Food Theory: What Makes a Sandwich a Sandwich?

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What is a sandwich? Most probably think that is an easy answer. You've eaten MANY sandwiches in your life, right? Well Food Theorists, you may have partaken of tons of food you never knew were a sandwich. Today we are taking the "rules" of what makes a sandwich and seeing what other foods qualify. That hotdog? Your favorite pizza? All sandwiches! Watch to find out why!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Smort Boi
Smort Boi 18 minutter siden
Matpat: Pizza is also technically a sand which!” Dominos: “Oh really?”
Cal Tan
Cal Tan 41 minutt siden
I asked my mom "is a hotdog a sandwich" and "what's your definition of a sandwich" she said, "no, it has to be square."
Amethyst lynx
Amethyst lynx Time siden
Since when is ketchup not acceptable this hotdog Council is just a poser
Kamille 2 timer siden
Thank you for this, this was actually an ongoing discussion in my family that gets brought up every once in a while, so I'm totally using this around Christmas
What’s poppin Productions
What’s poppin Productions 2 timer siden
Mike trap would be satisfied
Claudia Anel Valencia Carmona
Claudia Anel Valencia Carmona 2 timer siden
me : holy cheese
The Master Of Roblox
The Master Of Roblox 3 timer siden
6:24 ahahaha haha that’s the untitled goose game goose
Piran Wills
Piran Wills 4 timer siden
When the Earl of Sandwich put his meat between two slices of bread so he could play cards whilst eating, I'm assuming he didn't think it would come to this...
• Ꝅeiroꝃie̱Playz •
• Ꝅeiroꝃie̱Playz • 4 timer siden
I asked my sibling i a hotdog is a sandwich.. She said no she said " a sandwich is something with bread-like outside layer and at LEAST must have 2 or more ingredients inside of the bread-like outside layer". she just defined Sandwich.
Piran Wills
Piran Wills 4 timer siden
I might have the weirdest hot dog layout: Two frankfurters with any non-sauce toppings, wrapped in a pita, then put on a side where sauce is applied. I am kinda weird
The Real Comic!Sins
The Real Comic!Sins 4 timer siden
Here I am at work, yelling at my phone at all the food items as to what they are to me XD
Wyatt Garner
Wyatt Garner 4 timer siden
Pizza is a pie.
5kull 6 timer siden
Still waiting for the “Is Cereal A Soup” video.
Tyler Broadhead
Tyler Broadhead 7 timer siden
what about tuna fish sandwiches they'r made of fish
Toasted 9 timer siden
Well if I can’t have ketchup on mah dog Then I don’t want one ( I don’t even like hotdogs tho so yeah) Duh Grilled cheese isn’t a sandwich It’s a Grilled Cheese.
Mason Payne
Mason Payne 10 timer siden
Bruh stop talking about egg salad sandwich that’s my fave sandwich and your making me hungry
Bfdia51 11 timer siden
Objection under the definition given at the end of the video declaring hotdogs aren't sandwiches; subway sandwiches would also not be considered sandwiches. Subway's bread is 1 tubular 2 not thin and finally only one piece of bread cut like a hot dog. So is Subway sandwiches actually a sandwich or is a hotdog a sandwich?
David Goreham
David Goreham 11 timer siden
I am taking it seriously to
Lorenzo Caro
Lorenzo Caro 13 timer siden
shut up!
WatchTower Gaming
WatchTower Gaming 14 timer siden
imagine being that guy in the stock photo that matpat has used for years (the guy at 2:19)
parul singh
parul singh 14 timer siden
pizza IS a sand which, i dont agree with the last court decision
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Robinson 14 timer siden
Mat Pat. I feel that you have thought way too in depth about this topic. I do agree, hotdogs are definitely not sandwiches, but it has nothing to do with what you were talking about. Hotdogs are pieces of MEAT. You kept on saying hotdogs but you fail to realize that people eat hotdogs without buns. I know the bun part was implied but this really ticked me off for the majority of the video. Please consider specifying next time.
Flame Kid
Flame Kid 14 timer siden
Matpat what about a lettuce burger?
