What do you get from 7 Guaranteed 86+ FUT Champions Upgrade Packs?

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Opening 7 Guaranteed 86+ FUT Champions Upgrade Packs! Guaranteed Board Glitch in FIFA???
94 Ronaldo + 88 Pogba in Weekend League Upgrade Packs?
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MattHDGamer Måned siden
We just lost against Burnley. Today is not a Special Day.
Leo Trevett
Leo Trevett Måned siden
@Usman Ali good
Wxlsh Måned siden
@Arjun Matharu it's not only 1-0 to burnley it's also 1-0 to your barber by the look of it 😂
Arjun Matharu
Arjun Matharu Måned siden
@Wxlsh su
Wxlsh Måned siden
@Arjun Matharu let's get one thing straight and I don't mean your bowl cut fringe.. Liverpool ain't winning the league!
Lisa Kennedy Byrne
Lisa Kennedy Byrne Måned siden
Adam Moloney
Adam Moloney Måned siden
Matt looks awkward asf when that guy is talking about the glitch I so thought he ended the share play half way threw it haha
Completely agree with ur opinion on fifa17 I personally blame the drop back tactic its destroyed all i liked about fifa.
WAVE000014 Måned siden
This dude Matt always pulls the worst fucking icon and say it’s pretty good. Play the game everyday and record videos on it and don’t know that Vidic is ass and that the mid version is very worst than the baby
Tough Asgardian
Tough Asgardian Måned siden
When I did this glitch thing I got TOTY KIMMICH. Probably an huge coincidence but need to keep trying it
ANDWHAT991 Måned siden
Cod has been shit since bo3 and the last 2 have been the worst cods ever imo
H Jemini
H Jemini Måned siden
I got cr7 sif lopes and kante from 86 + upgrade!
lee mcglinchey
lee mcglinchey Måned siden
Ea should go back to fifa 12 to fifa 14 just tweek from their as I thought they was best fifa
Peter Car
Peter Car Måned siden
i loved fifa 17 too fv fifa ever
jordan turnbull
jordan turnbull Måned siden
How do I ask Matt to see if he wants to open my packs got a few nice ones like the 85x5 that might make good content
Josh Diver
Josh Diver Måned siden
Done one yesterday and got 93 ronaldo
Unknown Plays__
Unknown Plays__ Måned siden
Ahahahahava Liverpool lost against burnley. You suck noobs. Ahahahahahahah
ISM Boss
ISM Boss Måned siden
I done my first one yesterday and I got, Kimmich 91
Lisa Kennedy Byrne
Lisa Kennedy Byrne Måned siden
Come on man United
Ewezer Måned siden
I got pogba from silver 1 lmao
Darren Owie
Darren Owie Måned siden
He’s right about the glitch got me fucking neymar untradeable 3 times
Roger Chaidez
Roger Chaidez Måned siden
Just got 91 salah from the 86 upgrade let’s go
United Till I die Tv
United Till I die Tv Måned siden
Burnley hahaha!!! who’s top of the league ?
Arraysab - Ashton b -
Arraysab - Ashton b - Måned siden
I started fut in fifa 15 and I’m still horrible
Josh Portsmouth
Josh Portsmouth Måned siden
Ronaldo lol
Cameron Horder
Cameron Horder Måned siden
after watching this, i am very happy with the Thomas Muller i got from my gold 3 player picks
Evan Boi
Evan Boi Måned siden
When you don’t get sponsored by gfuel
Regan Måned siden
Mojmir Rozbora
Mojmir Rozbora Måned siden
Matt, I got ballack
Dov Finkelstein
Dov Finkelstein Måned siden
The base Vidic is 400k
DIGEY Måned siden
I guess I was the only 9 percent that got pogba from gold 1
Liam Evans
Liam Evans Måned siden
Fifa 12 was the best, everyone had different teams no mega just pure fun
Rugz Måned siden
Does anyone else notice how when the pack is fairly average and the person is clearly not very happy with it, matt always goes “wow that’s Quilty man”.
Dragos M
Dragos M Måned siden
Fifa myth: there are no players in fifa 21 who played for 3 different clubs in the same year
Marcel Khodr
Marcel Khodr Måned siden
I got ben yedder from silver one
Mr Baffoono
Mr Baffoono Måned siden
Imagine he got Pele. Rip Everyones Mic
Mr Baffoono
Mr Baffoono Måned siden
Lmfao at RivaLdo Troll 😅😅😅
Michael Brady
Michael Brady Måned siden
Fifa 12 gameplay omg! Just tone the finess shot down and its the perfect gameplay for FUT. Also i packed pogba in untradable rewards i was so wounded. I wanted the coins for investing :(
OwensenTM 99
OwensenTM 99 Måned siden
WittyBanter 96
WittyBanter 96 Måned siden
How is there only positive about packing that Rivaldo at the end Matt?
