苹果落地”一样,只是在他的认识上更客观完善了。当然对于搞更专业深入的分枝,是必须要有专业知识才能进行的,就像轮船、飞机、火箭同属于动力学分枝,需要不同的专业人员,但是他们一定是在同一个共同地动力学理论基础上展开发展的。即使《相对论》提出了“不同参照系”的认识论,但是在对动力物理的认识上,是继续了其“物质运动能量不平衡”地不足的。 希望能够像“苹果落地”样能够被认识接受。只是苹果落地时、怎么没有出现“万有斥力”(与两物体的质量成正比,与两物体间的距离成反比,方向相反、呈离心力。)?那是因为与地球的万有引力比,苹果的万有斥力太小太弱,它不是月亮,完全被忽略不计。同理、如果在月亮的位置上只是一只苹果,因为其质量太小、与地球的距离又太远,地球对它地“万有引力”(与两物体的质量成正比,与两物体间的距离成反比,方向相同、呈向心力。)也就弱小得忽略不计,只能认其在太空自由中翱游。(2016年2月26日)
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【被杨振宁带领中科院抢劫、剽窃,用于否定牛顿和爱因斯坦都错得离谱的科学论文(理论及公式)之一。】 (第八/八) 【注:此宇宙物质结构的动力能量原理分为上下两篇文章论述,上篇以数理分析论述为主,所以有大量的数学公式和图表在论文中,网络上不能正确传递讯息。所以就不完整上传,只上传“内容提要”之前部分。因为此论文2009年投稿钱学森创办的《中国力学》被建议改投“物理类”而转投杨振宁创办的《中国理论物理》,被杨振宁带领中科院截取剽窃,并用其理论和公式否定“牛顿与爱因斯坦都错得离谱”!可他们不知道该论文2010年被中国科技部科技学术杂志《中国新技术新产品》发表(论文标题被该期刊封面采用。),国内刊号:CN11_5601/T;国际刊号:issn 1673_9957。如果有兴趣可以在网上搜索。其论文的副标题就在提示与牛顿力学及爱因斯坦的相对论,是继续探索、发展中的关系,并不是要去颠覆否定。2015年开始在国际网络上指出杨振宁获诺贝尔奖的论文的虚假成分,及吴健雄为其证明手段做伪。2017年杨振宁弃美投中,否定美国教育及基础科学都落后中国!当我提出在我的个人网页上有科学论文理论、证据、资料可以充分证明其抢劫、剽窃时,就将我的国际网络上的个人网页、个人邮箱、云端资料的账户和密码全部封锁。甚至连网上“评论”功能都被取消(直到九个月后的2020年1月我从国内回到居住国后,才唯一开放了我在国际网上的部分评论权限及部分网页功能。)。当然杨振宁是东西方共同最高文明的代表,在国际网络上受到如此地保护,是不应该只局限在哪一方的。2019年12月上旬我在国内与曾经发表了上篇的出版社联系出版下篇一事,被告之:再不能在国家级刊物发表,在取消英文标题、内容提要、关键词,删除论文后面的“说明”并必须注明作者所在单位后,可以在省市级刊物上发表。在此上传其完整的下篇、是在上篇的数理理论的基础上,从最微观世界到最宏观世界,论述宇宙及所有物质全都是由不可消灭,也不可创造的电子、质子、中子三种永恒地最基本物质的性质和相互作用变化所组成的各种物理层级与各种变化现象。所以宇宙自然当然就是永恒存在的,不断变化的只是这三种基本物质在其中的各物理层级地排列组合。当然在我这个网页上的其它文章中还有一些论述涉及到,但是更大量的证明资料、图片、文章现在还是不让上传的。即使以前成功上传的小部分也是被网络封锁删除了的。 引发这两篇论文是因为中国电力机车科研制造系统在上世纪八十年代末引进、仿造并声明也达到了国际先进科技水平的机车,在应用中动力系统却出现严重、研制方始终无法解决的问题。直到严重干扰铁路运输秩序与能力时才邀请我跨界(时值2002年底,已从科技口转向技术质量监督多年)查找处理。2003年初我就检查分析出(技术科有一专业工程师配合做测试):该型机车动力源原理设计错误、使用理论落后、应用技术指标倒退。