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Want to learn how to properly fell a tree with a chainsaw? This requires careful planning and high degree of skill. Most importantly, safety first.
Watch Husqvarna's qualified trainer cut down a tree, safely and efficiently.
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Alexander Zaborskiy
Alexander Zaborskiy 13 dager siden
Болтун-задушевник и тупая цепь
Veritas Sound Sculpture
Veritas Sound Sculpture Måned siden
This is easily the best video for someone like me who has never fell a tree to watch. Really appreciate this!
Andy Hill
Andy Hill Måned siden
Great video,was like going back to my early days learning to fell.Its funny,the whole process is roughly the same the world over.A few different terms here and there.All the best from the UK......subscribed 👍🏼
Wang Alex
Wang Alex Måned siden
Hi Dear your videos is very impressive, we are a manufacturer for chain saw brush cutter, hedge trimmer etc., this is our channel , welcome!
Glenn G
Glenn G Måned siden
I'm definitely kerf'in ya. Good stuff. I learned a few things.
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas Måned siden
Perfect for my situation. Now I feel I can safely cut up the oak that fell in my backyard.
Jackson Warden
Jackson Warden Måned siden
Captain perfectionist..
Brian Medeiros
Brian Medeiros Måned siden
I watch this video often to remind myself to be better. Well done!
Martin Blaney
Martin Blaney Måned siden
Super helpful explanations. Thank you.
jason cook
jason cook Måned siden
damn it now i want poly wedges
jsanmarc Måned siden
Very interesting - great instruction. Thank you.
ArkWorks Måned siden
Good information, fell some last weekend (first time :-) )
Dr. Love
Dr. Love Måned siden
Way to ruin that axe
Charles Slaughter
Charles Slaughter Måned siden
That saw seems to need a good sharpening. However very informative an necessary for people wanting to cut trees. Thank you
angus4 -07
angus4 -07 Måned siden
19:28 "And remember, the chain brake should be on at all times other than when your not cutting." Uummm, really? Lol
Kelly Ronaghan
Kelly Ronaghan Måned siden
Was he using a 550xp or a 562xp???
madamscustoms 2 måneder siden
Sharpen that dang saw! Jeez..
Green Tree
Green Tree 2 måneder siden
He has a hairless mustache 5 o’clock shadow , from his visor. 😆✌🏻👍🏻 #lovemesomehusqvarna
Christopher Fairfowl
Christopher Fairfowl 2 måneder siden
Excellent video 👍 very professional well done. thanks.
Aa Cc
Aa Cc 2 måneder siden
I never heard that much shit come out of someone before......what a load of crap.......
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 2 måneder siden
With that dull ass chain
Ryans logging
Ryans logging 2 måneder siden
lol wow
Bob Aldridge
Bob Aldridge 2 måneder siden
Some great techniques. Yah, yah, sometimes a plunge cut isn't the best but control and confidence is so I picked up some great ideas. Loved the note below on beavers...
Lonekiter Rocky
Lonekiter Rocky 2 måneder siden
I will admit he is a good instructor, but My goodness do I feel sorry for that saw... Just screaming that thing!
Anton Spilhaus
Anton Spilhaus 3 måneder siden
Useful, thank you!
minethegap 3 måneder siden
Good video but I still don’t know how to fix my alternator and its bed time now
Paul Clarin
Paul Clarin 3 måneder siden
Nice job but the most complicated thing I've dealt with since college trigonometry. I may never feel confident cutting a sapling ever again.
The Jersey J
The Jersey J 3 måneder siden
Excellent presentation, giving us all the information needed in a clear, concise manner. Well done.
Mr. Drew Paints With You
Mr. Drew Paints With You 3 måneder siden
This is such a great video! Thanks for all the info! 😃
Anne Campbell
Anne Campbell 3 måneder siden
Thank you for this video, GREAT tips!!
Jim Williams
Jim Williams 3 måneder siden
Outstanding! I always like to read how the pros poo poo safety and act all manly because their dumb asses have been very fortunate so far. Never heard of mojo I guess. For the occasional chainsaw user like myself this video is literally a lifesaver. Good work. P.S. I love Husqvarna. Stihl is not designed for the homeowner and farmer. Husqvarna will serve you well and won't require making payments on gear you use a few times a year.
Bozscaggz Z
Bozscaggz Z 3 måneder siden
Step one, buy a Stihl.
