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This is part 2 analysing Ineos' 2020 Tour de France campaign, looking at their third week troubles and then revitalisation hunting for stage wins after the abandonment of Egan Bernal
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epincion Måned siden
Excellent! Interesting to look back at the TDF after the World Champs, Giro having started, LBL etc. I'm still not an Ineos fan but accept they have a strong roster of riders. Whats Bernal's future?
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall Måned siden
This Lanterne Rouge content with ITV hi Res content is like a fine wine to be savoured and enjoyed. Thank you, can we have another batch in 2021 starting with the classics please.
Blake Ewing
Blake Ewing Måned siden
ITV needs to put Lanterne on his own channel under their name. I'm never going to sub to their overall channel because I don't want content I don't care about plugging up my feed.
Mariano Gamboa
Mariano Gamboa Måned siden
Bold statement about next year. They have also had bad luck with Sivakov (option number 2 for the Tour?) crashing on the first 100 kms and Thomas at the Giro.
chuck lacey
chuck lacey Måned siden
I would say a good 3 guys from jumbo were better domestiques easy
ktm334. Måned siden
Lanterne Ineos fanboy
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
The stage of Kwiato and Richie was superb, the sport needed a moment like this. I think Ineos isn't alone in paying big money, Jumbo is doing it as well so no worries. Also I think a healthy Bernal will win multiple major races again
skook'm dawg
skook'm dawg Måned siden
It kinda doesn't matter the individual appeal of the riders, when you stockpile talent like this you inevitably set yourself up as the Evil Empire.
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
You sound like a bitter ex gf, bad look
deft08 Måned siden
Thank you ITV Sport
Patrick J
Patrick J Måned siden
I'm not sure I really believe that Bernal had his best numbers. Do Bernal's best numbers lose 20+ seconds to Porte, Landa and Lopez and finish level with Uran?
Eli Friedman
Eli Friedman Måned siden
veulta better not be fucking cancelled
Don Solomon
Don Solomon Måned siden
2021 will be a re-run of 2019, GT as first option and then Bernel as 2nd option. Maybe even Porte as a backup for Bernel.
sam wise
sam wise Måned siden
Lantern is the man for accurate coverage
matprlz Måned siden
He’s a champ for taking it so well and focusing on coming back stronger with the experience of failing 👑
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
Absolutely! Well said
xx765 Måned siden
It's actually pretty standard for Bernal to be smoked by guys like Roglic or Pogacar on a climb like this on Stage 13: a solid Cat 1 at the end of a hilly rolling stage. Even when he won in 2019, he was getting smoked by the Alaphilippe sort at this kind of places. Roglic didn't have as strong a team back then, Pogacar wasn't the 20yo GOD that he is this year, and all these bigger stronger GC guys had to watch out for Thomas. It's the 18km 7% reaching over 2000m altitude kind of climb where Bernal might win his GC. He and Ineos just didn't have the control this year to send Bernal to the Queen stage(s) without burning themselves out.
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
Lol absolutely garbage take.
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma Måned siden
There is a problem with pogacar's numbers. ready to pretend in 2040 that 2020 wasn't won by anyone
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma Måned siden
@Marlon Williams If there's one message I could broadcast to every single person on the earth, it would be this
Marlon Williams
Marlon Williams Måned siden
Yep. Annihilated time trial specialists on the flat then broke records up the climb.... if you think that’s legit you need to take your head out of the sand
lawh. Måned siden
Love everything produced by Lanterne Rouge!
CHTHONIC Måned siden
Thanks for the vid - I did indeed enjoy it. I'm hoping that Ineos' relative success in the tour post Bernal's withdrawal will encourage them to focus a little more on one day races. They clearly have the riders but that hasn't been reflected in their results so far barring the odd win here and there.
Venkat Gurram
Venkat Gurram Måned siden
Came here for LR
Bring on the Pain
Bring on the Pain Måned siden
When Froome and Thomas were dropped from the TDF, the British media were crowing about how no one man was greater than the team. Now that it's apparent that Ineos selection - with or without those two - for the TDF, was substandard. Fire Brailsford. He didn't do his job - there is no one man greater than the team after all
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
@Bring on the Pain British empire my ass, just stop talking you sound very disturbed
Bring on the Pain
Bring on the Pain Måned siden
@3MRSPACELY Mathurin you admit that ineos had a bad year.. yet you pick and choose on who should be held to account.. man.. with bonehead thinking like that no wonder the sun set on the British Empire
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
One bad year fire him?? British xenophobia on show everywhere in these comments, disgusting.
Hadouken Måned siden
Everybody talking about how talented these riders are and no one but ITV Sports executives are talking bout how talented the Lanterne Rouge is for cycling commentary
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer Måned siden
Excellent as ever, Lanterne. Mr. Bernal is a classy bike rider. It's perhaps easier to be classy in victory (which he was last year), but it's difficult to be classy in defeat. And Bernal was pure class in defeat. That summit interview he gave when he lost the 7 minutes had zero excuses and zero BS in it. That interview made me a fan of him. It's easy to say this now in hindsight but Sir Dave was wrong to exclude G. Richard and G should have been swapped with G in the Tour and Richard in the Giro. Richard would have been in peak form now, G would have ridden himself into some form and been a factor. I'm not particularly a fan of G nor do I dislike him, but I thought it was ludicrous to hold him out of the Tour. Chris we understood, G we did not. Brailsford got this one very very wrong. Absolute shame what happened to G with the bottle too. 🤦‍♂️
Ryan Måned siden
Without Froome and Thomas they had no chance.
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
If you had a clue about cycling you wouldn't say this 😂
Joe Wakelin
Joe Wakelin Måned siden
That last point is a statement and a half
William Cunningham
William Cunningham Måned siden
Did we overrate Bernal after winning a very watered down GC in the TDF last year? or has his level dropped?
Fynn Honeyman
Fynn Honeyman Måned siden
nah he had the parcours on his side. That tour had so much altitude and thats bernals best terrain and hes levels above everyone else there
3MRSPACELY Mathurin Måned siden
Lol, spoken like a man who only watches the TDF.
Nathan Brunner
Nathan Brunner Måned siden
itv is good quality content
Alistair Smith
Alistair Smith Måned siden
€10m, not enough
Xavier Stassen
Xavier Stassen Måned siden
Do you believe that numbers story? I thought it was bs...
max Måned siden
Yh i doubt his best power numbers ever would equate to being dropped by the porte group
Svan Relac
Svan Relac Måned siden
Just 10mil? LR you cheap sellout
Aitor Altuna
Aitor Altuna Måned siden
Good video, Lanterne, correct analysis
Liam O'Brien
Liam O'Brien Måned siden
Haha wtf why are half the comments bots just looking for a good time?
niall Måned siden
They can sense the mullet, drives them haywire
OLe3446 Måned siden
well bots have desires too.
Kevin DeRung
Kevin DeRung Måned siden
Congratulations on your 10 million euro contract. Ineos is sickening, this years tour was the best for viewers who aren’t Ineos fanboys in a decade.
Stradri Måned siden
Bernal should go for Giro next year, very high altitude, a lot ot TTs but they're not pancake flat
Daber Stedt
Daber Stedt Måned siden
Just here for Lanterne Rouge.
Angus Owens
Angus Owens Måned siden
Who isn't
Hung Ton
Hung Ton Måned siden
where was part 1
HumaneNewt Måned siden
Zach Walters
Zach Walters Måned siden
1 week ago
Minerva Li
Minerva Li Måned siden
gotta watch this before it gets geoblocked