The Last Of Us - The Movie (Marathon Edition) - All Cutscenes/Story With Gameplay (TLoU2 On Channel)

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Want to experience the incredible story of The Last Of Us and prepare for The Last Of Us 2 without missing out on in-game cutscenes and dialogue? Then this is the video to watch, this 6 hour marathon edition has everything you need to see Joel & Ellie's story unfold without missing out on the in-game dialogue and progression that really makes the story come to life... This is somewhere between a 12+ hour walkthrough and 90 minute "cinematics only" cut and paste Movie, and I hope it succeeds in presenting the story in the way it should be experienced for those who can't play it... Here are some quick notes about how the Movie works:
Like Bioshock Infinite, to get the full story experience I think you need to see the in-game dialogue/interaction, so this Movie will be longer than most of the others out there (I've seen a 9 hour movie but that's pretty much a walkthrough, I missed a few very minimal pieces of dialogue, but certainly not 3 hours of content), but I'm hoping it's worth it... If you're looking to enjoy the story of this game with minimal compromise with regard to the story/dialogue, please watch this :)
Some notes on the Movie itself, to save some questions people might have...
1) I usually crop/edit out ALL gameplay related information/HUD/Prompts, but with this game that is extremely tough. This game runs originally 720p, and cropping out the HUD would make this video 480p at best, and is likely to mess up the perspective/subtitles. It is fairly non-intrusive compared to other games, so I decided to bite the bullet and keep it in. Other things like written prompts/menus etc have been removed, the only in-game things that remain are the non intrusive HUD/crosshair/some button only prompts (no text).
2) Subtitles... There will always be raging debate on whether to put it in or not, and with Bioshock Infinite I cropped the HUD so subs were not an option due to their positioning. Since I kept the HUD in with this one, and I want to reach as many people as possible with this, I kept the subs in... If you notice slight sync issues it's of 2 things, 1) To remove a tutorial pop up or something I don't want in there I've slightly messed around with the timings, or 2) This game did have a couple of sync issues anyway, that's just the way it was when I played... Most sync issues were fixed during editing, but some small things might remain here and there...
3) This game features some optional content, e.g. conversations. I have tried to include most of them, though I doubt they are all there. I don't have a guide or anything to go by, so I triggered as many as I could. I don't believe I have missed a huge amount, though I am sure it isn't 100%.
That is all, if you have any questions outside of these things I have mentioned feel free to ask and I'll see if I can answer them. I will upload more parts for this soon. This Movie Experience was brought to you after 15 hours of recording and a week of painstaking editing to piece together the cutscenes and gameplay in the best way possible, I hope I have done the story justice, compared to those 90 minute "all cutscene movies" that are out there...
If you enjoy it, please leave a like to show your support and share this Movie with your friends and family, I believe this title to be one of the best Movie experiences ever produced by a Video Game...
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Asian Female
Asian Female 3 måneder siden
Don't do marathon on games. Its bad for your health and heart
crazy lizard blagg
crazy lizard blagg 4 måneder siden
You are really good at the last of us
jordin 4 måneder siden
i know im late on asking but i was just wondering what mode you played it in because so far i could only finish easy
Crystal Chan
Crystal Chan 9 måneder siden
Will keep waiting🙏🙏🙏
pppoopoo 11 måneder siden
Thank you so much for posting this 💓🙂
Dave D
Dave D 11 timer siden
I cry every time I watch the opening of this.
Ira Roy
Ira Roy 11 timer siden
it's 2021 and this still hurts
Mayhem Cube Gaming
Mayhem Cube Gaming 13 timer siden
I want to play this game but I don't have a Play Station looks great.
ccsbubblez 21 time siden
sarahs death ALWAYS makes me tear up but nothing like joels death.
Quan Dag siden
Similar to the walking dead game, I like it
I_Not_Fox Dag siden
omg he made the game in 2013! that means Naughty-Dog predicted a outbreak starting in 2019!
the cat headroom incident
the cat headroom incident 2 dager siden
how tHe fuck did Joel survive getting stab through the stomach
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 2 dager siden
Been looking for one more realistic where Joel doesnt RUN EVERYWHERE. Nice.
