Everything GREAT About Hot Fuzz! (Part 1)

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Hot Fuzz! It's longer than Shaun of the Dead and also somehow denser! Took me extra days just to organize my thoughts on this insanely self-referential screenplay!
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Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell 5 timer siden
I don't envy you doing this. I've seen this movie loads of times and I still notice something new every time I watch it
Orange Heights
Orange Heights Dag siden
Straight line : __________________ Dotted line : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Iconic line : “I dunno, pub?”
fulltimeavatarstan Dag siden
12:05 just gonna put this here to take a look at Olivia Colman!
calum bradford
calum bradford 2 dager siden
"You're a doctor, deal with it"
Call me Tiger
Call me Tiger 3 dager siden
Nick Frosts alternate lines for the ‘drunk kid pisses on him’ scenes are hilarious....”collar matches the cuffs” is my personal fave 😂😂😂
Eva Stood
Eva Stood 3 dager siden
This is my favorite movie 🎥
Kristen Moratti
Kristen Moratti 3 dager siden
i love this movie and edgar wright so much but all i can focus on is HOW CUTE YOUR CHILD IS AHH
Jack Nowlan
Jack Nowlan 4 dager siden
so thats what he looks like
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson 5 dager siden
You mentioned how the church is always sticking out from someone who lives in a village like this the churches really do stand Out
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson 5 dager siden
I’ve just figured out something really weird Americans have no recognisable characters think about Britain Harry Potter James Bond Sherlock Holmes Doctor Who you don’t get any of those in America
Brad Chesser
Brad Chesser 5 dager siden
All the times I’ve watched hot fuzz I’ve never noticed frank at the welcome party
Le4ce 5 dager siden
maybe a little detail you may have missed. in shaun of the dead, pegg goes to jump over the fences as a shortcut, but fails miserably. in hot fuzz, he does it again, but it works. Dk if this is any good, just a little something
Scott Harbison
Scott Harbison 5 dager siden
This film is everything Great about Britain encapsulated. All the regional stuff is right, the tone is perfect, the dialogue is fantastic, the acting is out the park, and the plot just nuanced enough to stake a claim of its own.
AverageGamerGuy 8 dager siden
I live in England, I have a big bushy beard, I can’t tell you how many times people have shouted that Jim Broadbent line at me. It’s at least twice.
Berlin Ocelot
Berlin Ocelot 9 dager siden
10:21 That's Bill Bailey. Very well known and very funny British comedian. Also from Somerset.
Dan White
Dan White 9 dager siden
That's Walder Frey!
Andrew Elias
Andrew Elias 10 dager siden
The color grading on your match cuts was satisfying.
Tom Elsen
Tom Elsen 11 dager siden
They really should have used Ewan McGregor for bob's and dave's Hello there
Fierce Devil
Fierce Devil 11 dager siden
Everything great about (pt 1)
The Jedi wizard
The Jedi wizard 11 dager siden
Who is lurch is he the big guy from Addams family
phapnui 13 dager siden
Having seen this film many times, I thought I picked up most of the sight and dialogue gags. You pointed out a bunch more so that I must needs watch it again a couple of times. Damn, this movie is like morphine ...
Cyrus Chaney
Cyrus Chaney 13 dager siden
Hello there!
pettengi18 13 dager siden
Crap there is just so much detail in this movie. I completely missed Nick Frost's character development where he was putting in an actual effort to be a serious officer, like reading the manual.
Luke Shaw
Luke Shaw 14 dager siden
Martin blower is played by the same man who plays frank Gallagher in the uk shameless/ the best shameless absolutely mind blown when I found that out 😂 amazing actor. :EDIT: wrote this before you said dont upset frank thought you skipped it
Raziroth 14 dager siden
It... It's Star Wars. America's Harry Potter is Star Wars
Michael William Dale Francis
Michael William Dale Francis 14 dager siden
A brilliant example of comedic filmmaking.
Elizabeth Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens 15 dager siden
Everything Great About Soul Surfer. Everything Great About Secretariat.
Sandy Ramhoff
Sandy Ramhoff 16 dager siden
what is America's Harry Potter? star wars
Hayden Brooks
Hayden Brooks 16 dager siden
Your dog is absolutely adorable
Nav 16 dager siden
8:30 you say you can always see the church and yeh won’t doubt it’s part of the filming but also..any village in England, anywhere you are you can almost always see the church as it’s the only tall structure and usual dead centre
Rogue 16 dager siden
Jude is the single most adorable being on the entire face of this planet Earth, i swear to god.
