J. Cole 1 Hour Chill Songs (2017)

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Original playlist right here... made by myself. Some of J. Coles classics. NEW playlist here.... nopost.info/throw/ktOqpn7bsqOlYq8/video
0.00 Before I'm Gone
4:24 The Badness
7:00 Premeditated Murder
10:56 Tears For ODB
14:50 Is She Gon Pop
17:37 Rich Niggaz
22:16 Relaxation
24:55 Love Yourz
28:28 World Is Empty
31:20 Visionz Of Home
33:44 Crunch Time
37:17 Dead Presidents II
40:46 Rich Niggaz (Put it in twice Oops, Its just that good!)
45:25 Split You Up
48:34 Welcome
50:52 See World
55:06 Song For The Ville

EverythingCole 9 måneder siden
As most of you know most of my other Cole mixes have been removed by NOpost due to copyright. They’re now all on Soundcloud for you to enjoy. CLICK THE LINK soundcloud.com/user-939773415
Josue Cedeno
Josue Cedeno Måned siden
JCole King Of Dreamville Inspired J.J'Ville by Champa Bay👑
Robert Wiard
Robert Wiard Måned siden
These mixes are so fucking fire man
Martin Given Irungu
Martin Given Irungu Måned siden
Imagine J Cole and Kanye w ..dne something...pls lord make this happen we need it 🙏
Ntokozo Zintathu
Ntokozo Zintathu 9 timer siden
jason harmon
jason harmon 19 timer siden
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raymond arias
raymond arias Dag siden
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hello dude
hello dude Dag siden
I never really liked J Cole or chill music after this and a fan nowI never really liked J Cole or chill music after this im a fan now
bill thomas
bill thomas 6 dager siden
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Julia Fox
Julia Fox 6 dager siden
Guys you should try *Authentic views* to get more fun more views..
jon lowe
jon lowe 11 dager siden
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Ngoni Kangara
Ngoni Kangara 13 dager siden
51:11 That sample of the Tupac's Pain instrumental is awesome!
COMMS BARRIER 14 dager siden
Aleksandar Blagojević
Aleksandar Blagojević 15 dager siden
Soooo goood !
Chris DuPrey
Chris DuPrey 16 dager siden
A lot of hard Cole songs I haven’t heard before. Thank you
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 17 dager siden
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Gehrke Santamaria
Gehrke Santamaria 21 dag siden
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Nasir Dibble
Nasir Dibble 22 dager siden
Still listening 👂
bsfragwo 23 dager siden
Hey guys just do AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M to get views
Summer Latoshia Mobley
Summer Latoshia Mobley 24 dager siden
CryptoMasta 25 dager siden
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Jillian Pfaff
Jillian Pfaff 28 dager siden
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 28 dager siden
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FO Squad Kpop
FO Squad Kpop 29 dager siden
I must have replayed this shit more than 100 times by now ... ❤️
Thulani Chester
Thulani Chester 26 dager siden
I am with with you
Ethan Cook
Ethan Cook 29 dager siden
This vid was the first time I heard Tears for ODB, been on repeat since last night. New fav song, thanks for the heat Cole 💯
EverythingCole 29 dager siden
Glad I could put you on! Tears for ODB, Cole’s Top 10 💯
Chad Worrell
Chad Worrell Måned siden
J Cole and Chris Webby makes my life so much better with your music thanks guys.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Måned siden
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Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Måned siden
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Marcio Kovags
Marcio Kovags Måned siden
Damn, I got here by accident and this is really good!
Robert Wiard
Robert Wiard Måned siden
Righttt, today was a J Cole day
FreeOnTop 4L
FreeOnTop 4L Måned siden
The amount of times I listen to this on a daily basis... Beyond thankful for Cole
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Måned siden
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Sinus Spring
Sinus Spring Måned siden
respect for putting 2x rich n**gas
SimpleComplicatedTruth Måned siden
When I listen to Cole, I feel the music deep within and I become completely calm. Thankful for this man's music.
Robert Lin
Robert Lin Måned siden
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jason harmon
jason harmon Måned siden
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STEVEN Joon Måned siden
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The Bubble
The Bubble Måned siden
Rich Niggaz explains how I feel
Anthony Soto
Anthony Soto Måned siden
Cole gives me hope in a hopeless world
Proz33Builds Måned siden
Awax Labot
Awax Labot Måned siden
jason harmon
jason harmon Måned siden
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Arkade Måned siden
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David Garibay
David Garibay Måned siden
Number one king Cole
FlightGS Måned siden
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Trevor Strohlein
Trevor Strohlein Måned siden
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Dougie Fresh
Dougie Fresh Måned siden
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Revolutionary King
Revolutionary King Måned siden
Nobody’s perfect is so good
King Kenyatta
King Kenyatta Måned siden
First OfAll
First OfAll Måned siden
The Sade of rap
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Måned siden
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Random Sh_t
Random Sh_t Måned siden
who is still listening in 2021? and who will be here by 2051 if we make it till then
MrLerouxGaston Måned siden
great playlist, love this man.
