*LOGAN PAUL VS LEONHART!* World's BIGGEST Pokemon Cards Opening!

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Leonhart Måned siden
*Who won?!*
Tim Tabor
Tim Tabor Dag siden
i win
Jacob Bennett
Jacob Bennett Dag siden
I did
Siem De piem
Siem De piem 3 dager siden
@Gerbin got Greebno
Kass 6 dager siden
your mum fu
The real Blankets
The real Blankets 9 dager siden
Me I won I pulled A Charizard
zully arreaza
zully arreaza 18 timer siden
Login puil
Ryan M
Ryan M 19 timer siden
Boooo Logan Paul boooooooo
Alejandro Salguero
Alejandro Salguero 20 timer siden
Leonhart won
Pranav Mandava
Pranav Mandava 22 timer siden
12:53 that kakuna was an error card Length: 2 ‘3 Length: 22lbs They got it again at 15:38
Trixie HydeFan
Trixie HydeFan Dag siden
Why only now I realize ur name Leon is a name of a Pokémon trainer that Ash battled and I think he won. With a gigantamax pikachu
Evan S
Evan S Dag siden
I’m getting my Evolutions hollow charidard graded it mite be a 5 6 or 7
pokemon playerz
pokemon playerz Dag siden
I have that chancy card
Miguel On YT
Miguel On YT Dag siden
Alexa Vinagre
Alexa Vinagre 2 dager siden
That Day 69 on the top though.
Jellymansonim plays RBLX
Jellymansonim plays RBLX 2 dager siden
Leon hart please pin me!😀
Abdu2651 2 dager siden
never thought logan would like pokemon
Romell Harris
Romell Harris 3 dager siden
Spend so much money for a card with an image on it
Chris Knels
Chris Knels 3 dager siden
glad to see that logan ditched the bald "expert" and that leonhart is guiding the way now.
Ziyaan Ian
Ziyaan Ian 3 dager siden
I think on the first round Logan won in not an expert it's just my opinion.by the way I love both of your videos💖😆💖
dan rafael
dan rafael 4 dager siden
Knowing that Logan Paul is a fan of pokemon cards when I saw he bought the rare charizard with $150000 only to the old guy who try to sell his charizard collection in pawn star.
dan rafael
dan rafael 4 dager siden
I didn't even see this in my notification. Just wow!!!
Declan O’Leary
Declan O’Leary 4 dager siden
No first edition stamps in the first, what packs were they?!
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars 4 dager siden
Unlimited base set
Scammer the Scammer
Scammer the Scammer 4 dager siden
I like u Leonhart but either u faked this or someone scammed u no first editions stamp
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson 4 dager siden
the first first edition packs you both opened had a length length Kakuna
Eric Crosby
Eric Crosby 4 dager siden
That Zapdos looks like a shadowless
Minh Hang
Minh Hang 4 dager siden
RIP Blastoise pack
patel amit
patel amit 5 dager siden
so u get the energy cards first as always
patel amit
patel amit 5 dager siden
u have to put 4 cards in the back of the pokemon cards not 3 ok
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars 4 dager siden
You thought you were right. Youre wrong ! its 3 in the back. 4 in the back is for sun and moon!
Minh Hang
Minh Hang 5 dager siden
This was the most unexpected Collab to me
Spongy Mallard
Spongy Mallard 5 dager siden
11 thousand dollar card danget
Nat The Great
Nat The Great 5 dager siden
Logan Paul looks so diff
Irene kaye Cabilao
Irene kaye Cabilao 5 dager siden
i got zapdos but it has levels and mine is 74 how much does it sell for ???????????????????????????????
CerealBandit 5 dager siden
It's really good to see logan has matured, I used to hate his content so much because of how obnoxious he was, but it seems hes got his act together finally
Phat Cat
Phat Cat 6 dager siden
The first card was shiny magikarp
just a normal selling fan
just a normal selling fan 6 dager siden
how rare is a yellow cheack? (12:46)
Patrick W
Patrick W 6 dager siden
Sociopath on yr channel?
