Petra Railway (Minecraft SMP Earth #32)

  Ganger 70,112

CaptainSparklez 2

11 måneder siden

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Lydia Best
Lydia Best 28 dager siden
not me binge watching this entire series instead of studying for my year 12 exams 😀😅
The Golden spork
The Golden spork 8 måneder siden
Every time I drink orange juice out of a glass it always splashes me back in the eye.
Dansende Mantis
Dansende Mantis 8 måneder siden
Where that Kara her titz????!!!!!!!! I can't believe she has done this!!!
S. Smith
S. Smith 10 måneder siden
So... A short railway, that in the end takes longer to get between 'A' and 'B'?
clockoff94 10 måneder siden
32:59 lolll 46:30 must be a plugin
YoshiDragon LOL
YoshiDragon LOL 10 måneder siden
Karas definition of fine is scary
Jame Liskooka
Jame Liskooka 11 måneder siden
Am I the only one that really dislikes Kara in these videos?? She's just so... intrusive and annoying
Shiro de Bunny
Shiro de Bunny 11 måneder siden
My friends: what's the most scary game you have ever played? Me: minecraft (1:09:26)
M P 11 måneder siden
Kara: I don't like it. I veto Jardon: Beech, this is mah tunnel!
Kaijuu Yum
Kaijuu Yum 11 måneder siden
Y not put a chest at either end of your rail way with carts in it then you wont forget, suppose u could be extra fancy n collect them by hopper when the trip ends and auto rack for next use
seasong 11 måneder siden
I can already see the villagers being unalived by the rail carts.
McHaven07 11 måneder siden
either elevate ur gamma or carry a damned torch jar-boy! #badyoutuber #harrumph!
Jaylon Mitchell
Jaylon Mitchell 11 måneder siden
Jordan Jordan Jordan you sometimes are just a tad mean to Kara
Andrew L
Andrew L 11 måneder siden
Man that timing though 52:45
Petarded 11 måneder siden
Why do so many people ship Kara and Jordan? Just because a male and female play a videogame together doesn't mean anything more then they are playing a video game together. Hopefully that gets my point across
subhan imran
subhan imran 11 måneder siden
You should pledge allegiance to antaractica
Egg x
Egg x 11 måneder siden
Thanks for taking my idea
Cdub _14
Cdub _14 11 måneder siden
Ask the creator of this map to give it to mojang so we can all get it and play it on our own
evilcanofdrpepper 11 måneder siden
THE SLIME SHOULD BE IN AN EMERALD ENCLOSURE JUST LIKE THE CATS! It matches his color but you should like make a basement for him and get some friends like Jerry the III, Bary (who is a bigger slime and is a hit man like the show that I totally recommend), Carry, Garry, Harry, Karry, Larry, Marry, Perry, Rarry, Terry, Xarry (pronounced Sherry), COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY OTHER RHYMING NAMES YOU CAN THINK OF! so you need at least a dozen more slimes and Barry should be big enough to be able to hurt you because he is the hit man like the show Barry. The bigger he is the better and you will have to put him in an emerald cage with a redstone door but maybe one day he might get loose and "accidentally" kill Kara for Jordon! GET MORE SLIMES, MAKE AN EMERALD ROOM FOR THEM IN THE BASEMENT FOR THEM UNDER THE EMERALD PYRAMID, AND NAME THEM ALL THE NAMES HERE AND ANY OTHERS YOU CAN THINK OF THAT RHYME WITH JERRY. Also have stories for all of them like Jerry the III or Larry the III is an international gentelman thief like the anime Lupin the III, Carry had pigs blood spilled on her at prom and is a psycho now because of it, Marry is a nun or a saint or something, Harry is a barber, Garry is slow like a snail because Spongebob's snail Garry, Perry is a wrestler like Perry Saturn so make him able to hurt you too, Xarry is Asian but not stereo-typically Asian... and so on and so on for all the other names we can think of. it will be a Cat Caffee on top and a Slime Slough below!
darryl barryl
darryl barryl 11 måneder siden
”What the crap spooklez” Petition for Jordan to join SSundee in the new crazy craft he's making
Suzy Davis
Suzy Davis 11 måneder siden
jordan I strongly feel that you should have a magma elevator instead of just a jump down. every single time you jump down you are putting your levels at risk because all someone has to do to prank you is replace the water at the bottom with a single block, then bam. game over and your levels won’t be nearly as high as they could be. I just really don’t think it’s a safe idea. a magma elevator would take, what, 5-10 minutes to make? think of how much time it would take to get all those levels back. 5-10 minutes is so much better than hours and hours of XP grinding. just think about it please.
