The COMPLETE Breath of the Wild Timeline

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This is a complete timeline of all the important events related to the story and game. After plenty of research, they have been put in the most chronological order to create the ultimate timeline for Breath of the Wild.
The research, script, voicover and narration was all done by me. As you might expect, this project took a long time to prepare as well as make. Sharing with your friends is appreciated, and if you loved it then make sure to subscribe for more!
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NintendoBlackCrisis 2 år siden
Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally here. And before you ask. Yes, I did all of this by myself. Breath of the Wild has many great stories in it that are sadly overshadowed by the main plot. Because of this, I sought out to make a video going over all of the stuff you might have missed in the game. Add another "layer" of depth to this game, to say the least. This is the end result after hours of diary reading, watching all the memories, and plenty of other things involved in this big video. Everything said in this video is canon to the game, but as a theorist it was my job to find out the best chronological order for these events to take place. It was tough...but I managed. Tons of time went into this, and because of that I DO have ads that play during the video. Don't worry, this isn't something I am going to start doing with all of my uploads. So nothing to stress over :) And finally, if Nintendo DOES claim this for copyright I WILL be reuploading the video. Considering all the time that went into this daunting task, not getting revenue would be a big stab in the back. So grab some popcorn, and enjoy the COMPLETE Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Timeline! -William
Michael Fernaays
Michael Fernaays 17 dager siden
Great video but how the hell did fireblight Ganon sneak up on daruk
hehe love it
[AE] Wolf Salmon. run
[AE] Wolf Salmon. run Måned siden
kjj moo
kjj moo Måned siden
Rylzon uhhhhhhhhh
Yah Boys
Yah Boys 3 måneder siden
Thanks Will
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Dag siden
Amy Lima
Amy Lima Dag siden
I got only two chaplains done and killed the Hinxo and got the sheild going to Gannon after hearing it’s unbreakable and half way there the sheild broke not master sword either .-.
Rick Adams
Rick Adams Dag siden
I listened to this as if it were an audiobook lol
Elisa Perez
Elisa Perez 2 dager siden
Wdym back to skyward sword what about ocarina of time and the games before that hmm
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Dag siden
Owen McCourt
Owen McCourt 2 dager siden
Do another one of these but with the newer information from age of calamity
Alex DPC
Alex DPC 4 dager siden
Yeah, uhm...
YourRyeBread 5 dager siden
This voiceover sounds similar to Dominic from Thomas Sander’s friend group
Sophie R Blan
Sophie R Blan 7 dager siden
If your a girl and plays Zelda then pls like this comment
Golden Retriever33
Golden Retriever33 7 dager siden
So i guess current timeline is changed now completely.
Joshua Hadfield
Joshua Hadfield 8 dager siden
Cough cough yiga fortune teller cough cough ahem pardon me
Cameron Duncan
Cameron Duncan 9 dager siden
Thanks. Now I’m ready for Age of Calamity
Arcaydian Dick
Arcaydian Dick 9 dager siden
Well, now we have Age of Calamity!
Grimisk 10 dager siden
Hey @nintedoblackcrisis... You ready to update this after this week? LOL
Accordion Tiki
Accordion Tiki 10 dager siden
ScherHap 11 dager siden
Welp, I guess you have to update it now
Melody Beutler
Melody Beutler 12 dager siden
who else ships link and Zelda?
Link Of the wild
Link Of the wild 12 dager siden
I only care if Sidon is safe fuck the princess
Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising 13 dager siden
Wonderful video NBC!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I love that you told THE WHOLE story of the game! I didn't mind watching this video! I drew, ate popcorn, and listened to (my opinion) the best storytelling of Breath of the Wild! ❤️❤️❤️ Amazing job NBC!
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 13 dager siden
This probably studid to ask but I realized how is Impa playable in age of calamity can't remember doesn't she live in Kakoriko village I'm sure I spelled it wrong but you probably know what I mean so was Impa banished or did she simply this would controversial to say but just ran away to Kakoriko village instead of fighting calamity Gannon or something can't remember if breath of the wild said Impa was banished or not? Just can't wait hopefully age of calamity explains how Impa survived the great calamity a 100 years before breath of the wild
Kingston Blaze
Kingston Blaze 14 dager siden
Guess you’ll have to do this again when age of calamity comes out.
jolypopp 14 dager siden
Or i mean you could shorten it to: "When link awoke from his slumber, he gained the ability to destroy the laws of physics, go through walls, fly high in the sky, and fall from any height without getting hurt. And he set out to defeat Ganon as fast as possible, skipping everything planned for him." But thats just the "speedrun timeline."
