Trump Crumbles, Brain Turns to Mush

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David Pakman Show

5 måneder siden

--Donald Trump crumbles as his mind turns to mush during a bizarre press briefing, including on the topics of coronavirus, pre-existing conditions, the 1918 flu pandemic, and much more
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Trump WALKS OUT of News Conference When Confronted on Lies
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Broadcast on August 11, 2020
#davidpakmanshow #trump #pressconference

Duane Borgaes
Duane Borgaes 21 time siden
4:04 ... "In 1917" ?!?? (You mean the, 1918 flu, otherwise known as the Spanish flu.) "Probably ended the second world war because all the soldiers were sick"??!?? Do you even know when the second world war ended? Donny boy.... No wonder you thought a cognitive test (looking for dementia) was hard.
Velva Davis
Velva Davis Dag siden
Ana Maldonado
Ana Maldonado 3 dager siden
I object , his brain was already mush before he was presidency. The guy has survived because his father contacts and money.
Thorn da Costa
Thorn da Costa 3 dager siden
In the uk 🇬🇧 the more deaths we have the more we open up our bars. We’re in trouble,too!
Thorn da Costa
Thorn da Costa 3 dager siden
Just astonishing 😳
Bobby Islas
Bobby Islas 25 dager siden
NOpost football
Orlando Johnson
Orlando Johnson 29 dager siden
An Idiot Running the Country.... Embarrassing for the United States. 😔
Polly Culberson
Polly Culberson Måned siden
He just runs his mouth on "automatic" but says nothing. He doesn't even come up for air!
Peter Tholen
Peter Tholen Måned siden
Some say that Trump is smart, but he sure is stupid,
Kari Korhonen
Kari Korhonen Måned siden
In Trumpsylvania they do not know when the second world war was 🤣
Feeble Minded McQuim
Feeble Minded McQuim Måned siden
It doesn't take much to confuse me but I am truly confused even more than I normally am.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Måned siden
This video is misleading, Donald trump would first have to have a brain for it to turn into mush?
Matthijs Hebly
Matthijs Hebly Måned siden
You didn't mention the fact that Trump seems to be unaware that "the south of the border, … Mexico, Central America, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Brazil", and then "*Latin* America" (emphasis on *Latin*) are basically the same thing. His tone seems to suggest that he thinks those are unconnected regions on different continents. Or something. It's a bit like thinking Africa is a country. lol
Larry Sarracini
Larry Sarracini Måned siden
Trump brain has been "mush" for seveal years now...
Carol Ann Devlin
Carol Ann Devlin Måned siden
The Republicans must not care about how many people are dying. After what David just pointed out in his show I can't believe how inept Trump is! We may have to go with a Parliament cause right now we only have 1 Party in this Country that gives a damn!
Carol Ann Devlin
Carol Ann Devlin Måned siden
We have to get rid of the unconstitutional Voting system in our country. One vote per person. The Electoral College is totally unconstitutional.. We would have the Clintons in there and Bill & Hillary would have balance the budget and we certainly wouldn't have had That tremendously high debt-ceiling. Are we ever going to be able to recover From the McConnell - Trump FIASCO of the last 4 yrs! The Democrats always come in & fix the economy and the Republicans come in with their Trickle-Down theory that always trickles down to the highest 1 % & STOPS........
Rick Lanyon
Rick Lanyon Måned siden
How did he get even 1 fucking vote? Oh I forgot the KKK
Rick Lanyon
Rick Lanyon Måned siden
Hey trump, your fired!!!
Marina Keller
Marina Keller Måned siden
My 12 year old son knows more about history then Trump....
MrNimby ?s
MrNimby ?s Måned siden
So what exactly is the number that he thinks is acceptable when it comes to children dying? You don’t have to be sick to be a carrier and he’s probably been told this numerous times! Just asking🤔
Johan Myhre
Johan Myhre Måned siden
The man is deranged. So insane.
Kirk Watson-Ye
Kirk Watson-Ye Måned siden
I agree we should call this the Trump virus especially since it originated in the US.
Matt Carrell
Matt Carrell Måned siden
Trump would never pass an executive order against tax fraud because it would be drawing attention to his own taxes and therefore his tax fraud.