并提出“脉流恒功率动力理论与技术”,将全面论述文章投给株洲电力机车研究所并通告刘友梅院士;同时申报郑州铁路局机车验收质量奖,被推荐到获铁道部机车质量优秀奖;向所在单位申请每台机车十万元、一年完成,可使机车节省能源百分之五十以上;或增加牵引力一倍;或提高机车运行速度一倍。三年再完成更大科技效益提升地创新研制。全被搁置不理,只好在04年以郑州局派驻部门身份申请郑州局05年科技立项,却引起了05年初“武汉铁路局从郑州局独立出”,也要完成对这项科技创新地全面阻击的大动作。只得为“科技强国献计献策”向铁道部、科技部、国务院、中国工程院、、、投递资料信息。都说:牵涉到院士,超出权限管不了。国务院推给中纪委,中纪委又推回国务院。此时胡锦涛就提出了“与伪科学和谐的社会发展观”,国家08年也就声明:已于05年就全部淘汰担当中国最主要的ss4-9六种主型、2000多台、国际先进的客货运机车。其中吹得最响的ss8型研制出才两三年、ss9型研制出才一年多。为了鬼魅般的面子,就一定让这上千亿的人民血汗钱如此打水漂?也不敢让我改装一台试验!更不惜暴露颠覆其邪恶统治制度? 以上两篇基础科学论文是产生于之前探索发现国际国内机电动力理论基础缺陷后地提升。 从1980年就专职负责机车动力无极调速试验(首创数字自动化在机车上使用,无极控制机车动力调整。),解决了众多科技问题并取得了唯一成功,被铁道部全路机车推广采用。从此开始30多年不间断地对机电动力恒功率研究。其论文“东风4型机车无极调速结构、原理及应用”就提出了实现将牵引动力“软化”向“恒功率化”的科技手段。其论文投稿《内燃机车》杂志,因与主要负责人学术流派不同,被搁置了11年,于1996年他临退休前才得以该杂志发表。 “对国产电力机车设计缺陷的发现、研究与探讨”(实际进口的二、三代电力机车也存在同样类似的问题)、2003年投稿《机车电传动》遭封杀。院士答应了给发表而又不让发表。2012年9年后才由非铁道动力专业的中国技术经济研究会价值工程委员会会刊《价值工程》发表。 “能量有效利用、恒功率理论概率”、2004年再遭《机车电传动》封杀、同年科技部调解无效。但参加了国庆56周年庆典入编《国庆文献集》。提出了最先进的动力能效理论。 “脉流恒功率理论的应用技术实现”、2007年中国科协年会宣讲(邓楠组持、俞正声到会、近百院士、全国各路7000科技精英参加。)、并提出请杨振宁与有关专家审查,我随时答辩。也作为会议反馈表向会务递交。被《科技咨询导报》发表,其标题被该集刊面采用。(中国航天科技集团主管、中国宇航出版社)。 “机电动力变速理论向恒功率理论发展的先进性与实用性”、2008年《中国科教创新导刊》、 (国家科技部主管、科技文献出版社出版、提出了国际最新最先进的动力理论。)。】 动力能量学基础理论的提出及应用原理示意(上篇大标题) (动力学基础理论的集合及牛顿力学定律的定位与“能量守恒”、“相对论”的关系)(上篇小标题) 中国湖北武汉 李辉林 内容提要:牛顿力学诞生于300年前现代工业的萌芽期,所研究的对象基本上以重力、爆炸力或弹道力为主。工业科学发展到今天,牛顿力学作为动力学的基础也应该随着动力发展而发展,要能够对所有动力(包括人为动力)现象有一个统一完善的理论体系。如:机电动力、热动力、流体动力等,已经是人类生存环境无处不在的重要部分,但用经典的牛顿力学来完整地解释它们却存在一些问题。最根本的原因是经典力学是以常规一次性施力为研究对象,现代力学要面对的多是持续性施力的情况,而光电动因、宇宙大爆炸论的出现更需要统一的理论。论文要解决的是经典动力学与现代动力学共同的“动力微分关系”,和“变量到常量”“量变到质变”的不同关系;特别是人造动力装置往往是将动力与运动体做成一体,就容易混淆质量m与作用力F的主从关系a、功能关系Nt、表里状态V。将牛顿定律各自准确地定位于动力学系统中,从而实现了经典力学与现代动力学的统一,包括与“相对论”的通解。同时也揭示了持续动力在变量与常量的交替中,可以主动地获取更大的做功能力和更多的能量利用效率。这也解决了一些动力学应用中的一些困惑和五花八门的做法。 