Noah’s epic gaming And stuff
Noah’s epic gaming And stuff 15 timer siden
*HA YES!!I I KNew* it i always thought hot dogs were their own thing and i am glad I was proven right *+1 LIKE (already SUBED)* p.s i only like pb&j sandwiches when it comes to what sandwiches i like
Hybryda Art
Hybryda Art 15 timer siden
sorry but anything I can hold in my hand, it is made from 2 or more ingredients and I can snack on is in my mind a sandwich... a piece of cheese with ketchup I call no bread sandwich. the answer to the question, "what would you chose when you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life" might or might not be a reason ;p
Al Walters
Al Walters 16 timer siden
There is a podcast called a hotdog is a sandwich Josh and Nicole from mythical kitchen. Weirdly enough they have not covered this topic yet haha. Worth a listen though!
I hear you When you sleep
I hear you When you sleep 19 timer siden
Now just figure out this: are subway sandwiches hotdogs if they’re not really sandwiches?
born 2007
born 2007 19 timer siden
R.I.P. 1:49
Sudikshya Shrestha
Sudikshya Shrestha 20 timer siden
Is a "riceball" a "donut"
Ins4n3Destiny 21 time siden
Hotdogs are customarily offered with toppings such as ketchup, mustard, relish, and chopped onion which are /SPREAD/ onto the hotdog/bun. The hotdog bun is split in two and the hotdog is placed /BETWEEN/ the halves of bread, not on top of it. Your argument suggests that, despite meat being a listed requirement, the item cannot be a sandwich if the meat and toppings are not also spread like a jam / sauce / etc. The definition of "spread" is not that narrow-minded. The item only needs to extend over the surface area--which a hotdog was designed to do. Just like lunch meats which were altered from their original forms to slices of varying thickness for the purpose of encompassing or extending over the surface of bread slices. By the very definition you drudged up from that court case: A hot dog--alongside lunchmeats and other solid ingredients (lettuce, pickles, onion, etc)--qualifies as a sandwich.
Vanessa Walsh
Vanessa Walsh 16 timer siden
It's a sandwich because I can eat it with one hand while playing cribbage
Sul Wah
Sul Wah 21 time siden
Ok How about a bread sandwich bread on bread If that is a sandwich a sliced loaf of bread is a mega bread sandwich
John Cat
John Cat 22 timer siden
Funfact! Here in the Philippines, we call a hotdog (in a bun) A hotdog sandwich and hotdog is Just the hotdog (what's the difference between a hotdog and a sausage? I have no idea. MatPat, pls tell me)
Jericho Bernal
Jericho Bernal Dag siden
@The Food Theorists Objectively, what is the most eaten variation of pizza- Deep Dish Pizza from Chicago, Thin Slice Pizza from New York, or Hawaiian from ironically Canada? What is the most eaten topping? How do demographics correlate with certain kinds of pizza? Are there any commonalities among those who eat a certain type of pizza? This endeavor could be something that could be even bigger than "What the Smash character tells about you" as not only would it establish this channel as one to go even beyond the theorist past, I legitimately want to know which pizza is the most beloved- I hope it is Deep Dish as I'm a Chicagoan, but I know it would most likely be thin cheese. Please help answer this burning question be answered before it becomes burnt in the oven!
DeadBoned Gamer
DeadBoned Gamer Dag siden
I agree with every section on the sandwich alignment chart
Pika Yamper
Pika Yamper Dag siden
A hotdog is obviously categorized as a hotdog
Aiden Tuohy
Aiden Tuohy Dag siden
You know RBG died due to cancer
CCaprice Dag siden
Hotdog is a roll, not a sandwich.
BubbleYEETyt FNAFberrysprinkles
BubbleYEETyt FNAFberrysprinkles Dag siden
I don't care what it is, I just eat.
BubbleYEETyt FNAFberrysprinkles
BubbleYEETyt FNAFberrysprinkles Dag siden
OH MY GOD!!!!! :D YOU HAVE 1.99 SUBS!!! 2.00!!!!! C'MON GUYSSSSSSS!!
oreo 9
oreo 9 Dag siden
Wait a sec you are saying that my state invented the bun
Frosted Ice Pharoah
Frosted Ice Pharoah Dag siden
A hot dog without ketchup is worthless.
Cool Caleb
Cool Caleb Dag siden
Thanks sooooooo much. I showed this in sociology for a debate and won. #EasyA
Zargon31 Dag siden
isn't mustard and ketchup iconic on hot dogs? so who decided ketchup isn't a valid hot dog topping?
Collossal Legend
Collossal Legend Dag siden
This mustve take. A lot of reading Taken*
promethean guy
promethean guy Dag siden
but now, is a hotdog a taco?
