Hermitcraft 7: Episode 47 - RELEASE THE SHEEP!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 47 - RELEASE THE SHEEP! Grian is back on hermitcraft and spreading the spores this time with the help of hundreds of sheep. Also, got you good. Bamboozled the location of the HQ.
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TheOneTrueFraud 6 minutter siden
"don't worry boys, we'll get you out of there" -proceeds to not do that
fellowmelllow YT
fellowmelllow YT 2 timer siden
How to win any competition join Grian
SaltyAppleGaming 4 timer siden
"its honestly so hidden and were taking it seriously" get in here with your team sal
James Smith
James Smith 5 timer siden
I should have known you were smarter than that.
Jamall Marshall
Jamall Marshall 13 timer siden
seriously put "its about the principle!" om a t-shirt lol
Jamall Marshall
Jamall Marshall 13 timer siden
i think they just revealed their HQ lol
IMPACT 18 timer siden
Grian, now i now where ur base is! Near a target board and a white building
Noah Korsholm
Noah Korsholm 20 timer siden
Now we know Where the HQ are
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy Dag siden
Nooooo grian you actually showed where the base is
Tony PK
Tony PK Dag siden
A bit late here... But what about the camera accounts of the others? Is it rollplay or they seriously didn't know/notice/didn't use the camera accounts there? :)
Bibble Vlogs
Bibble Vlogs Dag siden
“ I promise you, no one know where the base is” about three episodes later “ THEY’VE FOUND US!!!! GET THE SOURCE BLOCK!!!! RUUUUUUUUNNNN!!” 🤦‍♂️
Ryan Appleby
Ryan Appleby Dag siden
Who else wants to know how many sheep there is...
Drawing Lama
Drawing Lama Dag siden
Did they think about that they can see where the sheep are coming from the top of the thing. Or maybe they thought of that my brain is broken after what they did beforr
TaZe_WaVe Dag siden
We not going to talk about how he came out of the water elevator at the shopping district so the base is under the shopping district
Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa
Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa Dag siden
T Rigney
T Rigney Dag siden
Release the sheep viva la resistance
Plasmablade 2 dager siden
18:10 Wackywavinginflaitablearmflailingtubeman
Afton Seeser
Afton Seeser 2 dager siden
Everybody gangster until scar gets overthrown
Let’s Life
Let’s Life 2 dager siden
“Don’t worry boys, we’ll get you out of there” Proceeds to leave... 😂
Arth Patel
Arth Patel 2 dager siden
Couldn’t you just... follow the sheep stream backwards to find the HQ?
Arth Patel
Arth Patel 2 dager siden
Plot twist: the fake HQ is actually the real HQ
Faye Alvarez
Faye Alvarez 2 dager siden
i know where the base is. seeing as how grian enters different every time, the real HQ is located in between time and space, accessible by random spots only known by resistance members.
Mad Chicken
Mad Chicken 2 dager siden
GRIAN MESSED UP and here’s why ok so you know how last video stress came through the roof then that will give scar a little hint to know its underground plus in this video he relesed the mushrooms and sheep he came through the wall on the side of a potion shop (i think it was) and was in front of scars chest shop so he can take the time to find the correct location and dig right in to the base...
Random Account
Random Account 2 dager siden
He literally said that he never showed the real entrance on camera, it's all a ruse
gbillygg gaming
gbillygg gaming 2 dager siden
Taking credit of other base hermit challenge
Reece Munro
Reece Munro 3 dager siden
What happens to the door 🚪 s
Jason Barwise
Jason Barwise 3 dager siden
I legitemetly thought, you built false’s base as a research facility for the mycelium resistance
techno kitty
techno kitty 3 dager siden
The base is under your house isnt it
Yotsuyu Yagiyama
Yotsuyu Yagiyama 3 dager siden
Isak 3 dager siden
Lol I literally went back to your older videos to see when you made falses base
Winnie the Schnoodle
Winnie the Schnoodle 4 dager siden
“It’s so hidden. We’re taking it VERY seriously.” Stress literally wandered into it, wth?
Gavin Strohm
Gavin Strohm 4 dager siden
Hep sus Hep was The Imposter Like if u play among us
Decker Lent
Decker Lent 4 dager siden
couldnt you find the base by going down and finding the mooplicator.
Cristy Jenkins
Cristy Jenkins 4 dager siden
I know where it is since the AKA "lab" comes out a hole, near a white shop, so if you go under it a few blocks to the side, bu-da-BOOM! But non of the Hermits would know this because this comment is going to be buried. But I go for both! My support hits y'all both! H.E.P and Resistance. GG Hermits!
