Hermitcraft 7: LIVE - Concrete Making Marathon

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Mumbo Jumbo

9 måneder siden

Today we are going to be performing the marathon (and slightly boring) task of gathering all of the resources required to make all of the concrete for the mumbo mega base structure. We need around 10 double chests of concrete (as a total guess) so we are going to have to go to town on this one.
You can also join the little discord server we have:

mosqitoburito 2 timer siden
Now I want to here a baby mumbo voice
mosqitoburito 3 timer siden
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
Dumbo what is your favorite video that you’ve ever recorded
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
Oh your shovel
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
Bow do you have a dog yet
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
Oh you’re my favorite NOpost or
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
Mambo your shovel has low durability
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
I’ve been to Madrid
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
Mambo you’re awesome
F Rober
F Rober Dag siden
O my god
Alex Dag siden
An uploaded stream in which Mumbo just mines Sand and Concrete and Stuff and 6mio people were like "interesting"
Juan Lugo
Juan Lugo Dag siden
actually this streams are really satisfying and chill.
Jade Bagga
Jade Bagga 3 dager siden
The only thing interesting about turning concrete powder into concrete is watching the water dance 💦💃
Helen Wong
Helen Wong 3 dager siden
1:16:14 when he said beautiful it seemed like he meant the granite Ik he meant the obsidian but it still made me laugh
Mr epicz
Mr epicz 4 dager siden
I was in hermitcraft before but i left
Mr epicz
Mr epicz 4 dager siden
At season 4 lol
Minecraft And Art With Me
Minecraft And Art With Me 4 dager siden
First 1 min: You can really tell that Mumbo is NOT a streamer.
Elisabeta Eross
Elisabeta Eross 6 dager siden
You need bone though!!!!??
Elisabeta Eross
Elisabeta Eross 6 dager siden
Flint and steel?
Elisabeta Eross
Elisabeta Eross 6 dager siden
Why did you leave the white one?
orange dimond
orange dimond 7 dager siden
is anyone watching this in 2021
Playful Plushies
Playful Plushies 7 dager siden
2:56:05 You should get in touch with Stampy! He chucks down crafting tables literally everywhere :)
Playful Plushies
Playful Plushies 7 dager siden
I found something quite funny that happened in the chat: Tango joined Grian went to bed Tango left Grian went to bed
orange dimond
orange dimond 7 dager siden
orange dimond
orange dimond 7 dager siden
I love your videos
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 8 dager siden
i have to admit, it took over 10 days to watch a three hour video
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 8 dager siden
i am watching this on my brothers birthday after watching all of the other hermits and now i can not even remember what mumbo's base is like
Cnopse _gamer
Cnopse _gamer 10 dager siden
So you know about that video where you flow and you sed that you did a rilly good edit it actually works
Puppy Unicorn21
Puppy Unicorn21 13 dager siden
I'm now officially bored of the stream. I didn't think I'd last this long tbh . I'm half an hour in. But since I'm an idiot I'm gonna keep watching until the end despite my boredom.
Darren Hunt
Darren Hunt 14 dager siden
Avik Shrestha
Avik Shrestha 14 dager siden
Mom am l adopted
Avik Shrestha
Avik Shrestha 14 dager siden
LashettePSO2 14 dager siden
After watching Mumbo mine obsidian, I can now understand why he dies to lava. So many times watching him almost walk into it.
Xazz 15 dager siden
19:50 mcg like 120k
Dennis Ryan Lynch
Dennis Ryan Lynch 15 dager siden
Diorite is good y’all are just mean
Jason Hudson
Jason Hudson 17 dager siden
Lyla Rounds
Lyla Rounds 17 dager siden
Lyla Rounds
Lyla Rounds 17 dager siden
ceecheerio 18 dager siden
I fell asleep and woke up to this lmao
David Dwyer
David Dwyer 18 dager siden
For anyone who is watching this 9 months later, leave a lilkee!
David Dwyer
David Dwyer 7 dager siden
@Owen F Seriously? If you want to say that, you don't have to actually say it. There's something called being considerate to other's feelings.
Owen F
Owen F 7 dager siden
Lyla Rounds
Lyla Rounds 18 dager siden
Prospector One ADVENTURES
Prospector One ADVENTURES 18 dager siden
We watch you Bumbo Baggins ,cause you are the king of Redstone,and nothing interest us better ,than you awesome n wacky redstone inventions....I'm great ,hello from Australia..
Nortalian 22 dager siden
1:54:16 so that’s why he was decent enough at archery during the Minecraft Earth vid with Grian.
Marta S
Marta S 23 dager siden
Who else was waiting for a new hermit craft vid and decided that you wanted to watch a 3 hours long live
MoonWolf Games
MoonWolf Games 23 dager siden
Mumbo: I wish they were honey blocks Me watching in 1.16.4: ... foreshadowing..?
Max Maeda
Max Maeda 25 dager siden
I'm 5"5 and 16...
it's Toronto time Bryant
it's Toronto time Bryant 26 dager siden
Fizan PT
Fizan PT 26 dager siden
make your base more decorative
David Rabinowitz
David Rabinowitz 26 dager siden
Who else was watching a different Minecraft video, fell asleep, and then woke up to this video playing because NOpost auto played it. I don’t know how or why, but this always happens to me with super long videos.
Jei Xiao
Jei Xiao 27 dager siden
The Rungardo 1st of May Stadium in North Korea which hold 150,000 people, the stadium is shaped as a mayflower
Reltron 27 dager siden
Me who was planning my next survival build in creative listening to the stream :)
Michelle Schilly
Michelle Schilly Måned siden
Congrats you are now a prepper welcome to the group.
Redstoneworks Måned siden