Abstract: in 300 years ago the Newtonian mechanics was born during the modern industry germination times, basically the gravity, explosive force or trajectory force was primarily studied. The industrial science develops up today, as the kinetic foundation the Newtonian mechanics should be developed followed by dynamic, have a complete theory system to face all dynamical phenomenon (including personal force). Such as:electromechanical dynamics, hot dynamics or hydrodynamics and so on , it is the most important part in all personal living environments. There will have some questions if they are interpreted by the Newtonian mechanics. The most basic reason is that the Newtonian mechanics takes the disposable use of force as the object of research but the modern mechanics mostly needs to face the situation of the long-enduring use of force, and photo-electrical and the Big Bang Theory
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【美國思想領袖】余茂春(上):分清中國和中共,嚇壞北京!中國有豐富歷史文化,中共是西來的獨裁政權,中國人民渴望自由;中共大打美國牌的三大因素;如何分清中國共產黨和中國人民之間的差別?|@/%E5%A4%A7%E7%B4%80%E5%85%83%E6%96%B0%E8%81%9E%E7%B6%B2 37,488次观看•首播开始于 2021年2月19日 怎么大名鼎鼎的法号【大纪元新闻网】的网名都要被自己如此坚决地隐姓埋名了? 李辉林评论:现在又要“分清中國和中共”了?当初为邓共用复辟创新封建统治文化制度全盘否定人民大于政党的毛共,实现封建强盗权贵联合封建文化奴才统治体制摇旗呐喊,并大力向美国引荐创办中共国成功创新的“孔子学院”形成在全世界开花结果!这是中共的问题?还是中国的问题?或者就是你们中国传统文化奴才狗腿子们的问题?除了将美国拖入中国数千年传统封建统治决斗文化陷阱中,川普以失败告终。为美国文明都做对了什么?就像你们中国文化奴才的总代表杨振宁游离于国民党、美国文化80多年,功成名就后不还是选择投靠恢复了最原始正统中国文化的中共?如此你们不论是对“中国”、“中共”、“杨振宁”还是对于“中国文化”却是连半个屁都没有放的?还帮助杨振宁封杀我对他强盗剽窃我的“宇宙客观真理”占为私用,帮助中共攻击欧美现代文明都落后中国地“真理理论论文”,诸多历料、照片、科学证据、历史证据在国际网络上5年我的个人网站,于2019年4月全部消毁。 从2021年2月10日(在我对CCTV发出的”总书记提出:要大力发展量子技术“一文被台湾和美国的伪科学学者拥护并积极地呼应,当作了人类伪科学体系地大救星后。就又将我的电脑硬盘所有个人储存的信息包括所有联系人信息都全部被删除了,U盘光盘全部不能使用,打字功能(连常用字都没有、或者一使用几次的字就被隐藏)和翻译功能都限制在原来的五分之一左右。