Opening Two VINTAGE Jungle Pokémon Boxes LIVE! *WORTH £10,000*

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Randolph Pokemon

3 måneder siden

Join us for an epic Jungle Pokémon Booster Box Break!
My Card Store:
Thanks to everyone who bought a pack! Names will be pulled randomly from a shuffled box. Cards and pack wrapper will then be carefully sleeved and packaged ready to be shipped to you.
Lookout for the announcement of next weeks Box Break!
How I grade my PSA Pokemon cards:
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Jonathan Canseco Salinas
Jonathan Canseco Salinas 8 dager siden
POG: you clicked this video because you thought it was live
Karen Morua
Karen Morua 16 dager siden
Can you get me a base elite trainer box please please
Allan J
Allan J 22 dager siden
What a pro...
Tozza 22 dager siden
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Bot_Flash Yt
Bot_Flash Yt 23 dager siden
Dude your pricing is nuts bro
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez 24 dager siden
Ibai ?
DeqHazim 13
DeqHazim 13 25 dager siden
DeqHazim 13
DeqHazim 13 25 dager siden
Logan Skidmore
Logan Skidmore 28 dager siden
I was like what does £10,000 mean because I am American then I looked it up and was ohhhhh!!! 😮😮😮😲😮😲😲😲😲😲😮
elpinikh palaiopanh
elpinikh palaiopanh 28 dager siden
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Goofy -
Goofy - Måned siden
Idk how ppl trust u with the card just look how u move n hold them your careless for other ppls stuff
Tozza Måned siden
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RJ O'Reilly
RJ O'Reilly Måned siden
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Gen Ross
Gen Ross Måned siden
The real nobodyepic from kyr speedy?
Tozza Måned siden
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Jeslyn Tweedie
Jeslyn Tweedie Måned siden
tombola!? like neopets!? hha loveee
fredster 90
fredster 90 Måned siden
Yo! just subscribed , seen alot great stuff 👍 but I'm a little concerned about the # of subs you got 666k! Just kidding
Tozza Måned siden
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michelle valentin
michelle valentin Måned siden
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Tozza Måned siden
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XTG Ret Måned siden
Watching this brings back so much great memories, I’d do anything to get my hands on an original pack like that. Can’t imagine the nostalgia I would get
Tozza Måned siden
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TLC Company
TLC Company Måned siden
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Xxdumberanddumb GamemasterxX
Xxdumberanddumb GamemasterxX Måned siden
You at o man lots
TLC Company
TLC Company Måned siden
Jungle boosters are the most nostalgic for me. Great memories!
Banana juice
Banana juice Måned siden
Cool vid pls do more
michelle valentin
michelle valentin Måned siden
i feel so happy for randy, he seems so happy now, just a few weeks (maybe even months) he was struggling with his mental health and just to see where he is now is amazing
Daily Gaming
Daily Gaming Måned siden
wierd wigglytuff first holo in both boxes lol
Daily Gaming
Daily Gaming Måned siden
the chat had this boy shook lol nothing like 20k + viewers
Chris George
Chris George Måned siden
Really enjoyed the livestream Randy. It was very entertaining and I’m looking forward to the next box break!
ianp0530 ianp0530
ianp0530 ianp0530 2 måneder siden
God Bless All
Stance Lives Matter.
