Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3

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3 måneder siden

Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

The gameShooter 5
The gameShooter 5 21 time siden
The tips are good but some times ya have to be lucky
Tanishq Kurtikar
Tanishq Kurtikar Dag siden
Nope but if you open it before then what will happen
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim 2 dager siden
1:42 the trick does not work anymore...
Jatin Dhawan
Jatin Dhawan 3 dager siden
i am kid useing my dad profile and the imposter is the best part of among us
Deirdre O'Neill
Deirdre O'Neill 3 dager siden
The engine glitch has been patched btw
shobha bafna
shobha bafna 4 dager siden
Who alll don't rember while playing it 😂😂
Glitcher 19
Glitcher 19 4 dager siden
Innocent act 2, in the other video you explained how if you watch the admin machine how they kill and vent
Dara Singh
Dara Singh 6 dager siden
We Can Play In Local With Your Friends Nearby You By Being Connected To One Wi-Fi
Hua Tsang
Hua Tsang 6 dager siden
Hua Tsang
Hua Tsang 6 dager siden
Pizza Shop
Pizza Shop 7 dager siden
Really I have become a pro in among sus Edit - sorry not sus, us
Alvi Tahsin
Alvi Tahsin 7 dager siden
3:58 we maybe a suspect because IF the crewmate was watching the cams he wouldn't see that u were coming from the there.
tuongvan992000 8 dager siden
I a’t do the trash task
Choco iron
Choco iron 8 dager siden
thumbline op
Dorothy Kashyap
Dorothy Kashyap 8 dager siden
You are right the card swipe task now it's easy for me and I am Pro in card swipe now
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj 9 dager siden
Why you are not making pubg video
Sparky 07
Sparky 07 9 dager siden
Watch my drills video clash universe is my Inspiration
James Tropicals
James Tropicals 10 dager siden
If your an imposter You can vent infront of someone and kill them before they call a meeting only if your cool down is down
Allan Ziv Perin 4MT. Makiling
Allan Ziv Perin 4MT. Makiling 11 dager siden
the reactor task is not real if you close then open the task.. it will just restart
Shafeeqha Manaf
Shafeeqha Manaf 11 dager siden
Odai Al Hoshan
Odai Al Hoshan 12 dager siden
Can you do pubg.
Davin Chinchilla
Davin Chinchilla 12 dager siden
Make on part 4 but maybe on polus
Bryan Zaw
Bryan Zaw 13 dager siden
2:25 wrong
Aadhya Muskari
Aadhya Muskari 13 dager siden
Thanks for the tips
Lilly W
Lilly W 14 dager siden
Are these LaUrEnS tIpS aNd TrIcKs ShE wAtChEd
Charles Page
Charles Page 15 dager siden
You speak french im yes
Lovisa Sunrell Selenius 5-6B
Lovisa Sunrell Selenius 5-6B 15 dager siden
Clash: vents around dead body in caf: ....
Adrian Lawal
Adrian Lawal 15 dager siden
when you are in a lobby the use sign is still there
Akhtar Shaikh
Akhtar Shaikh 17 dager siden
You are great
Infant henry
Infant henry 17 dager siden
Please pubg
Najia Begam
Najia Begam 19 dager siden
The kill cooldown button also freezes when we are fixing the sabotages
Leonardo Osoy
Leonardo Osoy 20 dager siden
Wait he said befor you go in a room bring out sabitosh
Carmen Gatti
Carmen Gatti 21 dag siden
5:10 The rejoin lobby trick when being kicked does work. It doesn’t work when you are banned.
Ima Fieras
Ima Fieras 22 dager siden
To do the garbage super fast everyone was suspected you like imposter ezly
Ash Vin
Ash Vin 22 dager siden
I know a among us tip to😃
Bitcoin Rose
Bitcoin Rose 22 dager siden
In the polis map when you get thrown into the lava and your imposter you put a thumbs up but when you’re not imposter and you get thrown into the lava you just put your hand up
DFam Acct
DFam Acct 24 dager siden
Oh I now all of the trix
sadaf hanif
sadaf hanif 25 dager siden
I played it in 2019 when people hated it now its complete opposite Didnt hate buf the saud dont play this borng game
mr plays
mr plays 25 dager siden
2:25 it doesnt work like that. you can press sabotage button before that and then sabotage while next to cams
Craig Hamilton
Craig Hamilton 25 dager siden
If you're playing the polus map and you vote someone out, pay attention to the hand if it's flat he is a crewmate if its a thumbs up they are the impostor
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas 25 dager siden
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas 25 dager siden
Ninja Wolf
Ninja Wolf 26 dager siden
4:53 did you see the yellow dead body
Mr. Brickfilm Production
Mr. Brickfilm Production 27 dager siden
4:01 when they remember that vent in upper engine leads to reactor
sriharhakrs robloxian
sriharhakrs robloxian 28 dager siden
am trying to trick but its not working
Stranger 28 dager siden
I like the way you just jump into the tips and tricks you don't have a long annoying intro saying what you will do when its on the title ❤
XHair 08
XHair 08 28 dager siden
Actually you can sabotage at cams you just need to open the menu before you get to the camera
D4rkS0n09 29 dager siden
The trick with the motor alignment is no longer possible..
Mila Mendez
Mila Mendez 29 dager siden
the shields is also a visual task because if a crewmate finishes the task, the lights will light up.
Crazy Dog 112
Crazy Dog 112 Måned siden
The align task 1:50 used to work but after the update it don't
Bruhify Son
Bruhify Son Måned siden
Pls put this myth when you play the cracked version of among us you can play it 3 times in one computer simply click the among us many times
Alpha Ellie
Alpha Ellie Måned siden
no clash open the sabotage map stand on security and sabotage
