How Living at the South Pole Works

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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chris pham
chris pham 7 timer siden
From the tip of South America to the Arctic, Native Americans developed scores of innovations including kayaks, snow goggles, hammocks and cable suspension bridges. These inventions enabled them to survive and flourish wherever they lived. To learn more visit
JustJulyo 7 timer siden
But how do they get there? Through planes and airports Wendover?
How ya doin today Barb
How ya doin today Barb 9 timer siden
Satelite communication will change with starlink, and that's exciting.
SoundCrafterVic 12 timer siden
NO ONE is allowed on the "sacred" lands of south pole ! Q: Why ? A: so no one can escape the Jewliens Warlords and Criminals ! by going beyond the south pole on the continent , big as little America . Admiral Byrd
Syed Ahamed
Syed Ahamed Dag siden
An account on south pole
Shelbie Reynolds
Shelbie Reynolds Dag siden
If you hear someone complaining about wearing a mask, tell them that people are wearing them in the South Pole so they have no excuses.
spaceinbetween Dag siden
i wanna know how the construction crew built it from scratch in Antarctica in the first place
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma Dag siden
What I really like about Wendover is there's no clickbait: the title's just a summary of the video topic and then he goes on and explains that topic in an understandable, engaging, detailed way. He lets the video do the talking, not the title
jonki leshi
jonki leshi Dag siden
“The South Pole was not made for humans” Probably more accurate to say that humans were not made for the South Pole.
Gau Xar
Gau Xar Dag siden
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
Nirzon Dag siden
I don't know why, I find Antarctica fascinating.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Dag siden
Do u think I should be an airline pilot
Zam Adventure
Zam Adventure Dag siden Amazing videos from Australia - subscribe for more 👌👌
Khanh Pham
Khanh Pham 2 dager siden
How can I colonize Antarctica to build a nation there?
Cyber Gaming
Cyber Gaming 2 dager siden
This guy makes me go to sleep
BonBonAdios MiaEVERGLOW 2 dager siden
DIdnt you have this exact same video 2 years ago?
pro hacker
pro hacker 2 dager siden
1:47 getting hypothermia just by watching them
Yottifferent 2 dager siden
0:36 really? I thought most people loved that weather and thought I was the only one that couldn’t stand it
Arya Pourtabatabaie
Arya Pourtabatabaie 2 dager siden
I hope they're paid really really well.
Leo Saloranta
Leo Saloranta 2 dager siden
I like living here because they won't find the bodies for a long time...
Dr Nandish Purli
Dr Nandish Purli 2 dager siden
Only in peak Sumner
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 dager siden
and other conditions -Have to be self sufficient -Slow internet and communication
Rover Dover
Rover Dover 3 dager siden
2021 NBA bubble location?
Rover Dover
Rover Dover 3 dager siden
And they didn't even touch on alien related disturbances.
Ilja Stepanov
Ilja Stepanov 3 dager siden
Can't we at least leave one continent without any human...
Anurag Mate
Anurag Mate 3 dager siden
Salute to This Peoples..!! Respect× 1000
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 dager siden
13:18 “overstate” not “understate”
Marty R
Marty R 3 dager siden
What amazes me is that in barely 40 years we went from no human having set foot at the South Pole in history to having a permanent community there. The audacity of our species never ceases to impress.
Halcon Serrano
Halcon Serrano 3 dager siden
So downloading anime episodes in the South Pole is a hassle.
Geo15facts 3 dager siden
Whenever I talk about Antarctica, I always think about Roald Admundsen and Robert Scotte - pioneers discovering the southernmost point of the earth.
QuantumBraced 3 dager siden
Mars will be 100 times worse.
sam smith
sam smith 3 dager siden
exposed and forced to live with EVERYONE
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 3 dager siden
The prevailing wind at the south pole is northerly.
Ismail Hossain
Ismail Hossain 3 dager siden
how living at the South Pole works for USA
b9y 3 dager siden
Does anyone know the place at 0:36?
b9y 3 dager siden
I'm so glad you did this! I've been wanting a South Pole video for ages after I fell in love with the idea of visiting. Now all I need is a degree in conservation, and hope.
Chronoire 3 dager siden
They searching for "The Thing"
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 3 dager siden
Crazy how during this whole pandemic the people in antarctica have been chilling in darkness
Shadeem 3 dager siden
"I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS F***ING COUCH!"