Stance Lives Matter. 2 måneder siden
You didn’t buy these from collectible guru did you ? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣
Sabiana Donald
Sabiana Donald 2 måneder siden
Am will never poor For hackbylevi on ig did for me My generation will continuing praying for him through out their life
John Cuatt
John Cuatt 2 måneder siden
No one does it better than hackbylevi on Instagram
Cash App
Cash App 2 måneder siden
Hackbylevi On ig really lived up to my expectations and I get paid through him
Win Gate
Win Gate 2 måneder siden
Awwwwwn this is really amazing thanks hackbylevi I really appreciate your efforts I get the 2bitcoin into my wallet
Love Bitcoin
Love Bitcoin 2 måneder siden
Hackbylevi On ig really lived up to my expectations and I get paid through him
Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan 2 måneder siden
Soon enough cash will be useless and everyone will be using crypto so why not invest into the guaranteed future now. I’m glad to invest through hackbylevi on IG. He’s Fast and reliable service
Dauda Jimoh Lamen
Dauda Jimoh Lamen 2 måneder siden
God Great work hackbylevi on ig I got $7000 from hi m just now I really appreciate him
James K
James K 2 måneder siden
these nuts jokes are so lame... smh
Mason Neils
Mason Neils 2 måneder siden
Alexander Gregor
Mason Neils
Mason Neils 2 måneder siden
I never watch this NOpost before
Mason Neils
Mason Neils 2 måneder siden
405 commons
Ben Day
Ben Day 2 måneder siden
Should get same box as poke rev, have a pack off and the person with the most in value cards keeps all 😂
jake lynch
jake lynch 2 måneder siden
TheMighty Throg
TheMighty Throg 2 måneder siden
its sad these streamers and box openers just open pokemon card to gamble then to actually play the game
Toffy 2 måneder siden
sebastian crawford
sebastian crawford 2 måneder siden
I hate NOpostrs that do this dumb shit like bruh it's so annoying watching these guys open them
Xander McAnaw
Xander McAnaw 2 måneder siden
OMG I just realized that this vid was 3 hours it is 8 now and I started at like 4 :50
The Conrad Evan Show
The Conrad Evan Show 2 måneder siden
I think my collection from my childhood is mostly Jungle so this was nice to watch
lunar stars
lunar stars 2 måneder siden
I think i have some of them cards
Quentin Sings
Quentin Sings 2 måneder siden
Randy is so wholesome. His excitement is just heartwarming. Much love.
Finn Vlogs/gaming
Finn Vlogs/gaming 2 måneder siden
Rogue Content Titan
Rogue Content Titan 2 måneder siden
You know 20k people watching is like an arena watching a basketball game
Kristian. B
Kristian. B 2 måneder siden
Im from norway
Kier Bear
Kier Bear 2 måneder siden
I’ll be honest, I don’t really care to much for pokemon cards however I been watching these because I think you’re a top bloke and the content is actually decent, love how excited you get over these cards. However anxiety kicks in when I see Jay jay near any cards 😂
Land Of The PokéMan
Land Of The PokéMan 2 måneder siden
dope af
MilkCrate 2 måneder siden
Yo randy I found this channel not even know I was gonna re fall in love with Pokémon I have even bought boosters box’s thanks to you
KAYMEER 2 måneder siden
Those warranty seals don't do shit do they 😂
Brennan 2 måneder siden
i feel so happy for randy, he seems so happy now, just a few weeks (maybe even months) he was struggling with his mental health and just to see where he is now is amazing
Brooke K
Brooke K 2 måneder siden
did you copy this? lmao.
MilkCrate 2 måneder siden
Yo randy I found this channel not even know I was gonna re fall in love with Pokémon I have even bought boosters box’s thanks to you
Bachelor_x 97
Bachelor_x 97 2 måneder siden
Randy you should do a rare cards bidding live stream.
William Mitchell
William Mitchell 2 måneder siden
how would I buy a pack in a future box opening?
LeeWiiGee 2 måneder siden
How do we buy a pack
THE MAN 2 måneder siden
it really took 3 hours for this
Drew Chapman
Drew Chapman 2 måneder siden
Ali-A (2 Packs) = 56:00 Miniminter (2 Packs) = 1:03:45 Calfreezy (2 Packs) = 1:09:55 Callux (1 Pack) =1:27:40 Zerkaa (2 Packs) = 2:49:00 Behzinga (1 Pack) = 3:38:00 Timestamps for their packs!
Angel Morales
Angel Morales Måned siden
Thank you sm
herald mia
herald mia 2 måneder siden
Happy Halloween to any of my subscribers that celebrate it!! 🧝‍♀️🕸👻🎃🧚‍♂️ Wear a mask and stay safe!! 💜🍭
RJ Soler
RJ Soler 2 måneder siden
Jungle boosters are the most nostalgic for me. Great memories!
