Behind the Scenes of When President Trump Walked Out Of 60 Minutes Interview | Amanpour and Company

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3 måneder siden

The first woman to hold the position of president and senior executive producer at CBS News, Susan Zirinsky is a seasoned veteran of political and election battles. Her career has spanned more than four decades at the network, beginning right after Watergate, and she was famously the inspiration for Holly Hunter’s character in the 1987 film "Broadcast News." Zirinsky speaks with Walter Isaacson about the backstory on President Trump's infamous "60 Minutes" interview, and the challenges of covering this unique election.
Originally aired on October 28, 2020.
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Angie Clausen
Angie Clausen 5 dager siden
We need to clone this woman! Brilliant and articulate!💕
Dave Draycott
Dave Draycott 6 dager siden
Trump complains about lack of a mask and ‘too aggressive’?😂Look in the mirror Mr ex-President.
Bouncy Butterfly
Bouncy Butterfly 8 dager siden
I saw the interview. She interrupted and didn’t ask to do so. She disagreed with almost everything he said or was clearly dissatisfied with his answers. She was clearly not trying to see what he thinks... he was definitely not in the mood to begin with, after her first question was whether he was ready for some « tough questions » and he said no. She should have seen this as a cue that she needed to come off much less agressive and much more conversational. Terrible beginning of an interview.
philomela 9 dager siden
The interviewer mirrored the interviewee's style in Trump's case. He actually said at one pt in the interview that he liked sparring....until he didn't have a legitimate answer.
Josie 18 dager siden
Walter. Trump was running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. If he can't take talking with Leslie, how's he gonna manage international diplomacy. Easy answer: he DOESN'T. And your shaming of Leslie was blatantly patriarchal, misogynist and condescending.
nnn rrr
nnn rrr 19 dager siden
Why would anyone participate into a fraud set up for them? He knows all this staff is false. Of course anyone of character would not participate that sophisticated show-circus!
Wiilam Steinkamp
Wiilam Steinkamp 22 dager siden
Biden isn't president yet... Trump is a spoiled child...
Michael Anlauf
Michael Anlauf 24 dager siden
Tough, is he a baby?
E C 27 dager siden
This is still corporate media no matter what she says about how fair they are.
Ulan Wagner
Ulan Wagner 27 dager siden
Amanpoure= French word for communist Sl-t bucket
Jimmie Dore
Jimmie Dore Måned siden
America can not trust the news, Very sad where this great country is going.
Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann Måned siden
Dec. 20, 2020 - When is C. Amanpour going to man up and start calling the Biden family out after she shamelessly defended them on Oct. 22, 2020 saying she "follows the facts" while claiming herself to be a "journalist" and that Trump has russian ties - Phht! - now that's hypocrisy!
Norman Silver
Norman Silver Måned siden
Amanpour is a gifted and well informed journalist. When I hear that she is on the air I tune in to listen to a fair and balanced professional.
Nancy Quon
Nancy Quon Måned siden
Trump again showing the world what a baby he is.
jackie mclaughlin
jackie mclaughlin Måned siden
You people really are sick! Can't wait until your all shut down. You all treat the President of The United States terribly.
Justice Empathy
Justice Empathy Måned siden
Please Madam, research the South African Farm murders. Journalists of your caliber must not be silent about what is happening.
St guy
St guy Måned siden
CBS did exit polling and have counts on exact number of ballots sent out and returned? Where is this data?
French Bull Dog
French Bull Dog Måned siden
There is no mystery as to why mainstream media are being abandoned by intelligent, fair minded people. You are part of the swamp, simple. Byeeee Amanpour and Company.
Pamela Kelley
Pamela Kelley Måned siden
He can't take a strong woman with questions he doesn't want to answer. She put him on front street.
Pamela Franklin
Pamela Franklin Måned siden
She to aggressive he the President of the USA come on
Billi Hopkins
Billi Hopkins Måned siden
Please stop mispronouncing our VP elect’s name!!! It is NOT Kamela, it is Kah-ma-la. Constantly mispronouncing her name makes you look/sound the R-word...whether you are or not.
JVWG95 rt
JVWG95 rt Måned siden
Filled his diaper
Gloria Mahoney
Gloria Mahoney Måned siden
This interview gave me hope for journalism! Great interview women have been underestimated and this is our time. I am so thankful to have a network who will present the fact without an agenda.
Robert Jeffers
Robert Jeffers Måned siden
Well before Trump was elected, he said, "I'm thin-skinned. Ive always been thin,- skinned. So everyone else is supposed to tip-toe around his frailties?
