Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Exiled

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Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Exiled!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of the TommyInnit Exile Arc as well as the Butcher Army/Technoblade Execution Arc. In this series I cover everything from the L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Festival of the Dream SMP, Tommy’s Exile and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
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Twitter: evanmcgaming
Discord: discord.gg/tmcqCqPNT9
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/evanmcgamingyt
Instagram: evanmcgaming
Thumbnail by Ekozaak: Ekozaak
LordKanter (Guy who supplied me with the recreated map): nopost.info
My Second Channel: nopost.info
Big thanks to my sister Kaiya, as well as Legacy, Dr Wiggles101, Misteyyy and Alf1es for helping get replay shots!!
Thanks to @Kanaya for the AMAZING song used at the end of the video!! (Welcome Home Theseus): nopost.info/throw/sN2YZorby5eFfNk/video
Recap: (00:00)
War Aftermath: (00:40)
Canon Life Intro: (02:39)
Ghostbur Intro: (04:00)
Ranboo Intro: (04:44)
Tommy Conflict: (05:37)
Exiled: (20:15)
L’manburg’s Perspective: (27:22)
Technoblade’s Perspective: (32:54)
The Execution: (34:36)
Tommy???: (41:59)

It's Just Aaron
It's Just Aaron 2 timer siden
Tubbo did the right thing by exiling Tommy, I would’ve done the same to avoid yet another war.
Mariam 3 timer siden
dream smp could be an anime and id still watch it
One Track Mind
One Track Mind 4 timer siden
You forgot to bring up Mexican Dream 😂🤣
Nan C. Pants
Nan C. Pants 5 timer siden
Dude you are so good at these videos thanks for making them
Armando tail
Armando tail 7 timer siden
EvanMCGaming 6 timer siden
It’s just a character 👍
Happy Pigs
Happy Pigs 12 timer siden
1:32: exists me: *fat chance*
Riefer - Tagalog
Riefer - Tagalog 14 timer siden
oh my...
Talkethe beast
Talkethe beast 17 timer siden
Bro the song at the end is so perfect it has to be a dream smp inspired
Rehan Baloch
Rehan Baloch 18 timer siden
I really love your videos I would pay for them
CMe 12 timer siden
Merch or patreon idk
A Diamond
A Diamond 20 timer siden
A very sad diamond approves **sniffs** this video
The Creator1776
The Creator1776 22 timer siden
Lamp1couch 23 timer siden
so im new to all of this, this is scripted/rp right?
Koquy Gaming
Koquy Gaming Dag siden
Ranboo was never invited the first time he joined he hacked to join not got a invite u stupid
Emerald Emperor
Emerald Emperor Dag siden
Wait can someone explain did dream interfere with the beach party invites or what? why did no one get invited?
H E L P L E S S Lol
H E L P L E S S Lol Dag siden
"TOMMY I DONT WANT DO DIE!" were ghostburs last words.... I miss you ghostbur....
H E L P L E S S Lol
H E L P L E S S Lol Dag siden
"WilburSoot was punched to death by Dream."
Demonn Dag siden
19:16 Tubbo yelling at Tommy Meanwhile goshtbur in the background acting like nothing is going on
Ishara Govender
Ishara Govender Dag siden
Tommy should have just left the server
Mediocre Breakdown
Mediocre Breakdown 12 timer siden
@CMe exactly lol
CMe 12 timer siden
And the plot and it would suck since it all agressions happened due to tommy and just kicking tommyinnit will decline primes and subs
Mediocre Breakdown
Mediocre Breakdown Dag siden
It's roleplay tho-
Noillaxe Dag siden
unmotivated gore
unmotivated gore Dag siden
Techno is the flippin Wintersoldier
Bernadette Welsh
Bernadette Welsh Dag siden
Ghostbur needs to be protected by all costs
Monsvipm1887 YT
Monsvipm1887 YT Dag siden
the history of Dream SMP is full of chaos and wars lol
Ms. Murphster
Ms. Murphster Dag siden
I've never seen such beautiful art until now 😌
mhiro cacho
mhiro cacho Dag siden
Man this almost make me cry
123 123
123 123 Dag siden
So Good Video
ThatSkyYoutuber Dag siden
I'm very disappointed. Where is the part where dream blew himself up! XD
Mari Hyun
Mari Hyun Dag siden
tommy and techno are so chaotic omg
Christina Burklund
Christina Burklund Dag siden
Joanna Marie Bacalla
Joanna Marie Bacalla Dag siden
Dream smp (:
Spoon Dag siden
Tommy: I don’t know why your here. Techno: THIS IS MY HOUSE!
Jonah Garner
Jonah Garner 2 dager siden
I believe tubbo made the right and wrong choice at the same time
elizabeth gataki
elizabeth gataki 2 dager siden
Bro the exile arc was so fucking good. It was sad but there were fun parts as well and it was such an emotional rollercoaster.
