Among Us but Grian is a Detective

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Two Much Grian

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Among Us but Grian is a Detective We played for 2 and half HOURS and I didn't get imposter ONCE. Therefore, I refined my detective skills. This game is fun. There might be enough footage from this session for another video, do you want more? Let me know!

Ryan’s YouTube
Ryan’s YouTube 9 timer siden
Start of first round: Dogpile? Heck yeah dogpile!
Angel Milne
Angel Milne 10 timer siden
Lorraine Brady
Lorraine Brady 18 timer siden
I new it was ren
Clementine Pace
Clementine Pace Dag siden
Grian: Chases Scar Also Grian: Starts wheezing like Dream while chasing Scar
Khalilur Rahman
Khalilur Rahman Dag siden
there is no shooting asteroid task on that map lol i think 2:14
Khalilur Rahman
Khalilur Rahman Dag siden
Madison Sherman
Madison Sherman Dag siden
You think your bugged? Played murder mystery 11 times yesterday and got murderer 7 times.
Stian Sjøstrøm
Stian Sjøstrøm Dag siden
Ju von jr frst rand Grian
Marvin Punty
Marvin Punty Dag siden
Noticed how i offered him halloween candy
C & J Maxson
C & J Maxson 2 dager siden
Hi I love among us
Antonio Bungcag
Antonio Bungcag 2 dager siden
Who noticed the boy of rendog on the reactor (5:06)
Bacon_kid 3 dager siden
Eli Patoine
Eli Patoine 3 dager siden
did ren say a bad word at the admin part d****it u got me
April Cheshire
April Cheshire 3 dager siden
I would have got away with it too if it wasn't for that pesky bird
Lucy Biddulph
Lucy Biddulph 3 dager siden
Is his other son Grain
Dawn Sims
Dawn Sims 3 dager siden
I love how you can hear legitimate sadness in his voice when he dies in front of his kids
cute pretty
cute pretty 3 dager siden
정말로재미있었어요. 더만들어주세요. :>
Carren Hazel Ortiz
Carren Hazel Ortiz 4 dager siden
yellow pls trust me
Ryvaken 4 dager siden
If that's a 300 IQ play I am terrified by what a 100 IQ play looks like.
Shan Ghandi-notrelatedtoMahatma
Shan Ghandi-notrelatedtoMahatma 4 dager siden
Scar is just too pure for this world.
editzlovr 4 dager siden
Grian got the brains!! :me NANI HOWWW :Grian Lol i got the briansss
weedle is op cute
weedle is op cute 4 dager siden
Detective confirmed!
Celestra Oceans
Celestra Oceans 4 dager siden
Rendog: Mother spore going crazy Everyone else: *Doesnt hear him saying that*
FaisalMaj 4 dager siden
This is sad the kid is sad he’s dad died 2:58
Shrek 4 dager siden
Connor Negron
Connor Negron 5 dager siden
sub to grian or youll never be the imposter and will always be killed
Psychic Diamond
Psychic Diamond 5 dager siden
Me be like I will adopt you!
Ben Easlick
Ben Easlick 5 dager siden
It’s fun to watch you play
tumblingartist 6 dager siden
12:46 Grian just channeling his inner Corpse lol
Léonie Leroy
Léonie Leroy 6 dager siden
How do you play on the computer?
Just because i think
Just because i think 6 dager siden
I think Grian needs help Bad read means you didn't swipe the card right enough Too fast means too fast Too slow means too slow... hope that helps
Meowslyn UWU
Meowslyn UWU 6 dager siden
Grian is really good at among us
Fahd Abrahams
Fahd Abrahams 6 dager siden
honestly every time i do card swipe i get it first or second time
Mian Waqas
Mian Waqas 6 dager siden
my username is sherlock
Dan Bodenheimer
Dan Bodenheimer 6 dager siden
2:56 Rip baby grian 2020-2020
Linda Holmsten
Linda Holmsten 7 dager siden
Manan Jain
Manan Jain 7 dager siden
“Etho is playing a 300 iq game with you boi”. - Grian
Sonnier Goo
Sonnier Goo 7 dager siden
Nobody: Me: Where is Stress?
Lanie Stuart
Lanie Stuart 7 dager siden
2:53 papa?
Supermaster 1
Supermaster 1 8 dager siden
10:40 till 10:44 somebody vented from electrical to security Xd
Ha-Nips' Kitchen -Housewife in Town-
Ha-Nips' Kitchen -Housewife in Town- 8 dager siden
Dion Tanting
Dion Tanting 8 dager siden
I have Among Us
fusion444 8 dager siden
fusion444 8 dager siden
Thebigpig 905
Thebigpig 905 8 dager siden
Saheem Alam
Saheem Alam 9 dager siden
Grian:CAN I BE IMPOSTER AT LEAST ONCE God:no be a detective
Marwan Ali
Marwan Ali 9 dager siden
Ali Nazir
Ali Nazir 9 dager siden
At second round, pink's body in reactor
Stacey Weller
Stacey Weller 9 dager siden
5.10 body
alper 9 dager siden
you are not dedective!
Vaibhav dolai
Vaibhav dolai 9 dager siden
Please play hide and seek in among us
T X Broick
T X Broick 9 dager siden
I hope to play among us with you
Unkempt Rook
Unkempt Rook 9 dager siden
5:06 body
Aiden Sinlao
Aiden Sinlao 10 dager siden
11:14 its yellow the report button is ON so then the body was on yellow look carefully and pause the vid
Jacinto Herrera
Jacinto Herrera 10 dager siden
when grian uploads a new vid everyone:Scrools down to comments
Jacinto Herrera
Jacinto Herrera 10 dager siden
It makes me sad when the imposter kills the crewmate with children :(
Forsaken_Salsa 10 dager siden
Grian: follows scar Scar: FRIEND :D Scar: follows grian Grian: IMPOSTOR >:0
Just another random person on YouTube
Just another random person on YouTube 10 dager siden