SPLATERNAL 15 dager siden
And then age of calamity and botw 2 are realeased.
Theodore Gittings
Theodore Gittings 16 dager siden
Lol i love that you made up the part about the pot lid deflect :) (right? I actually don't know the timeline :( )
XVT FLIPS 16 dager siden
Drone Gaming
Drone Gaming 17 dager siden
Fun but ultimately useless fact: If you visit Teba before completing Vah Medoh, you'll witness the only instance of, albeit minor, cursing in the Zelda series.
ASimpleGamer 19 dager siden
"While link still became stronger with more gear and spirit orbs from the shrines. The gaurdians where still a threat" Link: *P O T. L I D*
*Epic Gamer Noises Intensifies*
*Epic Gamer Noises Intensifies* 20 dager siden
14:13 you mixed up ravioli and mipha(yes I know it is revali), mipha was the one to easily master the divine beast.
Sebastian Reyes
Sebastian Reyes 20 dager siden
Does any notice that bokoblins sorry if I spell it wrong but don’t they look like something that pig Gannon would create
idk what to put here
idk what to put here 20 dager siden
Imo it goes ruta naboruu medoh rudania
ElementalSocial 22 dager siden
But then age of calamity comes in and changes everything
The Gaming Squad J
The Gaming Squad J 22 dager siden
zelda: spends MONTHS of preparing, training, and gathering champions. ganon: IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAH
Brandon 22 dager siden
this was awesome!
Rose Korvus
Rose Korvus 23 dager siden
I legit LOVE your videos. I have been curious about the ruins around that don't look hylian whatsoever.(I watched the zonu/zonai video yesterday) I haven't played majority of handheld Zelda games I started with my n64 oot and mm games(I had the gold cartridge MM) and I still have my N64 somewhere in storage and games. In any case, back to botw.... IMO If Mipha wasn't such a damn "Hinata" and finished what she was saying, all of this could have been avoided. And I know that at the time, Zelda didn't think of Link in that way When Mipha tried to explain to Zelda what she thought about when using her healing ability, but, Zelda could have thought of the love of her mother or father. The issue was that Zelda tried to hard and used her head and not her heart.... As in ANY game/mythology etc, Magic always stems from one's emotions. This is such an ironic tragic flaw, as she didn't cry over her mother dying, because she is royalty, but it's her Royal blood that gives her the power. Light and hope means's a damn no brainer. She's all smart and nerdy with shika tech yet not smart enough to get that. OMG ZELDA SHELDON!
autism 23
autism 23 25 dager siden
(hyrule warriors releases) "I'm in danger"
XVT FLIPS 26 dager siden
I do the divine beast like this Ruta Medoh Rudania Manoris
Micah Cao
Micah Cao 26 dager siden
Age of Calamity: *I'm about to end this mans whole career*
Colin Paradis
Colin Paradis 27 dager siden
And hyrule was freed from ganon Ganondorf: oh hello there
Creative Name
Creative Name 28 dager siden
Can't wait till Age of Calamity absolutely ruins the timeline
Pink diamond
Pink diamond 28 dager siden
What about the shrines, and getting the Tunic of the wild!
Ponnor Studios
Ponnor Studios Måned siden
Hyrule Master Chef
Hyrule Master Chef Måned siden
Jollygoodlad Måned siden
A massive plan with years of planning, 4 massive robot animals, 4 skilled fighters, over 1k spider death things and two special people: Loses A dude with a nap and amnesia with a talking sword: Wins
Bedroom Bunny
Bedroom Bunny Måned siden
Man. Everyone is falling for Link and Zelda. Guess that being one of the people chosen by the goddess makes you a straight 10/10 in the eyes of many.
