You Really Got Me | Cinematic Trailer - League of Legends: Wild Rift (ft. 2WEI)

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League of Legends: Wild Rift

6 måneder siden

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“You Really Got Me”
Original song by: The Kinks, Ray Davies
Featured artists: 2WEI, Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
Produced by: 2WEI
Vocals performed by: Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
P/C Riot Games 2020
Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
Yeah, you really got me goin'
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' now
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
You really got m--
You really got me
You really got me
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
I’ll win the war and the battle bro
We’ll take your home for collateral
They like to call us some animals
I know they mad that we crafting the manual
Know, this ain’t for weak or for hate this for soul
Tell them retreat cause they ain’t even close
Seek casualties cause they can’t leave with hope
Keep ‘em reminded, they tryna let go
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me

Stephanie Stebel
Stephanie Stebel Time siden
I love the 4 different types of lesbians!
Min Criss
Min Criss 3 timer siden
love this
Sid Euronymous
Sid Euronymous 5 timer siden
Lux dodged Malphite skill 1? It's illegal bro
Gainstrup 9 timer siden
O i so need to get a few Kinks tracks on my MP3 mix tape in the car, pretty embarrassing i realize that oversight now.
Awkward Persona
Awkward Persona 11 timer siden
Quỳnh Mai
Quỳnh Mai 11 timer siden
I need Thresh come soon pls 😖
Lucy Monostone
Lucy Monostone 15 timer siden
I'm not crazy, I'm just creatively insane. - Jinx. You can't just not like Jinx, she's perfect in every sense.
위장 15 timer siden
원딜티모 아리 에반데
Spliffington 18 timer siden
their cinematics always make me want to play the game so bad. too bad i already live in a toxic wasteland.
TwilightFlux 20 timer siden
Damn, Riot should've added a little music to their 2020 LoL Cinematic. It would have had the same number of views like Wild Rift
Brian Z
Brian Z 21 time siden
럭스 이뻥
2Cute Dogs
2Cute Dogs Dag siden
This is literally soooo awesome, I've watched it so many times!!
Jakub Staszowski
Jakub Staszowski Dag siden
Lux look like a Rapunzel from Tangled.
Varun Sam
Varun Sam Dag siden
You guys keep releasing new trailers, new heroes, new game changes, balance changes but you have no plans of releasing it in South Asia.
Master Bloodmoon
Master Bloodmoon Dag siden
1:46 bruum hhhhh
Sesegma Tsydypova
Sesegma Tsydypova Dag siden
Okay, but what mascara Yasuo uses?
MostVisuals Dag siden
Most of these games have animation cinematic trailers that i would watch movie/series, but the games are a no no.
Parimal Patil
Parimal Patil Dag siden
Is that Tiny on dire side??
김민애 Dag siden
탑 티모 잔나 역겹내
NEFFEX 20. Dag siden
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 me Elokard
Lance Paulo Flores Tobias
Lance Paulo Flores Tobias Dag siden
The Song is From Van Halen
Pedro Roscoe
Pedro Roscoe Dag siden
DID IT AGAIN... awesome cinematics... gosh!
lareneH Dag siden
Damn lux out here dodging Q's. She has to be nerfed.
이름만들기 귀찮.
이름만들기 귀찮. Dag siden
럭스 진짜 이쁘다
Elyesa Şentürk
Elyesa Şentürk 2 dager siden
Su 11k dislike i kim atti ya cok guzel tanitim
John Hoe
John Hoe 2 dager siden
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Levi H.
Levi H. 2 dager siden
Rosie Edits
Rosie Edits 2 dager siden
1:45 simp
Zoilo Ruaya
Zoilo Ruaya 2 dager siden
Thank Lord, Nobody died on the Clash or Team fight. All went back to the Base. LoL
Who Is UJ?
Who Is UJ? 2 dager siden
Report lux's team for not having jungler
F.B.I 2 dager siden
We just can't seem to get a grasp on that damned Jinx.