Robert Jeffers
Robert Jeffers Måned siden
DT complains when a Journalist woukdnt take off his mask while speaking with him. Then he complained because Leslie took off her mask. The bratty little boy just has to whine about something all the time.
Erin Thesystem
Erin Thesystem Måned siden
"Do you have to make sure you're not being softer on Biden, the way Trump said you were-?" This, after implying that perhaps Stahl should've dropped each question as the president side-stepped it out of deference to- what? his whiny personality(?)- rather than follow the dictates of her own profession. The question about Biden does illustrate, too, a frustrating bias mainstream media sources face (and one which is deeply annoying to those of us who are genuinely on the Left): that is, the nonexistant "liberal bias" which nevertheless must be corrected-for, as the PERCEPTION of its existence is there. ~ In reality, Trump is the kind of guy who makes things harder than they need to be. If he answered questions- or if he knew how to respond without viewing an interview as an attack, but as an opportunity to communicate- then he might enjoy interviewing, and these would go more smoothly for him.
Daronda Toole
Daronda Toole Måned siden
#45 is too pansy-a**ed. I remember Mike Wallace. He was brilliant, tenacious and direct. Leslie Stahls is an icon, a gifted one.
Sunrays2020 Måned siden
You're the President, you had better answer the tough questions, that's your JOB!! 🤔
Shaun Måned siden
This was an insightful interview, enjoyed it.
Mary Swann
Mary Swann Måned siden
Bye bye Dictator wannabe True
Rocio Monge
Rocio Monge Måned siden
Amanpour you are a biased interviewer. You've always been. Journalists are supposed to be impartial. Supposed to be...
M B Måned siden
A news piece with no news. A hamburger without the beef.
Sydney Ashton
Sydney Ashton Måned siden
Riggins Riggins
Riggins Riggins Måned siden
Always the same... Predictable is very important when describing the interview with a woman. The most important vote at this time is that of the female. Irony!!!
Pam Owen
Pam Owen Måned siden
What’s wrong with his head? I think he should have cranial surgery in his first year of life.
France D’Arc
France D’Arc Måned siden
I used to like and admireTrump until he got to be a “make-believe” president, then I saw the real Donald Trump.
France D’Arc
France D’Arc Måned siden
Trump likes dirty tricks, lies, and everything fixed on his behalf! If “the game” is play by the rules, he is out.
Mairead Ryan
Mairead Ryan Måned siden
The USA is lucky to have this fascinating intelligent woman as President of CBS News. Trump can only cope with sycophants.
K T Måned siden
You can’t reason with someone unreasonable.
Rosalind Archer
Rosalind Archer 2 måneder siden
Is it appropriate for the President of the United States to personally insult and attack someone who questions him and does their job? Um no. Under no circumstances. In what universe is it acceptable for the leader of the (so called) free world to resort to pathetic, embarrassing, school-yard bully tactics and trolling, yet intelligent people are still justifying and trying to discuss. You can’t and you shouldn’t even try. You can’t argue with a mad man because there are no reasonable or rational points of reference and they will twist and manipulate and shout that the sky is flat or in Donald’s case, that everyone else lies and that he is the victim. You can’t deal with people like him in any normal way because they’re not normal. He should have been diagnosed and removed to an appropriate institution, not allowed to run riot for 4 years, using the Presidency as his personal playground. Social media has allowed this dangerous, narcissistic mental case a platform for his hateful rantings. It’s been the most terrible misuse of power.
cheryl mcward
cheryl mcward 2 måneder siden
Amanpour is the devil in a dress. Trump is the president but everything he does, she attacks. For 4 years it has not stopped. Then she says he doesn't like me! I don't like you and want the show to be canceled. ATT please cancel the show! Maybe she could have a show in Iran. Would not be surprised if they hate her too.
Kia Hatch
Kia Hatch 2 måneder siden
Dear Ms Zirinsky, thank to your entire team for your patriotic professionalism. Bravo!
mountaintrouthome 2 måneder siden
Still this belief that the current polling methodology works, why is Susan Zirinsky still giving polls that repeatedly fail to show what is evidently apparent, any credence.
Gloria Hester
Gloria Hester 2 måneder siden
What you Britts don't get is CBS has been taring the President of the United States for a whole year / 4 years .
Be Strong & Courageous
Be Strong & Courageous 2 måneder siden
If the narcissist was being praised he would have stayed; but the narcissist’s ego was under attack so the wounded narcissist walks away!
