How Fit is He 30 Days After His Body Transformation?

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My Best Friend Transformed His Body In 90 Days, This Is Him 30 Days Later
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This guy is my best friend, and he transformed his body in 90 days, I challenged him and he completely changed his life, he transformed like crazy and he won $500, but now, 30 days later…
Did he quit? How is his journey going?
So we’re going to do: the ultimate test (day 1 vs day 30 vs day 120)
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My Best Friend Transformed His Body In 90 Days, This Is Him 30 Days Later
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Browney Måned siden
Ok, so the measurements at 5:16 are day 30-90-120 and his chest is not 7 but 97 lol. My brother did that edit, he's doing an amazing job but still learning 😂💪
Gamerz Zone
Gamerz Zone 2 dager siden
Mine is on 9th may
Mars 5 dager siden
That was only mildly confusing.
Crosseyedguy 1212
Crosseyedguy 1212 Måned siden
i literally just came to comment that
Berry builds
Berry builds Måned siden
You should make a video where you make a workout boardgame
Joshua Angeles
Joshua Angeles Måned siden
How long can you and your friends do the planks challenge
Fran Peralta
Fran Peralta 4 dager siden
De ligt brother
Sir Pancake
Sir Pancake 4 dager siden
Me being a gymnast and doing 2 sets of 20 dips after a three hour practice: “First time?”
Fathima anshida official
Fathima anshida official 5 dager siden
Malayalees undo?
Gaming Zen
Gaming Zen 5 dager siden
ELS 8 dager siden
This guy went from 0 pull ups to 9 in three months, it took me a whole year to go from 4 to 10. Hormones are *crazy*.
QUICK TV 10 dager siden
He not tok a lot
Kevin Legend
Kevin Legend 11 dager siden
What’s his scale called
Edonis Mustafa
Edonis Mustafa 13 dager siden
its 23 here in my country sooooooo i might do it tomorow
Finn VanSteenkiste
Finn VanSteenkiste 16 dager siden
usp boy
Evoandrs 17 dager siden
On pullup bar - push push push
Isolate 5 dager siden
Do u not understand??
Mr. Achale
Mr. Achale 18 dager siden
Your birthday May12 Mine May15. After 3 days.
zanku 20 dager siden
nice video
Huncho Flow
Huncho Flow 20 dager siden
Jesus Christ is lord and saviour repent from your sins before it’s too late to
Reiwolf 23 dager siden
Is there a way to get one of those scales in my country 🇳🇿 I can't find one available
moonie 24 dager siden
i feel like he needs another like 60 or 90 days challenge to work out his upper body like balancing everything out to give that " summer body ". he should do a lot of abs exercise and he'll look amazing along with other workouts pump up his chest and workout his abs professionally
TimmyJohansson 26 dager siden
Need a friend like this...
Mr. YK
Mr. YK 26 dager siden
day 1 chest 90 day 60 chest 95 day 120 chest 7 nice job sten
dominique r
dominique r 26 dager siden
He gives me a hayden christensen, topher grace vibe.
sam p
sam p 27 dager siden
Damn chest at 7 damn he got one thick chest
ANG JOVAN Student 27 dager siden
Sad to hear blue shirt guy isn't his best friend
Pip 28 dager siden
I been given a vibro machine, are they any good ?
Stefan Gavrilov
Stefan Gavrilov 28 dager siden
5:27 His chest went to 7 DAMN
crazylol201 28 dager siden
Potatoes are not high calorie
Trent Baldwin
Trent Baldwin 29 dager siden
Zee 29 dager siden
Good editing skills
Leonie Schmid
Leonie Schmid Måned siden
Where can I buy the "drink your water" merch? (t-shirt, case)
kid ryft
kid ryft Måned siden
Yo I love your vids u motivate me
Ma1!c!0u5 m0
Ma1!c!0u5 m0 Måned siden
I thought arjen was your best friend
Sk Sameer Salam
Sk Sameer Salam Måned siden
CHELSEY Dunfee Måned siden
I can do 50 push ups
Alice Bradley
Alice Bradley Måned siden
This is literally giving me BIG TIME
Logos Paranoias Official
Logos Paranoias Official Måned siden
We all know tha pasta pesto is the number one there
benz merc
benz merc Måned siden
No wonder i don't progress much, i haven't increased my calories.
Andreas Molin
Andreas Molin Måned siden
I have an idea. What if you challenge your friends to firstly buy a pull up bar that can sit on their door. Then they’ll have to do pulls ups every time they walk out and in their room (depends on what’s best for them) 30-60 days. What will be the results?