Josh Goldman
Josh Goldman Dag siden
I heard a hot dog could be classified as a taco
Carfante Espacial
Carfante Espacial Dag siden
Ok, then if i grab two slices and i put them together, that is by dictionary definiton a sándwich
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Dag siden
It's pronounced Woo-ster not "War-Chest-er" county Massachusetts.
Libby Wright
Libby Wright Dag siden
I have a question that is food related and want to know what others think. Are candy canes ornaments? I consider them ornaments and I know they are food and yummy, but technically are they a Christmas ornament???
maze girl
maze girl Dag siden
Flickering Candle
Flickering Candle Dag siden
So say, if you have a meatball sub it’s not a sandwich???
maze girl
maze girl Dag siden
3:00 what about hot dogs in Denmark they have all sorts of toppings
Devils Advocate
Devils Advocate Dag siden
open faced sandwiches are just covered toast, or maybe a pizza, but not actually a sandwich imo.
Nobel-O Bailey-Taylor
Nobel-O Bailey-Taylor Dag siden
Hot dogs are there own category oh and pizzas are classified as pies
Daniel Ospina
Daniel Ospina Dag siden
I wasn't expecting to so clearly recognize the Dolphin Mall food court at 13:07. I can even tell that the space cutoff from the far left is a Burger King and the space cutoff on the far right is a Sbarro's. It's been a while since I've been there, but it really is too recognizable to me.
theGiantGiGi Dag siden
assistindo enquanto como um cachorro quente
Parker Savage
Parker Savage Dag siden
7:01 bruh every time I go to Panera bread I get a full sized grilled chese with 2 slices of turkey in it. Would that count as a sandwich?
Ewan Stewart
Ewan Stewart Dag siden
Id personally say a hotdog is a roll (do you Americans have rolls?)
Nugget Doja
Nugget Doja Dag siden
He did this whole video as if a hot dog bun is more than 1 piece of bread. A hot dog is not a sandwich unless you split the bun (which is just one piece of bread) apart into two pieces...
Fuzzy Shrimp
Fuzzy Shrimp Dag siden
8:56 we finally get to see photo shopped Mattpat “footzes”
Fuzzy Shrimp
Fuzzy Shrimp Dag siden
Well to make a hotdog a sandwich all I need to do split the bread and slice up the hotdog unless a hotdog has it’s own definition that goes against it making my hotdog sandwich not a hotdog any more think about that so we can get a part 2
8-BITHITZ Dag siden
Brilliant episode!! Just to put in my own 2 cents about 2 businesses at a mall, it seems logical to not want to have 2 places serving the same delicacies. However, businesses and other entitys abuse this power by lobbying the government to keep other entrepreneurs and startups out. Bottleneckers. Its the same when it came to uber and the taxi unions. Or an online eye exam that the optometrist board says is "dangerous" and wants to ban it. Or food trucks operating near brick and mortar resturants. You should never refuse a business right to operate. The market, people like you and I, will decide which is best and it will sustain. Its what keeps innovation coming and prices low 🤘😎🤘 To anyone who read this, have a wonderful day!!
RoyalePhotos Dag siden
Illuminati confirmed
C Shankles
C Shankles Dag siden
But ketchup is one of the most popular things that you put on a hot dog 🌭
Megan Fantes
Megan Fantes Dag siden
I am MASSIVELY nerding out with all of these videos!! I love Food Theorists!!
Hannah Mills
Hannah Mills Dag siden
Almost gave it a like and then you insulted Hufflepuff It's okay, I know where I'm not wanted
Noah Houghton
Noah Houghton 2 dager siden
Is a hot pocket a sandwich? It says on the package “ heat one sandwich for two minutes
JackpotJesse 2 dager siden
Don’t diss hufflepuff
MaxGaming 2 dager siden
I was telling my dad this theory and he said if a human has two legs and arms and can be female and male does that make monkey a human? So a pizza can be an open faced bread with cheese and sauce but that doesn’t make it a sandwich
W E 2 dager siden
As someone growing up close to denmark i'm already confused by their definition of hotdog. I never had an american style hotdog (with sauerkraut) just danish (ketchup, remo, mustard, onion and pickles) and fransk/french style (curryketchup in a tube like bread and one open side).