ŚĶÏĻŁ FÄČŤÖŘ Måned siden
I got yedder,insigne and barella to choose from got Silva 1
Tom AFCW Måned siden
Guy at the end got baited lol
Aaron Cooke
Aaron Cooke Måned siden
just a friendly reminder that liverpool lost to burnley at home :))
Oswaldo Campos
Oswaldo Campos Måned siden
he’s right about the glitch, i was his pack
Leo Trevett
Leo Trevett Måned siden
Waste of oxygen • 52 years ago
Waste of oxygen • 52 years ago Måned siden
Irrelevant question but how is your stadium always at night time 😂 is it the stadium
Zizou Zizou
Zizou Zizou Måned siden
JustShadyy Måned siden
Anyone else think the new patch is absolutely horrendous
123macks Måned siden
Aw the last cod have been terrible
Oli DB
Oli DB Måned siden
Instinctive HD
Instinctive HD Måned siden
From my 86+ fut champs player pick I got an 87 parejo and the others were 86s 😂
Brandonp123 ⚡️
Brandonp123 ⚡️ Måned siden
I got 91 kimmich outta mine
StevO 04
StevO 04 Måned siden
I was watching this live and the lad who said there was glitch gave me a laugh 😂 What was he on
Hamza Patel
Hamza Patel Måned siden
It worked for me... Packed Kante
Victory Okany
Victory Okany Måned siden
Got 86 zaha from it, tried him out and he’s actually not bad!
NastyPasty69 Måned siden
Haha Burnley
AFK Browsing
AFK Browsing Måned siden
What do you get from extra 5 minutes of Matt padding the video. More ad revenue that’s what
Brooklyn Måned siden
That board pack glitch fooled me got swindled in to 12000 FIFA points
Big Wilsdog
Big Wilsdog Måned siden
That was my mate dean at the end who thought they got pele😂😂
Big Wilsdog
Big Wilsdog Måned siden
@Mason Edwards 2week foot uno
Mason Edwards
Mason Edwards Måned siden
Ice cold rivaldo
Killer Bruche
Killer Bruche Måned siden
I packed Prime Ballack from a 45kk pack sold for 1.3mk just before Toty 9:48
Panda UK
Panda UK Måned siden
Gold 3 rewards are they wave🔥🥶 i got red rat🐀
Emil Ereur
Emil Ereur Måned siden
am i the only one who packed muller seems like it
Taylose6 Måned siden
I haven’t gotten a red pick over 82 rated so I’m happy to submit them in the 86 plus picks
John Williams
John Williams Måned siden
Ok u ain’t boutta dis fifa 18
Msrlfc8 Måned siden
Fifa 17 is my favourite it was rediculous hard, fun.
Finlay Troughton
Finlay Troughton Måned siden
Pauly Cannoli
Pauly Cannoli Måned siden
I got 93 Ronaldo today from my 86+ red pick ! Still so happy CANT believe it
Kieran Måned siden
I got pogba out of mine. My first good red of the year
Philip Glenna Hyni
Philip Glenna Hyni Måned siden
I got Rashford 86, pretty satisfied with that bro👍🏻
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Måned siden
Hello there
Vybzs Måned siden
i did 86 plus and got 89 bruno dub?
George Stimpson
George Stimpson Måned siden
The board glitch guy has the same iq as Liverpool today🤡
Marci \_[-_-]_/
Marci \_[-_-]_/ Måned siden
That was fauna ash 🤣
Dan Bayley
Dan Bayley Måned siden
COD definitely doesn’t get better every year
Tomer Gaon
Tomer Gaon Måned siden
fifa 14!
run 187
run 187 Måned siden
Minus 77 red players? ..