P Johnson
P Johnson 2 dager siden
Joel is indeed a beast!
Kubra Sutcu
Kubra Sutcu 3 dager siden
it was worth
Fruitninja25 Ricketts
Fruitninja25 Ricketts 5 dager siden
When you realize this game was filmed seven years ago
Hmoob Thoj
Hmoob Thoj 6 dager siden
They touch the child kill them
Cole 6 dager siden
Am I the only one that’s annoyed how often he cuts parts out
TheInvisibleGacha I am a boy
TheInvisibleGacha I am a boy 7 dager siden
I was an actual toddler when this was made o-o yes i am around 13
Eli 7 dager siden
ric tagalog
ric tagalog 8 dager siden
Anyone in 2021?
Rand Belal
Rand Belal 9 dager siden
How did you not die and also your the best the last of us player ever dansg08
Fps Penta
Fps Penta 10 dager siden
Nice movies liked and subbed
Jack 11 dager siden
Step1:Search up the last of us full gameplay and cutscenes with no commentary Step2:Screen record it Step3:Post it on youtube and call it a movie Step4:your done
Lasko 13 dager siden
Wtf was that 4:13:40
Billy Yang
Billy Yang 13 dager siden
I miss work to watch this 6 hour video....damn my boss said that’s the last of me 🥲😪😪
allshouse david
allshouse david 14 dager siden
DUONG DAT 14 dager siden
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90%Nerd 15 dager siden
Just for me 14:41
Pfeffer Lupita
Pfeffer Lupita 15 dager siden
Lee Anne Guinhawa
Lee Anne Guinhawa 15 dager siden
Poor sam and henry poor poor sam and henry
Jonas Garcia
Jonas Garcia 15 dager siden
the way he went from not liking ellie to treating her like a daughter is insane
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie 16 dager siden
Great video!
Roger Parker
Roger Parker 16 dager siden
This is the only game thats actually made me proud of a character. Ellie was brillinat bless her
grayza29 17 dager siden
Does cut scenes and pauseing not add time to your game play
Sw1ftie1301 18 dager siden
This video is legit better than some series/movies.... this is just insane
Sharky Gamezzz
Sharky Gamezzz 18 dager siden
Dominc Cruz
Dominc Cruz 18 dager siden
I am tho
Dominc Cruz
Dominc Cruz 18 dager siden
Imagine being jan 2nd 2021
Jolly Jojo
Jolly Jojo 18 dager siden
Wow this game is long.. I thought I was almost done with the game but I was only like 20% in.. that’s why I’m here honestly, I just don’t have time to finish it yet so curious about the storyline
Helvetinlapsonen 19 dager siden
not me watching this at 5am literally just after beating the game myself lmao
B A C Hx
B A C Hx 19 dager siden
I did not understood what all the fuss was about this game. Now i see There's very few games that sucked me in to the story and made me care about caracters
M. N.
M. N. 10 dager siden
@Nicky & Lorna Nichorello It's not, but you're entitled to your *wrong* opinion, sweaty.
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello 18 dager siden
No, this game is great! The hate was about the last of us 2 that came out this year, it's really shitty
zet421 19 dager siden
> Oh, 6 hours cinematic gameplay - nice. I've played the game, I know the story, I'll just watch this awesome intro again. > (6 hours later, with wet eyes) ...Hoooolly shit. I remembered this this shit is good, but HOLLY SHIT!
michael white
michael white 19 dager siden
Nice don’t need to play the movie now.
Mohib Kayani
Mohib Kayani 20 dager siden
The giraffe scene was so emotional and the song of the end was so relaxing love the game
Elmer Nayre
Elmer Nayre 21 dag siden
Actully my bro has the Last of us 2 in the Ps4 and i dont get it soo i watched this soo prob he is gonna be impressed he is playing the game r now and the thing where everything was sorta gray thats a cheat you get that when you finished the game soo prob he knows what too do prob just earning trophis im not gonna spoil but i know part 2 and in part 2 theres gonna be a girl witch is gonna be like Joels adopted Daughter
Nina Shavers
Nina Shavers 22 dager siden
My mommy said I have to go to bed at 1:00 and it's 1:00 I'm not listening lolllll
Nina Shavers
Nina Shavers 22 dager siden
I have already beat the last of us 1 time when I was 7 now I'm 8 and th-they moved far far away 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello 18 dager siden
Aren't you a bit too young to watch this game?
