Film Theory: Thor Will DESTROY The MCU! (Marvel Phase 5)

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3 måneder siden

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The MCU is in trouble - and no I am not talking about how Marvel has had to shuffle around their phase 5 releases in 2020. Sure, we still have no Black Widow movie and we're getting trailers for the Disney shows like WandaVision that keep getting pushed back but what I am talking about... is Thor. Thor is going to destroy the Marvel multiverse. From the comics to the movies, it's all going down because of our favorite lightning god. What dark fate awaits our favorite superheroes? Let's dive into it!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editor: Forrest Lee, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Alex Alvarez-Milch
Alex Alvarez-Milch 3 måneder siden
Matpat: Makes a theory about phase 5 Phase 4: Am I just a joke to you?
Yanni Zvetkoff
Yanni Zvetkoff 5 dager siden
Yanni Zvetkoff
Yanni Zvetkoff 5 dager siden
totally 6 dager siden
Joseph Felix
Joseph Felix 6 dager siden
Yes phase 4
brody spafford
brody spafford 17 dager siden
Mat pat you Hurt my brain lol
yaboiplush - uploads again soon
yaboiplush - uploads again soon 5 timer siden
when thanos destroyed the stones, he said "reduced to atoms" so technically they still exist, justbas atoms
EvoByte Gaming
EvoByte Gaming 13 timer siden
Doesn't Agents of Shield end in their own separate universe due to their time travelling, the ending (well the entire season) makes it seems so, as a lot of the stuff shown in the last episode doesn't work with what's already been established
Tommy Stamness
Tommy Stamness 16 timer siden
Yea I just theroyed ur theory
Tommy Stamness
Tommy Stamness 16 timer siden
He did not destroy them but reduced the to atoms so they are still there at a molecular level
Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker 20 timer siden
I started out several years ago watching your videos with my kids. Since then, we try to catch a lot of film/food/game theory videos. I just want you to know that this old man really enjoys your theories. They set my mind swimming with awesome ideas and thoughts. I can't wait to see how this plays out. (well...I mean, I guess I CAN wait since I'm not a scientist with S.H.I.E.L.D., and can't create time travel.) So, I guess I'm just really excited about the future of movies. Marvel has come a long way since Iron Man (I'm ignoring the first two Hulks)
Yayman Yayman
Yayman Yayman 21 time siden
The multiverse was already mentioned in doctor strange
Jake W
Jake W Dag siden
this is already confirmed in 2021
Official Yactus
Official Yactus Dag siden
So the main universe infinity stone is destroyed i wonder wandavision is making the next big bang that gonna change people dna for mutant to exist make another infinity stone
Charlemagne Petrie
Charlemagne Petrie Dag siden
Dan Robinson
Dan Robinson Dag siden
“Let’s spectate in order to just be right, for views and likes to be e-famous, instead of enjoying the content as it comes out.”
lilking 12
lilking 12 Dag siden
i thought i knew a lot the MCU 🤣
Philip Gallagher
Philip Gallagher Dag siden
what if he created history theory
Philip Gallagher
Philip Gallagher Dag siden
wow where did he get such a big brain
Cojocari Ovidiu
Cojocari Ovidiu Dag siden
Maybe thanos was actually right?
David H. Ernsberger
David H. Ernsberger Dag siden
Hey, MatPat: at 9:41 your Duke diploma snapped out of existence when you called everyone's grandmothers UNWORTHY rather than just WEAK (aka: you mispronounced "invalid").
I think Man gog died lol
Chouinard Robert
Chouinard Robert 2 dager siden
The pink comic laparoscopically mourn because hour analytically stain at a adhesive hexagon. green grey grieving, majestic plot
Luca Novellino
Luca Novellino 2 dager siden
Matpat, I think theres a difference between timelines and multiverses.Timelines are just offshoots of the main timeline. Multiverses are a totally separate universe. Lets give an example: so lets say our universe is nice and dandy until something happens that causes a split in the timeline. Now there is two timelines in one universe. However, in a separate universe not related to ours, something happens there and the timeline splits. Bottom line: each universe can have its own multiple timelines
Blaze AMB1083
Blaze AMB1083 2 dager siden
But if the other spidermans come to one universe that will die
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 3 dager siden
9:33 pause and read 😂
Sandra Estep
Sandra Estep 3 dager siden
Can u do a theory on the show 24
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 3 dager siden
Is Agents of Shield in Disney Plus?