A Railfan
A Railfan 4 dager siden
No water cooling necessary to run an extremely powerful PC.
peng zhang
peng zhang 4 dager siden
Sam Patel
Sam Patel 4 dager siden
13:18 “overstate” not “understate”
Bill Beyatte
Bill Beyatte 4 dager siden
I have on my bucket list a trip to the south pole. I understand a tour exists for about $100K.
Gavin Edward
Gavin Edward 4 dager siden
@gmail is fine. its totally acceptable.
alida flus
alida flus 4 dager siden
Guys I need clarity, is the narrator here the same person as Half as interesting or am I just confused.
Dave Watt
Dave Watt 4 dager siden
Did you just say "twenty hundred metres"? Not two thousand!
TheUltimateOgrelord 27
TheUltimateOgrelord 27 4 dager siden
do they get a supply of P o r n
trash can can
trash can can 4 dager siden
How living at the south pole works.
chaosXpert 4 dager siden
I can't believe the USA has ever done anything good
alida flus
alida flus 4 dager siden
-12 c unbearable... laughs in Canadian.
crub 4 dager siden
Evolution of NOpost Ads. 2010: No ads. 2015: Skip ads. 2018: Skip ads after 5 seconds. 2020: Video will play after ads. 2030: Video may play 2040: Video unavailable, watch ads. 2050: NOpost renames AdTube".
K. T.K.
K. T.K. 4 dager siden
I want to know how they lift the building
huc680ram ;qih'quc
huc680ram ;qih'quc 4 dager siden
Crazy how during this whole pandemic the people in antarctica have been chilling in darkness
Tiago Feitosa
Tiago Feitosa 4 dager siden
Now, the ice is just full of poop.
Yngvi Birgisson
Yngvi Birgisson 4 dager siden
This guy is so much better than that Half as interesting guy.
Waseem Abbas
Waseem Abbas 4 dager siden
Wendover is the only channel which compelled me to subscribe, before that I never subscribed any channel despite using NOpost for more than decade .
Preme Plug
Preme Plug 5 dager siden
Technically, Antarctica is the smartest continent
David Gonzaga
David Gonzaga 5 dager siden
Let's be fantastical. This is probably an SCP station.
Preme Plug
Preme Plug 5 dager siden
Spoiler: it's cold. Also, pray that Kurt Russel isn't there.
Reliably Top Player
Reliably Top Player 5 dager siden
Antarctica rule no 1: no taking in of Norwegian stray dogs
Mohamed B
Mohamed B 5 dager siden
they do so because they're well paid. not because of science (alone). The worth of this endeavor is decided at another level, not the level of the scientist.
Kyle Li
Kyle Li 5 dager siden
More like humans werent made for the south pole
Ghastly Gibbus
Ghastly Gibbus 5 dager siden
When think of scientists, we stereotypically think of people who lack people skills and physical prowess for their pursuit of science. But these are one of the toughest people on earth who's not only fit on the body but also their minds. Salute to their sacrifice for the mankind.
Natalie 5 dager siden
-12 c unbearable... laughs in Canadian.
B M Llaneta
B M Llaneta 5 dager siden
How can it be cold when it's located in the south?
frogstamper 5 dager siden
At least there is a "lifeboat" habitat in case of emergencies, like say some of the scientists were to plant thermite charges and find a 100000-year-old crashed alien spacecraft containing a horrific DNA copying creature...great foresight.:)
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 5 dager siden
Lc 130s do emergency airlift down there
Controversial Chris
Controversial Chris 5 dager siden
Hydrothermal liquifaction could be used to make the south pole waste free self powering community.
Oofet 5 dager siden
This guy sounds the same as the guy from half as interesting
Jake Calvin
Jake Calvin 5 dager siden
The irony of Ouch Health at 6:17
Martin Kaufmann
Martin Kaufmann 5 dager siden
What a crap with this Covid talk... its like any flu before.
Tuzz Nation
Tuzz Nation 5 dager siden
Back when I was a kid, i was like I'ma be a scientist going to north pole and space. Fast forward, graduate collage had a job in Montana. Dat winter tho. Nope, no more scientist for me
Lord Zero
Lord Zero 5 dager siden
This very weird. Why did you didn't mention all the other antarctic bases ? My country (chile) has like some stations that could be easily be used (and had been used) to support other nations over there. And I know for a fact that both the Chilean Army and Navy has planes and Icebreaker ships that could be used to provide support. In fact the hospital and the airport shown in the video are located in Chile, the country closest in the world to the south pole. So why did you skip so many facts ?
