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Who is the imposter
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Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia 2 måneder siden
If there is going to be an official Among Us movie, I want this person to be the director.
Clara Ghimiș
Clara Ghimiș 7 dager siden
@Elliptical GX1 - aaa55aydy6df67ufu7iftodi iiidhd5jd6g5djj
Herron Limelight
Herron Limelight 17 dager siden
Sunset Games
Sunset Games 18 dager siden
Malik Diong
Malik Diong 26 dager siden
Maricel Dela Rosa
Maricel Dela Rosa 28 dager siden
I love this
Twakkie Time siden
Why dis be using gta mechanics?
Dave Paragas
Dave Paragas 3 timer siden
I know all about that it was the among us GTA mod 🧠
BLANCH 7 timer siden
Do mo gta vids
JOENATHAN GUNAWAN123 13 timer siden
GTA 5 Version
Pamela Heald
Pamela Heald 19 timer siden
Is looking at the wall a task?
Lucas Dougherty
Lucas Dougherty 23 timer siden
LeeAnn Kaluakini
LeeAnn Kaluakini Dag siden
LOL 😆 🤣 😂 REDS VOICE 🤣 😂 3:20
Thatbemeliyah_ Dag siden
💀💀💀💀💀red and yellow had me dyingggg KAKDJDJJC the way they talk and the things they be sayinnnn😭.
BennyPlayer1 Dag siden
Its actually not Animated, its from GTA 5 but in a diff map. They using Among Us player model mods. You can see the GTA idle at 7:00. And also the way they run.
caylepretty's life l
caylepretty's life l 2 dager siden
Ay red talk about sum I'm not going to do no task to show I'm not the inposter
The Kids Timmons
The Kids Timmons 2 dager siden
the runing seems like it from gta am i rong
Ahmed Feras
Ahmed Feras 3 dager siden
who else noticed its GTA
Aisha's amazing world
Aisha's amazing world 3 dager siden
They were not showing the imposter
Aisha's amazing world
Aisha's amazing world 3 dager siden
Omg it was lime the full time
Aisha's amazing world
Aisha's amazing world 3 dager siden
Is black
ANDROID GAMER 3 dager siden
Its Gta 5 moded as among us notice the walk and running at beating at last with bat now notice
liam dabu
liam dabu 3 dager siden
Naseer Uddin Mohammad Zafar
Naseer Uddin Mohammad Zafar 3 dager siden
100% GTA 5
Brooklyn Benny
Brooklyn Benny 4 dager siden
Ted Thompson
Ted Thompson 4 dager siden
dudes this is gta 5
ASGHAR ALI HALO Tariq Road Campus
ASGHAR ALI HALO Tariq Road Campus 4 dager siden
thats a gta v mod
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins 4 dager siden
Green is mean
Gemma Treloar
Gemma Treloar 4 dager siden
If Nobody Has Card Swipe And U See Someone Near The Card-swipe Then They Are Faking A Task
Gemma Treloar
Gemma Treloar 4 dager siden
If U Didn’t know
vato 4 dager siden
the voices LFMPAOA
Loliest Huhytre
Loliest Huhytre 4 dager siden
when you watch a movie on Netflix and they are boring you watch this
Charlie Cheesecake
Charlie Cheesecake 4 dager siden
I want to know who are the actors of the players which were red blue cyan lime yellow orange black. I want you to do an imposter version of this where watchers like me could see the killing
wadilotus 5 dager siden
This is so funny 😂
Tina Boykins
Tina Boykins 5 dager siden
Jamari hi
Tina Boykins
Tina Boykins 5 dager siden
Raizelle& Raiian
Raizelle& Raiian 5 dager siden
this is literally gta 5
James Knight
James Knight 5 dager siden
Yellows me just checking what people do to just make sure that they are not the imposter
James Knight
James Knight 5 dager siden
Sucks to be red Oof
YoungBoy Never Broke Again NBA
YoungBoy Never Broke Again NBA 5 dager siden
This shit right here is ceavteve as fuck i respect u fo dis one
Efe Döner
Efe Döner 5 dager siden
gta 5?