Kaden Majarrez
Kaden Majarrez 2 dager siden
28:48 scrreeeeeww you Dream! No, im done, sorry dream, i hate you right now. edit: I fricking love technoblade, this man can do no wrong, I swear. this also applies for Ghostbur
Jeanka Lopez
Jeanka Lopez 2 dager siden
“Technoblade neva dies” -The Blood god
Luna Akuma
Luna Akuma 2 dager siden
Okay the Exiling of the 16 year old chaotic evil is kinda sad But he did put it on himself by being a little shit Good for Tubbo for sticking to what he said. We will see how shit it goes from there on
Mediocre Breakdown
Mediocre Breakdown Dag siden
@Luna Akuma Wait really lol? Youre speaking to a hardcore DSMP weeb rn lmao
Luna Akuma
Luna Akuma Dag siden
@Mediocre Breakdown I know nothing besides what happened in the video lol Found it at 1 am
Mediocre Breakdown
Mediocre Breakdown Dag siden
Lmao “For being a little shit” Nice It’s true
Epic Effect Video's
Epic Effect Video's 2 dager siden
I hate techno
GangsterQueen Games
GangsterQueen Games 2 dager siden
Holy sh-
turdle 2 dager siden
"i don't know why you're here." *"I LIVE HERE"*
SILENT_FLAME 2 dager siden
Quackity could have easily killed Techno though.
7s BBM
7s BBM 2 dager siden
whats the music at 17:18?
Vedanth Venugopala
Vedanth Venugopala 2 dager siden
Wowowoowow this looks like a movie 2hrs later:ah man that was a good.movie
Redstree's Apple MC
Redstree's Apple MC 2 dager siden
When evan is making cinematic views with shaders he took out the "YOU
Xiaozhong He
Xiaozhong He 2 dager siden
some people might be "sad" for tommy, but he really messed up. he destroyed his only friend, dream and tubbo
Xiaozhong He
Xiaozhong He Dag siden
@Mediocre Breakdown ya
Mediocre Breakdown
Mediocre Breakdown Dag siden
Tubbo yes, but not Dream. Dream is not and was never his friend. He was always just manipulating him and using him to get the discs and have power over him
Karen Laking
Karen Laking 2 dager siden
The nation that wilbur dreamed about and he destroyed his own dream i know just know that he is distraught
Grumphy 2 dager siden
at the moment i tough tommy is the ruiner before that idk everthing but ik rn who dream actually do
Moonlight Potato
Moonlight Potato 2 dager siden
Wow, The Beach Party was supposed to be on my birthday coolio
Michael Ian
Michael Ian 2 dager siden
lmao zooming into technos face and just seeing derp is funny
Valdemar Rolandsen
Valdemar Rolandsen 2 dager siden
its so saad :(
Deena Soot
Deena Soot 2 dager siden
this video is rlly good but evan keeps saying oh tommy is selfish, while yes some actions are selfish, he is one of the most selfless people on the SMP
QX _one
QX _one 2 dager siden
Cl1NG4 2 dager siden
Almost Made me cry @ 22:57
Jane Llamas
Jane Llamas 2 dager siden
I almost cry to tommy bad dream
Ronin Dragoon
Ronin Dragoon 2 dager siden
Tommy : i don't know why you're here Techno : I LIVE HERE!!!
Ronin Dragoon
Ronin Dragoon 2 dager siden
I love the dream character, he is the perfect description of a villain. he might lose in terms of power to the technoblade but the way he manipulated people through feelings, lies, and controlled everything from behind the shadows was something special about his character.
Bilal Alnaemi
Bilal Alnaemi 2 dager siden
What shaders do u use?
M 2 dager siden
From this video I just thought of something - there was already an obvious parallel between Tommy and Wilbur, and Tubbo and Schlatt, but I think there was also one between Technoblade and Dream, and furthermore, the parallel between Tommy and Wilbur isn't actually real. My explanation for this is that first, Schlatt exiled Wilbur and Tommy, which I think everyone agrees translates to how Tubbo exiled Tommy. But then, Dream offered Wilbur, who had lost his will to fight for independence, the opportunity to blow up Manberg. Now I'm not sure if someone has already made this connection but that seems awfully similar to how Technoblade's offer to Tommy, which was allowing him to commit "minor terrorism" to Manberg in exchange for his disks. His offer was slightly different in the way that Tommy only needed to give his permission to blow up Manberg and not actually do anything himself, but if Tommy had stuck to his promise and hadn't betrayed Technoblade, then he really would have become the next Wilbur. But he betrayed him, and so I say that history only _nearly_ repeated itself; Tubbo turned into Schlatt and Technoblade into Dream, but Tommy broke the repetition with his betrayal.
