Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #4

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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #4
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

jonthrowify Måned siden
Hi I just became a member
HaXEdA Time siden
@David Martinez idk it's cool i think
Any Iriana
Any Iriana 11 timer siden
Suryaa Velayudham
Suryaa Velayudham 11 timer siden
Congragulations for getting 10k likes
David Martinez
David Martinez 16 timer siden
So what
HaXEdA 21 time siden
Heart Salmo
Heart Salmo 2 timer siden
The April thing the map is so confusing😂😂😂
_Ilyas Anaqi
_Ilyas Anaqi 2 timer siden
Алмазик 5 timer siden
Your evey week robloxian
Your evey week robloxian 5 timer siden
Do you believe in gravity?
mkv 8 timer siden
Clash the electrical in the inverted version,it looks cool
Arthea Bulalakaw
Arthea Bulalakaw 8 timer siden
wow! I already know the first tip before watching this vid...
Fun with Mehal
Fun with Mehal 9 timer siden
Malayalikal undo
Shadow Demon
Shadow Demon 12 timer siden
thank you this helps me alot
XxNot JuliexX
XxNot JuliexX 14 timer siden
Thank you so much for the help :)
Sunyoung Lee
Sunyoung Lee 14 timer siden
I can’t see the join button
CollynSopheigh Sparks
CollynSopheigh Sparks 15 timer siden
8:02 at least the storage is the letter "D" now -v-
Guillano Granadillos
Guillano Granadillos 15 timer siden
I do those tips I do first try on swipe card and I like his show
josie sinnott
josie sinnott 16 timer siden
The kill button didnt glitch when his partner killed
Shah AqielIzatiAqeef
Shah AqielIzatiAqeef 16 timer siden
I can't join pro membership because I'm noob
Saiki K The book penguin
Saiki K The book penguin 16 timer siden
They fixed the through the wall tasking just FYI look at play store
Mystical Myth
Mystical Myth 16 timer siden
So person starts off cyan but in the same game but on cams perspective it’s orange.?
William Medrano
William Medrano 17 timer siden
William Medrano
William Medrano 17 timer siden
William Medrano
William Medrano 17 timer siden
William Medrano
William Medrano 17 timer siden
I was hiding the cams
Nate Brier
Nate Brier 19 timer siden
Guneeth Sekhar
Guneeth Sekhar 21 time siden
Ok I hope you will Subscribe and like my video ok thankyou bye
Guneeth Sekhar
Guneeth Sekhar 21 time siden
Subscribe And like my video
Guneeth Sekhar
Guneeth Sekhar 21 time siden
Hey I have a channel Guneeth Sekhar
Guneeth Sekhar
Guneeth Sekhar 21 time siden
Hafsa Khan
Hafsa Khan 21 time siden
I did not get the join option🙁
Juwairiya Ahmed
Juwairiya Ahmed 23 timer siden
How do we make our own rooms??!!
Mahira Khan
Mahira Khan 23 timer siden
For the last part, if let’s say I am in a country where it’s April 1 and for the other players it’s not, will they get the same map?
brindhakarthi Dag siden
Who here plays Roblox jailbreak
brindhakarthi Dag siden
How to become member?
Vito Tlau
Vito Tlau Dag siden
Clash please do pubg now i need you please 😭😭😭
Sheridan Fraser
Sheridan Fraser Dag siden
Off we go
Sheridan Fraser
Sheridan Fraser Dag siden
Mxdixon xo
Mxdixon xo Dag siden
There are many tips and tricks but ppl still choose to cheat :(
Uzma Aftab
Uzma Aftab Dag siden
How to change system date
Adiya 2217 Adiya
Adiya 2217 Adiya Dag siden
Arthur's Corner All about Arthur
Arthur's Corner All about Arthur Dag siden
Me :ok just close door in security then vent there kill then leave good idea
Bianca Sophia Evangelista
Bianca Sophia Evangelista Dag siden
hey thats what i do open sabotage first then go to cams
THE MAP CLUB Dag siden
Why 1 of the person was named Ravon all most my name is Ravon my name is Revon lems ....Ya really
Malachi Jordan
Malachi Jordan Dag siden
among me
Caleb Hughes
Caleb Hughes Dag siden
n me to
Finhas Akale
Finhas Akale Dag siden
Him all most pro in this game
mayora 13
mayora 13 Dag siden
how tf can you remember which keyhole u did lmao
gaming Bullock
gaming Bullock 2 dager siden
So good
Justin Vercuul
Justin Vercuul 2 dager siden
Can someone buy me a pet in among us I'm bananaboi
Medhansh POPLI
Medhansh POPLI 2 dager siden
"8:21" Happy to get Always Imposter, Unlock Skins, Mod Menu from *** 📌📌 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ
Stevie Daugherty
Stevie Daugherty 2 dager siden
my key hole is always left first even when I'm not first on the thing
matthew spence
matthew spence 2 dager siden
Kyle Austin
Kyle Austin 2 dager siden
The first trick I figured it out on my own earlier
Gulnaz Smith
Gulnaz Smith 2 dager siden
I liked and subscribed
Alani Perla
Alani Perla 2 dager siden
Ohh so it’s like inverted on April 1 for April fools day
SliKt CLAN 2 dager siden
i wanna say something but not rudley i used to do the same thing about the security vent when u cant see the player i was the first one to invent that
Elio Yousif
Elio Yousif 2 dager siden
1:23 yeah but they hear you venting
classicgotover 3 dager siden
Please watch my among bus fails #1
Misty YT
Misty YT 3 dager siden
theres no join button
Addy Ng
Addy Ng 3 dager siden
I play the upside down map before
Addy Ng
Addy Ng 3 dager siden
I play as an imposter 4 i a row
Marc Miguel Castro
Marc Miguel Castro 3 dager siden
Boring but hepls me
Anjali Athavale
Anjali Athavale 3 dager siden
Your all videos are awesome 👍👍👍👍and the tricks are great
Jared Johanne Agustin
Jared Johanne Agustin 3 dager siden
7:54 the skeld turned
varsha das
varsha das 3 dager siden
Very nice tricks
Trae Young
Trae Young 3 dager siden
Hello people i just became a member.
