Ever wonder what competitive Among Us looks like?

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xQc was trolling and baiting out votes during this game. Everything is fine between 5up and xQc.
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Featuring: MOXY, xQc, Adept, Classify, Bren, Dankquan, Moe, Trainwreckstv, Harambe.
New Video ➡ Ever wonder what competitive Among Us looks like?
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Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez Dag siden
random among us lobbies be like:
DivonMC Dag siden
this comment section its just a witch hunt against xQc like jeez he is still a human calm down
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 3 dager siden
Junior 3 dager siden
Why do you play with xQc? He has to be the most toxic player in existence. He's no fun to play with
Garv Goyal
Garv Goyal 5 dager siden
It would be perfect if everybody had just indecisively voted out Xqc the first round just to shut him up.
Nico chan
Nico chan 5 dager siden
xqc reminds of trump idk why maybe cause their both morons.
Johnny W429
Johnny W429 6 dager siden
X is straight up accusing with no real evidence
Igor Castro
Igor Castro 6 dager siden
thats the worst lobby i've ever seen, lol its not just xQc, that guy sucks, but everyone else is just about the same lmao not funny at ALL, and btw xqc is prob the worst player ever lmao
Everett01 6 dager siden
5:43 9:50 12:53
KeepinItStylish 6 dager siden
I've watched literally dozens of 5 up videos, and this one is by far the most draining and painful I've ever watched. Please don't upload any more XQC videos. I come here to laugh and have fun and he ruins everything. Couldn't even finish it.
Everett01 7 dager siden
This is actually amazing because xQc is so incompetent. He spends the game buttoning for no reason, hard accusing people randomly without explanation, gets tricked by 5Up flicking one light switch, changes his vote to classy out of nowhere and says nothing when classy curses him out, has to tell everyone that he did no tasks so they can't win, and by the end with all those undone tasks and no emergency meetings left, just disappears like a useless t**t while 5Up just follows the last guy and kills him for the win.
Kaylee F
Kaylee F 7 dager siden
🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ they got voted BECAUSE they were together during a double lmfao
Kaylee F
Kaylee F 7 dager siden
x is so annoying
Borris Nuts
Borris Nuts 7 dager siden
It would be great if there could be a silent agreement between them for the impostors to kill xQc first
Asher Maese
Asher Maese 9 dager siden
Xqc kinda toxic no?
pizzalover 10 dager siden
Props to 5up for remaining calm in such a toxic lobby
iammixon TV
iammixon TV 11 dager siden
How unnecessarily annoying, stressful and toxic. I feel bad for anyone who enjoys playing with xqc
Vittorio casali
Vittorio casali 11 dager siden
I would never play in a lobby like that
Block Dude
Block Dude 12 dager siden
Love how 99% of comments here are about xqc
Block Dude
Block Dude 12 dager siden
Xqcs so damn annoying
Ekundert1300 12 dager siden
Almost all these people are toxic yikes happy you play with the people you do now
connor 12 dager siden
The competitive side is so hard to watch. So much bitching, it's crazy.
LB Abstract Art
LB Abstract Art 12 dager siden
God I find xqc unbearable... I watched for 5up but this is the last time. He leaves me feeling exhausted and this isn't fun
EE Ehrenberg
EE Ehrenberg 12 dager siden
Never play with X again. Just angry shouting without letting others talk. Hate players like that. Way too aggressive. Very uncomfortable.
