How America could lose its allies | 2020 Election

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What is NATO? And why is it still around?
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For 150 years, the US avoided formal alliances. It occasionally went to war -- fighting the War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, and World War I -- but did so without entangling itself in promises to other countries. Then, after World War II, it abruptly changed course, and began to build a network of alliances unlike anything that had come before.
Over the next few decades, the US used those alliances to keep countries around the world close, and to fight Soviet expansion, by making a promise that it would go to war if any of its allies were ever attacked. After the Soviet Union fell, the initial purpose of those alliances was gone, but the US recommitted to them, signaling again and again that the central promise of those relationships was still in effect. It kept doing so for the next 25 years.
Then the US elected a leader who took America’s global relationships in a new direction. President Trump was skeptical that America’s network of alliances was still beneficial to the US. He began to distance the US from those alliances, raising doubts about whether America would actually follow through on the promise at the core of them if provoked. Some allies moved closer to Russia or China, both of whom had attempted to undermine America’s alliances.
Today, the future of those alliances is on the ballot in the US. One of the major presidential candidates in the 2020 election wants to return the US to its former status with its allies; the other finds its decades-old alliances costly and cumbersome. The world is waiting to see which vision Americans prefer.
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Correction: At 2:26, our map of the Soviet Union includes Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was never part of the USSR. This is the sixth episode of our 2020 US election series. You can watch all the other episodes now: 1) Climate change: 2) Voting rights: 3) Reproductive health: 4) Public schools: 5) Police reform: 6) America’s role in the world: 7) Transportation: 8) LGBTQ rights: 9) The eviction crisis: Thanks to everyone who responded to the callout and took the time to help make our reporting and our videos stronger.
The Maydelcore
The Maydelcore 7 timer siden
Correction: "How the U.S. could lose it's allies." America is a continent, don't generalize America by showing the United States' problems with the world.
mApLe 5 dager siden
@Gianni Rodari hungary, romania, bulgaria, czechoslovakia, poland and east germany were also never part of the USSR they were all soviet satellite states
A_HUMAN 5 dager siden
mApLe it’s a map of the eastern bloc and nato
mApLe 5 dager siden
your map also includes hungary, romania, bulgaria, poland, czechoslovakia, albania and east germany which also never were part of the USSR they were soviet satellite states
A_HUMAN 7 dager siden
Vickie Sanders well oceans can’t stop my icbms -this message brought to by the DPRK. DPRK: the best Korea, now 35% off for Black Friday weekend!
robbie aulia
robbie aulia 52 minutter siden
This might be the time where a new super power replaces the US. As Richard Nixon said "A nation cannot remain great"
Horse Skull
Horse Skull Time siden
I saw Joe biden
Prashant Dound
Prashant Dound Time siden
Meanwhile INDIA is deciding whom to trust 🤝
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice 3 timer siden
can America just like, leave the rest of the world alone?
Prince Obi-Wan
Prince Obi-Wan 17 timer siden
Lose???? Cant lose them if they depend on us to help them out!!!!+
Dull Boston
Dull Boston Dag siden
The fact that the us is made of immigrants
Ismayil Zeynalov
Ismayil Zeynalov Dag siden
Political video sponsored by a alcoholic beverage. Ahhh the great 2020
Yung Stallion
Yung Stallion Dag siden
The Uk is going to make its own Anglo sphere alliance called CANZUK. The Empire strikes back
Watcher Man
Watcher Man Dag siden
RUSSIA and CHINA playing RED ALERT, US dancing on tiktok
Drew Klauber
Drew Klauber 2 dager siden
Lol when Israel is not a U.S. ally.
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
We don’t need our “allies”. America is a fortress. Autarky is the way forward
Bookid 2 dager siden
Im so happy biden won - we need nato
Bookid 2 dager siden
@Humanity Galatica Uh yeah we do if democracy around the world is undefended from countries like Russia and China the US will face unprecedented challenges for its foreign interest
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
We do not need NATO at all
Caleb Haight
Caleb Haight 2 dager siden
A video about Russia's powerful history is presented by a Vodka company? Haha
7E_27_Saint 3 dager siden
2:49 You can see so much colours near one country But that one country on top of australia is always being ignored Why?