Blake Butcher
Blake Butcher 11 måneder siden
brother i love what you do but like when you talk to kara it kinda sounds dog like you full sound aggressive to her but not always im just saying
clockoff94 10 måneder siden
Its a sibling relationship
Philipthesquid 11 måneder siden
Call up Mumbo Jumbo for the door
Fueled By Cats
Fueled By Cats 11 måneder siden
can you please fix the one sand at the top of the up elevator in the trading place it needs to be red 😓
SneerfulDust 11 måneder siden
Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of his Jord GT! (if there is such a thing)
Cayden Coyle
Cayden Coyle 11 måneder siden
Look for Mumbai jumbo on NOpost. He has piston doors, along with everything else red stone
Jesse Eible Hargro
Jesse Eible Hargro 11 måneder siden
Gods Kara is so annoying. I love her.
c.a.rowanwax 11 måneder siden
Petra is Jardon’s SWICKEST base!
Jaden Oliver
Jaden Oliver 11 måneder siden
I'm commenting early, so if u did this already, sorry, but put relief exit-holes on the sides of the railway, so if someone gets caught, they can step into one of those to save themselves.
Alex Pritchett
Alex Pritchett 11 måneder siden
5:40 I believe the correct order is 17 38
GOV'NER 11 måneder siden
Hardon for Kardon
BilobedStorm421 11 måneder siden
2020 AnYoNe?
Martin Stuvland
Martin Stuvland 11 måneder siden
Jordan: *makes something that works* Kara: Oh hey, that works perfectly.....let me fix it for you!
hipnyah 11 måneder siden
Who claimed this video Jordan? You don't add this many ads...
Jake Wardle
Jake Wardle 11 måneder siden
Would be cool if they added mods to it to simulate time eras (mekansim, immersive engineering and tinkers construct for the industrial revolution, galactic craft for the Cold War eraish time, and voltz for the modern time era) might be too much for the server to handle though.
terra 11 måneder siden
He should've used red sandstone buttons
Magna Ryuu
Magna Ryuu 11 måneder siden
So how long before mobs fall down the down elevator in Petra and surprise Jardon? he should really build sandstone building with a metal door over them
Enoch Gooch
Enoch Gooch 11 måneder siden
Kara is Karaforming.
Aizmirstavein 11 måneder siden
jordan doesn't know how to talk to women lol
Yuno ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Yuno ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 11 måneder siden
the Minecart building .. makes me wanna jump through the screen and help them
Jon PapiChulo
Jon PapiChulo 11 måneder siden
All I see is a Dorito palace
Shelbyann Simons
Shelbyann Simons 11 måneder siden
Idea, a small launch pad zone where Jordan normally climbs to use his elytra out of Petra
Vinmister 111
Vinmister 111 11 måneder siden
Shelbyann Simons he uses the water elavators
Jaden Oliver
Jaden Oliver 11 måneder siden
Happy new year kardon
Orion 11 måneder siden
What is Kara's twitch channel
Orion 11 måneder siden
@Julia Bjuréus thanks
Julia Bjuréus
Julia Bjuréus 11 måneder siden
It’s KaraCorvus!
Lou DeLuca
Lou DeLuca 11 måneder siden
you and kara are funny together can u put her in more videos maybe some on the main channel
clockoff94 8 måneder siden
@Ritvik.J lol
Ritvik.J 8 måneder siden
Go to the main channel your prayers have been answered
clockoff94 10 måneder siden
@O HW EliTe O nah they aint paid
GOV'NER 11 måneder siden
@O HW EliTe O I think a few of them do bro, some are volunteers but the long term mods are paid
O HW EliTe O
O HW EliTe O 11 måneder siden
GOV'NER didn’t think they got paid??
DeepHorizon 11 måneder siden
Day 13 of saying aw man *a w w w w m a n n*
Vee Marie
Vee Marie 11 måneder siden
It stresses me out that he dosent have a bed
Tulip 16
Tulip 16 10 måneder siden
@GOV'NER goodness. XD
Explorer Nature
Explorer Nature 11 måneder siden
GOV'NER oh god
GOV'NER 11 måneder siden
He does, however it's at Kara's place
CherChea 11 måneder siden
Your fox needs berries! Give him bushes! Haha
Andrew Swanson
Andrew Swanson 11 måneder siden
if you havent yet at the corner in your minecart rail you could put a red sandstone wall.
Lobster Bait
Lobster Bait 11 måneder siden
Who is watching in the next decade
Alerenic 11 måneder siden
Jardan is kinda mean to her. :^[
Harleyyyyk 11 måneder siden
Cap highkey a meany pants 😏
Oliver Licata
Oliver Licata 11 måneder siden
Oops I’m a decade late im partially watching in 2020
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 11 måneder siden
Chubby baby
Brendan Greene
Brendan Greene 11 måneder siden
Earth is about 510 million km2 Minecraft is 3.6 billion km2 Although it would take a long time to make, a full sized replica of earth in Minecraft would be possible. This earth is a 1:3000 scare replica.