Mumbo: I cant believe that people are still watching this live stream. I thought people would have realised that I don't know what I'm doing. Everyone watching: we know
Sindre Alme
Sindre Alme Måned siden
Jackiboy Måned siden
The biggest football stadium is rungrado with 150000 seats
Sarah1Victorious Måned siden
are you serious people have been using super chat like crazy someone used 75.00 pounds wtf
JustPickAlready Måned siden
Aaaaaaaand that explains why Grian got fish from mumbo in his vid.
JustPickAlready Måned siden
Yeah sure everyone has a shop... But Grian has THE shop. The one stop shop barge for all your stock items small and large.
Father Begone
Father Begone Måned siden
Mincraft should add a hat you can put on villagers and you can pick up them by the hat with a sticky piston
seusdafirst Måned siden
okay i know this is waaayyyyyy after this stream, but many of the things you say you do in this video remind me of adhd traits. source: i have adhd, i have many of those traits
Zapcircuit ideas
Zapcircuit ideas Måned siden
"hey mumbo didya know wheres the gravel biome?" "yea sure its over that portal" ... "no actually its flat stone hills biome"
O TL Måned siden
Am i the only one who falls asleep watching youtube and wake up to this video playing? The youtube algorythm figures out when im asleep and auto plays it
O TL Måned siden
The good thing for mumbo is that sleeping viewers dont skip ads ;)
Scorpyluv Måned siden
Omg. Did hear it. You were talking over it
longest name
longest name Måned siden
2:45:56 just a bit of a bookmark
Scorpyluv Måned siden
1:34:46 I had to turn the volume up pretty loud
Slime time Jolie
Slime time Jolie Måned siden
The ahead latex neurobiologically blot because note cytomorphologically whirl around a sticky tree. bright, attractive hamburger
longest name
longest name Måned siden
Excuse me, can you say that 4th word in proper english XD
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis Måned siden
The knotty sister-in-law unintentionally hope because sudan beverly clap lest a weak kidney. rabid, receptive walk
Alex Sood
Alex Sood Måned siden
Everbody saying granite was bad but completely forgot about mumbo jumbo head!
The Leviathan
The Leviathan Måned siden
1:57:51 so basically you'll be saying it like an Australian?
Giovanni Klassen
Giovanni Klassen Måned siden
My Respect to the ones that watched the video without skipping...
longest name
longest name Måned siden
Thank you
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins Måned siden
Been here since 2017 just been through several accounts....... I love what you do!......
TNT Dogo
TNT Dogo Måned siden
My mums also older than me. Haha
Aiden Collins
Aiden Collins Måned siden
your my faf yutuder
Aiden Collins
Aiden Collins Måned siden
Ethan.com1. 1560gsigsosrwgjs! 123 stick man
Ethan.com1. 1560gsigsosrwgjs! 123 stick man Måned siden
Make a underground base
nathersss Måned siden
Watching this today and it’s so oddly satisfying when mumbo is shovelling sand. 😁
Raju Lakhani
Raju Lakhani Måned siden
Why yt recommends this 8 months later is beyond me
Andy Jame
Andy Jame Måned siden
The well-made profit socioeconomically prefer because booklet hypothetically alert via a charming sword. superficial, hissing jeff
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Måned siden
It hurts me that he didnt use a torch to mass collect stacks of sand....
TM Måned siden
9:40 do or do not, there's no think
mintyspace3 Måned siden
I went to sleep, woke up, and was watching this
O TL Måned siden
That has happend to me multiple times!
WeePlayGames Måned siden
Why does this keeep popping up in my recomandacions
Just Nick
Just Nick Måned siden
Anyone else wondering how this was 8 months ago? Quarantine sucks
Blades 500
Blades 500 Måned siden
I love how this livestream that Mumbo didn't think anyone would watch now has over 6 MILLION views
Codename Minecraft
Codename Minecraft Måned siden
The orange sand is good together but seprat uglye
Aaron Duncan
Aaron Duncan Måned siden
Finally someone who has played Modern Warfare 2
Margaret Maynard
Margaret Maynard Måned siden
If you b****
Margaret Maynard
Margaret Maynard Måned siden
F*** you b**** f you
oreo Måned siden
i fell asleep woke up to this great day
Charlie MacGauley
Charlie MacGauley Måned siden
Who really watched all of this
john jacob
john jacob Måned siden
The nebulous scarecrow thirdly spark because toothpaste scilly encourage versus a broad niece. judicious, bright rabbit
Mystral Tempest
Mystral Tempest Måned siden
Bryson Mote
Bryson Mote Måned siden
When you go back to an old mumbo live stream and diamond is still the best material and you feel old as balls b3cause you still remember waching this live
Jaylee Ellison
Jaylee Ellison Måned siden
Marius Devine
Marius Devine Måned siden
Bumbo baggins you are afk
LowTower Måned siden
Wow I fell asleep watching this. One and a half hour in lol
O TL Måned siden
That has happend to me x amounts of times
Xander Baker
Xander Baker Måned siden
I. No joke. Watched the full 3 hours and didn't fall asleep
Dylan Macdonald
Dylan Macdonald Måned siden
future mumbo probly never watches his streams or vids lol
insomniac garbage
insomniac garbage Måned siden
I fell asleep on NOpost on his latest video and woke up to him digging gravel and talking about his dogs squeaky burger, I have to say it was really quite confusing
Cindy Rodriguez
Cindy Rodriguez Måned siden
you are live
Cindy Rodriguez
Cindy Rodriguez Måned siden
Cindy Rodriguez
Cindy Rodriguez Måned siden
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen Måned siden
It’s almost 2 in the morning and I have found myself at this video even though I should go to sleep. But then again, I could also watch Mumbo mine virtual sand, gravel, and concrete for 3 hours.
octagnl Måned siden
This was in APRIL???
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