TheAzylum 7 dager siden
Kakuna also had the double Length error 12:53
frosted burrito llama
frosted burrito llama 7 dager siden
Someone please tell me what a reverse hollow gen 1 Japanese dark charizards are worth. I have 2 of them and idk the price. Cant look it up cuz the results are different and I dont have a card store near me.
Wesley Everson
Wesley Everson 7 dager siden
I'm subecribed????
Wesley Everson
Wesley Everson 7 dager siden
Can I get a rare please. I'm sushi a big fan.
NinjaNon 7 dager siden
Kinda disappointed ngl
Keen Perez
Keen Perez 8 dager siden
Honestly I thought Leonhart was Logan’s midget friend.
BFG GAMING 8 dager siden
1st edition kakuna error card has 2 lengths noth a weight
Vincent Lawrence Cruz
Vincent Lawrence Cruz 9 dager siden
Logan Paul
josh w
josh w 9 dager siden
LOL, as you said watch out for error cards you pull one and miss it. As the words are coming out of your mouth
Logan McEntyre
Logan McEntyre 9 dager siden
Crazy how much Logan has matured, he is wayyyy better than Jake now.
Eww Oppp
Eww Oppp 4 dager siden
He’s making millions opening up pieces of paper. You would mature too
George Agreda
George Agreda 9 dager siden
Leon stay away from that person!!He's the japanese forest guy!!! Never forget his crimes, people!!!
Jamalludin Adnan
Jamalludin Adnan 8 dager siden
Learn how to forgive, mate
Lorenzo Armani
Lorenzo Armani 9 dager siden
Alakazam is the winner
Jason dyna
Jason dyna 9 dager siden
I dont get how fresh out of the pack cards can be a psa 9
nose.bl33d XD
nose.bl33d XD 10 dager siden
You can always tell if someone doesn’t actually give a fuck and clearly he doesn’t I don’t watch his videos and I don’t care about what he does or what he has I can just tell he doesn’t care and I judge that by his actions and how he reacts to certain things when you see someone so passionate about some thing and someone so bland and doesn’t really realize what’s going on you’ll know what I’m talking about Ps coming from someone who does the exact same thing I might sound like your friend I might sound interested but in reality I got to take care of me
Bahme Baj
Bahme Baj 10 dager siden
The pack is fake is white
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars 4 dager siden
What do you mean ?
Cyrin 10 dager siden
Mask lol
Jack Jasper
Jack Jasper 10 dager siden
Yeah that's cool a little trip down memory lane call the way to 20/20 let's just not look back on 2019
Liam waffles
Liam waffles 10 dager siden
is login paul a gen oner, he only opens up old cards on his channel from what I've hered
ReLeVaNcE 2047
ReLeVaNcE 2047 10 dager siden
You can see Logan’s inner child come out when he says “then we both own it” lmfao
Mason Belanger
Mason Belanger 11 dager siden
The first time I saw that dog I thought it was real
Alex Beardsley
Alex Beardsley 11 dager siden
You know you’ve got a cracking collection when you pull a $10k+ card and you’re like “yeah that’s ok”
DarthPhetus 11 dager siden
The Kakuna card was an error length length too
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 11 dager siden
I wonder how much adderall Leonhart is on
Rkent11 Gaming
Rkent11 Gaming 11 dager siden
Lean hart: I open Pokémon Logan Paul: I hit dead hamsters
Jace Xiong
Jace Xiong 11 dager siden
Zac Lewis
Zac Lewis 11 dager siden
Can never like Logan Paul, such a tool and especially after him laughing and filming the body. Not a good colab in my opinion
Karol Reyes
Karol Reyes 11 dager siden
To be honest it feels good watching Logan Paul not getting into a boxing or some stupid drama.
ice king
ice king 11 dager siden
Tie on first round cause psa 10 same price
Michigan Discs
Michigan Discs 11 dager siden
The first edition pack you pulled. The kakuna was an error card had both lengths on there.
Shawn Reyes
Shawn Reyes 12 dager siden
Ew why is he here .......