Ryan Weber
Ryan Weber 2 måneder siden
I just back into collecting and I love watching this man open old packs I use to get as a kid
Connor McCall
Connor McCall 2 måneder siden
not a Pokemon fan but this is still so satisfying
Javier Tarin
Javier Tarin 2 måneder siden
Bro if you would of had a Pokémon guru just clowning Giving fake prices on the worse cards that would of been amazing Great vid!
mAcroFaze 2 måneder siden
Me at 0:00: Why's this video over 3 hours long? Me at around 1:20ish: Ah. That's why..! XD
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz 2 måneder siden
Kool channel
MrARGraham 2 måneder siden
I think that guy wants a set of different "jigglypuffs" on his face randy
TYPS Matty
TYPS Matty 2 måneder siden
Do a shot for everytime big randy says shout out 😂
MrGamerThreeSixty Montage
MrGamerThreeSixty Montage 2 måneder siden
Nobodyepic as in Joel?
930Nick 2 måneder siden
Why have you been throwing so much shade at Logan Paul? Honest question I heard slight disses multiple times throughout the video, not a fan of Logan’s but was just curious as to the reason
930Nick 2 måneder siden
Jamie Dunne oh the dude who said the Bulbasaur was 30k lmao
Jamie Dunne
Jamie Dunne 2 måneder siden
He's not hes throwing shots at collectibles guru logans "expert" randy has addressed why he doesnt like him and thinks he's bad for pokemon in a few vids including a podcast
Harrison Storr
Harrison Storr 2 måneder siden
So sad I couldn’t tune into this one. Looked *AMAZING*
Mr Bigglesworth
Mr Bigglesworth 2 måneder siden
Keep grinding big Randy 👊🏼
Veqxeh 2 måneder siden
Wallabee Beetles
Wallabee Beetles 2 måneder siden
1:31:19 Was I the only one who caught the Ho-Oh reference? (OH-IO) - Ohio is it's own state, as are Illinois xD
Skatin Since 92
Skatin Since 92 2 måneder siden
A jooongle!
Jacob Darst
Jacob Darst 2 måneder siden
Close ur mouth in your thumbnails, you look like you slobber on yourself
Jack Whitney
Jack Whitney 2 måneder siden
Yo Randy!!! I love your vids, your positive energy is getting me through some tough times right now, as I'm sure it is for others too. And this news that you're gonna do a box break every Saturday has me gassed!! Randy, the PokeKing, keep smashing it bro, big love!
Christopher Wolter
Christopher Wolter 2 måneder siden
Why is your mouth wide open in every thumbnail? Kind of irritating... But i love this Pokémon passion. So many nice memories. :)
Media Pool
Media Pool 2 måneder siden
thanks for the video.
KingBananaDude 2 måneder siden
I'm now officially 100% sure that Randy is the nicest and most humble person ever. The way he acknowledges the support he's given is amazing. I'm not even a real pokemon fun, but Randy makes it so interesting to watch. Really love this dude!
Louis Smith
Louis Smith 2 måneder siden
How much did people pay for a pack?
Ronald Prasad
Ronald Prasad 2 måneder siden
How did u stuff up so bad at the end ?
Jimmy M
Jimmy M 3 måneder siden
Great stream! Just wish the packaging part of each pack was sped up
CageOk 3 måneder siden
I’m way too addicted to this channel, keep making great content randy
Life of Bachs
Life of Bachs 3 måneder siden
Bruh be grateful and give credit where It’s due! You know if it wasn’t for Logan Paul and that Pokémon live stream he did on his channel your channel wouldn’t be where it is today! Especially getting the amount of views you’re getting and even the views you got for this live stream!! You even copied this concept from him!! 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Vapor Scorpion
Vapor Scorpion 2 måneder siden
Okay first his channel was popping before logan and opening cards live was a thing way before logan did it one example is pokerev he also said on the whats good podcast he said he was thinking of this way before logan did his
yaish riaz
yaish riaz 3 måneder siden
Isn't there a highlights of this?
yaser khalid
yaser khalid 3 måneder siden
Good job Logan.. 🙊
JackieDH 3 måneder siden
One of these boxes just sold for 70k on eBay.... wtf kind of world we living in hahah
christopher egan
christopher egan 3 måneder siden
Good channel Randolph my man , best channel I've came across lately. Your handling of the cards are the best without a doubt. Your hands are like someone doing No mate I've haven't a clue about Pokemon until I came across your channel. You have made me want to look into it. I'm 44 by the . Thanks for making an old guy a happy man again with your super content .Anyway my wife says stop making videos because I'm up all night watching your video Pokemon. Picks.
King crush
King crush 3 måneder siden
So this is the legend...
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