Valarius J.
Valarius J. 5 dager siden
So you're telling me there is a place on Earth where it's totally normal to spend several months on end indoors in a relatively small building, in perpetual darkness for most of the year, with nothing but the cold howling wind outside, ice and snow as far as the eye can see, and you do this with a somewhat small group of people but other than that the rest of the world leaves you alone? And this is somehow a sacrifice? Sounds like an introvert's dream vacation!
Nicklas H
Nicklas H 5 dager siden
stop referring to science as THE science, it's not THE science, it's just SCIENCE. science is never a definitive thing, but an ever evolving discipline
Yonatan brutman
Yonatan brutman 5 dager siden
Please do more aviation videos!
Ben D
Ben D 5 dager siden
Say "Therefore" one more time.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 5 dager siden
Who would have thought a logistics themed channel would have millions of subscribers
Charlie Verleysen
Charlie Verleysen 5 dager siden
Hi sam it's my B-day tmrw. I've been watching you for 4 years now and I'm turning 13. I hope u have a nice year❤
Joel Driver
Joel Driver 5 dager siden
First you have to climb the huge ice wall that flat earthers claim is there and then get past the world military powers that are guarding it. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Shamseer Sardar
Shamseer Sardar 5 dager siden
This is a best job for a Introvert ever!!!!!!!
The Sage
The Sage 5 dager siden
yeah but i bet the pay is mad good.
Dziadek 6 dager siden
They have better internet at the south pole than I have at my house
NavilNDG 6 dager siden
Haha its the half as interesting guy
lacintag 6 dager siden
If we can have a permanent presence there, we can have a permanent presence on the moon.
perdi aziz
perdi aziz 6 dager siden
Why waste so much...on finding Alien life on distant galaxy...if you could spend it for other finding cure for cancer or other illnesses
job place
job place 6 dager siden
Covid should not affect Antarctica. Preventing it from being introduced there is very easy.
kape some1
kape some1 6 dager siden
7:00 Starlink will solve this problem.
Ryan 7
Ryan 7 6 dager siden
These people are so lucky. I am so jealous. I don’t know how someone could refer to it as a sacrifice. To live for nine months away from civilization. To not have to deal with the arrogant, mean, nasty, annoying, narcissistic, evil animals that are referred to as humans. I need to find a way to get there!
The Raider
The Raider 6 dager siden
Anyone think that HAI and wendover sound the same?
The Raider
The Raider 6 dager siden
Yes I knw there the same person.
The Raider
The Raider 6 dager siden
Its weird
andrecoxa 6 dager siden
Amazing material!
Kristopher Walsh
Kristopher Walsh 6 dager siden
Maines weather goes to -10f every winter. Theres alot of people who live in Maine.
Ahmed Tahir
Ahmed Tahir 6 dager siden
I can't even watch this video with the amounts of "however" "therefore" "additionally" like please you're not a grade 9 student
Ahmed Tahir
Ahmed Tahir 6 dager siden
bruh who wrote this script-please speak more naturally
hmm2 6 dager siden
bendover productions
Peter 6 dager siden
Warmest it has ever been in Antarctica is 18 degrees Celsius which is 64 degrees Fahrenheit
skaltura 6 dager siden
Those staying over the winter are all badasses.
hawtpotato90210 6 dager siden
Just saw this was posted but I'm freaking out about desert monoliths.
Alexander Wood
Alexander Wood 6 dager siden
Yikes! I wonder if they're getting soon? How bad is the weather that they can't fly there in the winter? They fly all over Alaska, the South Pole uses specialized military aircraft. A video about the C-130s and other aircraft would be cool too!
Matthew Baynham
Matthew Baynham 6 dager siden
Why not have a network of mini wind turbines and illuminate the need for such a large supply of fuel? And why only one big building when a fire could happen?
Russia 6 dager siden
We own land
TheMaskedArcanum 6 dager siden
I bet they play d&d on their off hours
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 dager siden
"this year the challenges and risks are even bigger" Everyone who has lived through 2020: oh there we go again
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