Jacob Carrizales-Lopez
Jacob Carrizales-Lopez 4 dager siden
In your PS You have a friend called KT907 and that person Call KT907 Is my brother
Chloeismypug ,
Chloeismypug , 4 dager siden
Nicole Borovikov
Nicole Borovikov 5 dager siden
Wait sorry, i'm confused... WHEN DID GRIAN BUILD THAT TOWER?!
Nicole Borovikov
Nicole Borovikov 5 dager siden
Oh, well.... oof
Jason Levy
Jason Levy 5 dager siden
Since no one was in the HEP headquarters you should have it! You should have exploded it
stenvw 5 dager siden
It’s under a shucker box under a three that big three
Raghav Patil
Raghav Patil 5 dager siden
Mycelium is actually covid 19 and its spreading too much
Spam oreos
Spam oreos 5 dager siden
But did they not just reveal the sheep/cow launch zone?
ThePurplePheonix _
ThePurplePheonix _ 5 dager siden
nobody: grian: uses axe to break grass
rien the potato :P
rien the potato :P 6 dager siden
k listen up. the base aint in the shopping district. when stress found the base last episode she said she was walking around there and fell in BUUUTT (heh butt) he probably told her to say that or he wouldve cut it out of the video and like he said, MIND GAMES
Srivatsa Rao
Srivatsa Rao 6 dager siden
What about stress?? She knows where the base is, She stumbled into it.
The JGamer08
The JGamer08 6 dager siden
Grian: *casually shows exact location of Mycelium HQ*
koa leininger
koa leininger 6 dager siden
Not storage room the sporeage room
Anonymous moose
Anonymous moose 6 dager siden
I know I'm late but what if ya made multiple fake bases so that if someone requests to be a recruit or you have to recruit someone then until proven loyal you can show them the real location (it's not full proof but it could work). Edit: you could also make a vault just for mycelium and for top secret (not to be recorded type) plans.
Noah Bitzer
Noah Bitzer 6 dager siden
I genuinely thought he had made a base and I had no idea about it🤣
Video Game Review
Video Game Review 6 dager siden
I feel like the base is behind scars head in the shopping district
Imagine if somehow Grian made the base in a SEASON SIX REPLICA MAP on the server
The Dude
The Dude 6 dager siden
Major explaining 🤚
Wayne Harden
Wayne Harden 6 dager siden
Is it in the pineapple?
Marcus Geske
Marcus Geske 6 dager siden
Beep beep I'm a sheep I said beep beep im a sheep Meow meow I'm a cow I said meow meow I'm a cow Bark bark I'm a shark I said bark bark I'm a shark
Erwin Cazares
Erwin Cazares 7 dager siden
I know where is the base it's in the shop at white oak blocks then
ST Shad0ww
ST Shad0ww 7 dager siden
I think I know where the base is! When grian accidentally goes into the mosh room machine he goes up into a long tunnel and then comes out somewhere in the shopping district. So, the mycelium HQ is somewhere beneath the shopping district. (Edit: it could’ve been a cut but idk)
Random Notes
Random Notes 7 dager siden
What happened to poultry man?
InfinityCR 6
InfinityCR 6 7 dager siden
Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men is what they are called, or at least that's what I call them.
Supercow 2461
Supercow 2461 7 dager siden
He shown hi to get in through the tunnel when they sent the sheep up
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson 7 dager siden
Grian: I have an idea Me: oh no here we go
• Bakuhoe •
• Bakuhoe • 7 dager siden
Ok so in the last video stress monster mentioned something about “I was in the shopping district” meaning it’s probably is in the shopping district (or you guys planned to say that to confuse us) so it’s probably either in A. One of stress monsters shops B. In a colorful shop C. In a shop every hermit uses (ex. Rocket shop) I’m gonna have to check out stress monsters channel to see what she was shopping for 👀
Xxelo 8 dager siden
Grian mansion more like grian empire Get it evo smp from 2017 - 2018 grian empire Never mind
william hunt
william hunt 8 dager siden
How about Protect Termite? A name for this madness
Andria Bittle
Andria Bittle 9 dager siden
18:09 🤣 remix that!!!! Call it the wiggle will song
Gacha Museum
Gacha Museum 9 dager siden
not me being extremely confused like "huh? did i miss some episodes? when did he build that,,, i guess ill have to rewatch some episodes incase i forgot" LKJDKSJKLD I FEEL SO STUPID BAHAHKLSJD, IT WAS A HERMIT CHALLENGE
Olive Bracken Sáenz
Olive Bracken Sáenz 9 dager siden
This was the first hermit craft video I have ever watched, and I ACTUALLY thought that was ur base, I was so confused
Brian Oof
Brian Oof 9 dager siden
… wait,when he release the sheeps and mooshrooms,it shows where you guys are,is that a mistake???