BilobedStorm421 11 måneder siden
14:34 I’ve been screaming it since episode 4. GLASS PANES EXIST JARDON. USE THOSE!!
Burt Wilson
Burt Wilson 11 måneder siden
Joe Hannon but how would he get in? I'm not saying you're wrong I'm just wondering if you could plz explain! 😊
Kylan Scott
Kylan Scott 11 måneder siden
Jordan: Alrighty guys let's get some stuff done today Kara: *kicks down door*
Blue Remnant
Blue Remnant 11 måneder siden
*in kool aid man voice* "AWWW MAAAN!!!!"
internallogic 11 måneder siden
like the kool aid man? XD
BilobedStorm421 11 måneder siden
Check out a NOpost called mumbo jumbo for piston doors (and really anything red stone related). He has a lot of good toturiald including and 3x3 piston door that only takes up like a 5x5 area
clockoff94 10 måneder siden
He knows mumbo but he also knows sethbling and Etho
Adam Koubbi
Adam Koubbi 11 måneder siden
the part where jordan was nagging kara for using straws gave me severe deja vu
Helicard 11 måneder siden
You two argue like a married couple in a retirement home after happy hour
Zoo Fan
Zoo Fan 11 måneder siden
Helicard lol
Nick S
Nick S 11 måneder siden
When half the episode is a black screen Bruh
Takkarro 11 måneder siden
every episode they sound more like a couple XD
Sophia R
Sophia R 11 måneder siden
I can’t decide between couple or siblings lol
Takkarro 11 måneder siden
@Andre it very well could be. They just kinda remind me of how I was with my ex when we would talk is all. Either way I'm glad they are able to have fun doing stuff together.
Andre 11 måneder siden
@Takkarro To me they have the same energy Jordan has with X33N, just 2 good friends nagging each other while playing games
Takkarro 11 måneder siden
@Leroy Jenkins well considering I've been in relationships and seen my friends in them, I can say that they act like people in a relationship lol.
Zoo Fan
Zoo Fan 11 måneder siden
Leroy Jenkins who hurt you?
Artemis 11 måneder siden
You should do a car drive interview with Kara
Super Colossal Shay
Super Colossal Shay 9 måneder siden
I think they should too. He's literally had everyone else in his car before.
werewolf914 10 måneder siden
@TheCreepingDeath1984 They'd be working on their night moves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kyle Jongs
Kyle Jongs 11 måneder siden
@Courtney Holden hey what the fuck
Courtney Holden
Courtney Holden 11 måneder siden
@TheCreepingDeath1984 the tension is real ;) .... real sexual :P
TheCreepingDeath1984 11 måneder siden
If those two ever got in the car, it would definently be in the back seat
James Trochez
James Trochez 11 måneder siden
Both of Jordans children are little and green ( baby Yoda, Jerry)
BeardyPen Walters
BeardyPen Walters 11 måneder siden
Jordan and Kara
Ray Vun
Ray Vun 11 måneder siden
i feel like building some contraption with pistons for the big door is gonna be pointless, because you're rarely gonna use it now that you have the railway and elevators done. you'll be using that door as much as you use the middle mouse button, i.e. only when someone in chat reminds you to every other week
Craig Corser
Craig Corser 11 måneder siden
You a a$$
Ephraïm Boateng
Ephraïm Boateng 11 måneder siden
Happy New Years! (From The Great White North(Canada))
JMKRAZER 11 måneder siden
Mumbo Jumbo has a lot of 3x3 piston doors on his channel
clockoff94 10 måneder siden
Or better yet, Etho!!!
JMKRAZER 11 måneder siden
Yes I think he goes up to 12x12
BilobedStorm421 11 måneder siden
He has one that only takes up a 5x5 space doesn’t he?
Blank 11 måneder siden
happy new years if my comments are even relevent to you guys
Evil_eyegaming d
Evil_eyegaming d 11 måneder siden
Curse of Cara
Shean Hedan
Shean Hedan 11 måneder siden
A texture pack that renames curse of binding to curse of kara. Cause she just sticks around
Ginge McC
Ginge McC 11 måneder siden
Your vids got me through my dads death thanks from uk been watching you since before You played with syndicate before 3bd was made
Jake meade
Jake meade 9 måneder siden
sorry man stay strong
g 10 måneder siden
i want to say i’m sorry but i recently lost my mom and i know sorry won’t really help but i wish you a better future
Ginge McC
Ginge McC 11 måneder siden
Karl Schneider it does help doesn’t it ty for good advice
Ginge McC
Ginge McC 11 måneder siden
Really didn’t expect this much love thank so much guys ❤️❤️
Ginge McC
Ginge McC 11 måneder siden
Thank you guys means a lot to hear support got funeral on 10th and I’ve watched CP/ Jordan for a long time when he stream with syndicate thanks for nice words
Andrew Hardy
Andrew Hardy 11 måneder siden
Can anyone from out the server see the map he is talking about.