Cara Penneck
Cara Penneck 3 dager siden
2:53 Isn't that Super Mario Galaxy??
annaxbarie 3 dager siden
I said it a while back, I 100% believe Marvel is looking to do with the MCU what they've seen succeeded in Into The Spiderverse.
Matt Nigrelli
Matt Nigrelli 3 dager siden
Ninjago and Marvel crossover???
Clutch Clover
Clutch Clover 3 dager siden
Ghanas didn‘t destroyed the Infinity Stones, je Made them into Antoms
Spirit__y_t 3 dager siden
He doesn’t destroy the infinity stones btw
Monica Kabigting
Monica Kabigting 4 dager siden
"I am our greatest enemy" "who are you galactus Thanos?!?" " no it's fanf!" oh nooooooo!!!!!
rumbbby tomb
rumbbby tomb 4 dager siden
Just so you know agents of shield is not considered in the marvel universe. But besides that this is an amazing theory
deluxcrap 4 dager siden
I wonder if Rikki Barnes comes into play
Harvey 4 dager siden
ahhh this is too confusing
free headd
free headd 4 dager siden
Jesus loves you,
Augusto Salles
Augusto Salles 4 dager siden
Marvel: expands the content even further My aging brain: ain't nobody got time for that...
William Herrera
William Herrera 4 dager siden
Fallen7Pie 4 dager siden
Phase 6 includes Elsa and Mickey
Frank anderson
Frank anderson 4 dager siden
Tbh i think mangog is dead on asgard
Bedecick Cucumberbatch
Bedecick Cucumberbatch 5 dager siden
I think "reduced to atoms" is different from "completely shattered to non existence" making it... still works?
Bergur ham
Bergur ham 5 dager siden
Lozzar 5 dager siden
hows this for a theory on how the universe existed even when thanos destroyed the stone....tony's bleeding edge armor was designed to use the stones and protect the user and in endgame it worked....but it worked in both aspects it used and protected the user...tony realizing the stones are way too useful pretended to destroy them and it made a fake version of the stones with some degree of power and pretended to die to go into hiding with the was the fakes steve returned to the past...these fakes were the ones thanos destroyed because i think it was in the illuminati series that reed richards said the stones cannot be destroyed nor wished away even with their own powers(i thought this up when i saw that illuminati was supposed to be phase 5 either they changed it to MOM or i saw the promotional picture wrong)
Lautivonia Tavai
Lautivonia Tavai 5 dager siden
You know what I think the god cops might be a way to introduce the living tribunal and the one above all. Think about it the god cops are literally the people who deal with gods who are running around causing trouble and the living tribunal is basically a really powerful judge so it would make sense atleast in my head
slumber ._.
slumber ._. 5 dager siden
the movie hes referring to is wandavision i believe but its a series so idk
Silver1989 5 dager siden
4:33 You bring up the impact of the stones on the various timelines they're from. While it's clear that there are some shenanigans happening, It's also worth noting that we haven't seen what happened when the stones were returned to their respective realities. We should get some very fun new info once we see those timelines play out.
Hi ImJosh
Hi ImJosh 5 dager siden
I wanna see an Avengers and Defenders crossover event
Derek Mayers-Louther
Derek Mayers-Louther 5 dager siden
who is here after Christian Bale got cast as Gorr the God Butcher
Mountain Daisy
Mountain Daisy 5 dager siden
When they go back in time in season 4 for the first time, i am watching season 4 and they just went back in time
Gilliomanjo 5 dager siden
Actually, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D isn't considered to be canon anymore within the MCU.