Touchpaper R&B
Touchpaper R&B 23 dager siden
It will be my first time.
Touchpaper R&B
Touchpaper R&B 23 dager siden
Wow the beginning is amazing . Was blown away how it started . Bravo . I must play this game.
DID ED NIDD 24 dager siden
Markiplier said E onse
SpeediraWindira 24 dager siden
🤔 what if Sarah reincarnated into Ellie?
Shahrnavaz Khosravi
Shahrnavaz Khosravi 26 dager siden
"Swear to me that everything you said about the fireflies is true" "i swear" "Okay"
ccsbubblez 19 timer siden
im still so upset with joel in tlou2 he literally fought people WHILE IMPALED but had a death by a golf club. he deserved so much better.
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 27 dager siden
People give us teenagers nothing but hate because our hormones get out of control and get daughters pregnant which totally is wrong because we can't help how we are made
Jerry Moorehouse
Jerry Moorehouse 27 dager siden
Imgine if that Joel died at the start of last of us part one and u get to play as Joel's daughter 😲😲
mottus 28 dager siden
This is how we thought the pandemic was going to go in April
D H 28 dager siden
Oh man.. You missed the single greatest part of this game at the hotel around 2:30:40, where Ellie asks to reserve a room, when Joel is behind the counter. That was the funniest moment of TLOU Part 1
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl 29 dager siden
whay if after joel saving ellie from fireflies,they got a car accident.killing ellie in process. thats so f**ked up,killing all those fireflies.
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello 18 dager siden
No that's not gonna happen because the last of us 2 exists
Ye ok I guess
Ye ok I guess Måned siden
I just realised how big of a forehead Ellie has
G-lock on blast
G-lock on blast Måned siden
plot twist she ended up dieing to the flu. and joel became a mafia.
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello 18 dager siden
@G-lock on blast yeah, your plot twist would've been hundred percent better than what they did to the last of us 2
G-lock on blast
G-lock on blast 18 dager siden
@Nicky & Lorna Nichorello oh right😂
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello 18 dager siden
No because the last of us 2 exists
Yazid Farah arfan
Yazid Farah arfan Måned siden
Natalie _Joyce
Natalie _Joyce Måned siden
Imagine losing your daughter the day after your birthday 🥺
prettygirl _____kk8 Fox
prettygirl _____kk8 Fox Måned siden
Thx for making this vid it's so cool
fired Panda
fired Panda Måned siden
4:16:20 hey your about to kill the kid at least sing her a song damn
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello
Nicky & Lorna Nichorello 18 dager siden
He will sing to her in the last of us 2 and wdym with he's about to kill the kid?
Michael Cole
Michael Cole Måned siden
I hate the beginning of the game and so dose my Ant an my dad's side of the family.
Christa Måned siden
thank you i am now playing last of us it is a fun game
LiveEnd Måned siden
Jeez I thought all the cutscenes were 6 hours long collectively...
Alondra Mireles
Alondra Mireles Måned siden
Anyone here 2020 c:
Lillian Ketcher
Lillian Ketcher Måned siden
Roxanne Torres
Roxanne Torres Måned siden
The juvenile ethiopia specially appear because coin radiographically stitch pro a unkempt spleen. adamant, sick november
wire._. clock
wire._. clock Måned siden
This was my favrotie game when I was 6-8 but my dad took it away
yames hraberts
yames hraberts Måned siden
oh look, trash.
agus suandika
agus suandika Måned siden
Dec 8 2020 anyones?