M 2 dager siden
@EvanMCGaming Hey thanks! I didn't expect many people to follow my train of thought, much less the creator of the video!
EvanMCGaming 2 dager siden
Exactly 👍👍 completely agree
Its Pukhraj
Its Pukhraj 2 dager siden
I I I I V People who like dream smp
Jikama The God
Jikama The God 2 dager siden
Tommy turning to the dark side
Fortsurfers Ya
Fortsurfers Ya 2 dager siden
0:31 reads script
Drop Bear Legend
Drop Bear Legend 2 dager siden
technoblade is a legit badass
syahmi88871 sy
syahmi88871 sy 2 dager siden
Marcelo Luna alonso
Marcelo Luna alonso 2 dager siden
Dream should be in prison for 3 more months at least
Jessenia Lewis
Jessenia Lewis 2 dager siden
I know the story but this made me cry so much
BloxedNate 2 dager siden
Poor tommy
MatthewPlays_YT 2 dager siden
Drain CS
Drain CS 3 dager siden
Music at 38:51?? I need to know whats it called
master Reyes
master Reyes 3 dager siden
Tommy made me cryyyyy
manhal walker playz gamez
manhal walker playz gamez 3 dager siden
Tubbo and others: trying to kill techno Techno: anh anh anh anh
M Anindya
M Anindya 3 dager siden
Tommy having depression is hard to imagine
emagames !!!
emagames !!! 3 dager siden
like the blade ones said hero get exiled
JAMSES Hargreaves
JAMSES Hargreaves 3 dager siden
GREASYBOY JAMES 3 dager siden
techno is a different beast
Gabriel Allen
Gabriel Allen 3 dager siden
I clicked on this to see the date when part 5 came out and then it just did
Salausi 3 dager siden
Omg i didnt knew that this Story was sooo sad 😭
Angel Arguera
Angel Arguera 3 dager siden
Best lines in the smp come from Technoblade
ToxicSun 3 dager siden
I didn’t think about Tommy’s exile was this deep he was having a mental battle with himself
Duklet 3 dager siden
whats the music at 38:50
Charlie Lataif
Charlie Lataif 3 dager siden
the name tubbo reminds me of a fat toddler
Leo Vastia
Leo Vastia 3 dager siden
I just like how quackity is always naked during serious moments
Gardenpop 3 dager siden
Molten _
Molten _ 3 dager siden
every month video, good deal
Liz Maria
Liz Maria 3 dager siden
the whole exile has me bawling my eyes out. wtf.
KrenKo78 3 dager siden
lol dream simp
Brooke Buscemi
Brooke Buscemi 3 dager siden
i’m confused, how did tommy escape exile and find technos house?
the god of cringe
the god of cringe 9 timer siden
it's called plooooooot cooooonveenience
van tran
van tran 3 dager siden
So sad
Plain Zain
Plain Zain 3 dager siden
Does anyone else feel this is biased against tommy?
ssd B
ssd B 3 dager siden
Wait so is it scripted or not? Cause i have no idea about it! Pls tell me
Hi_im AbroSexual
Hi_im AbroSexual 3 dager siden
The two people who can stay calm in serous ways...... and their words..... technoblade: HÆ 🐷 Ghostbur: I’ve named him friend.... 💁
m_us_ician 3 dager siden
tommy's character infuriates me
Condition Studios
Condition Studios 3 dager siden
If Tommy never threatened Dream everyone would have peace?
gettingSt4rted 3 dager siden
I have a question; who plays ghostbur?
CAM-BEST TRAVEL 3 dager siden
quackity is the worst at pvping in the world
NEALZY 3 dager siden
Tommy: having an emotional moment where he talks about his depression and all his friends abandoning him Ponk: Number 5 BuRgEr KiNg FoOt LeTtuCe
Ahmed Abdiqadir
Ahmed Abdiqadir 3 dager siden
19:15 holy its wilbur
Heather and Luke Wood
Heather and Luke Wood 3 dager siden
im crying 😭
Vin Knows
Vin Knows 3 dager siden
im so sad for tommy when he was exiled and no one vsit him:(
Korra Gaming
Korra Gaming 3 dager siden
Techno is literally the John Wick of DREAM SMP,this man killed a person who has a full netherite armor with a picaxe,a fucking picaxe
Grass Lands
Grass Lands 3 dager siden
I have been so lost thank you
Thekielgamer Music
Thekielgamer Music 3 dager siden
05:37​ and 20:15 made me cry 😭
Leon Soemartono
Leon Soemartono 3 dager siden
Ironic how the exile of Tommy led to the destruction of L’Manburg
Pro Shocker
Pro Shocker 3 dager siden
It’s all fun and wars until you ask how dream got all the obsidian
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