Natalie S
Natalie S 5 dager siden
Agents of Shield and all Netflix/Hulu Marvel shows are not part of the MCU, but they still might be with the MCU in the larger Marvel Multiverse.
aiden mckee
aiden mckee 5 dager siden
Do we think this happens before or after the secret wars arc
SuperAtheist 5 dager siden
If nothing exists, there can be no entropy.
Marcelino Dreams
Marcelino Dreams 5 dager siden
3rd or 4th secret wars.
xan carter
xan carter 5 dager siden
And if anyone thinks this'd be too dark: let me remind you that the comics recently graced our first Christmas in Quarantine with the lovely depiction of Stark and Dr. Doom teaming up to fight SANTA CLAUS, who was KILLED when the symbiote god Null invaded earth and was brought back to undeath via symbiotes.
Lucca Scalabrini
Lucca Scalabrini 6 dager siden
Thanos never destroyed the stones, he simply “reduced to atoms” them
Ira Khan
Ira Khan 6 dager siden
Thanos reduced the stones to atoms he didn’t delete them from existence
ItsTK 6 dager siden
Thanos USED the stones to destroy the stones, the stones would know not to just stop time when they are destroyed
Antidote 6 dager siden
And here I thought the dream smp storyline was confusing 😅
Stephen Von Maclid
Stephen Von Maclid 6 dager siden
Why is it Phase 5 again?
Regunes 6 dager siden
4:40 pretty sure they referred to it as "balance" if all the stone are gone the flux would remain balanced since none of the stones can affect it.
meanotaku 6 dager siden
I laugh how everyone forgot cage's ghost RIder there you go mat an idea for you
Alex Demirov
Alex Demirov 6 dager siden
"Cosmic God Cop" = an AsGuardian of the Universe, perhaps?
Nguyen Bao
Nguyen Bao 6 dager siden
That mean Disney have the prefect excuse to bring back dead heroes
lwhite21586 6 dager siden
Comic theory
Chad Adams
Chad Adams 6 dager siden
i mean this is the movie pitch marvel comics are doing
Sercular 6 dager siden
me when agents of shield actually isn't canon LOL
Shaun Fed
Shaun Fed 6 dager siden
Isn't the mcu based on the ultimate universe?
Macahpickle 6 dager siden
1:09 how matpats baby was made
Yaboi Savvy
Yaboi Savvy 6 dager siden
Also just to add on fortnites timeline now has a canon season/story about marvel so maybe they will do something with that. But also apparently Marvel and Epic games work like working together so if the multiverse theory is correct than there is potential for fortnite to be in a marvel movie as weird and stupid as it would be. (Already had a crossover in endgame).
Josey Strife
Josey Strife 6 dager siden
Your forgetting that Marvel comics eventually brought back the multiverse
Neil Martin
Neil Martin 6 dager siden
The original "number of the beast" was 616 Did anyone else know that?
pingedhades36 gaming
pingedhades36 gaming 6 dager siden
so tag der toten?
[spacebar] 6 dager siden
Hear me out Disney... Add star wars too all of this. Now you got yourself a movie.
Duckkk Mann
Duckkk Mann 6 dager siden
4:35 thanks did not destroy the stones but merely shrunk them down until they were unusable
JustAri 6 dager siden
You said this was film theory!
Tryhardtrex Puck
Tryhardtrex Puck 6 dager siden
So if marvel is in the fortnite universe doesn’t that mean that Star Wars is in the multiverse due to the Mandelorion
Nicholas Butler
Nicholas Butler 6 dager siden
One word. Dormamu
Jordan Eyre
Jordan Eyre 6 dager siden
I think time travel and the multiverse is a big mistake
Dnell Da Conqueror
Dnell Da Conqueror 6 dager siden
I like the wanadavision one not sure about this 1
coolest man
coolest man 6 dager siden
what if marvel is just waiting for the conspiracy theorys to come out and dig up the old stuff so they dont have to
Mowaka Moon
Mowaka Moon 6 dager siden
AGENTS OF SHHHHHEEEEIIIIIIIILLLLLDDD I’m obsessed I apologize... I’ve watched each episode at LEAST 10 times. (And I NEED more!)
