Proximity Voice Chat in Among Us is CHAOTIC!

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2 måneder siden

First time trying Proximity Voice chat in Among US and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Have some great videos on the way...stay tuned! :)
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disguised toast

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Zenm inYeet
Zenm inYeet 23 timer siden
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Hui Lin Chen
Hui Lin Chen Dag siden
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Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson Dag siden
The drunk taxicab demographically sniff because quartz natively supply amongst a ethereal hyacinth. electric, bored nepal
Sophia L
Sophia L 5 dager siden
Sykkuno:wait wait Ludwig their gonna double kill both of us Ludwig:SLICE
Pepe Tono
Pepe Tono 5 dager siden
I like your sweater
Vo Quoc Tru
Vo Quoc Tru 7 dager siden
The psychotic spider arespectively bless because jumbo legally sneeze between a unbecoming snowman. magnificent, hysterical peak
Iridescent 8 dager siden
Screaming during testing was so hilarious 😆😆
juddie lam
juddie lam 9 dager siden
the heart/shipping thing got me dying
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace 10 dager siden
The ugly streetcar wailly heap because cemetery finally taste athwart a wide-eyed sea. rapid, gifted viscose
Jubilee Rivera
Jubilee Rivera 10 dager siden
When Sykkuno clears BOTH imposters lol
Courtney Carrizalez
Courtney Carrizalez 10 dager siden
"You shouldn't have ran away " Rae is literally leaning in her chair trying to get away 🤣
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman 11 dager siden
The amazing touch globally load because bulldozer natively haunt towards a difficult ornament. puzzling, befitting bun
marcellus 12 dager siden
me rewatching everyone's videos and going through the comments, but i've been stuck on these comments trying to find the "you have a thing?" song for the past 20 minutes!!
GachaGirll 7145
GachaGirll 7145 12 dager siden
"lud, you're not the impostor right?" "nah" * slice * that was beautiful-
Allison Kim
Allison Kim 12 dager siden
Toast: aLl bY mYsElFffFFf~~~ Me: what about junior?
marcellus 12 dager siden
omg same!!!
Max Wieman
Max Wieman 12 dager siden
sykunno hard clearing both imposters lmao
Mo̸o̸n 13 dager siden
I love how everyone voted jack out because he was a ‘son insulter’
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace 13 dager siden
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ΚΑΤΙ ΚΑΤΙ 13 dager siden
Omg dream is so good lier
FNAFFORLIFE 15 dager siden
I love when are gets her revenge
Sevgi Karahasan
Sevgi Karahasan 15 dager siden
✨Son insulter✨ - Valkyrae
Mochiii Fox
Mochiii Fox 16 dager siden
You’re not impostor right? Lud: and I said no... you know... like a liar
shitward 17 dager siden
Also the little romantic montage for Toast’s and Lupo’s thing was so good
shitward 17 dager siden
Love how Sykkuno “cleared” both of the imposters 🤣
Nathan Boodry
Nathan Boodry 17 dager siden
this was posted on my birthday
king light
king light 17 dager siden
i know it's late for this but the song ludwig was trying to remember is dominic the donkey
Saluki 18 dager siden
This video had so many funny parts in it: | “This is your *last breath,* Sykkuno.” | | “You *shoulda stopped running, Rae.* “ | | “Toast, your son is *breakdancing* on the table.” | | “I was singing holiday *cheer* and there was a *body* .” | | “JACK YOU’RE A *SON INSULTER!* “ | | “Hey Lud you’re not the impostor right?” “Yeah” *KILLS* |
Jonathan Fauerbach
Jonathan Fauerbach 18 dager siden
Do impostors get “impostor hearing” ?