只有以前电子邮件发送出去的有关信息可能才尤显其价值了。 我还有几天就整70了,又逢被东西方“上层建筑精英文明“如此明确地为美国及全人类确立了:科学领袖杨振宁、政治领袖邓小平、文化精神领袖余茂春,并联合起来封杀狙击“宇宙客观真理”,坚决地维护虚伪邪恶落后地科学、文化、知识、权势精英利益,翻新、改装、点缀皇帝的新衣或者创新上帝的新衣,欺骗、愚弄、统治人类社会的制度。证明了“宇宙客观真理”确实只适用于自然全人类世界,而不适用于所谓的”代表并控制全人类的文化人渣们“的统治文化世界。他们终于忍不住在国际网络上打起了中国统治文化圣人的传人,才是统一全人类地【美国思想领袖】的大旗来了! 真理是永恒的,我只是一个向人类的传递真理者。我18年(历经两代中国领导人、四代美国领导人。)不间断地在人间传播真理的使命已经完成。代表人类不同的文化精英们却是在虚伪文明原则上是一致的,仅仅只是在虚伪文明形式与程度上有微小的差别(封建专治强盗低级欺诈统治制度与假民主自由伪科学高级欺骗统治制度),而共同坚定地选择的还是比中世纪人类文明客观无知更为主观无耻反真理的态度,要那样依靠邓式“挂社会主义羊头、卖封建权贵垄断资本主义狗肉”的“真理理论”(人类所谓的文明还处在没有基本共同人性文明、形形色色“禽兽衣冠”的时代)永永远远地从复争夺的霸权,在宇宙星空中“摸着石头、狗打架式地过河”! 2021/2/22 XuLiCheng47 Xu 李辉林 中国不欠你、共产党夜不欠你,你可以不喜欢,但是请你不要蛊惑,一切以事实为依据,能上网的都是成年人,希望你成熟一点,OK?别回复了,我没看完超过一行字,够明白了吧!? 李辉林(2019年4月18日。这是Google上全部注销我了的个人网站、电子邮箱、网上搜索信息及评论功能后,留下的唯一一个可以对话的“Google通知”窗口,提出要我承认“邓小平复辟创新封建强盗潜规则统治真理与制度是正确的”。被我以“科学客观独立性”、以客观事实为准则拒绝后,就关闭了这个窗口。这一条就成为再也上不了网地针对性的“回复”。我只能认为这是东西方“文明”在“宇宙客观真理”面前,就如此携手销毁他们共同“反科学真理及历史证据”而达成共识统一的真面目。): XuLiCheng47 Xu “中国”在邓小平复辟创新封建强盗统治文化真理理论与制度下,不就正式成为了你们中共集体的私有财产?全中国960万平方公里的国土不全都是没有一寸不属于你们中共的部分党产?全中国人民除了那少数与你们中共强盗欺骗臭味相投、能够与之狼狈为奸成为你们的奴才狗腿子的,不就全是你们中共治下的奴隶了吗?你们出尔反尔的“强盗真理理论”中,只有所有天下人都欠你们中共的!必须被你们推翻夺权或世世代代为奴偿还你们中共?你还不如就直截了当地说:中共要强盗天下才是真的,其它的都可以是可以颠覆模糊闹着玩的!那几个“中国国家”、“中国工程院”的“国字号印章”,是连狗屁眼上的一个痤疮的真实性都不如的?盖在那几个公文上的几张纸连擦屁股纸之用都不值?中国科学院钱学森创办的《中国力学》、杨振宁创办的《中国理论物理》科学杂志,都不过是为中共国涂脂抹粉,红颜招嫖封建权贵与文化大奴才的春楼秋窑?“中共国召开的七千人科技大会”上的邓楠、俞正声、杨振宁等及国家各部委一把手和那近百名院士,都不过是为了对付一个李辉林而精心策划、组织地一场人类历史上空前绝后、无比盛大的“伪科学愚人节”?都是谁有权力有资格将“中国”这个所谓的“国家”,这样地当做垃圾桶、粪缸来玩弄的?我写这些难道是可以或者敢于不负起法律责任地?还是中共“法律”都不过是“骡子的逼”,设计出来只是为了骗人做样子,只能听命协助中共作恶多端,而不敢越俎代庖地负起“客观、公正”这个责任的?你们一个个真是“强大”得连自己还是不是“人”,一点都无所谓了?用政权折腾出这些证据凿实、逆天的事情来,还以为只要像成年的鸵鸟那样将头一拱进沙子里,就可以理直气壮地说:“没看见,就是什么可耻的事情都没有发生过?什么危险的情况都不会存在的!”地掌握了“成熟的真理理论”?
