I AM THE LUCKIEST TRAINER ALIVE… + NEW October Updates! (Pokémon GO)

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My Twitch: www.twitch.tv/themystic7hwd
What an INCREDIBLE shiny hunt in today’s Pokémon GO adventure! We caught the NEW SHINY POKÉMON in Pokémon GO along with a TON of others! Also we talk over the October updates coming to Pokémon GO!
#PokémonGO #ShinyPokemon #MegaPokémon
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Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop 2 dager siden
Evolution video
Daniel Benzaken
Daniel Benzaken 3 dager siden
JanusSnekBoi 6 dager siden
My mom got a shiny giratina and my brother flipped out. He's shiny hunting giratina on Pokemon shield through dynamax adventures
Andrew McGill
Andrew McGill 7 dager siden
Shiny GG bro
Maritza Arguinzoni
Maritza Arguinzoni 16 dager siden
hey what is your pokemon number we can be friends! im maritzapooh im a big fan of u!!
mesafull king
mesafull king Måned siden
I didn't know he played brawl stars
Ethan Hayes
Ethan Hayes Måned siden
Shiny Houndoor was my first
INSTINCED GO Måned siden
Umm look at the 666 on the thumbnail
HexR Måned siden
Murkrow Attacked you 7:15
Snake ey
Snake ey Måned siden
I agree
Nyte On iPad
Nyte On iPad Måned siden
Is shiny pinco rare I caught one when I was level 8 about a month ago
Sean Dai
Sean Dai Måned siden
i want dragonite!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis Vega
Travis Vega 2 måneder siden
I have shiny blastocysts
Russell Daniels
Russell Daniels 2 måneder siden
i caught shiny houndour at level 18 and it was my first shiny
Captan Yami
Captan Yami 2 måneder siden
"dusk skull never spawns" you literally almost 2,000 candies for him
LegoPlayz 2 måneder siden
Who wears glasses being shirtless?
Grant Richardson
Grant Richardson 2 måneder siden
I have a shiny charmander in a birthday hat
Acto Zigsters
Acto Zigsters 2 måneder siden
Arlin Vargas
Arlin Vargas 2 måneder siden
Bro can i friend you and give a arcón
Jon Alba
Jon Alba 2 måneder siden
it was a bounch of shuppets appering yesterday
SenorCalcetine 2 måneder siden
if anyone one wants to add friends to frequently do legendary raids, my trainer code is 5947 5030 2534
Nils Guldbrand
Nils Guldbrand 2 måneder siden
soo any one gona talk about the weed plant in the start
nike the gammer
nike the gammer 3 måneder siden
3937 4932 5981
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza 3 måneder siden
Yea do what the purple chicken did
Jackson Brooks
Jackson Brooks 3 måneder siden
Jaden Bryon
Jaden Bryon 3 måneder siden
Lol I didn't know you had brawl stars
Cheng Tsz Him鄭梓謙
Cheng Tsz Him鄭梓謙 3 måneder siden
U got a Tesla? That’s sick son! And you got a cute girlfriend. Not simping. Just jealous.
FearlessNoah 23
FearlessNoah 23 3 måneder siden
Me being happy for a 800cp catch...
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 3 måneder siden
This is what all luck of 2020 went to:
FL4M3S Gus lol
FL4M3S Gus lol 3 måneder siden
Add me on Pokemon go vid is on channel
Riff Philippo
Riff Philippo 3 måneder siden
I got blown away. I got a 0-1-0 burmy And one day later shiny 0-1-2 zigzagoon
hydro 7233
hydro 7233 3 måneder siden
I got a sniny vupix today
711 Echo
711 Echo 3 måneder siden
Mystic my brother got the shiny Articuno for the first raid but i didnt
Teresa Cancino
Teresa Cancino 3 måneder siden
2785 2654 0527
freelanzer droid
freelanzer droid 3 måneder siden
Lets raid: 8720 2151 6860
Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez 3 måneder siden
Me have shiny duskull let’s gooo
Brandon Kallu
Brandon Kallu 3 måneder siden
I like how he says I rarely see duskull Pokemon sitting with 1836 candies lol
Hockey boss27 Thir
Hockey boss27 Thir 3 måneder siden
What is your traneir code
piet jan
piet jan 3 måneder siden
ADD me
piet jan
piet jan 3 måneder siden
9507 2210 1463
Naif Muskan
Naif Muskan 3 måneder siden
Who is RedApple888888 please reply me any one know this guy RedApple888888 please reply me
Enzo Evanz
Enzo Evanz 3 måneder siden
Can u add me I don’t even have a leg or shiny 🥱 and I be been playing for 2 years
A Believer A.F.
A Believer A.F. 3 måneder siden
3931 4428 5670 Hi from Italy.