Luke Soliven. Tejedo
Luke Soliven. Tejedo 2 dager siden
This Cinematic Trailer is way better than the ads of Mobile Legends. lol
안승혁 3 dager siden
한국인 찾아요~!!!
Martin Manes
Martin Manes 3 dager siden
y me gusta league of legends
Martin Manes
Martin Manes 3 dager siden
hay e encanta lux y de los enemigos ahri
Blah Blahaha
Blah Blahaha 3 dager siden
Ah yes, because of all the champions, they left it to Jinx to organise the event... :P
Akbar Danu
Akbar Danu 3 dager siden
As always amazing cinematic ever
Fak Mwah • 10 years ago
Fak Mwah • 10 years ago 3 dager siden
1:10 Top 10 demon sightings
R1fer 3 dager siden
11k dislike doters...
JFF Blacklist
JFF Blacklist 3 dager siden
Mobile legends fans
Krystal O'Connell
Krystal O'Connell 3 dager siden
I hope the animation in the series look's as good as the trailer!!
Venti 3 dager siden
Riot designer team's have always been an expert throughout 11th year's.
BioShrog 3 dager siden
Jinx is the best, I love her.
장승현 3 dager siden
5:50 killing point
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter 3 dager siden
They all have different personalities and reasons as to why they played. Jinx: Wants chaos, murder and annoying the shit out of people. Lux: Bored and wants to use her superpowers. Yasuo: Is bored and wants a real challenge. Blitz: Sad and just wants friends. Teemo: Wants the blood of the innocent. Camille and Zed: Probably tryhards that really just wants to kill people. Ahri: Maybe the same as lux, bored and just wants to have fun. Braum: Just like Blitz, only wants friends and fun. Malphite: Angry, probably on a losing streak.
Jason Caleb Valmocina
Jason Caleb Valmocina 3 dager siden
IMPOSSIBLE! Malphite's "Q" Can be dodgegable
Skipper 3 dager siden
I didn't know blitz can throw enemies
Hikari Tanaka
Hikari Tanaka 3 dager siden
And this ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls is the difference... between copycats and OGs~
Moses Hnamte
Moses Hnamte 3 dager siden
Leauge of legend in short form LoL
Ali Ince
Ali Ince 3 dager siden
... and they all want ARAM... yep, that's an average game of LoL.
G Ab
G Ab 3 dager siden
1:46 that damn smile..
ElectroSenpaiシ! 3 dager siden
AP rock is still the best
Richard Long
Richard Long 4 dager siden
this really was a league of legends cinematic trailer you really got me wild rift (ft. 2WEI)!!!!!
Karnacle Blackburn
Karnacle Blackburn 4 dager siden
those teamcomps are garbage
/_Shadow Pixel_\
/_Shadow Pixel_\ 4 dager siden
*Blitzcrank grab throws camille away* Me: Something's wrong..
Valentín Ramírez
Valentín Ramírez 4 dager siden
Yvan Olandag
Yvan Olandag 4 dager siden
Jinx really be using that Odin
Kidney Function is not a right, its a privilege
Kidney Function is not a right, its a privilege 4 dager siden
Лол Ипоп
Лол Ипоп 4 dager siden
Игра помойка
h e t a ra
h e t a ra 4 dager siden
yasuo with a full set of eyeliner and mascara is my new asthetic
수영하는곰 4 dager siden
2:07 럭스:ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 탑이 서폿한테 지고 자빠졌노 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 말파:응 정글차이~
Alex Marfi
Alex Marfi 4 dager siden
Me brain after seeing Lol Malphite - (+_+)
E 4 dager siden
ever see something that looks so good that it becomes so hard to watch because it's so overwhelmingly good
________ 4 dager siden
Wow just wow!
xorkatoss 4 dager siden
1:40 if only malphite ult could be dodged lol...