Felic Vik
Felic Vik 3 dager siden
I'm Lithuanian, I live near the border whith Belarus
Mariano Sc
Mariano Sc 3 dager siden
An American speech sponsored by vodka LoL
ZION The Star Of YouTube
ZION The Star Of YouTube 3 dager siden
Islandboi Savage Living for Jesus Christ
Islandboi Savage Living for Jesus Christ 3 dager siden
Too much ads
FranklinThe1 3 dager siden
And I thought CNN was bad
stick bug
stick bug 3 dager siden
America is that kid who always need Allies to win I think America is scare to fight USSR alone cause America will lose without allies , yes the truth Soviet union was ready to fight with no allies but USSR have to pick some allies cause America has many allies America sounds like a powerful country But scares alot and need help
Nemesis Dylan
Nemesis Dylan 4 dager siden
One thing is clear, US is trying to label China as the “villains”
Njegos Tomic
Njegos Tomic 4 dager siden
This is historicly so inaccurate.
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
@Belgium You may need allies, we don’t
Belgium 4 dager siden
BAD KARMA 4 dager siden
LA Poliniã
LA Poliniã 4 dager siden
I support Trump for the stuff he does on the inside of our country and the things he does for peace but Biden wants allies
Fish Addict
Fish Addict 4 dager siden
Well yeah.. here in PH our current govt is establishing a closer relationship with China. This I think is a very bad idea.
Nishant Patar
Nishant Patar 4 dager siden
Thanks for underestimating India.
Joe Luis
Joe Luis 5 dager siden
Lol we have strengthend our allies with britain
Bazzi Ali
Bazzi Ali 5 dager siden
Bruh, this guy makes it seem like the wars that the US was involved in, were all good. He makes it seem like the war in korea, Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and taiwan were all justified. His tone makes it seem like the US is the good guy in these scenario's.
Sean Keeney
Sean Keeney 5 dager siden
I also think that Joe Biden will push Ireland to join NATO because he wants to gain much better relationships with Ireland.
iknewbetter 5 dager siden
Very good overview of US national policy and even more important now that the US election is decided.
tudorjason 6 dager siden
Trump's ineptness in foreign policy and diplomatic relations has affected citizens of the whole world. And Trump doesn't care because he is one of the most selfish people to have ever walked the earth. Thank goodness he will bee gone!
Hollow Of the Abyss
Hollow Of the Abyss 6 dager siden
I will let America or Russia lead the world. China is a no no.
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
We need a American Russian alliance
Syafiq 6 dager siden
Rip alaska
Belgium 4 dager siden
Alaska is a failed state.
STP STP 6 dager siden
world war 1? lololol
TheGamingEngineer 6 dager siden
China: Hey Russia Russia: What? China: Check it out *Pokes the U.S* Russia: *Pfft* Let me try!
Corpo V
Corpo V 6 dager siden
I’m a Republican,but I do want to say that: while I think asking for 2% of gdp spent on military is fair,I also think we shouldn’t end alliances with really good countries just because they struggle to reach 2%.
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
Why do we need to waste money protecting foreign countries?
Manish kumar reddy Kotha
Manish kumar reddy Kotha 6 dager siden
Trump finally learnt politics is not business
MauInUrSubbox -
MauInUrSubbox - 6 dager siden
I hope america does lose its allies
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
CreativeIcon 4 dager siden
Mask Marvin
Mask Marvin 6 dager siden
Nathaniel James McGuire
Nathaniel James McGuire 7 dager siden
So many people think America is the most evil country on earth. if they are then ask yourself this- when they invented the nuke and no one else had it, why didnt they conquer the entire planet? thats the biggest act of self restraint in all of world history.
TheAngryMidget 2 dager siden
@Humanity Galatica Obvious typo, dude
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
@TheAngryMidget “Japan was only able to use their first few nukes on Japan because they had practically no air force by that stage. “ Say what?
TheAngryMidget 6 dager siden
That's a ridiculous question. America was only able to use their first few nukes on Japan because they had practically no air force by that stage. The United States would not of been able to simply take over the world
Senator Jelly Beans
Senator Jelly Beans 7 dager siden
Where is Vault-tec? I wanna buy a bunker! Also, they failed to mention Israel...
robert garza
robert garza 7 dager siden
I can't stop laughing at the fact that this is video is sponsored by a vodka company
Curtis Carpenter
Curtis Carpenter 7 dager siden
America needs to understand its own stance then find alliance not build alliances and wait for things to change to influence that alliance.
Goodman 7 dager siden
you forgot to mention the us alliance with Saudi Arabia and how they've been funding bombings on innocent people
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
We have a petroleum based currency
Noobclash 8 dager siden
The thing is America has gone weak but don't wanna admit.