As giveaways l think browney is going to start transforming his fans 😄
SchuyFit - Simplifying Health
SchuyFit - Simplifying Health Måned siden
Awesome to be helping the people around you. I hope everyone has this kind of friend that pushes them to have a better body 🔥
Akash Ganesh
Akash Ganesh Måned siden
5:18 Chest: 90 to 95 to...7?!?!?!? NANIII?!?!?!?!?
Imagine if I got a love from browny🤔
Миодраг Савић
Миодраг Савић Måned siden
Who will be next?
Balkrisna Korgaonkar
Balkrisna Korgaonkar Måned siden
9:44 number 4 high calorie food dates Number 11 high calorie food dates again Smash liek
ImzoObyTHEdoOby Måned siden
Fkin hate these Alibaba ads 🤬
Basil Siji
Basil Siji Måned siden
Guy in the green shirt
Toby Clarke
Toby Clarke Måned siden
Is your sister still transforming her body
gregkrazanski Måned siden
i think you should do the before and after with the same lighting and background, would be a better comparison
Ken Gendron
Ken Gendron Måned siden
I just turned 50 and going through my own body transformation. Thank you guys for the motivation!
Isolate 5 dager siden
Still going?
Melody Remedy
Melody Remedy Måned siden
Looking forward to seeing his upgrade
Bella Måned siden
I really love your videos. But I'm a 36 year old mom on a weightloss journey. Your videos motivate me somehow ☺️. It's also great that your Dutch as well. So if you need someone to do a challenge with... I volunteer 😅
Devman Måned siden
Amazing Transformation... I use my Treadmill to do Dips on... As Well as Calf Raises and Sit Ups... Ha :D Just got to use what you Have i Guess.. In every Video of yours i watch, when you say Drink Water, I Immediately Drink Water Ha... No Matter how many times you say it LOL :D
Michele Chiandetti
Michele Chiandetti Måned siden
Bro i always thought you were American, but I just discovered you are Dutch
Sangeeta Yadav
Sangeeta Yadav Måned siden
Hey buddy I want new video as fast as possible
Kamil Grunert
Kamil Grunert Måned siden
Will there be update on your sister? She made amazing job.
Hey Browney I am your new subscriber and I love your videos so much thankyou for giving us this type content
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
We all know he'll get there eventually. He has Browney as his trainer.
Advait Aneesh
Advait Aneesh Måned siden
Hey I'm 13 I can do 10 push up max .pls help me set up a goal I started working out because of you you are my inspiration
Advait Aneesh
Advait Aneesh Måned siden
I know you can help me further
Advait Aneesh
Advait Aneesh Måned siden
You helped me do push ups from 2 to 10 in 3-4 weeks
HelloImJerry Måned siden
How do you get such good abs, no matter what I eat or how I work I still cant get a six pack
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
I mean we just saw him do pushups for 30 days so how could he have stopped? 😅
Mike Anthonisse
Mike Anthonisse Måned siden
I did already 3 set of that
Nathan L
Nathan L Måned siden
Dear Browny, I am only 13 but I want to lose weight and gain muscle. The problem is that I can’t pay for your program because I am 13. Is there any way you could help me out?
Isolate 5 dager siden
Your parents pay and email him if u really want him to see
zain zainzakauddin
zain zainzakauddin Måned siden
Browney try the bring sally up challenge but double the song
Rowan Mills #fis
Rowan Mills #fis Måned siden
Scale not available in EU region???
Mathias bergqvist
Mathias bergqvist Måned siden
ay same my birthday is also may 12
הדי בייטנר
הדי בייטנר Måned siden
Make a video about the song of push-ups as a suspense
Jabez mass
Jabez mass Måned siden
Blue shirt guys and Rythmind looks alilke ngl..
gewoonjoan Måned siden
Kan je een keer een Nederlandse video maken?
Jalal Oba
Jalal Oba Måned siden
Komen jullie uit Nederland???
Kandy Jonasi
Kandy Jonasi Måned siden
PP? PP Stay the same. PP Stay PP!!!