Md Injamanul Alam
Md Injamanul Alam 6 dager siden
Agents of Shield, while for the first few seasons were connected to the main MCU timeline, but very quickly it got disconnected.
Lance Mealer
Lance Mealer 6 dager siden
Fun fact: we live in what Marvel calls Earth-1218. That's right. We exist in part of the Marvel multiverse.
Nuttin&Puttin 6 dager siden
Uh there are to many dorks and metrosexual men who are gonna have their asses handed to them in the next war. I can just see naruto runners and role players dressed as their hero running into a real army and getting destroyed
Dd_Trotz 6 dager siden
I love it when MatPat brings up the comics because it makes me feel like an actual fan when I know exactly what you’re talking about 😅
seecretgamer777 6 dager siden
I think Wanda's pulling people out of realities is going to cause some of them to collide.
Jeremy DeWitte
Jeremy DeWitte 6 dager siden
agents of shield massively cheapen the MCU, get rid
Shop Mrbeast
Shop Mrbeast 6 dager siden
The stones are atoms now and still make time go, also matter cannot be created not destroyed
Jessica Kramer
Jessica Kramer 6 dager siden
So it's all going to end and never come back? Nothing after the end of the multiverse?
Sahand Khavari
Sahand Khavari 6 dager siden
None of those are canon🤦‍♂️
The Vault The Official Channel
The Vault The Official Channel 6 dager siden
Maxwell Black
Maxwell Black 6 dager siden
4:32 Thanos didn’t remove the stones from reality, the Avengers were doing in the other timeline. Thanos just atomized them. “Reduced to atoms.” The infinity stones still exist in the main timeline, they’re just in a form where they can’t be used. Removing them from reality completely would destroy the flow of time like the ancient one says
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson 6 dager siden
Kevin Feige has avoided stating that agents of shield is canonically connected. What he really said was that it was MCU adjacent. The shows could reference the MCU films but the films would never reference the show. Weird. But technically, nothing that happens in the shows exists in the canon MCU. That includes the Netflix shows, unless retcons come. That, however, isn’t the case for the Disney + shows, those are directly connected. And that was probably a large part of the point of marvels presence on Disney +. One streaming service for all canon content
E Valgo
E Valgo 6 dager siden
Came back because of wandavision SPOILERS: They introduced the x-men's quicksilver into the mcu, it might just be a illusion but with everything matpat talked about they're most likely introducing the x-men to the mcu soon Edit: It was Agatha all along
John Bishop
John Bishop 6 dager siden
Personally I think they are gonna retcon the MCU being earth 199999 and make a live-action multiverse where they merge all of the live action universes like X-Men in to one universe
Laios Zafeiriou
Laios Zafeiriou 6 dager siden
Finally someone appreciates Agents of Shield!
Emily Stringer
Emily Stringer 6 dager siden
WAIT A MINUTE THE SECRET WARRIORS IS THE NAME OF THE SUPERHERO GROUP THAT MSMARVEL IS IN AND SHES GETTING HER OWN MOVIE CONFIRMING THAT MSMARVEL IS IN UNIVERSE 616 (also she actually knows captain marvel but like let’s ignore this and pretend i’m on to something)
E2B2 6 dager siden
People say Thanos destroyed the time stones, but he clearly says that he just made them so small they’re unusable by anyone else in the future. Him saying he destroyed them was just being facetious.
Trevor Nickell
Trevor Nickell 6 dager siden
1610 is the Ultimate Universe. Spider-verse is not 1610.
Enter good name here
Enter good name here 6 dager siden
He didn’t destroy the stones he reduced them to atoms
General Alduin
General Alduin 6 dager siden
I think Thanos was lying when he said he destroyed the stones. It’s been established you literally can’t destroy the stones, even *with* the stones. I think it’s more likely he used the stones to scatter them to the far reaches of reality, far enough so no one could ever find all of them for millions of years.
FanStalin Gibs
FanStalin Gibs 6 dager siden
*Shield is a great show matpat*
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