Abbers Måned siden
inb4 some trump supporter bursts in here babbling about how this is all a satanic communist teletubby conspiracy to steal our testicles.
Pasha Hart
Pasha Hart Måned siden
Yea just don't rely on them for power like you can with fossil fuels...... looking at you Texas and Communist Socialist California.......
Chris van Gerve
Chris van Gerve Måned siden
Please get your facts right. Windmills are directly connected to millstones to mill grains. They use sails to generate more power. Wind generators use blades to generate electricity. Two totally different systems
The_Nuke Måned siden
I miss the wind
Ryan doen goed
Ryan doen goed Måned siden
Prabhat P
Prabhat P Måned siden
Welcome back
Honest Commenter
Honest Commenter Måned siden
Mike Martin
Mike Martin Måned siden
I can't tell you how many times I've wondered this as I bike past the old Dutch windmills at Golden Gate Park. I figured the new design must be better in some way, but I couldn't physics it in my brain.
Mia Kay
Mia Kay Måned siden
I wonder what makes a good vertical axis windmill
Iris Oscuris
Iris Oscuris Måned siden
I still don’t get how they make the wind blow.
Mutantcy1992 Måned siden
I was just here for a discussion of winglets and it never came
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Anyone else annoyed that they called wind turbines “wind mills”?
Adventures with Frodo
Adventures with Frodo Måned siden
Airfoils are very efficet and there are several sail boats that use airfoils.
SaaliHealer Måned siden
“What kind of music do you like?” “I’m a huge metal fan”
SaaliHealer 21 dag siden
What is? Metal? Of course not it's a genre of music...
Luaan 21 dag siden
Actually, not made out of metal :P
a c
a c Måned siden
Windmills are not "renewable energy" they are made by parts that go bad and need to be replaced. Since they arent made from wood or recyclable material, they are not renewable. To actually have "renewable energy" you need to have generators built from 100% recyclable materials. Neither solar nor wind are made from such, so are non-renewable
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Bill gates is a shmuck and the climate emergency argument is blown way out of proportion
Elouj Time Reaver
Elouj Time Reaver Måned siden
Kind of sad the old traditional sail design did not get a passing mention. You know, the wind mills that actually mill grain.
Eric Wesson
Eric Wesson Måned siden
bill gates, lol
emppu 07
emppu 07 Måned siden
This is all fine and dandy, for 2 dimensional windmills. While 3 dimensional windmills might be theoretical At the moment doesn't mean they won't exist in the future. Main selling point of 3 dimensional windmills being they don't need to worry about slowing the wind down, cause they don't rely on the wind passing them by, rather they count on the wind to more the entire windmill (blade area) around causing the blocked wind to push on the slowed wind what pushes the blades with more energy what causes the windmill to move more and, well, generate more energy.
GraveUypo Måned siden
modern windmills modern windmills modern windmills modern windmills are you serious? i have a bunch of those "19th century design" wind turbines at my farms that i put in the last decade. they're not outdated, they have a different function. i don't need a 130m windmill to pump water from a few meters underground. geez.
Aaron McLean
Aaron McLean Måned siden
"sponsored by Bill Gates" Ah, that's why there are over 1k dislikes. Fucking conspiracy nutcases are coming out of the woodwork.