Cupcake Gaming
Cupcake Gaming Måned siden
2:14 no because we can open the sabotage page and then go to sec so we can sabotage
Tina Banman
Tina Banman Måned siden
Can you do tips of Minecraft please🐶
Othmane El Allam
Othmane El Allam Måned siden
2:15 you say how to do it lol ( in another video )
zero two
zero two Måned siden
Are u using a computer cause im using a tablet
Annisa Annisa
Annisa Annisa Måned siden
Can you share a video how to get free skins, pets, and hats?
Toaster Dude
Toaster Dude Måned siden
At 2:20 how are they a crewmate if the sabotage button gets replaced with the VENT button. Venting is only for the impostor. So I think you had a mistake in that trick.
סתיו סולומון
סתיו סולומון Måned siden
שיח פיננסי העתיק מזה!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!??!!??!
Kartheek D
Kartheek D Måned siden
That's are my hacks
saksham thappa
saksham thappa Måned siden
thank you
Khushali Shah
Khushali Shah Måned siden
Here's a good idea go to a task and sabotage if you're an imposter
Wings of Undertale
Wings of Undertale Måned siden
Clash, you could have opened the sabatoge map before. Use the blinking cams to make sure they aren’t faking,
Nowylover! Måned siden
"They're instantly a crewmate when they're near cams and a sabotage goes off" Didn't he show us how to go near cams and sabotage in another video? Also impostermates
Sompie Måned siden
Pin this and I will revisit this video at the exact time in one year
Jyoti Sharma
Jyoti Sharma Måned siden
Pls tell how to complete fuel engine tasks because it has 4 steps
How to do card swipe easily:Just swipe it in slow fast speed at hold it in the end
EVI kiwi hedgehog 🦔 🥝
EVI kiwi hedgehog 🦔 🥝 Måned siden
Tip: don’t stay in a group the imposter might get someone and u won’t know who
Chau le Doan
Chau le Doan Måned siden
I am your new fan!!!
Linda Duque
Linda Duque Måned siden
i love you
Zaid Belmekki
Zaid Belmekki Måned siden
Vigour Toon
Vigour Toon Måned siden
Shashank sharma
Shashank sharma Måned siden
Visit my channel
lets fun with rahul
lets fun with rahul Måned siden
2:24 no we can sabotage First on sabotage and go on vent and then do
منوعات ومسلسلات اروي mix arwa
منوعات ومسلسلات اروي mix arwa Måned siden
A new idea in the game Among S 👇
verlexus howard
verlexus howard Måned siden
I'm approved on my among us at first when I played i didn't know what to do I play like a pro who agree
Fun with Yachna :D
Fun with Yachna :D Måned siden
Omg I can change the like from 51k to 52.3 k howwwwww
em wright
em wright Måned siden
POV: your an imposter but the other imposters kill every before you can
Arber Rogova
Arber Rogova Måned siden
You know how to be Imposter everytime first you go into a game and then you click on so many colours fast as many you have as fast as you can I want the game starts you could be imposter
Shuriken XE
Shuriken XE Måned siden
2:22 that’s not true because crewmates cant vent
Minty Moon
Minty Moon Måned siden
I don’t think you listened to what he said properly
POOJA MISHRA Måned siden
We need pubg kr tips and tricks for new era and metro royale updates..
TheMysteriouswatcher Måned siden
4:00 again, any experienced player will know that the vent from Upper Engine goes into Reactor. Meaning you'll be just as much of a suspect as anyone else. These videos are cool but don't call them "ultimate pro tips". They're incredibly basic and, again, won't fool any experienced player.
TheMysteriouswatcher Måned siden
2:55 if you're playing with first graders maybe. Any experienced player WILL check the room you just came out of when a sabotage is called to see if you killed someone there.
iAmAlbert Måned siden
2:20 not true you can click sabotage and then move there
Julio Ortega
Julio Ortega Måned siden
What is local for try it please
Christie Brewer
Christie Brewer Måned siden
When you have a minicrewmat and hat and you change your colour and it has another colour when you get of colour its the same color as yours
Harry Ng
Harry Ng Måned siden
2:54 did not workkk they found the body after the sabotage and they recalled me coming from security
vaughn xandre benter
vaughn xandre benter Måned siden
4:53 umm....... did anybody noticed the body?
Pink Slime Entertainment
Pink Slime Entertainment Måned siden
How you get those hat
PATH MEMES Måned siden
PATH MEMES Måned siden
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Måned siden
If someone presses sabotage then he goes to cams, or vent, he can sabotage
masterof ANL
masterof ANL Måned siden
clash said "if a sabotage hapened when someone is standing on a vent,t there 100% crewmate. because if someone stand on a vent, the vent button replace the sabotage button."are now crewmates can vent?
Ms. Mack
Ms. Mack Måned siden
Tell my daddy I told my daddy that among us player is standing to the right they AnImposter
Chrip Sisters
Chrip Sisters Måned siden
your are a great gamer thank you
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia Måned siden
bruh the tricks worked do more videos
『K』『i』『n』『g』 『S』『A』『I』『F』
『K』『i』『n』『g』 『S』『A』『I』『F』 Måned siden
I subscribe
nouf alqutub
nouf alqutub Måned siden
ArnasGaming Måned siden
if u tap between hexagons in prime shields u cand do that task faster
Shreya Gupta
Shreya Gupta Måned siden
i always stand little away from cams when i am impostor
marz 11
marz 11 Måned siden
1:51 it works!! But I think they fixed it or something it doesn't work anymore:(
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