Dian B
Dian B 2 måneder siden
Stahl was a professional and yes, assertive. She was never disrespectful. I did think she didn't ask any hard questions. Trump was Trumpian -- ignorant, unprepared, uneducated, no emotional maturity.
Wayne Durning
Wayne Durning 2 måneder siden
More lefty garbage. Follow our rules or we will accuse you of...anything.
Walks of Life on Spotify
Walks of Life on Spotify 2 måneder siden
He got pissed because she kept telling him those things he was talking about were not proved and conspiracy theories.. which the things he’s talking about there is proof of those things.. being they are journalists they should know these things.. honestly I would be annoyed as well
Susan Cruisin
Susan Cruisin 2 måneder siden
When Trump walks off stage he POOPS in his Depends.
Laurana Maran
Laurana Maran 2 måneder siden
Heather Salveson
Heather Salveson 2 måneder siden
I loved when Trump ended it ❤🤍💙
Just be still
Just be still 2 måneder siden
Leslie sucked ,she was a biased ass . Would never ask Biden anything like she did the President . When the President would answer she would argue with him . Maybe learn to treat him with some respect .
Linda Walker
Linda Walker 2 måneder siden
Trump is just a whiner.
Peter Mcguinness
Peter Mcguinness 2 måneder siden
Man baby strikes again.
Robert Leeman
Robert Leeman 2 måneder siden
Pay no attention to the insane librarian
Alyn Jade
Alyn Jade 2 måneder siden
In the past, he mocked Biden for wearing a mask. 😂😂😂😂
Jason Young
Jason Young 2 måneder siden
really great interview i really hope that what she says she means it would be great to have some one of the big 3 cbs who cares about minority's and making it a better fair place for there employees and it would be great to have a truely un biased press that no matter what we could depend on truth
Rozanna 2 måneder siden
Nothing should be too tough for a loud mouth President, especially not 60 minutes. If he cannot handle 60 minutes, then God help us all when the really tough stuff starts.
Philip Munusamy
Philip Munusamy 2 måneder siden
How come this entirely, different from president DJT/Leslie Stahl. Here she always butt in and gives her opinion n views. Here he asked the questions and she answers without interruption..
Jenny Sholars
Jenny Sholars 2 måneder siden
Trump lacks the ability to tell the truth!
Jeri Stowell
Jeri Stowell 2 måneder siden
Trump can't take any truth in a conversation. He storms out like a baby. It just shows how wrong he is.
Budji Tresvalles
Budji Tresvalles 2 måneder siden
The gall of Trump to say Leslie didn’t have a mask... he himself doesn’t believe in wearing it. He is such a snowflake! Cant take a strong woman! Boohoo
gls600 2 måneder siden
Trump will stay in Florida after the holidays and will stage a counter inaguration at Mar-a-largo. Trump and Guiliani will continue to assert that he will enjoy presidential immunity.
Margaret Irish
Margaret Irish 2 måneder siden
Did not know that CBS was headed by a woman.! :-) What a smart, calm, down-to-earth, plain-spoken, conscientious woman!- does not talk down to you or come across as an intellectual elite, but obviously knows her stuff; and feels a real responsibility to both the American people and her staff~ Great to "meet you", Susan. :-)
Juanita Buckingham
Juanita Buckingham 2 måneder siden
Trump is very sensitive, in his own right, but he will step on someone's else's feelings without a thought. He has too many double standards. Trump knows he is a big bullshitter..
john kidd
john kidd 2 måneder siden
Leave it to a reporter with white male privilege to ask a question about whether or not Leslie Stahl was too aggressive! What a dumbass! If it were a man aggressive would never appear in your vocabulary! Misogyny
Michele Kett
Michele Kett 2 måneder siden
Is it because you’re a woman that you are accused of being more aggressive? Trump needs to be held to account for his rudeness. He’s a bully and she was doing what is appropriate with someone Trump. It’s almost brave, because he does threaten people who push him. He’s a coward.
Marianne Z
Marianne Z 2 måneder siden
If Susan is so concerned about racial injustices, why has it taken her 40 years in the industry to do anything about it? Sounds like she's pandering to the left, as usual, for the network and keeping her job. Manufactured guilt is an onerous and insidious beast.
M Coke
M Coke 2 måneder siden
Lesli was gracious, not even reacting to his calling her negative. She stayed on point and moved the conversation along in a professional manner
Michael Federoff
Michael Federoff Måned siden
Staying on point with T is the way to defuse his rhetoric...