Ben Harman
Ben Harman 3 måneder siden
That chain cuts like shit..... must be on backwards....shot husky should have paid him to delete this video he's a muppet🤣
Chit Chat
Chit Chat 3 måneder siden
I will watch this video many times before I start . Thanks .
HQ 3 måneder siden
Better go and learn from timber fellers and not from saw selling marketologists. There are many people who really know their stuff and putting tutorial videos on the internet. I found a fella i really like and he gives a lot of useful information which really works in real world situations. He's Canadian, he has got very many axes and a ton of different branded chainsaws, he's a tree climber and he's got a son who makes great progress at this stuff. I'm not advertising - just find'em yourself! 'Stand up and buck!'
HQ 3 måneder siden
5:30 he doesn't know how to use felling line on a saw! What he's doing in this video then??! And that saw is a complete garbage just because of its owner, it doesn't cut! Otherwise it's a nice little tool. You can tell just by listening how the saw is running who and how is operating it and what's the condition of a tool. 21:00 and WTF is that??? I never seen a timber fella doing that! It is an unnecessary action! Just what a stupid video to put a "Husqvarna" on it. Sorry, but this is really sad.
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem 3 måneder siden
Excellent, excellent video - so much helpful information & presentation. "always cut compression first, tension last". Thank you!
How To Get Out Of Babylon
How To Get Out Of Babylon 3 måneder siden
"Felling Trees: "Rate This Hinge!" Feling Trees: "Rate This Hinge!" Best comment in a long while on tree felling. A Guy asked readers to "Rate This Hinge" Top Response: "Hinges! Hinges? We don't need no stinking hinges!!!" This video I uploaded, was the hinge of a felled large oak. I hope that some pros will watch this and comment on the hinge and notch cut!!! No I don't do it. I just did video of the crime scene:-) And had the phone ready to call 911!!! The tree was leaning towards the house, about 90 degrees from the direction it fell. IT was chained and then and cabled to a Come-Along to the Base of a tree in the direction they wanted it to fall, another 90 degrees from the way it fell, and about 180 degrees away from the house. Does anyone see a problem why it fell the wrong direction and if the notch cut had been done correctly, could it possibly have gone in the right direction? As it was, it slapped the roof of the mower shed doing minor damage. The homeowner was happy. She hasn't watched any Idiots With Chainsaw Videos, so she was not concerned and had no nightmares!!! Saved herself several hundred dollars. It was a good day. Nobody was killed or injured!!! I believe the guys Guardian angel may have put in for a transfer or at least hazardous duty compensation:-) I can send pics via email if anyone wants. Jerry Diamond
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe 3 måneder siden
Very very informative!! You video may very well save a lot of injuries and possibly deaths. Thanks
S Schroeder II
S Schroeder II 3 måneder siden
Wow. Lot of good information there. Definitely a pro at work.
Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit 3 måneder siden
Well, I'm clearing some newly bought land that is overgrown with small/med-small trees, shrubs and undergrowth in the next few weeks - Thanks for the tips (although 33.3% went completely over my head!) but i got the 'Jist' . . . especially about safety I'm a 1st time Chainsaw user, and looking forward to getting started - esp now with your advice ringing in my ears!
mario aquilina
mario aquilina 3 måneder siden
Thank you for your knowledge great work
scout 3 måneder siden
I feel tense just watching this. Lots of skill and judgement involved. Thank you for the video.
Cameron Locke
Cameron Locke 3 måneder siden
Excellent instructional video. Definitely lowered the chances of me hurting myself. Thank you.
Tony Moore
Tony Moore 3 måneder siden
Would you pls inform me as to what kind of tool are you using to handle the cut limbs and where may I purchase one? Thank you so much. This is the most informing video that I have seen yet.
shizanepimp1 4 måneder siden
Watched this vid a year ago. Im about to cut a tree in my yard I've been thinking about since then. On my way out the door. I'd better watch that video again. Proud owner of a new pile of firewood.
marco G kross
marco G kross 4 måneder siden
One of the best videos , thanks for posting this great téchniques
Roger Hector
Roger Hector 4 måneder siden
grinding its way through
Roger Hector
Roger Hector 4 måneder siden
looks like the chain is dull
Beagle869 4 måneder siden
Don't get me wrong , but if I have to break out the protractor, I've been living on borrowed time. I cut some asphalt driveway drainage with my saw and I think (buy the chip size) my chain is sharper! Is this guy a high school teacher? Cause in the real world, I have never used a wedge (use small branches), never dropped a tree on anything. I have cut anything easy like a conifer . Mostly ash, oak, and willow , with extreme branches 12" -20" diameters (hanging out 20'-30')- base of the tree 40" oaks ----65" willow. It's good to point out safety issues but? I don't do this for a living (I'm an union operating engineer) mostly weather damage is what I clean up. It blew down and is under stress, embedded in the ground, broken and hanging around. It's great to have safety videos, but large trees need to be left to the pros, lots of knowledge and little experience are a deadly combination.