The Full 180
The Full 180 Måned siden
I'm positive you could find a sale on windmills if you looked hard enough mate
Pieter Voorhans
Pieter Voorhans Måned siden
Blades of a wind turbine are so long to take advantage of the lever effect it gives you, since most of the power is generated by the end of the blade, because of the lever effect.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Måned siden
Mmmmm, climate change can't really explain it. If that was the reason we'd have thorium reactors.
** Måned siden
I was with you, right up until that college dropout that stole an OS design from Xerox. Gates .
Mannhovf Måned siden
The ideal windmill is 1, not a windmill 2, a steam turbine fuelled by nuclear power. Less dead birds, less ugly nature, LOTS more power.
Narokkurai Måned siden
Or both! We need all the energy we can get!
GrimmGhost Måned siden
Why is it, it went from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change"?
Rosie Roti
Rosie Roti Måned siden
Wind mills are, thus far, our cleanest and most efficient ways of harnessing solar energy.
Rondo Cat
Rondo Cat Måned siden
Bill Gates = thumb down...
Narokkurai Måned siden
It's sad that you feel that way.
Aiden Aune
Aiden Aune Måned siden
but why windmills? they are big, expensive, need constant repairs and part replacements, and the production of their parts releases more CO2 than a gas plant will produce, so why windmills? if you really want emission-less power, why not nuclear? there are no emissions at all, and it produces an insane amount of power, the waste produced in its lifetime will be only at most a few dozen gallons, and they almost never have any problems that result in meltdowns (there have been 3 meltdowns in 60 years, and one was caused by a tsunami, and there are thousands of reactors in existence). so why not nuclear?
The Merchant
The Merchant Måned siden
Bill gates is a shmuck and the climate emergency argument is blown way out of proportion
Grandma Gobbler
Grandma Gobbler Måned siden
they are wind turbines, not windmills tard.
NewsofPE Måned siden
thumbnail: me: are you dumb?
Matt Måned siden
Wow so densed together and i loved every second of it!
Dade Gardiner
Dade Gardiner Måned siden
I was in my hometown with lots of windmills last week and I wondered this, weird to see an answer so quickly
it's 6884
it's 6884 Måned siden
"how to avoid a climate disaster", by: a fucking biliionaire. No thanks.
NetAndyCz Måned siden
So, why are there no windmills trying to capture the energy of jetstreams?
Justin Hannan
Justin Hannan Måned siden
Flying windmills are being developed. different design: How easy it would be to deploy these to the always moving around jet stream, I'm less certain of.
Adrian Ardensky
Adrian Ardensky Måned siden
What about bladeless windmills??
IeatNoodles Måned siden
This is a great summary and well explained thanks
Kyle Wall
Kyle Wall Måned siden
Why do wind turbines keep basically the same directional axis? Thinking similar to the Pelton wheel turbine, If the wind was redirected (say outward like a centrifugal pump but sloped such that a pressure gradient doesn't build up to heavily) then wouldn't the subsequent incoming wind still have somewhere to go, yet have more of the momentum absorbed and converted into energy?
Jakub Mintal
Jakub Mintal Måned siden
2:30 interesting, but why?
Jakub Mintal
Jakub Mintal Måned siden
Phisics is hard
Sandi Firmansyah
Sandi Firmansyah Måned siden
I still not understand. How about water turbine? What is still working?
Sandi Firmansyah
Sandi Firmansyah Måned siden
@Narokkurai no this. I ask about water turbine in great dam ( hydroelectric )
Narokkurai Måned siden
Water turbines have been around for a long time, but you can only build them on large rivers.
Sandi Firmansyah
Sandi Firmansyah Måned siden
Somebody answer it, please 🥺
Strict NonConformist
Strict NonConformist Måned siden
Just cover the technically-provable stuff and leave out the politically-correct unproven shit out of it.