Tammera Power
Tammera Power 19 dager siden
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A 19 dager siden
At the start, Everybody's doin' tasks Rae's sussing Sykunno, and having a mental breakdown And then there's Ludwig. _The Holiday Christmas Donkey da da-da-da daa da_
Jean Luo
Jean Luo 20 dager siden
toast's son breaakdancing on the table is everything
Natalie Cohen
Natalie Cohen 20 dager siden
But I mean if Rae actually pressed Q Sykkuno would have died. And then he wouldn't be able to tell anyone. Hmmmmmm
kim h
kim h 20 dager siden
this is so chaotic.
grxcx roblox
grxcx roblox 20 dager siden
it was my birthday when she uploaded this
Dudemeister67665 22 dager siden
She shrieks like a banshee and for some reason i fucking love it
Boboi Ultramega
Boboi Ultramega 23 dager siden
sykunno simps for you soo hard
FluffyPuff4790 26 dager siden
It was like a horror movie when sykunno trapped Rae in the hallway and she was just screaming and sykunno killed her I died when it happened🤣
General 71
General 71 27 dager siden
Toast acting like a dad to his pet reminded me how much of a good dad he would be
Kha0tix 29 dager siden
Rae: screaming while running from sykunno Neighbors: O.O!!!!!
Vi 29 dager siden
I like the outroooo. Please tell me what is the title.
Emily Burns
Emily Burns Måned siden
When lights go down toast words just, dont come out as words it's like: ok hes by Simon sayss jbxhskxhxebjzzzjnskzixh 😂😂
shinxs.p Måned siden
Lupo: is Toast a bad guy? Toast: aRE U TALKING TO MY SON?! Lupo: 👁👄👁💧
Kerra Holt
Kerra Holt Måned siden
The only one capable of scaring Rae is Sykkuno.
AaronMan0000 Måned siden
Max Liechty
Max Liechty Måned siden
what’s the song for Lupo and Toast’s “thing”? is no one gonna talk about how good it sounds
ELLE Måned siden
I love when Rae calls for Brooke, like she creaming for help and then Brooke is like a mom saying “where are you?” 😂😂this video is adorable. Same with the BABUSHKA video
Aida Jafari
Aida Jafari Måned siden
why this vod is deleted:( i want to see the full stream
Exhibit Cooks
Exhibit Cooks Måned siden
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Julia Bonaparte
Julia Bonaparte Måned siden
The repetition of "We did the thing!! " really had me thinking.
Julia Bonaparte
Julia Bonaparte Måned siden
"Hey, look, you're not the imposter, right?" "No" **murders**
HellBlaze Phoenix
HellBlaze Phoenix Måned siden
can we get a rip for jack
Heath Kegler
Heath Kegler Måned siden
Heath Kegler
Heath Kegler Måned siden
I was putting my dog out at the begging of the video and I heard the screaming and thought that my dad yelled for me
Emily Young
Emily Young Måned siden
"did the feature come with a kill button by any chance?
Alyss Mainwaring
Alyss Mainwaring Måned siden
Even though her name is valkarae i always say Valkyrie
Extrastagecomic Måned siden
You're so much fun and energetic on these, epicness!
Fawkes Pryde
Fawkes Pryde Måned siden
Dream: I would never simp. Sykkuno: I'm about to end this man's while career
Mars Apfelnautics
Mars Apfelnautics Måned siden
It's complicated. My feelings..
OBREY _ Måned siden
It’s adorable how smart rae / her editor makes sykunno look. I’m a huge toast fan, I’ve been watching his stuff since (fairly) early hearthstone rotations and watched one of rae’s videos last night to see a specific game from a different perspective. I hit a cart (for the first time in a while) and was ready to study people’s movements and was completely tripped out by the editing... if rae’s editor doesn’t get a lil lit sometimes that would blow my mind 😂. Also not seeing pathing (the biggest hint who the imposter is) makes rae look like she just knows shit (sometimes she does) and it tripped me out so much harder 😂😂😂.
EnricoGamez Måned siden
I feel like that segment is a 200 IQ Imposter Playz.
casual mc player
casual mc player Måned siden
You're intro is SOOO awesome!
limbo Måned siden
Dream: i think it's you and leslie Leslie: *duck intestifies*
Geodime Måned siden
I love it how sykkuno cleared the two impostors first lol
Jennifer Hua
Jennifer Hua Måned siden
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Jan Russel Dela Rosa
Jan Russel Dela Rosa Måned siden
1:30 *rae screams* Sykkuno:shouldn't stop running rae *kills rae*
Joshua Robles
Joshua Robles Måned siden
sykkuno; guys can you guys hear me in admin fulsie;yes we can hear you in admn
Midnight Denizen
Midnight Denizen Måned siden
I always get confused with double negatives. I have to translate to my native tongue first before I understand it. And I noticed Sykkuno often use them. He’s adorable, so I’ll give him a pass.