Essence Vargas
Essence Vargas 5 dager siden
Naseem's Nightcore
Naseem's Nightcore 4 dager siden
Exactly WTF XD
G1raff3 21
G1raff3 21 5 dager siden
Aldo sent me
Samusmush500 5 dager siden
I knew it was green when everyone took sus off her
Henil Kagathara
Henil Kagathara 5 dager siden
Bro how to make animation like this
Laxmi Baniya
Laxmi Baniya 6 dager siden
Red sus
Laxmi Baniya
Laxmi Baniya 6 dager siden
Who is the imposter
tiffany miss
tiffany miss 6 dager siden
The game is gta
Jason Becker
Jason Becker 6 dager siden
Awesome video
Amira Sesay
Amira Sesay 6 dager siden
wow and it was green
Amira Sesay
Amira Sesay 6 dager siden
bruh black SUS sus he said yellow sus when he the one who said red was sus.YELLOW gave red a chance first, you all wanted red to get out saying red was sus :I i didn't watch the whole thing so i thing it's bc everybody wanted red out. so they voted him out but it's black only saying its yellow when everybody said it was red who was sus even though in the begining i thought everybdy was sus but like those WORDDDDSSSSSSSSSS made me think it was black (DAYUM im smart)
Saga Lindvall
Saga Lindvall 6 dager siden
gret gob wit de video
A 4
A 4 6 dager siden
I’m red I’m always pissed when I get crewmate 😂
Suprava Behera
Suprava Behera 7 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂 party
Ellie Mae Gillespie
Ellie Mae Gillespie 7 dager siden
I knew it was the green
Lisa Watson
Lisa Watson 8 dager siden
Maybe he was 😋
Sarah Estes
Sarah Estes 8 dager siden
Red is the funniest 🤣 🤣🤣
Mike Ostofi
Mike Ostofi 9 dager siden
Sofia Denise L. Olase Olase
Sofia Denise L. Olase Olase 9 dager siden
Part 1
Korbyn Taylor
Korbyn Taylor 9 dager siden
Grand theft auto 5 has among us? Nice.
Isaac Gayle
Isaac Gayle 10 dager siden
this is gta v
Paxton James
Paxton James 10 dager siden
I love how it's GTA V walking/running animation
Mo Hass
Mo Hass 10 dager siden
is so cool i need to be in the movie not a director
Joselyn Bravo
Joselyn Bravo 10 dager siden
blacks voice sounds like daimions from the prince family
XxBobaxQueenzXx Zoe
XxBobaxQueenzXx Zoe 10 dager siden
Yellow said evidence so funny
Demarco Henry
Demarco Henry 10 dager siden
black sus
Austin Goes Wild
Austin Goes Wild 10 dager siden
The people walk like gta
tay's trap
tay's trap 10 dager siden
lime did not have to beat him like that @ 12:00 😂😂
Unodiwanashe Mapuranga
Unodiwanashe Mapuranga 10 dager siden
go to 6:25 w/ full volume
Tristan Gaming69
Tristan Gaming69 10 dager siden
What if Michael, Steve and Dave ran into them? From the mission monkey business.
Rufaro Musiiwa
Rufaro Musiiwa 11 dager siden
myrlinda lavares
myrlinda lavares 11 dager siden
Soul Extract
Soul Extract 11 dager siden
I hate that word "sus" it was made in the 2000s by "my generation", I was born on September 25th was always bullied in elementary school, made it harder for me to focus I Delt with alot of child abuse from my "Mother" - few years later - So I dropped out IDK why but everybody in my highschool was..Fake? There english was from Rap/Hip-hop/Soul ect, So everyone had a "Slang to Them" but I was from a different "Southern/Western/Eastern Culture" my parents was European, native american, mexican But I still did not have a "culture of my own" so I stayed "distant" I was afraid of "Being a Imposter" but that did not stop me so I choose porely and ended up toking a liking to "video games" and ending up Hating it to the "Point of Tears" and tried "Suicide" No matter how many times I have sat there in tears I tried to convince my family that I was normal it was always ending up yelling at eachother or they tell me to go lay down like I was some pet of there's "Then it Happened" I found my family my brother he was a good friend and a trusted individual years down the line I ended up taking arms with a patriot group of people from all over the world it was great for awhile anyway when I turned 19 I caught love at first sight but ended up leaving it behind for someone else that needed my strength and now I'm setting here telling you about a part of my sad and pathetic Life. Now you know a little bit more than the average NOpost person. Thank you for your Time and May the Sky watchover you and keep you safe from evil spirits
Fathimath Izwa Shafeeq
Fathimath Izwa Shafeeq 11 dager siden
。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。   • .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  ඞ。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   .     .  .