Andre 11 måneder siden
@Andrew Hardy link to the map that people use
Andrew Hardy
Andrew Hardy 11 måneder siden
@Kamikaze Is that the name of the website?
Kamikaze 11 måneder siden
Google smp earth
Shim g
Shim g 11 måneder siden
Andrew Hardy yep
M33strPriestr 11 måneder siden
What if Jerry didn't die but escaped his pen to find his new friend Sparkles? Poor guy is now forever searching for someone he'll never find again.
MATTHEW GOH CHIN LIN (Student) 11 måneder siden
5:00 a youtuber named mumbo jumbo has made said tutorials on piston doors. if you require a custom door, he can also make it. i guarantee he will be open for assistance in making any kind of piston door. basically COLLAB COLLAB COLLAAAAAAAAAB
MATTHEW GOH CHIN LIN (Student) 11 måneder siden
4:25 you can ask mumbo jumbo. he is a redstone expert and youtuber and specializes in making all sorts of frickin piston doors. he is very welcome to other ytbers asking him for assistance.
BilobedStorm421 11 måneder siden
TM Gaming he has plenty up on his NOpost channel. Plus isn’t his red stone testing world up for download?
Michael Verdugo
Michael Verdugo 11 måneder siden
@Artemis but if a god like cspark i would make one
Artemis 11 måneder siden
MATTHEW GOH CHIN LIN (Student) He is very consumed in a series called Hermitcraft and he would not be able to work on it for a while.
Valtteri Pallari
Valtteri Pallari 11 måneder siden
Happy New Year from Finland!
Dorcas peterson
Dorcas peterson 11 måneder siden
Happy new year from seattle
Its Me Tim
Its Me Tim 11 måneder siden
Happy new year from Texas (U.S)
ItsAura 11 måneder siden
Eye lash happy new year from Michigan (U.S)
Raafidul Islam2
Raafidul Islam2 11 måneder siden
Jerry really brought back some memories, any 1 remeber the cows from season 1
BigJacobAtWilliamBlount 5 måneder siden
You're gonna make me cry😢, ahh the good old days
caffeinated.beverage 7 måneder siden
Oh my god the cows from season 1. Imma cry
Raafidul Islam2
Raafidul Islam2 10 måneder siden
@werewolf914 those really were the days
werewolf914 10 måneder siden
Cows will always be remembered, and his I guess you'd call it a base in that cave when Jerry first approached him, those are days I'll always remember, and really need to go back and rewatch, that and Modded Survival were the most amazing things when I was younger.
Herlief Swenhaugen
Herlief Swenhaugen 11 måneder siden
The cows shall be remembered.
EmanGamerKid 11 måneder siden
Hmmm cheeese
millie & friends
millie & friends 11 måneder siden
2020 anyone
Akaviral 11 måneder siden
@Xander Miller A few people
Xander Miller
Xander Miller 11 måneder siden
Millie Fereday no one yet
A.S.N Ethen
A.S.N Ethen 11 måneder siden
Justin 11 måneder siden
Ive never experienced the excitement of saying an idea in chat and having the streamer build it. Thanks for following my idea and building the railway Jardon!
Egg x
Egg x 11 måneder siden
SahajSin 1
SahajSin 11 måneder siden
Time stamp ?
Kaia Christensen
Kaia Christensen 11 måneder siden
Justin I was watching the stream when he heard the idea. I was glad someone told him because I think a lot of us were thinking it.
Lockin 11 måneder siden
Dubzy Gaming
Dubzy Gaming 11 måneder siden
Gonna love the episode just because of last episode.
Mr.Radon54 11 måneder siden
Mr.Radon54 11 måneder siden
Zack Schy
Zack Schy 11 måneder siden
Thadiest Thadington
Thadiest Thadington 11 måneder siden
Thadiest Thadington
Thadiest Thadington 11 måneder siden
JackOFrost 11 måneder siden
Sidney Li
Sidney Li 11 måneder siden
I think i was 5th
Thadiest Thadington
Thadiest Thadington 11 måneder siden
@JackOFrost he's streaming rn
JackOFrost 11 måneder siden
the hell why is there no one here
JackOFrost 11 måneder siden
wow I really was
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