Joel Corbyn
Joel Corbyn Måned siden
Burnley 1-0 Liverpool 😳😳😳😳
Toasted Cream
Toasted Cream Måned siden
11:56 everybody felt that in their stomach
Josef Strandberg
Josef Strandberg Måned siden
Love u matt mad grind ❤️
Josef Strandberg
Josef Strandberg Måned siden
Notification gang
Rick H
Rick H Måned siden
I think fifa 21 is very frustrating some times with the clunky gameplay
Luke Fortt
Luke Fortt Måned siden
Lol 1-0 😂
Jimmy Tiltman
Jimmy Tiltman Måned siden
dean laverty
dean laverty Måned siden
I was the guy who got rivaldo lol
LightWolf Gt
LightWolf Gt Måned siden
Yeah man no one asked
GoldyRL Måned siden
No one asked
Zizou Zizou
Zizou Zizou Måned siden
@Dubzsy kinda slow and clunky but nice shot
Dubzsy Måned siden
how is he
Nau Victoria
Nau Victoria Måned siden
Matt thoughts on the Liverpool but let game ima Liverpool fan and Origi failed the team man .
M. K*ng
M. K*ng Måned siden
Liverpool just lost to burnley Matt Its never a special day
Joel Dixon
Joel Dixon Måned siden
liverpool 0-1 Burnley AT HOME AT HOMEEE😂😂😂🤣🤣
mustafa mirza
mustafa mirza Måned siden
Got the rat king himself, Ben Yedder from Gold 3 XD
Evolve Gladly
Evolve Gladly Måned siden
Who’s watching after Liverpool 0-1 Burnley
Joel Dixon
Joel Dixon Måned siden
me at home tho?
Joe Warhurst
Joe Warhurst Måned siden
I packed 88 rated Pogba in my player picks from my weekend league rewards this morning! Chuffed!
Meesam Ali
Meesam Ali Måned siden
The kid was ready pele
dean laverty
dean laverty Måned siden
It was me lol
Xex Flxmez
Xex Flxmez Måned siden
I got red Ben yedder from rewards today I’m so gassed
syazwan S.
syazwan S. Måned siden
omg the board glitch really works! I opened 10 mega packs that I saved up, and there was a board in one of the packs!! thank you board glitch guy!! #totallywasntscammed
Zizou Zizou
Zizou Zizou Måned siden
Cap bro
Ryan Hartigan
Ryan Hartigan Måned siden
why’d he intro it like this pack just came out
Hey I’m Jeff !
Hey I’m Jeff ! Måned siden
whats the point if an energy drink if it has low calories
Gary Pugh
Gary Pugh Måned siden
That guy with the glitch....bless him lol
Tough Asgardian
Tough Asgardian Måned siden
@Diego Gómez I did once and got TOTY Kimmich. I have to try it again
Diego Gómez
Diego Gómez Måned siden
Arthur Bowman
Arthur Bowman Måned siden
Fifa 18 worst fifa fifa 19 slightly better still trash fifa 20 slightly better still trash
Hruni 12
Hruni 12 Måned siden
No one: Not even Chris Hummels: Matt: ENERGY DRINK!!!
A_R_R_O_W Måned siden
Matt you say CoD is getting better. That's like Karius returns and takes Alisson away. It won't happen. Exactly lile CoD. CoD is not this anymore what it could be like the times from mw2, mw3 or black ops/ black ops2 sad life.
Jordan Måned siden
Nah Matt, FIFA 12-FIFA 15 was the best for ultimate team. FIFA 21 is also MINT
FL7Gaming Måned siden
I did one today and got Ben yedder
John McManus
John McManus Måned siden
Matt please think of a new title format. Everyone gets different players out of their packs and picks to each other
Robbie Steward
Robbie Steward Måned siden
spittin facts fifa 17 goated
Stedman Family
Stedman Family Måned siden
4:27 imagine going Carrasco over Lozano
Carrasco is better
mclovin5000 Måned siden
stats are very similiar though
Hannmeet Khurana
Hannmeet Khurana Måned siden
@Ta_ Zz thanks for being smart
Ta_ Zz
Ta_ Zz Måned siden
It’s for his team
Ja Ma
Ja Ma Måned siden
Fifa 19 you could use so many styles of play!
DC Måned siden
Board Glitch Guy. Trust him with your life savings, mortgage and car finances 🤣
Kolton Raposo
Kolton Raposo Måned siden
Matt too nice putting up with that lmao
Ayaan Kashif
Ayaan Kashif Måned siden
the last poor guy
dean laverty
dean laverty Måned siden
It was me
Tare Legend
Tare Legend Måned siden
I have done this today got lukaku ffs
Ayaan Kashif
Ayaan Kashif Måned siden
fifa 15 was GOATED
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