J Bennett
J Bennett 4 måneder siden
Incredibly helpful video. Nothing like this on the Stihl side.
Pat Waldrip
Pat Waldrip 4 måneder siden
Great explanation and training! Thank You!
BayShoresRoofCleaning 4 måneder siden
Great video! Thank you for so much great information you shared I learned a lot on your video to keep me safe and that's what it's all about staying safe. Thanks again.😁😁😁
jimisnotunique 4 måneder siden
Great video, by an expert feller, with very good teaching abilities. I got a Husqvarna saw a few months ago, and I am hooked on doing tree work, as an amateur. I've watched lots of videos, this is one of the most useful. So far, I've cut a large wind-blown oak, and a 50ft dead oak overhanging the house and driveway.
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven 4 måneder siden
This is honestly a very advanced method. Too difficult for newbies...
Пётр Арсёнов
Пётр Арсёнов 4 måneder siden
цепь тупая , не опилки а пыль летит
Eric Early
Eric Early 4 måneder siden
Bro sharpen that saw
Some Bloke
Some Bloke 4 måneder siden
Thanks mate
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson 4 måneder siden
I thought it was Tim Allen from Home Improvement at first
Paul Newman
Paul Newman 4 måneder siden
Very good tutorial. He knows his shit!!
Warped 5 måneder siden
Boy, on that last "tongue& groove" cut, that trunk popped a bunch! Definitely wouldn't want your chin leaning over that when it let loose.
Philip Webb
Philip Webb 5 måneder siden
Lots of "what," but even more "why." I appreciate the "why," because it helps me better understand the "what." Excellent, excellent presentation.
nandox3 5 måneder siden
cut the tree and let it fall wtf
Jack Watt
Jack Watt 5 måneder siden
Great beginner tutorial, all he needs is a pack of files
M 998 HMMWV 5 måneder siden
That's one dull azz saw.. you making a cake with all that powder? 😂😂
Debater of Everything Presenter of Nothing
Debater of Everything Presenter of Nothing 5 måneder siden
13:26 Weird but ok
Joe Schmucker
Joe Schmucker 5 måneder siden
I have very little experience with cutting down trees. I have about 20 dead ash trees in my back yard to fell and they are only at most 20 inches in diameter. EVERY thing you addressed applies to what I am going to be doing. Anyone can start a chainsaw (unless it is a Poulan like I have) and begin sawing . But following your instructions makes it 1000 times safer and gives me a PLAN. Thank you for this video.
Jacques Côté
Jacques Côté 5 måneder siden
The amount of knowledge of this man is impressive and he has the ability to pass is along ....Husqvarna rocks!
steven kelble
steven kelble 6 måneder siden
nice info thanks
CollapsedLung 6 måneder siden
His voice reminds me of Dustin Hoffman.
M W 6 måneder siden
Does he ever actually starts cutting?
Allen Russell
Allen Russell 6 måneder siden
To anyone who disagrees with this guy, just remember he is sponsored by a chainsaw manufacturer
gord johnson
gord johnson 6 måneder siden
You put me to sleep . Yak Yak Yak ZZzzzzzz
Bill Spafford
Bill Spafford 6 måneder siden
Why do I never see tree fellers use a level? I'm not a tree feller but to me it seems like comments sense.
PASSWORD 6 måneder siden
old foool
Rick Saunders
Rick Saunders 6 måneder siden
Seven years later, great video!
Ricky rocky
Ricky rocky 6 måneder siden
What if u angle back cut up
danielsharon524 6 måneder siden
Great Video. I really like how you analyze and explain the cuts about as scientifically and from an engineering perspective as possible. Thanks!
David Morrison
David Morrison 6 måneder siden
Another great video from this guy and Husqvarna. Lots to learn have saved this and will watch it again and again... Before I go and do stupid shit like I did earlier this week and got away with just a wack on my hand from a rotten tree ..... As it fell as I started the plunge cut. Lol that's life 11 gone Best I watch this again Cheers Dave
Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby 7 måneder siden
I have learned a lot from this video. Thank you!