Meyer Rosen
Meyer Rosen Måned siden
The healthy pear strikingly remove because view minimally file including a lopsided arm. ultra, massive engine
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Måned siden
We all know he'll get there eventually. He has Browney as his trainer.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Måned siden
better, and gaining confidence. Thank you so much for this blessing bro, you have helped me change my life and be a healthier happier person. oh yeah btw i smashed liek
Docca G
Docca G Måned siden
Do you have any tips tricks or substitutions for workouts that involve material? I only have access to the floor.
waz poppin
waz poppin Måned siden
for real tho, ive seen tons of fitness yt channels but this channel really motivates me the most
Milla Cabral
Milla Cabral Måned siden
I mean we just saw him do pushups for 30 days so how could he have stopped? 😅
NITHIN Måned siden
Bro put a video of ur earnings in you tube
NITHIN Måned siden
Bro put a video on ir earnings
NITHIN Måned siden
Bro put a video that how much u earn
Isolate 5 dager siden
Why would he do that
Fullstamina Athletics
Fullstamina Athletics Måned siden
Dates are listed 2 times actually.. 4th and 11th place of high calorie foods
Thaief Ahmed
Thaief Ahmed Måned siden
Akroma Måned siden
Yo arjen needs to try the 30sec pushup challenge since he upgraded his pushups by almost 100%
Neo Teller Studios
Neo Teller Studios Måned siden
I could do 50 push-ups at 13 . Yet I can ownly do 6 pull-ups. What am I doing wrong 😂🤣🤣😂 Edit: my max push-ups is now 65 Yet I still can’t do pull-ups
Neo Teller Studios
Neo Teller Studios 5 dager siden
@Isolate ik
Isolate 5 dager siden
Chin ups are your finger facing towards pull ups are hands over bar
Isolate 5 dager siden
Chin ups are different to pull ups
Isolate 5 dager siden
Thats normal i can do 30 pushups 0 pull ups
Mxarc Måned siden
FredBoii Fc
FredBoii Fc Måned siden
You should do the 5 clap press uo
Isolate 3 dager siden
@FredBoii Fc thats just how fast u can clap
FredBoii Fc
FredBoii Fc 5 dager siden
Isolate what 5 claps in 1press up
Isolate 5 dager siden
??? Do u know how easy that is
FredBoii Fc
FredBoii Fc Måned siden
Press up
Mika van Oord
Mika van Oord Måned siden
I really love this challenges! Proof that you can achieve a lot of you really put your mind to it!
Aleksandr Belozertsev
Aleksandr Belozertsev Måned siden
But what is the best kind of water?
mill b
mill b Måned siden !$!
Carson Måned siden
Browney, you have no idea how much you have helped me bro. I started 2 weeks ago with my calisthenics journey mixed with healthy eating, and I am losing weight, feeling better, and gaining confidence. Thank you so much for this blessing bro, you have helped me change my life and be a healthier happier person. oh yeah btw i smashed liek
Michael Guamán
Michael Guamán Måned siden
I’m a big fan of green T-shirt guy 😅😅😅
joe johnson
joe johnson Måned siden
How many best friends do you have?
joe johnson
joe johnson Måned siden
UR boy is going bald!!!
Marsilkri Måned siden
Turned 13 a little under a month ago, and just did my first pistol squat (like 3 minutes ago). Is that good? Edit: wow (5 minutes later) just did 3 in a row
Yannick Barendse
Yannick Barendse Måned siden
Tot volgende week!
Motiejus Žaidžia
Motiejus Žaidžia Måned siden
Day 1 of asking for arjen vs. browney armwrestling
Aleksandr Belozertsev
Aleksandr Belozertsev Måned siden
I didn't saw you stretching even one's. Why?
8kSILVR Måned siden
Where can i buy a drink your water bottle? I NEED IT
Frank R
Frank R Måned siden
Wat een held ben je! Je bent ook zo te zien een goede vriend. Je gaat echt wel een leuke vriendin/vriend vinden. Je bent gewoon een kanjer en ook top dat je vriend je helpt en aanspoort.
BigBeef Måned siden
His chest got from 114 cm to 7. That’s progress 5:24
You look like Harry Styles and your brother like Liam Payne 1Direction💕
bro cek
bro cek Måned siden
9:17 lol
Oz Fiji
Oz Fiji Måned siden
You ever thinking about shipping to the US? Would love to buy some stuff off the website. 😁
Ishaq Mohammad
Ishaq Mohammad Måned siden
Viru➊ • 69 years ago
Viru➊ • 69 years ago Måned siden
Why top comments are kf guys with their names beginning A or B
Georgina Smailes
Georgina Smailes Måned siden
Transformation with calistenic skills with a girl. Maybe try to convince your sister for calistenic skills. 😊 Love your videos.
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