Ryan Galvan
Ryan Galvan 8 dager siden
Oh yea Biden wants to weaken our nation and shorten our military Trump brought American jobs and money back to America but China loves Biden so they released covid into the waters to crash trumps economy he built so nobody would vote for him
raj luffy
raj luffy 8 dager siden
operation breaking usa begins
Kenny Roche
Kenny Roche 8 dager siden
Nobody won the Cold War. Each side just backed down. The only war that the US has won was its own
Humanity Galatica
Humanity Galatica 2 dager siden
@Belgium By that you mean the USSR collapsed because of stagnation?
Belgium 4 dager siden
Wrong. Sorry Russian troll. The EU including Belgium liberated you from your chains of communism alongside the USA.
big Cleveland
big Cleveland 8 dager siden
We dont need to be the worlds cop
Falcon 9 dager siden
America is back boys, Ridin' with Biden!😂🍾🎂🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Falcon 9 dager siden
Who is here after Trump allowed the Biden transition to start, after 2 weeks of crying and screaming and being a sore loser😂😂
JKL 9 dager siden
As a Korean, this was one of the biggest concerns regarding the november election.
Belgium 4 dager siden
One comment you're a Korean. The next you're an American. I am unimpressed by your lies.
Josh 9 dager siden
America: ok we will help defend our allies Rest of the world: America is terrible, why do they police the world? Trump: okay it's time to start defending yourselves then World: surprised Pikachu face
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 9 dager siden
Africa finding out there’s a big groupchat they’re not in: 👁👄👁
VOLT GAMING 9 dager siden
Still the most funny thing in history for me is France funding us and going completely broke
5th Republic
5th Republic 10 dager siden
Trump was An Imposter 0 imposter remains victory : every other president
Alex Savastru
Alex Savastru 8 dager siden
Edit: victory: every living human, even Trump himself*
Killer- A
Killer- A 10 dager siden
Ironic that the vietnam war didn't get a single mention
thoeby 10 dager siden
Wait a second...this video is sponsored by Absolut? Like the vodka company Absolut? What that you guys in mind would happen on election day? o.O
Kuya Leinad
Kuya Leinad 10 dager siden
America (Trump): Hey Japan, you should spend more on your Military: Japan: *Visible Confusion* Constitution doesn’t allow for a Military and only a small defence force is allowed. America (Trump): Yeah but we’re losing money defending you. Japan: 👁👄👁 You literally forced us to write that in our constitution after WWII saying that American will protect Japan instead 😂
Max Gibson
Max Gibson 10 dager siden
0:08 trump is facing left but he is a republican
TNC Tornado Yt
TNC Tornado Yt 10 dager siden
Really confusing how you didn’t add Saudi Arabia since it’s their biggest ally and most important
Kartik Gupta
Kartik Gupta 11 dager siden
Why should only America spend for other's protection ? Is it a charity?
thomas aquinas
thomas aquinas 11 dager siden
Hey, the election is over. We lost...
Maxine Finn Foxen
Maxine Finn Foxen 11 dager siden
If I had watched this before knowing who won I would have been really scared of a world war 3, thank goodness
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno 11 dager siden
“ used allies to prevent wars??” Sure.
boop poob
boop poob 11 dager siden
America's military force is powerful enough to counter Russia, China and North korea all at once. The citizens of Texas could probably stop an invasion from China before it ever hit San antonio. Lol
Clairechane Umapas
Clairechane Umapas 11 dager siden
Yes i feel chinese pressure in the philippines
Florisato Lisoritonaro
Florisato Lisoritonaro 11 dager siden
Guess Vox doesn't want to include Taiwan in the circle huh
dead shot
dead shot 11 dager siden
Isn't Taiwan part of China?
Lazar Andrejic
Lazar Andrejic 11 dager siden
Mistake at 5:38, it did not bomb only Serbian forces, over 80% of bombes were droped on hospitals, buildings, factories, bridges, mines, schools...
M A K O *
M A K O * 11 dager siden
I was so high I thought the title said 'How America could lose its aliens'
Phillippines 11 dager siden
Why my president left U.S.A😑
Bruno Alves
Bruno Alves 12 dager siden
0:19 oh no... i cant believe António Costa is not looking either... It doesnt mean anything for Portugal. No one here likes trump
Dar Janel
Dar Janel 12 dager siden
8:08 Philippines 👁👄👁
Casas 12 dager siden
As a mexican, i love how the US managed to battle all these countries and in the end, is the world power. And im glad i got a opportunity to move out to the US.