Avalanche TV
Avalanche TV 11 dager siden
6 years later the game will have died out, and a full movie will come out, and get a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes
Giovonni Perez
Giovonni Perez 11 dager siden
so we all gonna not car that among us came out in 2018
Gabriel Oliveira
Gabriel Oliveira 12 dager siden
ficou legau
The Red devil
The Red devil 12 dager siden
This was made in gta I can tell so he played among us in gta 😂
shalom AT 2
shalom AT 2 12 dager siden
why does the walking look like in gta 5. 🤔 was this made from gta 5...
Kiranbala Ojha
Kiranbala Ojha 12 dager siden
Is this a gta 5 among us mod?
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 12 dager siden
Thats a mod on gta 5 I'm not stupid idiot
AnQuisa Drake
AnQuisa Drake 12 dager siden
The imposter was green the whole time she lied just for red to be gone
Emylee Salkind
Emylee Salkind 12 dager siden
Why do I hear “Nah Son” vibes. I stg the voices are the same
Peter LarongeJr
Peter LarongeJr 13 dager siden
Is this GTA
Ronny Butar-Butar
Ronny Butar-Butar 13 dager siden
Yg impostor hitam
Ronny Butar-Butar
Ronny Butar-Butar 13 dager siden
Yg impostor hitam
jessica victoria
jessica victoria 13 dager siden
Pls i hate among us
Danielletiktok Lover
Danielletiktok Lover 13 dager siden
This is GTA 5
Marcos Boada
Marcos Boada 13 dager siden
I was right green is the imposter 😡
Marcos Boada
Marcos Boada 13 dager siden
I have a feeling that green is the imposter 😡
Nick ID
Nick ID 13 dager siden
Great movie, a german NOpost made a movie in 3D too within one we as a challenge, cool either!
Michelle Pickens
Michelle Pickens 13 dager siden
Its green
Jasmine Lablia
Jasmine Lablia 13 dager siden
The hood side of Among us 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Robert Valdez
Robert Valdez 13 dager siden
Uhh this is not a animation this is GTA 5 so yeah God bless everyone
None None
None None 13 dager siden
NATURE WONDERS 14 dager siden
who is the impostor
FoxyThePirat Fox
FoxyThePirat Fox 14 dager siden
Lol it's GTA 5
Chloe Daniels
Chloe Daniels 14 dager siden
I knew it
katherine RoseMore
katherine RoseMore 14 dager siden
"You saw me VENTEDdD!?!?" 😂😭
Aahana A
Aahana A 14 dager siden
It should be lime
Syam Sidar
Syam Sidar 14 dager siden
What dead space for the next
Bluazz Smiley
Bluazz Smiley 14 dager siden
All the among us fans like this comment 👍
Bluazz Smiley
Bluazz Smiley 14 dager siden
This is like the actual game...I love it,Great Job..U should create a movie
Kenna Zehr
Kenna Zehr 14 dager siden
I was on call with a friend playing among us and someone got kicked and it said “1 imposter remaining” and COMPLETELY FORGETTING MY FRIEND WAS LISTENING BECAUSE WE WERE ON CALL. I read out loud “one imposter remaining, that would be me..” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 14 dager siden
i approve.
Tarek Amir Diek Handal
Tarek Amir Diek Handal 15 dager siden
Nyiah G
Nyiah G 15 dager siden
I had a good feeling of who the killer was and I was right!
Claire White
Claire White 15 dager siden
This was the funniest shit
Big Kaz Games
Big Kaz Games 15 dager siden
dude roblox among us is so confusing. Like, they'll have proof someone was it but then vote somebody else off without proof. also this was hilarious
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