Ashton Wolf
Ashton Wolf Måned siden
Link and Mipha Sitting in a Tree KISSING
Freezer Forager
Freezer Forager Måned siden
Shawn Clapper
Shawn Clapper Måned siden
Alex Spence
Alex Spence Måned siden
How did meapha, meepha? Cute fish WAMEN get link's measurements Was she in link's dreams on something
Chris Pork
Chris Pork Måned siden
Once Age of Calamity & the sequel to Breath of the Wild are released, I hope to see a new version including those games and the events they showed.
Blueberry Cat
Blueberry Cat Måned siden
Link: is on a time limit Me playing the game: okay so imma play everyday *stops playing for a year* hmmm how long has it been? Eh oh well imma play again I got the game the week it came out
Caleb M.
Caleb M. Måned siden
This is great! Thanks for making this. :)
John Groves
John Groves Måned siden
9:31 the only spring that would have icy waters is the spring of wisdom at mt Lanayru but Urbosa never went there with Zelda Zelda only went there once and Link was the only one on the mountain with her all the other champions were waiting at the east gate at the foot of the mountain
Edison's animations 2
Edison's animations 2 Måned siden
i watch this instead of doing my homework XD
Austin Holmes
Austin Holmes Måned siden
Mr.mcmiddle Finger
Mr.mcmiddle Finger Måned siden
Yeah I gave up on playing that game, it doesn’t tell me anything, and everything to find is too hard to find. Unrelenting game is fun but a game too unrelenting with not enough reward is just a terrible game. I hate how every sword in the game breaks, and all the good ones are in hard to reach or high level areas. Plus the guardians? Why, sure they look cool but even for a high level played, they can kill you in one hit. Plus if you want us to find a tower, point us in the right direction, don’t just throw us in and say “good luck” because we won’t last. Nintendo’s made some really good games but BOTW is a pretty bad title I’m not gonna lie. I don’t like looking up tutorials online. I wanna have fun discovering a new weapon, but if a strong weapon breaks after 3 uses, that’s bad game design I’m not gonna lie.
Jac Awesomeness99
Jac Awesomeness99 Måned siden
I now understand how ganon knew of the guardians/beasts. That makes sense how ganon knew and conquered the beasts and guardians. Also in my mind there is 2 ganons the good ganon the spirit and dark ganon the evil the evil becoming malice and taking out everything from ganon making him the skeleton that u see in botw 2
Tanishk Sinha
Tanishk Sinha Måned siden
It would be great if we could hear link speak in botw 2
Tanishk Sinha
Tanishk Sinha Måned siden
I think the Yiga killed Zelda’s mother so that she could never unlock the sealing power
Best Mario Game Clips
Best Mario Game Clips Måned siden
It’s time to also put Age of Calamity in the timeline (although, this won’t be as confusing as other games).
Lucario7280 Måned siden
"Guys let's seal away Ganon using the same method executed a thousand years ago!"
Niko Lavallee
Niko Lavallee Måned siden
I have it
Evangeline Scott
Evangeline Scott Måned siden
how did you know all this?!
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Måned siden
Details in the game itself.
Blur Animation’s
Blur Animation’s Måned siden
woah spoilers
Panda AU
Panda AU Måned siden
Breath of the wild is so heart breaking why couldn’t so much have happened why couldn’t the king speck to Zelda that last time😭 Also did anyone else just realize that everything went wrong on Zelda’s birthday
Digital Dazzle
Digital Dazzle Måned siden
You are one awesome theorist… But I just can’t get past mispronouncing Hateno. 🤣
The Spicyd00d
The Spicyd00d Måned siden
This is gonna be so detailed in a few months
BBoyJamieJanglez Måned siden
damn i didn't want to but i ended up watching the whole thing fml i have work in the morning
Sean Lin
Sean Lin Måned siden
wait I just realize something, at 5:36 the sword the hero was holding resembles the fierce diety's sword, sorta.
Nass 2 måneder siden
The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild is just a 60 hour adaptation of The Hangover
Zon 2 måneder siden
I can't believe I just watched this entire hour without noticing.
Charles Ferraro
Charles Ferraro 2 måneder siden
That audio clipping though. I could fix that if you want.