Dter Måned siden
Though the problem with high velocity windmills is the amount of noise they make, and as you said parts of the blade that aren’t moving at the same velocity which increases stress in the blades. They solve this by lowering the velocity of the blades but using a gearbox to convert high torque and slow speed to lower torque and high speed gears which can then convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Max San
Max San Måned siden
Who needs windmills we need nuclear.
nutzeeer Måned siden
But isnt the wind energy turned into friction instead of rotational energy in fast moving windmills?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Måned siden
Like ??????
Xerox Sos
Xerox Sos Måned siden
I also thought that practically smaller blades are used due to cost factor right? Just like any other engineering project, cost also plays a role in designing things in my opinion
Derrick Howlett
Derrick Howlett Måned siden
The analogy with the ramp and the ball is incorrect, the faster the ball is sent to the right the more horizontal energy that is being transferred into the block, the opposite is being proposed in the analogy.
CurseofGladstone Måned siden
Not quite. More momentum. Is being transfered but since energy can be equated to momentum times velocity that higher initial velocity means a small change in momentum transfers more energy. The way he said it isn't great but mathematically he's correct.
What Everyone's Already Thinking
What Everyone's Already Thinking Måned siden
so why not 2 blades?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Måned siden
would be a fun video!!
71dembones Måned siden
Doesn't matter because wind energy is poorly orchestrated scam designed to weaken infrastructure of western countries Heyoooooooo
Narokkurai Måned siden
@71dembones I think "the people at the top" are not even concerned about us in the slightest. Conspiring to sabotage US society and infrastructure would be such a waste of time and resources that no one would even bother. You think more highly of the rich than I do.
71dembones Måned siden
@Narokkurai yeah, yeah. I get it. Nothing to see here. Don't think, just believe that the people at the top have our best interests in mind 😇👍
Narokkurai Måned siden
@71dembones And it was hardly "around the same time". The outbreak of Covid to the death of George Floyd was more than six months. There is absolutely no logic to connect the two events.
Narokkurai Måned siden
@71dembones What children's book author is being "cancelled"? You're aware that no one is trying to "cancel" Dr Seuss, right?
71dembones Måned siden
@Narokkurai ...and everything that happened in the past year was because someone ate a bad bowl of soup in China around the same time police in America arrested/killed a drugged out, career criminal, right? And also, #cancelling children's books authors is a bigger priority than saving the livelihoods of millions of Americans, right? C'mon man
spencer knowles
spencer knowles Måned siden
I didn’t even know that I was curious about this
zwink37 Måned siden
Does it not have anything to do with possible damage if the wing is blowing too fast? I would imagine larger blades would be more susceptible to deforming the stand or the blades themselves if they were bigger.
Christopher Gerety
Christopher Gerety Måned siden
What’s Bill’s carbon footprint? I.e. does Bill walk it or just talk it.
Ultimate Dude
Ultimate Dude 23 dager siden
@SwedeOnRoad He also uses private jets. I think the most important thing is really to get corporations to lower their emissions though
SwedeOnRoad Måned siden
Probably a lot more than the normal human being. Probably owns oversized buildings, many cars, boats and everything. And does that just because he can not that he must have all of it. My guess is that he doesn't care at all about any of this, just says and does stuff so it sounds good and that he is trying to save the planet.
Cheydinal Måned siden
Here we go again, minutephysics controls Bill Gates and thereby the world...
Cmrd Knightmarez
Cmrd Knightmarez Måned siden
And, the fast moving blades end up going 120kph or something at the tips, so take massive damage, and kill birds. Slower 'less efficient' blades are better, the SHOULD look like slow moving sails, less repair and wild-life damage.
Levi Howard
Levi Howard Måned siden
Wings mills and a wind turbines are two totally different things.
steyn17 Måned siden
I kinda expected you to go over Dutch windmills Because the windmills are quite different then for example more southern windmills in Europe The people who operated these windmills figured out the shape and angle of the wind to capture the most wind power out of the wind to do grinding/sawing/pumping and the Dutch windmillers reached their maximum efficiency when they were forced to compete against Steam pumps in the mid 19th century
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