ChrisGeez 7 måneder siden
That hinge looks nearly textbook perfect. Great job!
Tuomas Valkonen
Tuomas Valkonen 7 måneder siden
Now drop and give me 20! YES SIR!
larryhon22 7 måneder siden
bryan nuñez
bryan nuñez 7 måneder siden
Did my first bore cut thanks to this video
mickie mouse
mickie mouse 8 måneder siden
It looks like your chain is dull>
Journey Ortize
Journey Ortize 8 måneder siden
Great job 👍 that's how I am 3 minutes to drop a tree 20 hours deciding on where to
Bear hunter
Bear hunter 8 måneder siden
Is this the “if you will guy”?
WOLLY WOLLY 8 måneder siden
The beaver just went home and cried
Nolga Zoit
Nolga Zoit 8 måneder siden
This guy is a Samurai of tree cutting! A tree cutting frickin' Ninja
Robert Byrne
Robert Byrne 8 måneder siden
Great vid. I learned a lot
Robert Byrne
Robert Byrne 8 måneder siden
Everyday is a school day. No one knows everything even if you think you do.
SnapCracklePop 8 måneder siden
Was this video shot using a chainsaw?
Ganesh Prasad
Ganesh Prasad 8 måneder siden
To all those negative morons,this guy got 16K please appreciate when someone gives you some advice.
Rahva Vaenlane
Rahva Vaenlane 8 måneder siden
Ain't nobody got time for that..
Owen Thorpe
Owen Thorpe 8 måneder siden
That chain is dull he should have checked it before even starting the saw
Levon 106
Levon 106 8 måneder siden
Great video that'll probably save some lives.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 8 måneder siden
Great video. If you want a painful injury just cut a tree down wrong.
ginggur17 8 måneder siden
I’ve often wondered how they make felling look so easy. Cool video.
Angelo Dallas
Angelo Dallas 8 måneder siden
I started logging for TSI Timber Standing Improvement via the DNR, at 14 with other experienced loggers. At 16, I bought my first New Stihl 041AV, making biweekly payments to the local Stihl Dealer, yes at 16 yrs old! Ive cut down LITERALLY thousands of trees, (Im 60 now) Maybe its just second nature to me now, but it sure feels like this guy sooooo over complicates this SOOOOOO much. You do these types of things when your dropping a tree between two houses. But when your in the forest, 60% of this is overkill. EXCEPT THE SAFETY PARTS. Boy, times have changed. We never wore helmets back then, we didnt wear a belt with all the gear. We drove to the sites in old pickem-up trucks that didnt have air bags (or A/C for that matter!). We never wore seat belts, - but many did fancy a metal dash, & a bench seat, & "4 on the floor" & we all lived! But, if you had a 3rd passenger- he got to straddle the stick shift, occasionally becomeing a painful position if he slid too far forward on those vinyl seats, while you were shifting LOL. THAT was usually the only mishap of the day! lol. YES. SAFETY IS FIRST Times sure have changed. Today we are afraid of EVERYTHING - and we only get HALF as much done (UNLESS we have some mechanized contraption costing big bucks). I cut both pulp wood (pine) and 100s of "cords" of oak firewood in my teens .... i dunno, maybe its worth the Prayers we use to say every day unlike society today. ... although, if youre pretty new to it maybe its just what you need! .... one thing he missed was cutting near bee's nests. Just add more oil to your fuel to SMOKE em away from ya, while your cutting, but it will foul your plugs more of course, but thats what sand blasters are for. Safe Cutting! And always remember: Opinions are like Noses! Everyone has one, and there are usually a couple of holes in em! Take care, God Bless, and Stay COVID-19 Safe! Please Mask yerself - if not for you, for the guy who may have a weak immune system (for now)! 👍
Brent Mack
Brent Mack 3 måneder siden
Ps my hearing is shot at 50 but I think its from sitting between 2 emd v8s for hours in a bouy tender and rock n roll shows
Brent Mack
Brent Mack 3 måneder siden
Dude you got 10 on me but ive cut about the same 7 cord for the winter in a old farm house in Maine yessah but im digging what you are laying down. I just put 5 small trees down at my riffle range last week im not as tough as I once was
West Senkovec
West Senkovec 9 måneder siden
25:39 - Wow, that was a close call. Almost got hit by an airplane.
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