Nett Dee
Nett Dee Måned siden
I got into the story I forgot it was a game 🤣🤣 I dont even have a ps4 only an xbox one 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
its_ur_boi Måned siden
When I saw 20yrs later I realized that people grew up in this horror show
lildarkie16 Måned siden
I love when people post full gameplays i hate hearing other games comment on the game there a lot louder than the actual game. so props to this guy for taking the time to post and edit this
Piercing Instincts
Piercing Instincts Måned siden
NEED SUBSCRIBERS??? - subscribe to our channel(Piercing Instincts Property Management). we will ask our facebook followers to subscribe to your channel!! Lets grow together🤪
Sebas Animations
Sebas Animations Måned siden
2:15:00 I’m at around this part of the game
CheaterMAC Måned siden
To the people who actually watched it all 😴🥱
2high2cry Måned siden
Bro is Tess Sarah because I’m losing brain cells
Sebastianas Danilaitis
Sebastianas Danilaitis Måned siden
The Last Of Us kinda reminds me of Covid-19
Nav Sahi
Nav Sahi Måned siden
This video game is the reality of 2020(coronavirus)🙁
julian Øverland
julian Øverland Måned siden
Who else is watching dis in 2020 ,,, ;D
Okay! Yeah, Kolbe!
Okay! Yeah, Kolbe! Måned siden
Damn. This should have just been a movie instead ♡♡♡♡
Thanos Måned siden
I once read someone say this game is about "the story of a man that had his whole world taken away from him and in turn ends up taking away everything from the world."
Rhonda Hart
Rhonda Hart Måned siden
Love it
Just your random human
Just your random human Måned siden
Never trust an ✨edited comment✨
M G Måned siden
Man, they really fucked up TLOU 2
Chris M
Chris M Måned siden
The first game was a MASTERPIECE. The DLC and sequel? Not so much.
Liz Taylor
Liz Taylor 2 måneder siden
1:18:10 This is when Tess actually gets infected....
Kayla Brewer
Kayla Brewer 2 måneder siden
That is just like covid 19 but worse, but when his daughter died it was really sad😢
Chrispi Chris
Chrispi Chris 2 måneder siden
Итак, спасибо за видео! Ощущение как будто просмотрела целый качественный сериал. Игра, а так круто всё сделали. Актёры отлично сыграли, озвучили! И прочая команда постаралась на славу Грустно как-то стало от концовки и вообще, что столько крови, боли и прочего дерьма произошло и будет происходить с людским миром... ЕСТЬ одно НО! это дискриминация пользователей компьютеров, что игра только на приставку! :)
Wolfie Anime edits
Wolfie Anime edits 2 måneder siden
What this....Your birthday 🎂
Kaya Joelle
Kaya Joelle 2 måneder siden
Not me watching the entire thing 💀😂
NyRasakii Lu
NyRasakii Lu 2 måneder siden
One of the best games I’ve ever played 😝
Burritorex Plays
Burritorex Plays 2 måneder siden
Oh my lord. The voice actors are incredible. HOW DO THEY DO THIS!!! And thank you for making this video. I want to buy the game but I don’t have enough money. Thank you so much
cherry. playz
cherry. playz 2 måneder siden
when I was playing the game in the bigging I was crying because she died TnT
Nicole Jacobson covers
Nicole Jacobson covers 2 måneder siden
Full movie 6 hours ok lol
T A 2 måneder siden
As someone who is scared of playing games like this, thank you for making it easier for me. I discovered this game this year and now the game and everyone a part of it means everything to me.
Francis Holmes
Francis Holmes 2 måneder siden
Thank you for this movie. I don’t have a playstation, but wow... This story was an amazing experience.
Leo Dioneda
Leo Dioneda 2 måneder siden
I got this I will help all but my FAMILY well......🤔
Payton James
Payton James 2 måneder siden
I'm watching this in 2020 because miss Joel I can't believe he died in last of us part two😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I'm so sad
Roberts vids
Roberts vids 2 måneder siden
omg this game is so emoshlo
Michiko Malondro
Michiko Malondro 2 måneder siden
This is kknds much better than life is strange but in the beginning it was soo much better
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