Erica Stork
Erica Stork 3 dager siden
NARESH PATEL 3 dager siden
They could hear the vent open
Mr Shark
Mr Shark 3 dager siden
Why does he say finished instead of kill
Squirrely Squirrels
Squirrely Squirrels 3 dager siden
+10+ subs to you good man I sharedthis to my frinds this vid helpd
Python 3 dager siden
In the elec download one you can hear the vents tho
Walter Gamarra
Walter Gamarra 3 dager siden
Wait the second imposter too they new you’re trick lolll
Raja Maharajan
Raja Maharajan 3 dager siden
IRAM IRAM 4 dager siden
I just bcam a member
i just comment
i just comment 4 dager siden
3:52 when ur sus and someone other kill a crewmate then for a half sec a "1" disappears in the kill button
Akash A
Akash A 4 dager siden
It's difficult to do the maze tasks in mobile can you please show that in the next video
Lia_nahari 4 dager siden
Gsm Nafura
Gsm Nafura 4 dager siden
Clash I have ballon hat just like you :)
Bonnie Wang
Bonnie Wang 4 dager siden
Bonnie Wang
Bonnie Wang 4 dager siden
I am now a pro
Vanilery 4 dager siden
One time i got voted out because i did in the Skeld map in admin first rhe fix wiring and then the swipe card
Lavaeggh Omary
Lavaeggh Omary 4 dager siden
A random sweat 737
A random sweat 737 4 dager siden
4:06 wait is dat flamingo?
Mharjory Badili
Mharjory Badili 4 dager siden
Pls seen my chat plsss that is my happiness
Sharon Ann Co
Sharon Ann Co 4 dager siden
shae neal
shae neal 4 dager siden
But that doesn’t tell me HOW to make the map change
Aanab Waqar
Aanab Waqar 4 dager siden
Who always come imposter in among us?
Dianne Pilar
Dianne Pilar 4 dager siden
Sorry clash universe i tried to join the member ship and did not allow😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Chris Jasper J. Cristobal
Chris Jasper J. Cristobal 4 dager siden
Im good of among us
Alon Kurzbaum
Alon Kurzbaum 4 dager siden
You’re tips are gonna help me allot thank you so much/I love among us
TipsoTick 4 dager siden
Hi I am a member now
Beilla Jimenez-White
Beilla Jimenez-White 4 dager siden
Dont mind my comment just marking my point 5:14 (making an among us map in Minecraft so it's important) just keep reading other comments :)
ANSH AGARWAL 4 dager siden
GamerKid Vlog
GamerKid Vlog 4 dager siden
Fe Rigon
Fe Rigon 4 dager siden
What will gonna happened if i forgot
mat adams
mat adams 4 dager siden
Deegii Moron
Deegii Moron 4 dager siden
Void Heart
Void Heart 4 dager siden
Using these tips on my friends to tonight 😉
ItzSawZ YT
ItzSawZ YT 4 dager siden
I didn't faked a single task while I was an impostor
Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts 4 dager siden
The inverted map is an April fools joke
Finley McMahonjpo
Finley McMahonjpo 4 dager siden
Sometimes I don't get key task in polus
Sabelo Mdluli
Sabelo Mdluli 4 dager siden
Sabelo Mdluli
Sabelo Mdluli 4 dager siden
Wow now i know a lot of amoung us oh yeah im gouing to play now
MATRIX MENTOR 4 dager siden
At 3:21 which map or where to find this key thing?🙄
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