Eamon K
Eamon K 3 måneder siden
z2zy MC
z2zy MC 3 måneder siden
Axsgu20 6824 8870 2316 Sweden
Ark_Syndicate 3 måneder siden
I have a shiny pinco if you down to trade
Elixs _7
Elixs _7 3 måneder siden
4508 7388 9960
Eddie Plays
Eddie Plays 3 måneder siden
Lmao ive found a shiny shuppet fron like my 5 ever shuppets xD
Ashish Kadam
Ashish Kadam 3 måneder siden
Trainer code 2303 1449 7556 My username is mrak007 From india My trainer level is 29
Roan Kosterman
Roan Kosterman 3 måneder siden
Halloween is mega gengar
Rakesh Saxena
Rakesh Saxena 3 måneder siden
Pin code 056551738670
Swapna Maniyan
Swapna Maniyan 3 måneder siden
How many of you guys have realised that you caught shiny zapdos after 1 or 2 days I realised only after 1 day😂🤣LOL
Adrevanue Please
Adrevanue Please 3 måneder siden
Hello all
Erika Palumbo
Erika Palumbo 3 måneder siden
my mom got a shiny banette from a wild encounter so the spotlight hour gonna be esey for us
Erika Palumbo
Erika Palumbo 3 måneder siden
also good job at 2 mil
Kendall Zimmerman
Kendall Zimmerman 3 måneder siden
4510 4200 7951 is my trainer code :)
tñ3 Zxygon
tñ3 Zxygon 3 måneder siden
Shiny girlfriend I’ll catch it 😂😂
Gino 2006
Gino 2006 3 måneder siden
Questo è il mio codice amico 0425 2269 6192
Sneaker Head
Sneaker Head 3 måneder siden
I did about 24 articuno raids and not one was shiny 😢
martin290781 3 måneder siden
Deutschland Code 626328609601
Bad Youtuber
Bad Youtuber 3 måneder siden
nice u are thor15125 waz up
Slayer880 3 måneder siden
I got shiny charzard from picture
Aparna Roy
Aparna Roy 3 måneder siden
Who saw 17:53 where Mystic tries to catch Roselia but Pokéball bounces off then MEWTWO’S head bounces it back on I didn’t know your buddy can help you catch
Caroline Howe
Caroline Howe 3 måneder siden
Please can I raid with u I got bad pokemon bc I just started
Jonathan Mehn
Jonathan Mehn 3 måneder siden
I got my first mega and a shiny Alolan Raichu
Abdelrahman Mohammed
Abdelrahman Mohammed 3 måneder siden
Would anyone give a mewtwo for a shiny Delcatty
Mootje 3 måneder siden
I accidentally transfered a weedle😢 F in the chat for weedle
Mootje 3 måneder siden
I got 100iv shiny wobbuffet today
Shiny Pokémon 119
Shiny Pokémon 119 3 måneder siden
2975 2594 0040 Eggs from MI :)
Hakkido 3 måneder siden
I just got back to back shiny Klink and shiny skitty
Katsuki1469 3 måneder siden
I got a shiny charizard from the snapshot
rocket gamer69
rocket gamer69 3 måneder siden
rocket gamer69
rocket gamer69 3 måneder siden
Upload pls
Stijn Vlogs
Stijn Vlogs 3 måneder siden
2 mill
74 zilly
74 zilly 3 måneder siden
Hypeee #2mil
Ayden Balbaneda
Ayden Balbaneda 3 måneder siden
0315 0022 2006
Ayden Balbaneda
Ayden Balbaneda 3 måneder siden
@Bad NOpostr sup
Bad Youtuber
Bad Youtuber 3 måneder siden
truealpha1452 waz up
Logan Mays
Logan Mays 3 måneder siden
I got shiny doudwo and I was looking somewhere else and saw my screen and I was like whoaaaaaa dude
Playboizanny 3 måneder siden
I just got into pokemon go again but there are no pokestops by my crib 😐
Tristan Boo
Tristan Boo 3 måneder siden
Make a 2 ml video
Buster Hjort
Buster Hjort 3 måneder siden
2 m hype
blazeion 2
blazeion 2 3 måneder siden
Is it normal I got a shundo scyther out of an egg like what kind of luck is that
Narana 3 måneder siden
2 million let’s go like mystic would say the g fuel
FlAzE Coke
FlAzE Coke 3 måneder siden
Congrats on 2million subs dude I love the videos
Kiwo 12
Kiwo 12 3 måneder siden
Yyeeee 2 million great job love ur vids their great
James Vernon
James Vernon 3 måneder siden
PokeMon needs magikarp day again
James Vernon
James Vernon 3 måneder siden
I have like 30 arboks
Dede Lesmana
Dede Lesmana 3 måneder siden
My name in pokemon go is Marviglesmana
Ahmet Yigit
Ahmet Yigit 3 måneder siden
discord.gg/wcqNCJ we will design raid
Slasher Game54
Slasher Game54 3 måneder siden
1:26 Idk why but Plush Articuno in the background made me laugh 😂
Its Perfect FN
Its Perfect FN 3 måneder siden
Congrats on 2 mill
Kid Kholby
Kid Kholby 3 måneder siden
You no that there is a spoof
陳宥興 3 måneder siden
3474 7711 4599 tw
AirFuz 3 måneder siden
Come ouy
AirFuz 3 måneder siden
When will slyvon
Karen Kwok
Karen Kwok 3 måneder siden
I have a shiny riachu
Cael MacLean
Cael MacLean 3 måneder siden
Someone gifted me a sub on. You twitch I’m so happy
VNO Pepper
VNO Pepper 3 måneder siden
Mega Banette
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez 3 måneder siden
And caught less than a week
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez 3 måneder siden
Airy Shark
Airy Shark 3 måneder siden
I need a giratina
Grayson Underhill
Grayson Underhill 3 måneder siden
Finally got a shiny Alolan Exeggutor earlier this week from the event, and today I got a shiny duskull
Cyclips T
Cyclips T 3 måneder siden
he hit 2 mill and left
Terrorizer27 3 måneder siden
I just caught shiny charizard from a pokemon go snapshot!
darktrooper_ pablo
darktrooper_ pablo 3 måneder siden
Your girlfriend thic
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