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson Måned siden
You are so on point
Shadow sun
Shadow sun Måned siden
I watch a lot of your uploads and the points you make are good and well founded but boy you use ten words for every one that is actually required ,most of your watchers actually get it and don't need kinder garden explanations of most of the points you make we are intelligent enough on our own to join the dots (after all we are not Trump supporters mostly I would imagine ) in other words less yadda, yadda and needless explanation and dumbing down your rhetoric and more succinct reporting would be refreshing , thanks from London Uk
John Måned siden
According to what this idiot is saying, he believes a "tiny bit" of death is doable. Even if you agree to understand what he may have meant, why would you say that in that way? I'm sure that mothers who have lost their children to covid would not agree and would be hurt.
maria j
maria j Måned siden
Well, actually his brain can`t turn to mush when it`s mush from the start....
ndevera100 Måned siden
His brain is truly a big mush!
Oscar Wong
Oscar Wong Måned siden
He says its a tiny fraction of children that are dying, but who wants their child to be part of that small fraction?!? Nobody, thats who!
Sabertooth Måned siden
Yeah...not like we all heard the Woodworth tape...
Nadia Vicente
Nadia Vicente Måned siden
Lynn Falzone
Lynn Falzone Måned siden
He's such an idiot!
Karen Green
Karen Green Måned siden
Trump just rambles he can't answer any questions and everything is many many numbers and we're doing great
David Kirk
David Kirk Måned siden
MOST self absorbed PRESIDENT EVER...
vash121086 Måned siden
Well I learned something about Trump he is terrible at history.
Victoria Oxley
Victoria Oxley Måned siden
Nov 2020 - Australia - Victoria - Melbourne - coming out of lock down - - Melbourne went into lockdown for 111 days - double doughnut symbolises No deaths No new case - - If we keep going we may have had a path to eradication ...... Victorian Aussies are fecking awesome .... wwoooo hoooo
AsparagusVideo 2 måneder siden
90 days later, we're worse off than goddamn April/May.
Elisabeth Charlotte
Elisabeth Charlotte 2 måneder siden
OMG! Trump doesn't know history at all! The Spanish flu was terrible. The second wave was more devastating than the first, just like we have now.
99% PROOF 2 måneder siden
Nice guess David. Your 60-68 million votes was better then reality. Turns out Trump had 73,288,034 votes/idiots behind him. He divided the country in half. Bad times.
Kim Bradley
Kim Bradley 2 måneder siden
Excellent presentation as always. Thankyou. Watching all the ghastliness with this idiotic President from New Zealand, and hoping America becomes great again.
Ronald V Ronca
Ronald V Ronca 2 måneder siden
Trying to find Trump's speeches where I don't have to watch some guy sitting on what appears to be a bare mattress....watching someone hosting a show from his bedroom doesn't work for me.
Karen Egan
Karen Egan 2 måneder siden
As of Nov 9, Victoria, Australia has recorded its 10th day of zero COVID cases and zero deaths. Today, Victoria has just opened up it’s borders and Melburnians can now visit regional Victoria for the first time in months, after a harsh lockdown. It’s working.
Peggy Fraley
Peggy Fraley 2 måneder siden
Annoying false teeth lisp 🤪🤪🤪‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🤬🤬💥💥💥💥💥
Larry Mitchell
Larry Mitchell 2 måneder siden
What amazes me is that he bamboozled himself into voting powers of stupid and uneducated people. The guy is an absolute loose cannon, and the faster he's out of the White House, the better. How could people have voted for him?
Barbara Chandler
Barbara Chandler 2 måneder siden
I’m going to miss it all very , bigly, tremendously, everybody knows it, you know it they know it we all know it, hey nice truck!
paul kane
paul kane 2 måneder siden
This guy just lies, lies and the lies some more. He is the perfect used car salesmen as he will tell you what you want to hear while looking at you straight in the eye, how dumb are the average Americans to even listen to this Narcissistic Twat? Wake up before it’s too late 🙏 PLEASE
donald mullen
donald mullen 2 måneder siden
Trump never let's the reporter's finish the questions.
Loo belle
Loo belle 2 måneder siden
Could this nightmare of a presidency be the 2nd coming of Christ testing us as to whether or not we follow a false God? Honestly!
Loo belle
Loo belle 2 måneder siden
Tuesday is Winsday for Biden💙🥳
Dawn Castiglione
Dawn Castiglione 2 måneder siden
So well done... thank you David!
Jill 2 måneder siden
David P. I love you in plaid/checks....👁️👁️
paulamichelle48 2 måneder siden
I wish someone would bitch slap him, when he says China Virus!!! WTF
John Hines
John Hines 2 måneder siden
great program keep it going! the truth is better for me than lysol
patricia sherman
patricia sherman 2 måneder siden
you know! ''chase''!
patricia sherman
patricia sherman 2 måneder siden
yYES!!! thank you for cutting to the case!!