Daniel Watts
Daniel Watts 17 dager siden
I’ve watched Hot Fuzz tons of times, but I STILL learned even more about the movie...lol.
coolguyhino92 18 dager siden
15:15 Beautiful beard win. * *ding* *
Goshtosh 18 dager siden
Why does boone mention that when Nicholas says "that windows broken from the inside" he points directly at Janine, symbolising how she is heartbroken over Nicholas's lack of commitment to their relationship
Jorge 18 dager siden
Best Police movie ever
clamp712 18 dager siden
Please do worlds end
blazodeolireta 19 dager siden
7:52 thanks man. You finally resolved the mistery of why I wasn't able to see that cameo.
MC545 19 dager siden
Please do Dunkirk and 1917!
Gold 20 dager siden
Angel ruined Stanford
Jake Driver
Jake Driver 21 dag siden
It’s really hard to pick between this and Shaun of the dead as my favourite of the CT.
DMRFCNO 1 22 dager siden
Did anybody else notice blanchett on the second watch
Wolfman Dan
Wolfman Dan 23 dager siden
I don't know what to think. You don't look like my headcannon at all. Shook. I'm shook.
Predator Minute Podcast
Predator Minute Podcast 24 dager siden
I loved that they named the German Shepherd Saxon. Neat detail.
Zak Luck
Zak Luck 25 dager siden
America's Harry Potter is Percy Jackson
phapnui 13 dager siden
And Voldemort is Bunker Boy.
Ben Mcevoy
Ben Mcevoy 26 dager siden
Wow ... i dont know if he had done a previous face reveal but its cool to see the man behind the videos you love
bicardii75 27 dager siden
You forgot when he said to Danny” u haven’t taken a shortcut before” and beforehand said to David in Shaun of the dead the exact same thing
Obi wan Kenobi
Obi wan Kenobi 27 dager siden
This is great movie i watched with my uncle and i loved it i 10/10 recomend
ElijahProto 29 dager siden
Raycons suck, if you want to support CinemaWins, get em, but Taotronics are better.
Evan Berger
Evan Berger 29 dager siden
Everything great about Serenity (2005)!!
a penguin
a penguin 29 dager siden
ive seen this movie more times than i can count and almost always notice something new everytime
Leo W
Leo W Måned siden
I cannot BELIEVE that you missed out 'fingered *sniffs finger*'
BeastSlayer 205
BeastSlayer 205 Måned siden
Face reveal!!!!
prathification Måned siden
Is that really you in the Raycons ad?
blehblehbleh86 Måned siden
"Cop" isn't an initialism, and certainly doesn't mean "constable on patrol" :)
phapnui 13 dager siden
Old English word originally a verb (summit, top)
Directors Choice
Directors Choice Måned siden
Lol I miss this era of weird humor in movies.
CruelOptimism Måned siden
This is one of my favorite movies
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor Måned siden
So it's the UK version of Super Troopers 😆
Justikman Måned siden
Dude I'm sorry but Raycons are ass
Smuss Daddy
Smuss Daddy Måned siden
See You Next Tuesday... lol nice
ishara sampson
ishara sampson Måned siden
Cannot imagine that voice coming out of this person 15:17😂😂. Love your videos though💜. And Jude is soo cutee
DumpsterFire Dennis
DumpsterFire Dennis Måned siden
fishpop Måned siden
Huh... i never knew the actor guy was Frank from Shameless until you pointed it out...
Cee Koutsos
Cee Koutsos Måned siden
Eheh bunny thigh master 😆
StormyFN Måned siden
When's your birthday? Huhuahuh *Win*
Cassi Cooke LEICESTER Måned siden
You should really do the worlds end
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff Måned siden
14:35 hes so excited and cute!! I love how much you love movies
kOF.Readie Måned siden
NeutralRecon 2006
NeutralRecon 2006 Måned siden
Everything great about the worlds end.