Alex Baetsen
Alex Baetsen 2 måneder siden
Imagine the events of the links awakening game took place in his dream while link was sleeping for 100 years
Doggomation Drawings
Doggomation Drawings 2 måneder siden
Literally brilliant
CapSparrow00 00
CapSparrow00 00 2 måneder siden
Well this is gonna need to be updated soon lol
Jomilie Looney
Jomilie Looney 2 måneder siden
this would be beter if it was a stream
Magikmaza 2 måneder siden
*Link's Awakening* I see what you did there
SoundVillageChunin17 2 måneder siden
Thank you for the bed time story
JoshKarma94 2 måneder siden
Amazing video. Thank you.
Elias McIntyre
Elias McIntyre 2 måneder siden
oh no no no
Gumbo Time
Gumbo Time 2 måneder siden
Link getting all shrines and the heros gear should be in this
Zero 2 måneder siden
One thing you got completely wrong is that when link woke up he went directly to the hyrule castle and defeat ganon and save hyrule all that in 30 min!
x99rarecandy 2 måneder siden
fi got zelda on some 100 year plan
_ Pokemonlink246
_ Pokemonlink246 2 måneder siden
Are you going to redo this video after the prequel of BOTW.
Gabriel Lockwood
Gabriel Lockwood 2 måneder siden
I've heard people say Riju Can't be Urbosa's child. ... How? Their lifespans (EVERYONE in Hyrule) is longer than normal humans, especially of the elvish varieties. Urbosa herself was 170~200 when she fell in battle. Sidon was young 100 years ago, but is around 100~ years old in BotW present day. Zelda was kept in a stasis state at 18. Link was kept in a pure stasis at 18~. Impa is the oldest Shiekah since Calamity at 120~130.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 måneder siden
If Urbosa was Riju’s mother then the Gerudo in the present day would refer to her as such, Urbosa herself would’ve made a reference to her. They’re not mother and daughter.
Fire Blade
Fire Blade 2 måneder siden
We gonna talk about the fact that the prophecy said that the power to defeat Ganon was in the ground, and where did Link wake up after 100 years? COINCIDENCE???? I THINK NOT
Tien Thanh Nguyen
Tien Thanh Nguyen 2 måneder siden
This is great and all, but it's so weird that you treated ALL gameplay elements as diegetic when I don't think that should be the case.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 2 måneder siden
I just realised I've been a fan of you for 2+ years now lol
Nintendo Boy
Nintendo Boy 2 måneder siden
In a nutshell, everyone fucking dies. And some blonde dude with amnesia has to kill some spider dude.
Elite gamer
Elite gamer 2 måneder siden
This will need an update
Clay Hamilton
Clay Hamilton 2 måneder siden
Looks like you're going to have to update this after Age of Calamity comes out!
Owen Krepps
Owen Krepps 2 måneder siden
Swinley 2 måneder siden
this is kinda out of date now tbh, botw is a trilogy
Tanishk Sinha
Tanishk Sinha 2 måneder siden
How did Urbosa become a mother because no men are allowed in the Gerudo town?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 måneder siden
There’s nothing showing that she ever had children, if she did at some point then she would’ve left the town at some point and had them with a Hylian man.
Warren Powers
Warren Powers 2 måneder siden
Somehow the story doesn't seem such crap when it's told in context 😂
Connor Bradley
Connor Bradley 2 måneder siden
I was whacking a Zeltik video and realized, is it Ganon who’s evil or is it malice that possessed him?
Maximum Wolfe
Maximum Wolfe 19 dager siden
In Skyward Sword, Demise places a curse on link and zelda that made it so that he would be reincarnated along with Link and Zelda, for all time, so, It's Ganon who's evil, as Ganon is the reincarnation of Demise
Silver2233 2 måneder siden
and then nintendo went and dropped botw2 trailer and hyrule warriors age of calamity news in the 2 years :P
s knut
s knut 2 måneder siden
the true after math:links birthday botw 2 link: do I have to explore this now zelda:yes Link:fine few hours later zelda:happy birthday we found a evil body ne adventure time Link:uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zelda:how ungrateful link:well excuse me princess
Adonai LR
Adonai LR 2 måneder siden
Until Age of calamity got anounced lol, will you update the timeline?
FooTeePrint 2 måneder siden
It really is the best Zelda game
rhynn lol
rhynn lol 2 måneder siden
long battle against windblight ganon? just shoot it with bomb arrows and it goes down in like 1 min
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