Abir Ahmed
Abir Ahmed 12 dager siden
This was something Islam did for 1200/1300 years, we created allies through faith and we dominated the majority of Asia, Africa, and some parts of Europe. And why Islam was successful in being the dominating force? Because we gave full protection to other believes too! Such as Christian, Jews, Hindu, and if any other faith existed. Even though these days we have Muslim majority countries such as in Africa and Asia, we have no unity sadly. If we can bring this unity again then we can have the power and power of Islam means the power of people and no other faith will ever go against Islamic policy if they are getting human rights doesn't matter what their religion is.
Gardner Skiff
Gardner Skiff 12 dager siden
This video is fear mongering.
Quartz Quill
Quartz Quill 11 dager siden
This comment is a brain washed trump supporter. Back in 2015: "a pandemic won't happen your fear mongering"
Makoosh 12 dager siden
Make a video on why America doesn't need allies when we can nuke anything
Billy Billy
Billy Billy 12 dager siden
Lol we Americans don’t need allies. We are the greatest nation in the world.
dead shot
dead shot 11 dager siden
Yeah sure, America needs allies, the US is the most powerful, that just means the US has two more nukes than Russia, but in the rest the US is far from it
brok obooomer
brok obooomer 12 dager siden
We’re back it nato boys
YellowTsubasa 12 dager siden
RCEP is coming guyss
Ethan Gatenby
Ethan Gatenby 12 dager siden
How America could lose its allies? well, its simple Trump
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green 12 dager siden
The United States Government and the Deep State are TORTURING INNOCENT American Citizens and their PETS with MICROWAVE Weapons! Major Human Rights Violations happening on U.S. Soil.
Jag of Jokester
Jag of Jokester 12 dager siden
I'm glad trump put his foot down.
Kali Arnis
Kali Arnis 12 dager siden
4:05 "except for you kurds" - Trump (Probably)
NJ Macion
NJ Macion 12 dager siden
Is it me or NATO began starting wars rather than preventing them? lol
Aishve Torah
Aishve Torah 12 dager siden
This is the best explanation techinique ever
Ankesh Kukrety
Ankesh Kukrety 12 dager siden
What's the name of lady?
Golu Prajapati
Golu Prajapati 13 dager siden
Who is the brave lady Can i see whole interviews of her
Prince Perez
Prince Perez 13 dager siden
I like Joe Biden beacuse he wants to bring back the alliance. And make other countries like the Philipines safe
Gentaky 13 dager siden
Trump got into presidency was a meme honestly. Like, all those decades of the previous US presidents holding up the American's standard and keeping a strong and great image of America, all got bamboozled by Trump.
Tacos X Anime
Tacos X Anime 13 dager siden
They should add india on that alliance to counter china huge population
niraj pardeshi
niraj pardeshi 11 dager siden
On alliance with US there comes a huge list of do's and don't s from the US and we don't need alliance of US we are self sufficient
šofro Crnogorac
šofro Crnogorac 13 dager siden
Russia and China are probably gonna rule them now they are way smarter
Alejandro Gacis-Cusay
Alejandro Gacis-Cusay 13 dager siden
Russia's population and economy is collapsing
Alejandro Gacis-Cusay
Alejandro Gacis-Cusay 13 dager siden
They aren't tho
Agatecrane 13 dager siden
here it is why ww3 will exist next year
upsettingcord 13 dager siden
Carlos Alfaro
Carlos Alfaro 13 dager siden
Its sad that our partnership is in question smh
JanTube 13 dager siden
So what about the NSA global surveillance disclosures and the scandal when the USA spied on Germany?
Manuel Vargas Moreno
Manuel Vargas Moreno 13 dager siden
United States remind me to drug lords. USA is the devil.
Manuel Vargas Moreno
Manuel Vargas Moreno 13 dager siden
So Trump was not that Bad.
ABHIJEET GHADVAJE 13 dager siden
How to campaign without campaigning. Great tips for music directors
Anton Ladan
Anton Ladan 14 dager siden
If American allies were to turn against America, would America really be able to defend itself?
Hell Keeper
Hell Keeper 13 dager siden
Huan Zuman
Huan Zuman 13 dager siden
There is even a video about if the world went against the usa
Huan Zuman
Huan Zuman 13 dager siden
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