Sunshine Svg
Sunshine Svg Måned siden
cheaters_never_cheat & Liars__never__lie
cheaters_never_cheat & Liars__never__lie 2 måneder siden
nearly 70 million have allowed themselves to be duped by CNN; they chose dementia over bigger paychecks, lower prescription and health insurance cost, stronger border and stronger military low and historic unemployment The real insult comes from the dems and those who put obstacles in the way of the Wall, hidroxy, redemsivir, protoplasm and operation WARP SPEED did you hear anything about the "mostly peaceful" Bee eL eM riots at the DNC? the double-standard-America-hating-Democrat CNBC wrote "Democrats would be crazy to reject Trump's DACA deal" cnbc(.)com/2018/01/26/trump-daca-deal-is-a-dream-come-true-for-democrats-commentary(.)html YET their hatred for Kind-Trump was greater than their concern for children and they still have no concern for children ---crickets at DNC about Bee eL eM: Some of the Children killed by Bee El Em were: 3 Year Old Sincere Gaston, 3-year-old Mekhi James, 5yr Old Cannon Hinnant, 7 Year Old Natalia Victoria, 9 Yr old Janari Andrericks, The 1-year-old, Davell Gardner Jr. and his 10-year-old sister Tim Lucas Jan thru Aug 202098 children have been shot 13, and 2020 has already surpassed that number. ....five children under the age of 11 were shot and killed in Chicago, according to the Gun Violence Archive as well as thirty32 children under the age of 17 were shot and killed Jaelin James Scott, 16 ..Julian Heredia's along with 31 others in Portland Horace Lorenzo Anderson Caleb Smith ...Antione Brown ... Clifford Swan ....Sentonio Cox ...Jurnee Thompson ...Jason Eberhart ....Xavier Usanga, age 7 ...Eddie Hill IV, age 10 ..Davaun Winters ...Omarion Coleman ...Derrel Williams ....Kennedi Powell, age 3 ... Jashon Johnson ..Kristina Curry ....and the more than 743 other children who were shot and killed killed by Bee eL eM protesters, According to Bee eL eM only the life of the black men that murdered them matters. "Vote for us dems otherwise we will allow the Antifa & Bee eL eM terrorists to continue to destroy your great cities forever
James Moreau
James Moreau 2 måneder siden
Trump is Proving to be the Biggest spoiled brat that he's Ever been. Same as getting $400 million dollar inheritance from daddy and blowing it all on bad business bets (1 Million dollar "loan" only if you listen to Fox), he has Always been a pompous, Spoiled, indignant, arrogant brat Little 'Rich Kid'
L' Kat Morin
L' Kat Morin 2 måneder siden
He shit himself. Let's be real.
Kathy Albright
Kathy Albright 2 måneder siden
I shut you off when you mispronounced Madam Vice President elects first name...
Warren Zx9
Warren Zx9 2 måneder siden
If you watched this you are on one of the smart ones hungry for real information :)
Chris K
Chris K 2 måneder siden
I think I got edited out for a "*"............
Larry Dutton
Larry Dutton 2 måneder siden
Yabba Dabba Doo...Ding Dong trump is gone. But he's the last to know. Take your ball and go home dOnald
Cheryl Muller
Cheryl Muller 2 måneder siden
ok, the very first 'quote' is wrong; subtly biased and misleading (as usual.) He didn't say 'I think we've had enough' ie; 'I'm fed up'. He said 'I think we have enough' ie; This has been a long interview, and with only 5 minutes left, I think we have enough of an interview to use'
Molly Bhanji
Molly Bhanji 2 måneder siden
What about the President demeaning the women Reporters ? Anyone talked about it?
Static Elect.
Static Elect. 2 måneder siden
To those that are harming children, casually, as if they do not matter, they do not feel anything, they do not count, or are just here for a corrupted human's personal use and gain... Know... That whether you believe, that there is A CREATOR or not... It is detestable to sacrifice any and all children for any cause... And whether you believe in A CREATOR or not Everytime... you offend, exploit, force or manipulate a child to work for you (to profit or not, against their will), kidnap (for wicked purposes), harm (out of hatred, for sick pleasure, or out of lack of self-discipline), assault, and kill a child, you are directly offending OUR ALMIGHTY OMNICREATOR, with each one (in various, if not all ways)!!!!!!! To offend OUR OMNICREATOR, with this kind of offense... creates an inexcusable, inescapable, undeniable place, all of your very own in the spiritual realm... This is a place where those who offend and leave this world for this very reason... are subjected to that which they have put out to others, forced to see things the way that they, unjustifiably, did others... A response/reply/comment is not necessary, fore, this is only a warning about your ways... You must repent, turn back from your ways now and do not return to commiting these abominable and detestable offenses with anyone or thing any longer... The time is among us!
