Former Grand Slam finalist Errani's serve completely BREAKS down | Roland Garros 20 ITV Sport

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Former Grand Slam finalist Sara Errani got the yips when serving for the set against Kiki Bertens at Roland Garros. The Italian threw the ball up a total of 60 times during the match without serving in an unprecedented match which saw Bertens leave the court in a wheelchair at the end.
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reactions 4u
reactions 4u 11 dager siden
how is she a pro
The Daddy Fish
The Daddy Fish 29 dager siden
Bruh wtf
M C Måned siden
If it’s not the stupid noises she’s making, it’s the shitty serve. She’s the embodiment of annoying
sparkerino92 Måned siden
Tom Graham
Tom Graham Måned siden
What happened?
Sufyaan Ravat
Sufyaan Ravat Måned siden
Bloody embarrassing. She's a pro.
Neil Simpson
Neil Simpson Måned siden
Nothing wrong with her serve....just can't throw the ball straight up in the air 😂
M1GU3L 1T0
M1GU3L 1T0 Måned siden
wtf 🤣🤣