Heart Storm Media
Heart Storm Media Måned siden
Your match cuts at the end were dope
Raiff Bauer
Raiff Bauer Måned siden
Americas Harry Potter is clearly the X-Men
Alexxxa Wild
Alexxxa Wild Måned siden
should be more videos😄👌 like this😍😎
Poseidon K.o.t.s
Poseidon K.o.t.s Måned siden
Netflix’s Next Gen
Poseidon K.o.t.s
Poseidon K.o.t.s Måned siden
It has a great story and the music 👌🏾
wingedblazer Måned siden
Little one for you, when you were mentioning if you weren't sure if the term 'cop' would fit british policing, its short for the term copper, in reference to the original material the custodian(bell shaped) helmets were made from when the police first became a recognised service in victorian London, the whole idea of the helmet being that size and shape was to allow the constable to stand on it so he could peer over a crowd
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon Måned siden
You have to do The Worlds End and Paul.....please
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon Måned siden
Hot Fuzz good film? Yarp
Matthew Snerbble
Matthew Snerbble Måned siden
Ha, u don't look like what I pictured, but kinda do......
Rens Eindhoven
Rens Eindhoven Måned siden
Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever!
Tarreau Simpson
Tarreau Simpson Måned siden
Requesting The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Day 2
ADCArtAttack Måned siden
Why you look like me 😅
sweet-rain Jewel
sweet-rain Jewel Måned siden
Happy go lucky slightly dopy Nick frost can only ever hope place second when put up against octopus wielding unknowingly wise Kung Fu Master nick frost in outlander
cheeko X
cheeko X Måned siden
9:54 forgot Walder Frey from game of thrones
AzureRoxe Måned siden
I love that, in the commentary, during Simon jumping the fences, they go "Simon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand not Simon" during the final jump because, even though he did do the first jumps, he wasn't the one doing the flip. They also mention that they have Nick Frost turn around after he slams through the fence because they wanted the audience to be 100% sure that it actually was him.
ganjamcninja Måned siden
Does anyone know if Danny's mom was Mickey the Pikey's mom from Snatch??
Bruce Miller III
Bruce Miller III Måned siden
One of my favorite movies i have so many inside jokes with my closest friend from this diamond in the rough masterpiece
Dan Roback
Dan Roback Måned siden
Please do Ferris Beuller's day off!!! Love your videos!!!
Caleb Dolan
Caleb Dolan Måned siden
15:49 He's eating the child!
Philip Wells
Philip Wells Måned siden
Please never stop what youre doing. Im bombarded daily about how much everything I enjoy sucks to other people and then I come here and Im reminded why I love what I love. Top it off with pure genuine character and all around wholesomeness and yep, thats a win.
Ohlong Johnson
Ohlong Johnson Måned siden
You mention that danny knows his mom's death was not an accident. I always thought him pretending to stab his eye was a way of saying he is pretending to be blind to what is happening.
ninja roc
ninja roc Måned siden
8:49 nice
David Butler
David Butler Måned siden
America’s Harry Potter? Hmmm.... X-men? Sorry I mean X-Service.
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Måned siden
This film was filmed in my city aswell
DJ Lawrence
DJ Lawrence Måned siden
It's clear Raycon paid your son more for that ad while you sit there like an amateur
Cara Salusc
Cara Salusc Måned siden
America's Harry Potter is Harry Potter.. or 'hairy podder' as your accents say :') but some things are international, some aren't. Americans generally think things are only famous only if they're famous in America.. ironically, youve most likely never even heard of the most famous/popular things in the world. Chinese media is the dominant media, there's asian games/movies that you've never heard of, for example the most popular video game shooter is an asian CSGO type game. We constantly see 'this is underrated, should be well known in the states' etc, just as you don't, nobody else needs America's approval of what's good lol
Cara Salusc
Cara Salusc Måned siden
Hahaha 'half arsed' 🤣🤣 assed and arsed aren't just interchangeable, same with shit and shite. Half arsed does work but ass is still used very commonly
Alex Guilfoy
Alex Guilfoy Måned siden
Bad new for the US but your Harry potter is Twilight and Hot Fuzz is a better love story than Twilight
Mathew Haight
Mathew Haight Måned siden
I am confused. Is this a remake or am I suffering the Mandela effect of thinking that he already made a hot fuzz video?
Joules Måned siden
shrek do shrek
John Rhines
John Rhines Måned siden
America's Harry Potter: Captain America?
Keely Davis
Keely Davis Måned siden
Jude is getting so big!! Happy holidays you guys!!
Minecraft Måned siden
America’s Harry Potter is guns
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