John Smith
John Smith 2 måneder siden
walking out is not uncommon.....Mr Putin walked out of a meeting he hosted as a govorner in Russia That was 10 years before he became president Just more mud slinging
Candy Worner
Candy Worner 2 måneder siden
Excellent interview
Fiona M Johnson
Fiona M Johnson 2 måneder siden
That reporter followed her company line. But it was a bad interview. She was not the right person for the job.
Jimmy Joseph
Jimmy Joseph 2 måneder siden
Zirinsky is a left-wing Socialist who hates America and anyone who represents our great Country. She's as disgusting as they come.
Jan Hunt
Jan Hunt 2 måneder siden
Thanks Susan, I watched as he got upset. But she was repectful & did a great job.
kathleen robbins
kathleen robbins 2 måneder siden
You have to be kidding me! There are so many obviously biased reporters on your watch I’ve witnessed that were rude and loud and very disrespectful during press conferences over several years! Honestly I can’t watch any news on your channel. You’ve been bought out by the CCP! They control all MSM! People have been awakened. We now search for alternative news sources who report Democrat and Republican viewpoints equally. Boy are you brainwashed Susan! Just go if you can and look for conservative viewpoints. Every social media site is scrubbed!!!
Claudia Cuevas
Claudia Cuevas 2 måneder siden
It was not SMART at all. Oh please woman!
D'Anne Blume
D'Anne Blume 2 måneder siden
It makes me mad to hear her say CBS tries to be fair and unbiased. They are not fair. They are not unbiased. They are part of the Deep State. They promote Deep State ideas and promote the people working for the Deep State. As she said, people are smart. Therefore, why does CBS say it is fair and unbiased?!
Greg Bays
Greg Bays 2 måneder siden
Explain Sinclair's ownership of CBS affiliates. I have trust issues all around with for profit media.
Kathy S Hogue
Kathy S Hogue 2 måneder siden
Who cares!!! Done being polite with shysters.
Nicole 2 måneder siden
If you don’t interrupt Trump, you’ll never get a word in edgewise!
Sara Morgues
Sara Morgues 2 måneder siden
Smart, textured, and contextualized... a noble intention that would go completely go over Trump’s head. And any of his supporters for that matter. These are simpletons you’re dealing with.
Steve GalloWAY
Steve GalloWAY 2 måneder siden
To the cult...a wrong has been righted.....Trump was a racist.....that was held in check by our Democracy ....It still working to plan...actually Biden got more votes in the entire history of the Presidency. That tells me...America is doing fine, and not because he won, because of all the participation, America usual ....Americans make themselves GREAT....not presidents.
Steve GalloWAY
Steve GalloWAY 2 måneder siden
Trumpski...has been dispatched to the dust bin of history......the gOP has been forever damaged. All the 20 years old I know, GOP or Dem..think the party needs a fundamental over haul.
Mary Beth Eastwood
Mary Beth Eastwood 2 måneder siden
"Democracy can't exist without a free press..." haha!! The press isn't free. The press is a high paid whore in bondage.
Loni Todoroki
Loni Todoroki 2 måneder siden
The word "aggressive" should have been able to be "assertive."
Y Sar
Y Sar 2 måneder siden
Ms. Stahl DID HER JOB!!! She call him on his BS and refused to allow "Sixty Minutes" to be used for his constant lying and propaganda spreading!!!
Tom S
Tom S 2 måneder siden
Susan Zirinsky: Thank you so much for your insight. When I hear you talk I wonder why a nation of 350 million people settled for Trump, there is obviously immense talent at the TV networks..
MegaJudylee 2 måneder siden
I would have walked out too those people had very defensive questions and she was to aggressive and she was making me mad too !
dawbadger 2 måneder siden
SERIOUSLY LADY???? Lesley was passive aggressive. You're an Idiot!!
Claudia Dulude
Claudia Dulude 2 måneder siden
Be kind, it's free. You can still make your point respectfully. Maybe you were humillated as a child...
Katrina 2 måneder siden
9 If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved. 10 For it is by our faith that we are put right with God; it is by our confession that we are saved. ROmans10:9-10 free
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