Just a random guy on the Internet
Just a random guy on the Internet 9 dager siden
Wait cant we just work out where the base is relative to where the cows came from? It looks like the base is just under the ancient debris shop
Chunk Cool
Chunk Cool 9 dager siden
Dude they can go through the water in to the base
Sam Simpson
Sam Simpson 10 dager siden
the base is where the sheep came out
Uzair Shahzad
Uzair Shahzad 10 dager siden
I know where the base is it’s at the Mumbo hq when he was running for mayor
redblue02 10 dager siden
Oh Grian , you fooled me good lol. It was wierd I was having second thoughts about the base lol. 😄
im 11 my name updates every year
im 11 my name updates every year 10 dager siden
12:21 WOW that was definately not a cut
Shep Galaxy
Shep Galaxy 10 dager siden
If that water (the dispenser for the mooshrooms cows) and you showed that on camera. That leads to the real base. Just sayin! I haven’t watched the other episodes yet so if I’m wrong for now, pls don’t correct me.
Gh0styy9 11 dager siden
I love how this thumbnail relates back to season 6 where Sahara needs leather
School Bro co.
School Bro co. 11 dager siden
Its at stress tree
cool kid gang
cool kid gang 11 dager siden
Yes I saw the newest video
Holmes Family
Holmes Family 11 dager siden
23 19. 23 19. 23 19. 23 19. 23 19. 23 19
IO bucks
IO bucks 12 dager siden
Love how Grian never uses the right tool for the job
Carson Waltz
Carson Waltz 12 dager siden
We found the base
Carson Waltz
Carson Waltz 12 dager siden
From the sheep dispenser
Carson Waltz
Carson Waltz 12 dager siden
Through water
Ügabüga :]
Ügabüga :] 12 dager siden
I am a glitch person, if you show me a video game, I will either find, or make glitches I would bamboozle with glitches There are plenty in Minecraft GRIAN JUST TOLD EVERYONE AN ENTRANCE TO THE BASE! unless it’s another troll That would be a tough one though
Adam Aiello
Adam Aiello 12 dager siden
Adam Aiello
Adam Aiello 12 dager siden
was that editing or did he show the base location lol
ChickenUnion 12 dager siden
he leaked where the base was when he went up... i think (I won't jump to any conclusions yet
Zeve Z
Zeve Z 12 dager siden
Dude. The lab is RIGHT BENEATH the Omega Store! They're coming up through the stones near it!
Zicong 37
Zicong 37 12 dager siden
They can enter in from the water elevator
KRONA 12 dager siden
wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men
Rowan Dombroskie
Rowan Dombroskie 13 dager siden
Why is the upside down mansion red and the normal base blue? your akin is red and your reverse skin is blue
Adri Musai
Adri Musai 13 dager siden
You should make the H.E.P sign out of Mycelium. Edit: Do it with other H.E.P stuff
PaulzMC 13 dager siden
I saw it right behind the portal in the town hall
Ishan Das
Ishan Das 13 dager siden
Grian at 10:15 you showed the exit of the HQ hope it was a Bamboozle
Zz - Securo
Zz - Securo 13 dager siden
i know where the base is it is near the netherite block shop
Emily Emerson
Emily Emerson 13 dager siden
I think I’ll stick with packing as much sheep as I can into a 1 by 1 box. And then letting them go
OneYearLeft 14 dager siden
Mumbo found the base
Nere Ortiz
Nere Ortiz 14 dager siden
sheer the sheep and they will eat more grass
Evan Rodriguez
Evan Rodriguez 14 dager siden
Dude I laughed too hard for him to take credit on false's base 😂 as soon as he was like look at what ive done I was like you mean false
David Gyulay
David Gyulay 14 dager siden
Efthymios Miliotis
Efthymios Miliotis 14 dager siden
he revealed the base!it is bwhine leaf thing man in the shopping district.just follow the water stream down and you will see
Elijah Cogswell
Elijah Cogswell 14 dager siden
it's in the jrumbot
Crispy Cucco
Crispy Cucco 14 dager siden
18:10 Wackyandwavinginflatablearmflailingtubeman!
Clar1nettist 14 dager siden
"nobody knows where the base is" scar's strip mine: *silence* but not for long~
lzypuppets haaa
lzypuppets haaa 15 dager siden
Uhhh u think they know😳
Bryant 15 dager siden
Little did we know it's secretly in scar gagomma thing
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