Nayshjin 3 dager siden
That's his Q
XIxR3DEEM3RxIX 4 dager siden
I already beefed a little about Jinx' look in the latest trailer of this Netflix stuff. After that, I've watched this and this is just awesome! This is how the characters have to look in comparison to the other video! ; )
Codfatherhallow 4 dager siden
lux a biddy
Aleksander Wojczak
Aleksander Wojczak 4 dager siden
There should be Yasuo playing eruption before the song.
Shafin Nightfang
Shafin Nightfang 4 dager siden
I’m lit yasuo in this short film
Mohammad Farhan
Mohammad Farhan 4 dager siden
Anyone simping for Hatsune Miku and Pokimane as that blonde knight?
無題637694 4 dager siden
congrats, league anime have confirmed.
Horripilation 4 dager siden
Bout time Jinx got some more spotlight!!!
Ashyo Sings
Ashyo Sings 4 dager siden
See it looks really good, but it doesnt come with an 8 year depressive addiction warning label that ends in no enjoyment, anger and boredom
Corius Farin, Primarch of the Second Legion
Corius Farin, Primarch of the Second Legion 4 dager siden
So what I'm seeing is, this game is only happening because Jinx was really bored.
Basti Guisinga
Basti Guisinga 4 dager siden
Imagine u.r.f in wild rift
Marc-Antoine Hamelin
Marc-Antoine Hamelin 5 dager siden
so each time you start a match you basically send your characters on a vacation... neat !
Humberto Vallejo
Humberto Vallejo 5 dager siden
lux esquivando la Q de malphite :v
Otaku BOY
Otaku BOY 5 dager siden
this coooooool
G G 5 dager siden
Damm this never gets old after 6 months. Unlike those Moonton ads that you always flagged as irrelevant but is always popping up here on youtube
dejenme vivir. ahora solo juego tft.
Amelia 5 dager siden
2:14 ay wey me balacearon a la Ahri
Budo 5 dager siden
WTF this Lux doing front flips and B-twits?
과자내놔 5 dager siden
럭스 조오온나 이쁘네
annie holstadt
annie holstadt 5 dager siden
now imagine if they actually put this much effort into making the game balanced and fun
Rogue 5 dager siden
the game is pretty balanced compared to PC
Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter 5 dager siden
Omg, thank you so much for telling all of us on how to use these heroes, my favourite is Lux and im getting better with thx to the video of her stunning and using her ulti. I love ur game BTW
K1mochi 5 dager siden
PLOT TWIST: It was teemo's idea all along to bring them all together in a murder showdown (that's why he didn't have to be abducted by jinx)
kevdude 5 dager siden
Love this animation.
Israel Gallardo
Israel Gallardo 6 dager siden
Lux supremacy!
Isabela Pierre
Isabela Pierre 6 dager siden
Luxbhroit .G
Luxbhroit .G 6 dager siden
que se hicieron los latinos no los encuentro, que nos le de miedo comentar solo porque no saben hablar ingles
Carmella Laater
Carmella Laater 6 dager siden
damn... 1:46 .... that's so hot
Лерон Макарон
Лерон Макарон 6 dager siden
Did I see Elsa ? REALLY ?
John Piratee
John Piratee 6 dager siden
This freaky teemo is still alive...
NotAGamer 6 dager siden
So many simp
Rb Dela Cruz
Rb Dela Cruz 6 dager siden
Theory: Wildrift's lore is the old Summoner's lore of PC version.
LEMONADEツ 6 dager siden
This is the best Animation than Mobile Legends 😀
doolee1451 6 dager siden
세트 업데이트 해주세요!!!!!!♡
Everton Guilherme
Everton Guilherme 6 dager siden
nicolas 7 dager siden
el teemo largo no existe el teemo largo:
Jarenstarain 7 dager siden
Hate the game. But i love the ads lol
LIOCRAFT123 7 dager siden
ً 7 dager siden
rip eddie
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