Nick Bedwell
Nick Bedwell 3 måneder siden
I thought we had problems here in good old ' Blighty, I wish you all well under Trump. Good luck, YOU'LL NEED IT!
Massey 4business
Massey 4business 3 måneder siden
So if Trump brags about saving 1½-2 million lives by shutting down, why doesn't he do it again till things settle down to a manageable level? Even he doesn't believe his own bullshit!
AmethystEyes 3 måneder siden
I wonder in an alternate universe where Trump was never president how many lives would have been saved.
Susan Sharp
Susan Sharp 3 måneder siden
I very much enjoy your show Thank you!
nathan harrell
nathan harrell 3 måneder siden
From the beginning! He is a DUMBASS and totally UNFIT !!
Nicole Rankin
Nicole Rankin 3 måneder siden
if he cannot answer a question about tariffs because he doesnt understand policy who tf is running our country??? i dont get it
judy hyland
judy hyland 3 måneder siden words for trump
Deep Cover
Deep Cover 3 måneder siden
All parents know the verminous little creatures bring home every germ they come across.
Veronica Stanley
Veronica Stanley 3 måneder siden
David thanks for getting to the clip's 💞u
Charlie Nelson
Charlie Nelson 3 måneder siden
David,. The emperor has his new clothes. Bow to him syncophants!!!!
David Lynch
David Lynch 3 måneder siden
His supporters don’t know anything, only what the cult leader says.
Tony Borzillo
Tony Borzillo 4 måneder siden
tony35287 4 måneder siden
If TRUMP gets another term - United States of America 🇺🇸 has fallen! “Sorry USA but you have become a JoKe of the World 🌍 “
Christine Sparrow
Christine Sparrow 4 måneder siden
The only thing that amazes me is that no one has tried to assassinate this idiot.
Dale Cadman
Dale Cadman 4 måneder siden
Australian here, hate being in lockdown, didnt vote for this government, couldn't be prouder of our response and the work the government has done at all levels especially the Victorian state government where I live that lockdown hard and we are now nearly out the otherside, I will leave my house in a week or so KNOWING we are safe again.
Louise Reid
Louise Reid 4 måneder siden
After everything your President has or hasn’t done, everything he has or hasn’t said. After everything I have watched, how can anyone in good conscience vote for this man? I simply don’t understand!
Louise Reid
Louise Reid 4 måneder siden
I watched the video with the Australian caller. I am also from Australia. I could see where she was coming from but from your reaction and mine she sounded like a crazy Aussie.If she have had maybe some questions written down it would have been much better. Yes I think the majority of Australian think Trump is a nutjob! Still can’t believe he was voted in the first time. Please America don’t vote him in again!!!
paul1x1 4 måneder siden
This is the dumbest thing you heard how about Washington and the airports injecting lysol I mean this is stupid but damn on the list its about 10th
Jeanette Melendez
Jeanette Melendez 4 måneder siden
That is bolony he would have ask for a hanging
Kelly Beresfordcole
Kelly Beresfordcole 4 måneder siden
Is anyone following this man,dam
Kelly Beresfordcole
Kelly Beresfordcole 4 måneder siden
No I wouldn't do that.really "
Roadray 4 måneder siden
Trump could easily make the USA a third world country. I can't see any world country dealing with this liar. Just can't trust anything that spews out of the pie-hole he calls his mouth.
Bernice Johnson
Bernice Johnson 4 måneder siden
He might as well say send your kids back to school so they make get Coronavirus and bring it home to Mom and Daddy so you're all going to die is that right Trump is that what you saying cuz that will happened
Scott Kinney
Scott Kinney 4 måneder siden
David already said that there's going to be a lot of lawyers involved on both sides Republican and Democrat Republicans going to have lawyers in every swing States to contest the outcome of the election. Meanwhile the Democrats I got to have twice as many lawyers to contest the contesting. Also, Trump supporters are going to go to the polling places and Hassle and intimidate every non-white that's casting their vote
lou willwerth
lou willwerth 4 måneder siden
I appreciate David's show .... he makes complete sense out of complete nonsense !!!!!
Erin Wymer
Erin Wymer 4 måneder siden
That's it! He must be getting leadership advice from his friend Putin!!!!
Erin Wymer
Erin Wymer 4 måneder siden
Now almost 190,000 dead.....
Betty Jane Grant
Betty Jane Grant 4 måneder siden
The Donald acts as if he sniffs something strange........
surferpr831 4 måneder siden
Mr. T is sniffing good shhhhhh! Reality is not reality and history is not history!
Laura Troxel
Laura Troxel 4 måneder siden
Any percent of our children is too fing much! This trump nightmare will be over soon.