"If any of you hurt him, I will hunt you down" That sounds like something mando would say about baby yoda. Unrelated but, I rewatched season one of the Mandalorian for the 5th time yesterday and it's literally my favorite show.
Benjamin Heinje
Benjamin Heinje 10 dager siden
tasks are for monkeys scar knows the way.
Idan Talker
Idan Talker 11 dager siden
5:04 am I the only one who saw body in reactor??
Sean Craft
Sean Craft 11 dager siden
You set but your detective no its non
Neven Malesky
Neven Malesky 11 dager siden
OMG he passed a body in reactor while he was chasing Scar in the second round!
Pointless Videos
Pointless Videos 11 dager siden
Does anybody else want Mumbo to play?
Cleo Borden
Cleo Borden 11 dager siden
Mumbo would have a mental breakdown and crack under the stress
ayub roblox
ayub roblox 11 dager siden
be shure to subscribe to ayub roblox IF UR COOL
Samuel Spisak
Samuel Spisak 11 dager siden
2:05 me ithink its yellow
Dylan The coin collector
Dylan The coin collector 12 dager siden
At 5:06 there’s a body
John Cris Sidayon
John Cris Sidayon 12 dager siden
22:24 grian said the best british acent he can do "YOU FOOLS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE"
PandaGamerPlayzz 12 dager siden
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was ganna be one of those “Among us Detective hacks get new team detective every time” kind of videos
Rita Acosta
Rita Acosta 12 dager siden
Trick: if you see a among us guy in admin when IT showed the guys if IT flashs that mean that the got inpostered
Cleo Borden
Cleo Borden 11 dager siden
MovieClips 12 dager siden
Grian: No-one asked for Impulse’s life story Scar: Hold my beer
yiling lee
yiling lee 12 dager siden
Grian: MY SON!!!!!!! His "son" : Papa???? Me : LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
some bored dude in the internet
some bored dude in the internet 12 dager siden
I wish some other hermits can join so they can play with 10 people
Omniscient 12 dager siden
Pixel_Lady 676
Pixel_Lady 676 13 dager siden
Are these reuploaded, or is this Grian’s actual second channel? If they’re reuploaded, where are the originals from?
Jozef Ott
Jozef Ott 12 dager siden
This IS Grian’s second channel
SO I CAN DO EXE Gamer 14 dager siden
Is that real??
Jadlind gaming
Jadlind gaming 14 dager siden
I uploaded boomercraft episode 3
Renner Rosengren
Renner Rosengren 14 dager siden
my name is ren
Jemimah McKenzie
Jemimah McKenzie 14 dager siden
GOD bless GOD love u
Alicia Martinez
Alicia Martinez 14 dager siden
“That’s a nice novel, Grian, did you write that before the round?” Underrated Etho quote.
Tazar Beast
Tazar Beast 14 dager siden
A tip for Sherlock grian: If your on admin and you see someones person flash, then they’ve been killed by the other person go on and report it!
EE Squad 2020
EE Squad 2020 14 dager siden
Hehe 💀
Tymatt33 14 dager siden
YES!!! my youtube finally let's me leavlikes on videos again
kc devera
kc devera 15 dager siden
i am new
lisa hartman
lisa hartman 15 dager siden
At 5:06 Grian I think your blind rens body is on the left in reactor
Vivakanand Siewbajan
Vivakanand Siewbajan 15 dager siden
Ok bro
Vivakanand Siewbajan
Vivakanand Siewbajan 14 dager siden
Kelly Hamlyn
Kelly Hamlyn 15 dager siden
Impulse: Then I went down to the balcony and did a itching that I totally remember doing Me: Omg nobody asked for his life story I feel so bad (after blah blah blah) Grian: The trouble with impulse is that he just goes about yelling his life story Me: OMG lol this is best among us channel its so funny
Thomas Toys
Thomas Toys 15 dager siden
Make another video.
Jane auger
Jane auger 16 dager siden
Heres a hack for the card swipe, if you move it back and forth really quickly and end at the light side, it will work.
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner 16 dager siden
Impulse: Do you have any plea for before I throw you under the bus Scar? Scar: NOO NOO NOO NOO They should have realized it was him just from that Minney Mouse scream
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner 10 dager siden
It was at 9:51
paco 16 dager siden
cool vid
Naseem Toney
Naseem Toney 16 dager siden
has anyone noticed that when a alive crewmate calls a meeting or reports a body u can see all the ghost
Naseem Toney
Naseem Toney 16 dager siden
the first game u already new it was yellow he by himself and then selfreported
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner 16 dager siden
GRIAN: No! My son! Son starts crying. My hearts breaks.
muhammad shaukat
muhammad shaukat 16 dager siden
5:05 Uhmm why do I see a pink body lol
Jaidyn Briggs
Jaidyn Briggs 17 dager siden
his son died and grian was like my son
Trap MツSIC Central
Trap MツSIC Central 17 dager siden
dinasour minions
dinasour minions 17 dager siden
ren is the imposter
Random Channel 4 Kids
Random Channel 4 Kids 17 dager siden
5:05 pinks dead in reactor
Rageon Ghale
Rageon Ghale 17 dager siden
why dose bdubs sound like a news reporter
Hamza Idrees
Hamza Idrees 17 dager siden
9:27, like if you thought it was pink
MasonDude Gaming
MasonDude Gaming 17 dager siden
I miss micraft and you
Matthew Chen
Matthew Chen 18 dager siden
Grian is a TRIPLE IMPOSTER (Among us)
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