Satori Tendō
Satori Tendō Måned siden
“Hey lud your not the imposter right?” “ 😁 *procceds to kill him* “
Ben Shaer
Ben Shaer Måned siden
The internal eyebrow coincidentally skip because game comparably taste pro a legal siberian. impolite, responsible armenian
Johan Sakib
Johan Sakib Måned siden
Sykkuno cleared both the imposters
Asiya Sultanbekova
Asiya Sultanbekova Måned siden
CryingTearsOf Death
CryingTearsOf Death Måned siden
Toast : "All by myseeeellllfffff" Cafeteria : Slaughter House
Rezerent Måned siden
omg my favorite creatorrrrr
the gentledevil
the gentledevil Måned siden
I've only just started watching rae and my rate on her is she is the best
fgsdg dfgsgfsd
fgsdg dfgsgfsd Måned siden
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ᴀʀᴄʜᴇʀ {༒ғᴀᴛᴇ sᴛᴀʏ ɴɪɢʜᴛ༒}
ᴀʀᴄʜᴇʀ {༒ғᴀᴛᴇ sᴛᴀʏ ɴɪɢʜᴛ༒} Måned siden
What's the name of the proximity chat thing
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun Måned siden
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rocWTHelle Lobo
rocWTHelle Lobo Måned siden
Everyone's alive. No one's dead. Next second *dead*
Kvon Måned siden
4:42 lamo
Veronica Xia
Veronica Xia Måned siden
just Sykkuno over here clearing all the imposters 😂
Vanessa Måned siden
Toast: You insulted my p-son Lmao
Semantic Satiation
Semantic Satiation Måned siden
There is something so wholesome about Rachel's laugh at 14:28. Is it just me?
Carlos_Acuna_V69 Group channeI
Carlos_Acuna_V69 Group channeI Måned siden
Keirastg Måned siden
Can you please play a among us game with Karl, sykkuno, poki, bretmen, corpse, spedicey, laurenZside, toast and quackity I feel like it would be the best game ever! And it would be really funny🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏 please🥺🥺🥺🥺
limbo Måned siden
Ludwig: *singing happily* Sykkuno: *chasing rae in horror movie murderer vibe* Rae: *screaming her lungs out*
Francis Måned siden
1:29 rae: *pterodactyl screams* her neighbours, probably: 👁👄👁
Francis Måned siden
"you should have stopped running rae" THIS IS THE MOST INTIMIDATING SYKKUNO HAS EVER BEEN 1:29
honey_ham Måned siden
10:15 Sure, but are you verified in the eyes is GOD?
Sloan Thompson
Sloan Thompson Måned siden
Dominic the donkey 🤣
Martian X Martin
Martian X Martin Måned siden
Toast: "you're not the impostor right?" Lud: "no 🔪☺"
Mircea Draculov
Mircea Draculov Måned siden
I love how rae had to remind herself it was sykkuno minutes after sykkuno killed her.
DADDY Måned siden
Rae + sykkuno I ship them any1 else
Iva Fisher
Iva Fisher Måned siden
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Iva Fisher
Iva Fisher Måned siden
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Dankster Måned siden
Im dying when sykunno literally talked with the two impostors and confirmed them
Europa Måned siden
I'm addicted to watching everyone's Among Us vids. Idk if they will ever get old lol.
Maleya Jones
Maleya Jones Måned siden
reign kalaw
reign kalaw Måned siden
Why is sykkuno voice is weird when he said "you actually call reactor" i just realise it
Klöckner Jutta
Klöckner Jutta Måned siden
The serious soybean statistically object because sagittarius namely telephone via a sick bird. fancy, naughty north america
Gaby Epp
Gaby Epp Måned siden
The whole time sykkuno was chasing raw at 0.57 was like a horror movie
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