Vuvu Fuze
Vuvu Fuze 4 måneder siden
he fumbles and talks gibberish. He does'nt answer professionally, critically, diplomatically or critically. Did he study for..anything?
K H 4 måneder siden
trump, HIS CURRENT WIFE & HIS FAMILY NEED TO TAKE THE COVID SHOTS FIRST, INLAWS & GRANDKIDS, then we shall see if it is fit for the rest of us! ALSO, they ALL need to go to a public school for a month & closely volunteer with 2nd graders without gloves or masks. trump is such a liar he would be the LAST person I would look to for facts. He is daft when it comes to facts. Job openings, you mean jobs that were lost due to his mishandling of a stellar economy President Obama handed him! Yes, he caused this COVID pandemic in the USA. Vietnam is way better than we are due to trumps LACK of intelligence & his belief in conspiracy theories! trump IS NOT FIT TO BE A DOG CATCHER!!! Americans are paying for the China tariffs, but trump doesn't understand that either! trump IS AN IDIOT!
K H 4 måneder siden
trump NEEDS TO RESIGN OVER 185,500+ DEATHS OF COVID!!! trump is an IDIOT when it comes to history! Actually, trump is an IDIOT on most things!
K. Johnson
K. Johnson 4 måneder siden
For kids * it's a tiny fraction of deaths ....seriously !
Voltron 4 måneder siden
Is only available to us residents?
Danny Fisher
Danny Fisher 4 måneder siden
LOL! He always has a comeback for his inaccuracies, lies and incompetence. Problem is that they're even more assinine then the original, false claim. He's literally a real world Dr. Evil. Makes claims to things that existed before he arrived. Dr. Evil - "I've started a company that makes premium coffee based drinks, at premium prices" Henchman - "Sir. That already exists. The company is called Starbucks. Dr. Evil - "Ummmm..." And I love how Trump loves mentioning how other countries are dealing with COVID19, when it suits his narrative. He talks about "South of the border", but it's curious how he fails to discuss north of the border. You know...America's largest trading Partner? How are they doing Donnie? DOH!
AKA VANISH X LIVE 4 måneder siden
Crazy how 25,000 people die within 2 weeks. That's average 2,000 deaths a day... jesus
tenestetubo 4 måneder siden
they don't have a platform. So they have to rehash whatever Obama did.
marita dean
marita dean 4 måneder siden
What a nob
patricia sherman
patricia sherman 4 måneder siden
well, that was a typing fiasco.... the sentiment remains!
patricia sherman
patricia sherman 4 måneder siden
i like your show...but, you might want to get your teleprompter out of "shattner" speed. just sayin'. i have a request fans...let us commit tovoting against narcissism and stupidity.
Bernadette Jackson
Bernadette Jackson 4 måneder siden
Much as I hate the idea he just may win he is willing to use any means necessary good bad and ugly to win we should prepare ourselves it's going to be nothing pretty and we already know
Iris 4 måneder siden
God, join the rest of the industrialized nations & get universal healthcare.
armystitch 4 måneder siden
How does he never seem to understand kids don't teach, feed, manage ect themselves. Adults have to transport feed, teach, manage, answer phones, it's dumb. I've worked as a school nurse. Kids spread things that u can only spread by close personal contact like head lice. Chicken pox in skl is a nightmare. We mandate immunization to enter skl. It's really disruptive to a child's learning if they have to miss school while their peers continue learning.
Alan Kenney
Alan Kenney 4 måneder siden
Why doesn't somebody ask him directly if he's as crazy as he makes out? Everybody scared he may throw his toys out of the pram? It would be an interesting press conference if that was asked of him. Go on FOX - ask him. PLEEEEEASE!
J Doe
J Doe 5 måneder siden
" That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on " This paragraph is from the Declaration of independence, this rings true today as it did when it was first written down and signed almost 300 years ago, we the people give the power to those we elect and as any civil servant the president and works for all American's not just multi millionaires and billionaires, the president is not suppose to use his position for personal gain, our country is in serious trouble and if we the people don't act this experiment in Democracy called America will be over, Trump cannot have Russia hand this bumbling idiot the presidency for 4 more years, Putin is amongst all the world leaders that are backing away from us and giants like Russia and China will gladly take the lead in the world while our country implodes because we have a 4th grader as our president, I suggest reading the whole Declaration of independence and the constitution of the United states you will see that a tyrannical leader and his appointed idiots can be removed, we don't need to rely on Congress or the Senate or wait for the president and all his cronies to resign, we gave them the power and we can take it away
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