Richard Fairbanks
Richard Fairbanks 13 dager siden
fuck people take this game so seriously
kirjian 13 dager siden
Well if this is what competitive among us is, I never wanna play it. I know its just xQc being that way
prodgmo 14 dager siden
X is goat crewmate
Murph 14 dager siden
XQc is a douche haha
George Ramsden
George Ramsden 14 dager siden
The x dude was so annoying
WeLove2Step 15 dager siden
I started watching this during class, and then once I heard xqc, I went straight back to class
Kitkat's ok
Kitkat's ok 15 dager siden
I cannot express how much xqc pisses me off holy shit
Kasper Nordlund
Kasper Nordlund 16 dager siden
Competetive among us? more like childish among us, yeeessshhhh that was toxic
Anthony Ritterson
Anthony Ritterson 16 dager siden
God I hate XQC
PrEttYKaTeGold MSP
PrEttYKaTeGold MSP 16 dager siden
its so weird to see 5up without his snowman hat
o_o 16 dager siden
if you listen closely in the first “meeting” (if that even was a meeting) you can hear them all laughing at xqc
Dovyeon 18 dager siden
Competitive Among Us is what's good
Grant LeHew
Grant LeHew 18 dager siden
Xqc just ruins it tbh, toxic in my opinion
Fantasia 42
Fantasia 42 17 dager siden
Not in this video
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 18 dager siden
This sounds and looks like a terrible time, tbh
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 18 dager siden
Could you farm points by knowing who the killer is, keeping it to yourself, but still vote for them every time cause of a “hunch”?
Crash Organism
Crash Organism 18 dager siden
Wow some real nasty people in that group. if this is what among us videos will be like ill be avoiding.
Alyssa R
Alyssa R 19 dager siden
Top 50 crewmate lmao
KingBully83 19 dager siden
As soon as i saw xqc i was like ewww. Why do people even play with this idiot?
joe moorhouse
joe moorhouse 19 dager siden
xqc is one sweaty dude
Yellow 19 dager siden
I have no idea who this xqc guy is but he seems like a total mood kill, is he always like this?
Jaffa-_-pvp 19 dager siden
Ok xqc is just... xqc...
Soren Axelson
Soren Axelson 20 dager siden
Jeez that was a sweaty game
boostsFN 20 dager siden
I counted it... x called out 8 people, the only person he didnt sus was Rambe
x5nathan 20 dager siden
"wonder what competitive Among Us looks like?" *has a dumbass call button first 11 seconds of the game*
Connie Burgett
Connie Burgett 21 dag siden
People making fun of stutters gets me riled the fuck up.
Nick Major
Nick Major 21 dag siden
The fact that X was the tie breaker that killed Classi instead of 5up is so funny
Syrel Jane
Syrel Jane 21 dag siden
xQc is that so smart classmate we all have that is crazily annoying coz he’s way too smart and narcissistic because he knows he’s smart.
Syrel Jane
Syrel Jane 21 dag siden
Please never let xQc join Toast, Corpse, Rae’s lobby. He’s way too toxic for that group
hahahahaha hahahaha
hahahahaha hahahaha 19 dager siden
Why not, you would just love toast murdering him lol ik I would
Alia 21 dag siden
x is so toxic
Aust_Pro 21 dag siden
How to win: Turn up your mic to be the loudest
B L 21 dag siden
can’t play if they’re stacked like this x is also mad annoying and toxic. whole lobby is annoying for stacking.
Team SMSD 22 dager siden
xQc said the real killer was Moe but then votes M0XY who was cleared by Classy, he’s contradictory and rushes votes out without thinking straight here.
chuggajr 22 dager siden
I legit just turn off videos with Xqc in them
Bruh 22 dager siden
respect for 5up for being mature but damn all these clowns just comin into the comments to flame xqc 😂😂. kinda sad tbh
MFP Delton
MFP Delton 22 dager siden
Literally all the comments are people hating xqc. Youre videos are way more enjoyable without him in it
MFP Delton
MFP Delton 22 dager siden
Why do yall even play with xqc. Noone likes him
Eri -Chan
Eri -Chan 23 dager siden
Another vod of xQc screeching, gaslighting, and throwing, even though he was crew.
Maddy Million
Maddy Million 23 dager siden
I hate when xqc is right because he doesn’t deserve to be. It only inflates his fucked up ego
Winslow Tjiptadi
Winslow Tjiptadi 23 dager siden
I hate the overcompetitive nature of xqc.. this was supposed to be a fun game and while the technicalities are high level its just not fun..
demon teeth
demon teeth 23 dager siden
I'm glad they ignored xqc bc even if he is joking with the way he's playing its still annoying and unnecessary, ESPECIALLY in a competitive match
Nerea 23 dager siden
I don’t get why people still play with xqc
Atamer Nayir
Atamer Nayir 23 dager siden
dislike for xqc 👎
avery :p
avery :p 23 dager siden
I dont understand how these people don't lash out on xQc. Especially in COMPETIVE matches, how do you not just cuss him out. I may be overreacting but xQc needs to stop accusing everyone. How can you get any information from everyone being accused? I would just yell at xQc at the top of my lungs and have everyone vote xQc. This would make me so mad and never play with him again.