Xavier Castro
Xavier Castro 12 dager siden
Leon hart won you are stupid
Wicked Whisker Outdoors
Wicked Whisker Outdoors 13 dager siden
Correction to my previous post. There was 2 1st edition Kakunas and a shadowless Kakuna that had the length;length error
Wicked Whisker Outdoors
Wicked Whisker Outdoors 13 dager siden
The Kakuna in the first 1st edition pack that was opened had the length;length error.
Pokémon Dude23
Pokémon Dude23 13 dager siden
I’ll be benifactoring lol 1:47
Pokémon Dude23
Pokémon Dude23 13 dager siden
Brown Family
Brown Family 13 dager siden
I have mega Charizard VMAX
mattgaming 13 dager siden
Leon win first
Ahmad Tehfe
Ahmad Tehfe 13 dager siden
i have a first edition eevee for 6$ and it shows for you wizards 1999 mines is 1999-2000 so ye thats the only difference it also has a small scratch that kills the price now its like 4$ or something
Coachparadorn Jumnongvej
Coachparadorn Jumnongvej 14 dager siden
Who can tell me what is PSA10 PSA9
ExteriorWind 107
ExteriorWind 107 14 dager siden
Great day of quarantine
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill 14 dager siden
I used to dislike the logans but now i feel that logan is just a chill guy but jake i still hate
oliver soper
oliver soper 14 dager siden
LOGAN all ways looks silly no matter where u pause
UwUzz z
UwUzz z 14 dager siden
Logan Paul seems kinda chill
Everett Womack
Everett Womack 14 dager siden
Mark Cerrone
Mark Cerrone 14 dager siden
Can I have Mewtwo v
Mark Cerrone
Mark Cerrone 14 dager siden
Leonor I love your videos I subscribed I love your videos so much I think you one can you give me a rainbow Charizard my dream card
Dennis Pia
Dennis Pia 15 dager siden
Logan sounds diffrent
Tizight 15 dager siden
Netflix: Are you watching? Someone's daughter : 20:48
mobile gang
mobile gang 9 dager siden
Most underrated comment on here lmfao
Royal Dragon
Royal Dragon 13 dager siden
101 Mi
101 Mi 15 dager siden
Hey I know him he’s the guy that laughed at a dead body
MarkMiyah Fernandez
MarkMiyah Fernandez 15 dager siden
Where captions
Korbin Jackson
Korbin Jackson 15 dager siden
I watched this video when it had 69K likes Lol
Bishman Karnan
Bishman Karnan 15 dager siden
casually holding a $11,000 card
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 16 dager siden
I'm glad this guy didn't steal yo thunder HARTSQUAD VEEN ABOUT THIS POKEMON SHIT
Fried Rice
Fried Rice 16 dager siden
Lets pretend like that didn’t happen part 😂😂
Kai Jundt
Kai Jundt 16 dager siden
If only there was a way to break the tie. Maybe with a card game of some sort 🤔
Wolf Willy
Wolf Willy 16 dager siden
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander 16 dager siden
I don’t get it. Why did they act like that when they pulled a poliwrath?
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars
Hiroshima - Brawl Stars 4 dager siden
Its not that good. Theyre having a pack battle, he didnt get a better one
Karimchii 16 dager siden
I cannot believe you guys pulled two Alakazam's and two Chansey's :O
FredyReacts 17 dager siden
This asshole rated his zapados “at least a 9.5” and Logan’s mewtwo “potential for a 9” ?
Flower Boy
Flower Boy 17 dager siden
Raichu in my top 3 favorite Pokémon
Gamer Boy102006
Gamer Boy102006 17 dager siden
Logan paul is cool
Dereck Frost
Dereck Frost 17 dager siden
Where do they get these cards I’m trying to buy
Kyle James
Kyle James 17 dager siden
why do some cards have shadows
Nhreen Sada
Nhreen Sada 17 dager siden
I love your video
Wendy Rackley
Wendy Rackley 17 dager siden
Angel’s Creations
Angel’s Creations 17 dager siden
I have a poliwrath holo 1999
Oaiss Kurdy
Oaiss Kurdy 17 dager siden
Leonhart, you're lowkey ripped. Share you diet and gym routine :)
Ch9ll 17 dager siden
I got a lot of yellow cheek pikachu
Crumbie 17 dager siden
How much were some of those packs
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