ConnorHFishing 2 dager siden
Lemme tell you why a hot dog and burgers aren’t sandwiches. You can have a hot dog, or a burger, without the bread. You can’t have a sandwich without bread
Zachary Abel
Zachary Abel 2 dager siden Lucid chart explains it
SassierGecko104 2 dager siden
I would say a hotdog is a sandwich, it is a sub in my opinion. Even the classic bun (the hotdog bun with not weird bread thing at the bottom) is called a “Mini sub bun”
Matthew Wang
Matthew Wang 2 dager siden
It is believed that the very first hot dog - once called 'dachshund sausages' - was sold by a German immigrant out of a food cart in New York in the 1860s. So yes but no
sarah p firrilikins the 7th
sarah p firrilikins the 7th 2 dager siden The perfect simple explanation
Jpython 3 dager siden
I mean definitions aren't prescriptive they're descriptive. So, if people start calling hotdogs sandwiches they are sandwiches.
Little Person
Little Person 3 dager siden
imo, one slice of bread with stuff on top is not a sandwich in any terms a sandwich need 2 pieces of bread. so if you have _2 pieces of bread_ with stuff on those, that could be an open face sandwich. but i guess if you folded a piece of pizza in half that _could technically be_ a sanwich
Midston 3 dager siden
Anri Kurisuto
Anri Kurisuto 3 dager siden
Did I already write that I consider anybody who doesn't use ketchup on their Sausages as less than scum? No? Good, done now.
Space Mutiny
Space Mutiny 3 dager siden
I put Mayo, ketchup and mustard on my hot dog.
Crazy Diabetic
Crazy Diabetic 3 dager siden
12:12 nice hair
Jamison Lamkin
Jamison Lamkin 3 dager siden
Screw that, I’ll always enjoy ketchup on hotdogs.
EVAN MUDD 4 dager siden
How. Dare. You. Insult. Hufflepuff. Like. That. You. Slimy. Little.
The Boozleman
The Boozleman 4 dager siden
Waiting for the conspiracy theory channel
Costel Iutele
Costel Iutele 4 dager siden
Harry Potter refrence
mentra1 4 dager siden
Tax regulations aka trying to incorporate as many things as possible
Um mapper monarquista
Um mapper monarquista 4 dager siden
the brazilian hotdog is much better than the american one, you should try it out
Naz Asif
Naz Asif 4 dager siden
Dont you dare insult my hufflepuffs, i will fight you. house equality!!!
PigSong 0077
PigSong 0077 4 dager siden
1:12 Hot dog is dog that so hot
Tyler Garza
Tyler Garza 4 dager siden
Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell 4 dager siden
If a hotdog is not a sandwich because it is not between two thin pieces of bread, then every sandwich made on a roll is not a sandwich, and especially, every subway sandwich, which are not sliced all the way through, are not sandwiches. furthermore, quesadillas ARE sandwiches because the definition does not specify leavened bread, and tortillas are just about the thinnest bread around. I would argue there is no definition of a sandwich by traits that can include all the things we normally call sandwiches without including hotdogs.
That One Kid
That One Kid 5 dager siden
Food theory videos are just 20 minute fun facts
Takrus’s Channel
Takrus’s Channel 5 dager siden
Now, we need to know whether a hot dog is a taco.
Caiden Vice
Caiden Vice 5 dager siden
hot dogs are made of all the left over meat from a chicken pig and cow
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 5 dager siden
Question: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Answer: yesn't
JJ & Cocoa
JJ & Cocoa 5 dager siden
Who else is weirdly glad that a hotdog isn’t a sandwich?
Diane Parr
Diane Parr 5 dager siden
"I guess you'll join hufflepuff" I'm hurt Mat... I'm hurt
Sky Render
Sky Render 5 dager siden
I mean if you want to get overly technical, a hot dog is a roll, much like a hoagie. That said, most call a hoagie a sandwich, despite the fact that it has more in common with a hot dog than it does with a grilled cheese.
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 5 dager siden
"Like the grilled cheese that we all know should count as a sandwich" Not, not at all. A grilled choose should most definitely NOT be counted as a sandwich.
The Gastrodon Cult
The Gastrodon Cult 4 dager siden
Well, that's unfortunate, because it is a sandwich, regardless. But please, explain. Why do you think it shouldn't?
Brees Mimms
Brees Mimms 5 dager siden
Because they split the bread
Brees Mimms
Brees Mimms 5 dager siden
A sub is technically a hotdog
Cassie Hipwell
Cassie Hipwell 5 dager siden
Wait I kinda get Chicken wings, if they’re breadcrumb battered
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