Skylar Romano
Skylar Romano 23 dager siden
some guy
some guy 23 dager siden
I'm surprised no one just straight up targets and kills xQc at the beginning of every game, just to spare them the agony of his bullshit
turtlestan 24 dager siden
how was there no sus on 5up towards the end hhahahha they were even sus of the person who actually scanned but not him, thats so unlike what usually happens lmao
turtlestan 24 dager siden
12:32 even xqc's movement is obnoxious
lea 24 dager siden
i hate xqc
VirtUisle 24 dager siden
classify doesnt undersdtand why they voted him. its cause trhey thought he was the imposter.... and moxy
VirtUisle 24 dager siden
x shjould not fninihs tasks
VirtUisle 24 dager siden
i like how its feirce and u dont get voted out trying to defend urself
Greg Gates Jr
Greg Gates Jr 25 dager siden
Oouuuffff. So glad I watch 5up and Toast and Tinaaa and Sykunno and Hafu and CORPSE and Abe and Valkyrae and Poki and Fuslie and Edison and Wolf and Peter and their other friend squads. Competition or not, this lobby was painful to watch. So much aggression and stress.
Lil Bori
Lil Bori 26 dager siden
bro xqx just sounds like that one annoying dude in ur friend group
Korporate 26 dager siden
I’d mollywop you bro
Pamela Warren
Pamela Warren 26 dager siden
Wow, I hope you never played with x again
Pamela Warren
Pamela Warren 26 dager siden
Who are these people?!?
kathleen anne
kathleen anne 27 dager siden
I love how 90% of the comments is negative crap against xQc
Pranav Prasannan
Pranav Prasannan 27 dager siden
I don't know how he figured out 5up is the imp in 10 secs... I checked his movements and yes they were a bit strange but it's very little information to be that sure. And then at the end of the round he said its black and brown. So... It's all shooting blanks
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya 27 dager siden
There are people like Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela, then there are xQc and school shooters to balance it out I guess...
Scrub 28 dager siden
Too much soy in these comments LULW
aliceallgrown 29 dager siden
I have encountered lobbies like this and they suck. People need to chill.
Chad Zack
Chad Zack 29 dager siden
Idk how people even watch xqc, from all the clips I've seen of him, he just sound so annoying.
Killa Måned siden
xqc is honestly a dick haha. hes like the next logan paul
Kittytravel *
Kittytravel * Måned siden
How does xqc not just get voted out instantly in every lobby. How do people actually like playing with that?
Stan Måned siden
Oof xcow is cringe af
Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez Måned siden
I don’t understand why classify got so mad when his only defense to him not being imposter was he was with the other person sus of being an imposter during a double kill like sir there are 2 imposters in one game like he kept calling them dumb and his defense was that a child makes in a public lobby
Katie Måned siden
This is just like public lobbies
H-005 Måned siden
I heard a few things about xQc, but after this footage, I'll probably never see him as a nice person.
Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)
Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31) Måned siden
Lmao, when I saw the title, the first thing I thought of was xQc and indeed he was here
Saeran Måned siden
I couldn't make it past 6:30 xQc is so annoying pls
Leo Menz
Leo Menz Måned siden
I hate xQc
Gus Cox
Gus Cox Måned siden
if watching 15 minutes of XQC is bad imagine being in his family or something like i think id run away im not even joking
aken iwnl
aken iwnl Måned siden
LOL Classifys argument: "Me and Moxy were together in a dobble-kill" then arguments he and moxy have the only brain bruh stfu l2p
Tanuki Gaming
Tanuki Gaming Måned siden
I don't like this haha- everyone's too intense.
Luke Beckstrom
Luke Beckstrom Måned siden
this lobby is not it
Ism Måned siden
5up: Ever wonder what competitive Among Us looks like? Me: Yeah! 5up: Me too.
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