P.S. Måned siden
FlightGS Måned siden
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Jack Måned siden
I've heard of J. Cole from browsing through the radio. I had no idea he was this incredible. Great music.
Robert Lin
Robert Lin Måned siden
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Robert Lin
Robert Lin Måned siden
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Robert Lin
Robert Lin Måned siden
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Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Måned siden
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Robert Lin
Robert Lin Måned siden
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d33 laur
d33 laur Måned siden
This playlist gets me through a day at work!
Yung Blacks
Yung Blacks Måned siden
To me this his best song :nopost.info/throw/tr7Jq22XlZqYYbs/video
NOVA D Måned siden
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NOVA D Måned siden
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Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Måned siden
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Gehrke Santamaria
Gehrke Santamaria Måned siden
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Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman Måned siden
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Jeffrey jay
Jeffrey jay Måned siden
The first song man😤🔥
E P Måned siden
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FlightGS Måned siden
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Manuel Peralta
Manuel Peralta Måned siden
wats the name of the first song
EverythingCole Måned siden
Before I’m gone
WeedBlogTV Måned siden
thank you for making this
DeMarco Måned siden
Song played @15:00? Serious bars
EverythingCole Måned siden
Is she gon pop
ignatius agyemang
ignatius agyemang Måned siden
Cole is the GOAT
Viktor Måned siden
I need a new Cole album like NOW
Chad Roemer
Chad Roemer Måned siden
You know you're a king when you have hour-long compilations get 3M+ views each - people don't even want a specific song they just want your music
Ubivision Måned siden
For those who don't know, J Cole is The Therapist
Cole LeBlanc
Cole LeBlanc Måned siden
This came on randomly and changed my day astronomically
DeRRtY From Mi
DeRRtY From Mi Måned siden
Feb 13th 2021
K Pii
K Pii Måned siden
How am I just stumbling on to this mix?!! Needed this right now 🙏🏾
Martin Given Irungu
Martin Given Irungu Måned siden
Thanks for this...
london cole
london cole Måned siden
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*___*onlylistento PLAYBOICARTI
*___*onlylistento PLAYBOICARTI Måned siden
jimena bird
jimena bird 2 måneder siden
Out of the few J cole compilations. this is this best one my guy! Now a days all are getting viral by taking advantages from *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M*
yurr 2 måneder siden
Jesus loves you repent before its too late .
Tiger DeStefano
Tiger DeStefano 2 måneder siden
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raymond arias
raymond arias 2 måneder siden
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Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 2 måneder siden
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Claudio Rodriguez
Claudio Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
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Corina Parras
Corina Parras 2 måneder siden
I'm more than a Debbie snack
Dom Anaya
Dom Anaya 2 måneder siden
0:00 Before I’m Gone - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 4:25 The Badness - J Cole ft Omen (The Warm Up) 7:03 Premeditated Murder - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 10:58 Tears for ODB - J Cole (Truly Yours) 14:53 Is She Gon Pop - J Cole (Born Sinner) 17:38 Rich Niggaz - J Cole (Born Sinner) 22:16 Relaxation - Fashawn ft. J Cole & Omen (Higher Learning 2) 24:57 Love Yourz - J Cole (2014 Forest Hills Drive) 28:30 World is Empty - J Cole (The Warm Up) 31:20 Visionz of Home - J Cole 33:45 Crunch Time (Truly Yours) 37:18 Dead Presidents II (The Warm Up) 40:49 Rich Niggaz - J Cole (Born Sinner) 45:26 Split You Up - J Cole (The Come Up) 48:34 Welcome - J Cole (The Warm Up) 50:53 See World - J Cole (Friday Night Lights) 55:07 Song for the Ville
SmiteManiac 2 måneder siden
Song for the ville haves a beat of runescape ehehehehehe
Stevenne Brightfieldhe
Stevenne Brightfieldhe 2 måneder siden
Stevenne Brightfieldhe
Thinh Ho
Thinh Ho 2 måneder siden
First track hits home and sets the tone for the rest of the mix. Thanks.
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 2 måneder siden
ultra dope playlist! thank you very much for uploading it man!!
chris.streams 2 måneder siden
Christopher Harrison
Christopher Harrison 2 måneder siden
Happy Birthday to the Goat
Bakhtiyar Guseinov
Bakhtiyar Guseinov 2 måneder siden
Yessir 🐐
Troubled 2 måneder siden
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ilario larosa
ilario larosa 2 måneder siden
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nadeem Asghar
nadeem Asghar 2 måneder siden
I like Cole but whats with all the swearing and bad language....i mean its pointless and ruins the vibe! Is this what you want to push on to the youth? Feed the youth something valuable something soulful!
Money Link
Money Link 2 måneder siden
this shit bumping, good looks G
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 2 måneder siden
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Ubivision 2 måneder siden
Cole paints the picture of life
Ahmed Aljunaibi
Ahmed Aljunaibi 2 måneder siden
j cole helped when I was low
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